How to Decorate a Small Living Room: 44 Top-Rated Designs

Publicity - Please Keep Reading Below 1 It's true that sometimes you can get away with more daring color and pattern experiments in a smaller space. Two Katie Rosenfelds worked together on this project. She matched (and made wilder) floral patterns on the sofa and drapes she had

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1 small living rooms

It's true that sometimes you can get away with more daring color and pattern experiments in a smaller space. Two Katie Rosenfelds worked together on this project. She matched (and made wilder) floral patterns on the sofa and drapes she had made. ) cheetah print carpeting and a decorative pillow, fresh green walls, and a striped ottoman. If you like this style but want something more contemporary, you can follow the same steps by replacing the classic prints with something like an abstract painting or cutting-edge photography.

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2 david frazier nyc apartment living room with limited space in this new york city apartment, designer david frazier divided the living room into two distinct zones lounging and eating paint simply white, benjamin moore dining table eero saarinen, knoll chairs lee industries slipper vintage french rattan vintage kaare klint safari pendant isamu noguchi bookcase scott antique markets ram’s head vintage, high point market

David Frazier made the most of a constrained area by incorporating a formal sitting and dining room. The dining area is delineated by a statement pendant suspended over the pedestal table, and the dining chairs can be stacked and used as additional seating in the living room. The monochromatic color scheme is broken up by a few dark yellow accents, and a ceiling-mounted curtain rod provides visual depth and a point of focus on the warm antique wood furniture.

Hugh Anderson Gieves
3 small living rooms

If you'd rather sit upright and visit with friends and family in the living room, rather than lazily splayed out on the sofa, then you should consider getting rid of the latter. This fun small living room by Avery Cox features four blue-painted rattan chairs arranged in a circle for conversation, but also comfortable enough to recline and stretch out in during life's quieter moments.

Avery Cox

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4 small living room ideas

Luxurious, cozy, and texturally rich velvet seating complements Lichelle Silvestry's ornate period elements in a Parisian apartment. When it comes to designing her homes, Silvestry says, "I love using materials that add character and authenticity." The experience is "a sensory feast." ”

Ms. Heidi Jean Feldman
5 small living room

Another Human gave the modern linen-covered loveseat a bohemian makeover in this cozy bungalow living room by incorporating a variety of granny-chic and '70s details. The unexpected and invigorating hue of purple maintains the excitement.

A. Paul Stephen
6 small living room ideas

Using a plant as a makeshift bracket, Amber El-Amin concealed an unusual overhang above the seating area. Two vintage lamps are strategically placed to illuminate the space, adding a touch of color and unexpected whimsy without sacrificing functionality.

Author: Fatma El Amin

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7 mansion in the west village designed by cortney and robert novogratz

The Novogratzes have a spare sitting room right off the kitchen and entryway that serves as a hangout for kids and visitors who wander around the house aimlessly. The combination of vibrant artwork, few ornamental pieces, and sleek furniture is a winning formula for creating a formal ambiance in a compact room. Simply the essentials However, with vivid hues

In the words of Frank Frances
8 living room ideas

Adding exposed shelving and/or glass-enclosed cabinets to a room is a quick and easy way to give it a more homey, personal vibe. Even though the living room wasn't designed for a lot of people to gather in, Oliver Thornton's design adds personality and speaks to the layered warmth of the furnishings.

Mr. Oliver Thornton
9 small living room ideas

If you're at a loss for what colors to use in a room, a large rug or painting can serve as a great jumping-off point. The beautiful Art Deco rug serves as the central design element for this compact living room, which features color-blocked plaster walls and masculine leather sofas. In conversation with the mirrored ceiling, a low table made of lucite maintains a low profile.

We are Tamsin Johnson Interiors.

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10 casual modern family room

The rug, the shades, and the sofa in this otherwise minimalist living room by Robert McKinley Studio all contribute to the room's rich textural atmosphere. This is a casual piece, but the modern materials keep it looking and feeling great.

Production Company: The Robert M. McKinley Studio
11 small living room ideas

In a variety of settings, a newly upholstered ottoman can serve as a coffee table, footstool, or even an additional seat. Soft corners make it a good choice for families with young children or pets, and it can be combined with other fun patterns in a living space, like this triangle print by Les Ensembliers.

Paul Raeside.
12 small living room ideas

The use of lucite and acrylic furniture can help calm down a cluttered room. The fact that they are see-through ensures that they will blend in with the scenery. Example: Ashley Whittaker's waterfall coffee table in this otherwise compact living room

T. Loof Thomas

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13 small living room ideas

It may seem daunting to mirror every wall in order to reflect light, but what if you hung a few smaller mirrors instead and painted the frames to match? Layering different tones of the same color is another takeaway from Benjamin Dhong's monochromatic green living room.

Jennifer Romerein
14 small living room with red walls

Soft fabrics, including application to walls, can greatly enhance the ambiance of a room. The ottoman is covered in fabric; the sofa is blue velvet; there is a large rug, a fun armchair, and upholstered walls. This expertly crafted room by Nick Olsen has persuaded us.

Author: Francesco Lagnese
15 small living room ideas

A daybed plus a side chair, an armchair, some floor pillows, and a couple of stools works well in a bohemian living room, but really anything goes. A statement rug and task lighting were also incorporated by Commune Design in this instance.

Amy Neusinger

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16 small living room ideas

Great-great-granddaughter of Sister Parish Eliza Crater Harris doesn't let a lack of space prevent her from using bold patterns to express her unique sense of style. The room appears larger thanks to the floor-to-ceiling drapes, and it doesn't feel cluttered thanks to the sleek furnishings.

Ms. Eliza Carter
17 small living room

Embracing a room's limited square footage can be the key to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tamsin Johnson's choice of close, intimate seating atop a pile of textiles and rugs in muted tones is a good example of this principle in action. Then, you can hang up everything else, from accent lights to colorful paintings, on the walls.

A. Tamsin Johnson Interiors
18 small living room ideas

The temptation to cram every square inch of floor space with furniture increases when square footage is limited. However, less is more sometimes, particularly in cramped quarters. David Mann chose to float two smaller sofas across from each other with a two-tiered coffee table in between to avoid the visual bulk of a traditional sectional.


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19 small living room

Leanne Ford Interiors is known for her organic and eclectic designs, which require unconventional furniture and seating arrangements. To soften, unify, and personalize the space, two whitewashed stools serve as coffee tables, cushions are stacked on a ledge in place of a traditional softa, and a swing is suspended from the low ceiling.

Design by Leanne Ford
20 small studio apartment ideas

This Peter Frank-designed studio apartment makes use of area rugs to demarcate distinct areas. There is also plenty of auxiliary seating, which can be moved out of the way when it is not in use, which is a space-saving measure that always pays off.

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