How to Decorate a Hallway: 25 Clever Concepts

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Entryways and hallways are the first things guests notice when they enter a house. The first impression your guests have of your home is formed in this seemingly unimportant room. In addition, if your hallway is tastefully decorated, it will entice guests to come inside your home.  

Whether you have a small city apartment or a sprawling suburban house, the entryway and hallways in both can use some sprucing up. Even though most hallways aren't big enough for a full set of furnishings and decorations, that doesn't mean you can't have a well-placed console table or some clever storage options.  

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Don't discount the design potential of your foyer or hallway just yet. You need only master the art of efficient small-space design. In order to aid you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of the best hallway decorating ideas. Whether your home is long and narrow or short and wide, you'll be able to find a solution to your decorating dilemmas among these suggestions.

Even though you want to make a good first impression on guests, that doesn't mean you can't use some daring color or pattern choices. In this tiny UK home, the dramatic tropical wallpaper and the strikingly different striped stair carpeting create the desired effect.  

Light gray batten board walls, modern door and light fixtures, and white doors replace the dark, dreary wood tones typical of 1950s Colorado homes.  

Creative uses of color are always welcome in hallway design. Anne Chicheportiche's blue doors at the end of the hall and the blue carpet in the hallway complement each other beautifully, and the blue hues are carried throughout the room in the gallery.  

Creatively rearranging a circular mirror atop a slim console table, @colorfulnumber12 created a mid-century modern look in the hallway. One of our favorite ways to spruce up a hallway is with a tiny table like this one, which serves dual purposes as a conversation starter and a storage solution.  

The homeowner here has taken a black heater, which could have been an eyesore, and made it work as part of a beautiful overall design by surrounding it with striking black and white tiles and a black-framed circular mirror.  

The hallway is a great place to use a decorative motif that repeats a shape from somewhere else in the house. The slim console table is a beautiful color and shape match to the adjacent rectangular door. The pretty cherry blossoms and interesting lighting really pull the whole thing together.  

Are you hoping to trick your way into a larger corridor? You only need a shiny object. According to Liana Thomson, an accessories product developer at home decor retailer EQ3, placing a mirror at the end of a narrow hallway will make a normally dark space feel lighter and larger. Add a small, circular mirror to your arrangement like they did in this suburban hideaway. The pretty, sculptural appearance of this option is striking without being overpowering.

Installing shiplap on your hallway walls will give your house the same modern farmhouse feel as this one in Louisiana. Designer Michelle Gerson says that shiplap "not only makes a space look more important and special, but also adds durability." Shiplap is a great way to tie the hallway's design into the rest of the house's aesthetic. Adding style in a functional, attractive, and compact manner I think Chip and Joanna Gaines would love it.

Choosing your light fixtures carefully can add drama to a narrow foyer. Sconces, in the words of designer Lauren Nelson, "provide repetition and visual interest while also setting the tone upon entering." When compared to recessed cans, the ambient light provided by sconces is warmer and more inviting (much like the glow of candles in bygone eras). A sconce is a great way to add some flair to your space. The geometric stacking fixture in this New York City rental exudes a retro, Art Deco glamour, and it serves as a preview of the home's interior design.

If you're looking for hallway decoration ideas, we recommend experimenting with lighting. With regards to illumination, a single statement pendant placed in the foyer is guaranteed to impress guests. A rattan pendant lights up the formal English hallway with a coastal vibe.

This adorable Orange County home serves as inspiration for hanging extra hats and purses in the foyer. This choice will not only give your walls some texture, but it will also make it less likely that you will forget to take these essential items with you when you leave.

It's not true that you can't fit any sort of furniture into an entryway, despite how small they may be. As Sarah Wilson of Chansaerae Designs puts it, "I always use the hallway as a landing place. Set up a table where you can unload as you come in." It's a win-win for me when a space can serve multiple purposes, such as this one in a Barcelona home does with its combination of ample storage and warm wood tones provided by a console table.

Even though a narrow console table can liven up an entry, there's always the chance that it will make the area feel cramped. Advantageously combine the two uses of your space with a see-through table. Alessandra Wood, an interior design expert at Modsy, an e-design company, advises, "If you have a hallway that seems wide enough for a console table, opt for a thin, acrylic one." This will let light in and maintain the airiness of your hallway while also serving as a convenient place to set down your keys. To maximize the clear storage space, the homeowners of this Brooklyn Heights home have slid a woven basket under the dining room table.

This is without a doubt, one of the best hallway designs we've seen. Create a gallery wall and transform a boring hallway or foyer into a work of art worthy of display in a museum. Wood says, "I love it when hallways are used to display an entire art collection." "This seemingly insignificant area can serve as a repository for many works of art and a portal to new ideas." Kate Beebe's maximalist entrance hall is a great example of this, with artwork covering every available surface.

Inviting hallways can be adorned with vibrant, eye-catching rugs. It's true that a single runner can make a statement, but the pair of vintage rugs used in this New Orleans home really sets it apart. Visual variety is provided by the various patterns, while uniformity is maintained by the use of the same color schemes. In a small space, a rug can still make a big impact.

Sometimes a dose of color is exactly what the design doctor ordered. Designer Ginny Macdonald recommends painting the ceiling to add depth to a hallway, as it "will draw the eye up and elongate the space." Use a variety of colors to create a cool ombré effect, as seen in the hallway of the above Barcelona apartment. The result A corridor that invites exploration rather than mere transit

Actually, there are some good reasons to use dark paint colors for your home's entry or hall. Also, as Macdonald suggests, "you could also paint the ceiling and the walls in a moody color and play with the fact that the hallway is dark." If there is no window light entering the room, painting it white may make it seem even darker. Coziness will ensue if you engage in some dark play. You can see this principle at work in the windowless hallway of Lori LaMont and Monte Weiss's Long Beach apartment, where they painted the walls a dark blue and added orange pendant lights and white trim to break up the space.

Want to find creative ways to hide your mail and spare keys in your hallway? Install some shelves in your hallway. According to designer Breegan Jane, "floating shelves can be a good option if you have a wider hallway that needs some much-needed depth and pizazz." They can serve their purpose without necessitating additional square footage. Not only does this tip save on floor space, but it's also a breeze to set up. Amber Guyton's cute little house up there can serve as your model.

If you're afraid of ruining your security deposit by making holes in the wall, lean a ladder-shaped shelving unit up against it. The ladder featured in this Barcelona home tour is not only a stylish and functional addition, but it also comes from the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA.

For those who must live in cramped quarters Cut off the rest of your house from the "entryway" by laying tiles in the shape of a rectangle. This Scandinavian retreat is a perfect example of the concept, as it features a colorful patchwork of designs that all use the same set of colors. Rental dwelling life Tile decals that you peel and stick, or even temporary vinyl tiles, can achieve the desired effect.

Fill your hallway with cozy alcoves. Use the storage space you already have by making a shelf that reflects your unique style. We can't help but feel happy when we look at this Scandi-inspired room complete with a cactus, colorful books, and a seriously impressive matchbook collection.

Hilton "Plant Doctor" Carter's 1,000-square-foot Baltimore home has more than 200 plants, and even has a hallway with a propagation wall. Feel free to show off your green thumb and adopt this style.

Put up some tapestries if you want to decorate your walls but aren't ready to commit to a full gallery wall. I adore the unadorned pair that hangs in this Philadelphia home. Tapestries, if chosen wisely, can help you achieve a delicate balance between understatement and boldness when decorating your walls.

Making the most of the existing architecture is the key to a stylish foyer or corridor. There are no eye-catching light fixtures or wallpaper patterns in this Swedish room, but the addition of greenery and handmade ceramics to the windowsill amps up the coziness.

One of the oldest tricks in the design book is adding an accent wall to a hallway or entryway, but it still works well. Think accent walls have reached their zenith Above, you can see an interesting alternative from a Spanish home. There's no need for glitzy embellishment thanks to the bold contrast between the pink and black colors.

Putting a small vanity table at the end of a narrow hallway can soften the abrupt transition. A small table and faux fur stool add a playful and cozy touch to the otherwise clinical living room of this charming Philadelphia apartment. Additionally, you can use this arrangement as a desk for home office use.

Want the best bookworm-approved hallway decorating ideas? Install some square racks in your foyer. The North Carolina house shown here has low-slung cubbies that can store a lot of stuff without making the room look chaotic. Alternatively, if you need waterproof containers, you can always use baskets and bins.

The most time-efficient and low-effort method of enhancing your application Put a splash of color on the door's interior. One New York City couple used this tip to create an undeniably chic scene whenever either person entered or exited their home.

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