How to Embellish a Graduation Cap: 30 Creative Ways

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The day of the ceremony has finally arrived. You can't believe this is your big chance. A formal gown, as is customary, is what you're wearing. Your hair is a perfect 10! Also, the finishing touches you've added to your cap are fantastic. You forgot your cap, didn't you? You may be thinking to yourself as you picture this day that your graduation cap could use a decorative pop to set you apart from the rest.

Here are 30 creative ways to decorate a graduation cap, whether you're the graduate or just looking for some inspiration for a graduation present you can make for a friend or family member. You can use a simple tutorial to make one on your own, or you can choose from many other options, such as printable toppers or purchasing one that has already been printed. alternatively, having a professional with exceptional crafting abilities create a unique and personalized topping for your cake Ideas abound, including but not limited to: flowers, motivational graduation quotes, preferred films, expressions of joy at reaching this milestone, and more. You'll want to show off your cap at the graduation bash because it's so unique.

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DIY Cap with Fake Flowers for Graduation

Whether you need to start with a protective topper or glue directly onto your cap, it's time to break out the glue gun for this flowery cap.


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Graduation Cap Embroidered with Floral Script Initials

Do you have a thing for horticulture, calligraphy, and inspirational sayings? Then you need this one-of-a-kind cap and gown set.

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Create Your Own Graduation Cap With Foam Letters

A sweet message on your graduation cap can't get any simpler than a set of foam letters.

Purchase Foam Lettering

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Tassel for Graduation Made From a Paper Flower

Make this bright, flowery tassel with your own two hands if you want to jazz up your tassel (or your plain cap).

The House That Lars Built is where you can find the guide.

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DIY "Now What" Cap for Graduation

Have you made up your mind about what you'll do next? Not a problem. This "Now What?" tassel cap is a great way to celebrate your impending freedom after graduation. " italicized

Visit Studio DIY for the how-to!

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Caps for Graduates that are Individually Made to Order

Suppose you want to personalize your graduation cap but you don't have enough time to do so. Get one made by someone who enjoys crafting. Calligraphy Flower paintings Sequins This decal has infinite potential.

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Embellishment for Graduation Caps

This sweet cap decoration is perfect for the graduate who wants to express gratitude to his or her parents for their unwavering love and support throughout the years via the graduation cap.

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Graduation Cap with "The World Awaits" Message

This guide will show you how to make a graduation cap with flowers and sequins that will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the future.

Check out Craft Box Girls for the how-to!

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Cap and Gown from Mary Poppins for Your Commencement Ceremony

One of the best parts about getting to wear a graduation cap is the opportunity to show off one of your favorite quotes. Apply this Mary Poppins saying to your hat if it speaks to you.

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Hat with the "Mean Girls" Logo for Commencement

This Mean Girls–themed graduation cap ornament is a great conversation starter.

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Graduation Cap Reading: "Hire Me"

A potential employer could be anywhere. Wearing this adorable polka-dotted hat with its lettered design is a great way to show off your self-assurance.

Studio DIY has the how-to video for you.

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The DIY Flower Graduation Cap

You can whip up this cap decoration for your grad in less than 30 minutes. A Cricut Maker, some basic craft supplies, and a ton of blooms are all that's required.

Check out Dream a Little Bigger for a Guide to Getting Started.

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Memorial Photo Charm on a Tassel

You could wear your loved one's or a friend's name on your cap as a symbol of your gratitude and accomplishment. And if you want to add a personal touch to your tassel, you can buy this photo charm to hang from it.

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Worth the Trouble" Commencement Cap

Whether or not the tassel was worth the trouble Sure enough, it was This pre-made topper is the perfect way to let everyone know.

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Hand-Painted Caps for Graduation

Simply select a quote of your choosing, provide a brief description of the design you're hoping for (including photos of possible inspiration pieces), and specify the color you'd like the text to be in, and a professional will take your ideas and make them a reality.

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This is the End of This Letter, Thanks for Reading Commemorative Cap

The "That's All Folks!" cartoon is perfect for any fan of animation, but especially classic animation. Graduation day's crowning achievement

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A Homemade Graduation Cap with a Butterfly Charm

You're about to take off, and this cap will hopefully give you the confidence to soar.

Visit Dream a Little Bigger for the guide.

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Commemorative Graduation Cap Featuring an Inspirational Message

A quote that is all too fitting for your years of hard work and dedication in the classroom can be found on this cap.

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Cap and Gown Caption Photo

If your parents are sentimental, they'll probably shed a tear when they see this cap and gown. Personalize it with pictures of you and your loved ones, your name, and the year you graduated.

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Making Your Own Iron-On Graduation Cap

Here's how to make your graduation cap stand out by applying a vinyl design that contrasts with the color.

Polka Dot Chair has a how-to for that.

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Home Sweet Graduation Beanie

It's easy to personalize this gift and give it as a token of your appreciation to mom, siblings, or anyone else who means the world to you.

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Graduation Cap with a World Map

Wearing this globe-decorated cake topper will serve as a constant reminder that the world is waiting for you.

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College Graduation Cap with a Bow

Think outside the box for your graduation cap and consider a cute as a button bow as a unique accessory.

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The "Hamilton" Cap for Commencement

You did not waste your youth, perseverance, or opportunity. This graduation cap idea is a nod to the award-winning musical Hamilton.

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Graduate Cap with the Words "I Can Do Anything"

Wearing this inspiring cap will remind you that you are capable of anything.

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Sprinkles for a DIY Cap and Diploma

This sweet cap may give you the impression that you've been dunked in ice cream and sprinkles.

Learn how to dream bigger at Dream a Little Bigger.

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Graduate Cap with Bright Colors

Perhaps you'd like your family to be able to spot you in the graduation ceremony crowd by seeing your cap stand out. Hopefully, this bright one you whipped up with a craft kit will do the trick!

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Grad Cap with Embroidery

An embroidered cake topper adorned with blooms and a heartfelt quotation created by a skilled artisan is a keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

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Graduation Cap with the Phrase "I Can Show You the World"

Here's a tutorial for making a glittering, golden cap with the cutest quote ever embroidered on it. through the use of this tutorial

Mariah Cooke has the how-to.

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"Overtime" Cap for the Ceremony of Graduation

To all the gamers out there, this message is for you. This "Game Over" tassel is the perfect accessory to show that you've reached the end of the line.

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