How to Decorate a Coffee Table Without Losing Your Mind

Wanted to make your coffee table look as good as the ones in magazines but didn't know what to put on it? Putting together a stylish coffee table setting is simple. You'll look like a pro in no time if you just follow a few guidelines for proportions, spacing, and hues.

We'll show you how to get a designer's aesthetic with only a few simple pieces, so you can make a bold statement with your space while also making it functional for your everyday needs and fitting in with the rest of your decor. This assortment features year-round and seasonal coffee table ornaments, so there's something here for everyone.

Stacy Goldberg

It's aesthetically pleasing to use an odd number of items when decorating a coffee table or a bookshelf. This contemporary coffee table features an interesting yet simple arrangement of heights, shapes, and materials in a monochromatic color scheme. A tall vase with flaming red stems, a stack of books, and a round bowl of decorative objects round out the ensemble. The trio of items looks nice and there's still room on the table to show off the wood and provide some visual contrast for the homeowner.

Author: Adam Albright

Trays have many uses, including as a decorative element, a way to add color and texture, and a container for a variety of objects. Add visual interest by contrasting the coffee table's rectangular shape with a round tray. You could also experiment with proportion by using items of varying sizes, such as a large tray, a small bowl, a medium book, and a small candle. It's layered because of the different forms and sizes. Alternately, you could make the room look cohesive by using trays of the same finish. Here, the room is cohesive thanks to the use of gold accents in the form of a vase, tray, bowl, coffee table, and lighting.

The Hon. Edmund M. Barr

The black and gold boxes in this contemporary living room are stacked to create height and layering. You can adjust the height of your furnishings and ornaments by making use of books, magazines, trays, and other flat surfaces. Even though it uses only a few colors, this round coffee table serves as an excellent example of material mixing thanks to its incorporation of glass, ceramics, metal, and resin.

It's me, Annie Schlechter

Books are the best accessory for your coffee table. For good reason, they are a staple on coffee tables used by interior designers everywhere. Use coffee table books singly or in clusters; they're great for decorating any sized space. These blue ornamental objects are displayed on a flat surface that they elevate, shape, and color. Displaying books about summer's dahlia flowers or winter's white landscapes is another great way to subtly add a seasonal touch.

I'm Kim Cornelison.

The more surface area a coffee table has, the more room there is for creative arrangement. A variety of colorful accents and decorative items can be showcased against the coffee table's neutral wood finish, which complements the surrounding throw pillows and artwork. You can make your living room more inviting and cozy by placing some personal items on your coffee table. Place a bowl or tray collected on your travels on top of a stack of books devoted to your favorite subjects. Make a cake or bake a batch of cookies for a neighbor, or put together a bouquet of flowers to put in a cherished heirloom vase A room can be given instant personality and a sense of uniqueness with the help of these easily implemented elements.

Jay Wilde

Don't be afraid to branch out from the norm when it comes to seasonal coffee table styling. In this lively family room, real and fake pumpkins of all shapes and sizes add a splash of color and a modern spin on traditional autumnal decorations. Classic orange pumpkins and white carved wood pumpkins sit atop the marble tulip-style coffee table. Use the coffee table's accessories to carry through the room's color scheme for cohesion and harmony. The room's blue and pink hues are unified by the addition of turquoise candlesticks and a stack of books.

Valient Johnny

While a stylish coffee table is desirable, it must also be functional for daily use. With its two large baskets, this rustic coffee table is both attractive and practical. The containers, placed on the table's lower shelf, are a great place to stow away miscellaneous items without taking away from the table's chic appearance. Baskets made of wicker, metal, and fabric add visual interest and practical storage space to the living room. In addition, they facilitate speedy and simple cleanup at the end of each day.

It's me, Kim Cornelison

Coffee table decorations should be muted in color scheme if the rest of the room features vivid hues and busy patterns. Neutral with colorful accents, this antique-style tray coffee table features green and purple hues alongside gold, white, and brown tones. You don't have to use cut flowers in a vase to decorate your coffee table with flowers. Make use of plant containers to add a touch of natural beauty that won't die in a week. The perfect blend of simplicity, efficiency, and low cost

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Traditionalists may prefer a coffee table in the form of a tufted ottoman, which offers a spacious tabletop on which to put their decorative accents. When you need to cover a large area without using a large number of individual objects, a coffee table book is the way to go. It will visually fill the room without making it feel crowded. Putting beads or a magnifying glass on top of the pages adds visual appeal. It's a quick and easy way to upgrade your look for the better.

Author: Kim Cornelison

The ornate Moroccan-style coffee table in this vibrant living room is decorated with interesting objects, such as a lush houseplant, glass beads, metallic trays, and small books. Baskets on the wall, a bamboo daybed, and a ceiling covered in grasscloth bring in natural elements that tone down the bright colors and patterns, creating visual balance.

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