How to Arrange a TV on a Wall: 25 Creative Solutions

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Televisions are wonderful for watching movies and repeat episodes of favorite shows. TVs, especially large ones, can be awkward to arrange in a living space. In an ideal world, your television wouldn't take up valuable real estate on a console or media stand. If your TV doesn't quite mesh with the design of the room, you might be able to hide it from sight with some tasteful TV wall decor. Here, we provide 25 illustrations to spark your imagination. Have faith; regardless of your current set-up, a spot can be found for your TV in the living room.  

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Wall-mounting a television isn't always possible, especially in rented accommodations. If you insist on mounting your TV, though, make sure it's at eye level.  

Artful Provisions' design center director Laura Webb says, "People tend to mount TVs too high, which puts the neck in an unnatural, uncomfortable position while watching." Mounting your television six to eight inches above a media cabinet or other piece of functional furniture in the room is a good starting point for creating a pleasing aesthetic. ”

Whether your TV is mounted or not, there is no hard and fast rule for how the rest of the wall should look. The most popular wall color combinations for televisions are white, off-white, and gray. Black paint or a colorful gallery wall can help your TV disappear into the background if you're trying to hide it from view. If you're at a loss for how to decorate around your TV, take a look at some of our favorite examples below.

Mary Ann Pickett, a blogger, created a photo wall of black and white images for her son's TV. This design choice maintains a serene atmosphere when the TV is off while adding visual interest to the room. This could be the answer if you're trying to find a creative way to display your loved ones' photographs.

Elegant and understated, this marble backdrop by @zynatyinteriors helps the TV in the room stand out without being too dominant.  

Try doing what @martaa_grylewicz_h.o.m.e has done and placing a group of your favorite plants around your TV for a fun, whimsical look. Use a variety of plants, both short and tall, and some trailing vines to create the illusion that the plants are "framing" your TV.  

Plenty of built-ins can be found in this collection of TV wall decor ideas, but our favorite is the one created by @omni_int, which completely encloses the TV and makes it a part of the wall. The color of the shelves prevents the entire unit from looking chaotic.  

If you want to turn your TV into a piece of art, the Samsung Frame TV is a great option. You can choose a picture or background from their collection to leave on the screen and then surprise your guests by switching to ESPN with a single click. Blogger Carrie Waller decided to create a mini gallery wall with boho flair above her console by grouping her Samsung TV with a couple of other frames. When the TV is turned off, it will blend in with its surroundings. Although the effect is more pronounced with ultra-thin TVs, any flat-screen TV can be mounted in this manner to achieve a similar result.

Keep the wall around your TV blank and clean to direct the eye down toward a more elaborate piece of furniture, like the geometric inlay dresser in fashion blogger Kat Tanita's bedroom. If you have a small apartment or room, mounting a TV in the bedroom is a great idea. Rather than having to get out of bed to watch TV, Kat can use the dresser top to store her morning necessities.

Chrissy McDonald, a lifestyle blogger, also owns a Samsung Frame TV, which she decorated her living room around. She went with a classic backdrop that goes well with the room's neutrals, and the end result looks like a massive painting. She likes to keep things uncluttered so that the background can take center stage in her room. You can achieve a similar result by using your own free wallpaper or a family photo on a smart flatscreen television.

When blogger Kelly Larkin wanted to make a statement in her living room, she hung the TV above the fireplace and let the shelves of her preppy accent furniture do the talking. Keep the wall behind the TV uncluttered and simple if it is displayed between similarly styled built-ins so as not to overwhelm the eye. You'll be able to give more attention to the show you're watching.

Katrina Blair, a blogger, has a similar arrangement in her living room, proving once again that a television set up against a white wall isn't boring if there are built-ins to complement it. As an added bonus, you can also set a few things on the flat surface beneath your TV. If you want to avoid blocking the screen, pick items that can be placed below or to the side of it.

The television in blogger Joanna Charron's modern, colorful gallery wall Her work demonstrates that one need not forego individuality and playfulness in favor of functionality when integrating modern conveniences into one's living environment. Don't be afraid to incorporate shelving and plants into the setup if you want your television to look like it belongs in a gallery. You can use anything you'd put on a wall normally.

Opt for a pared-down style Mackenzie Horan, a blogger, kept the wall behind her TV white, uncluttered, and simple. Her living room's blue and white color scheme is echoed in the decorative accents atop the media console. Lamps are fine to use around a TV, but only if they are placed off to the sides (and turned off when the TV is on to prevent glare).

Like Ashley Fultz, a blogger, you can find her television neatly tucked above the mantle. Such a setup is perfect if you want a minimalist and contemporary room.

However, if you'd rather not have white walls, any solid color will do. Colleen Pastoor, a blogger, discovered that painting her bedroom a deep navy blue made her television disappear into the wall. Even better than these colors is black for this purpose. Pastoor demonstrated how to counteract all that black with a bright white dresser and drapes. Also, her room has plenty of windows, so she has plenty of natural light to study by.

Built-ins were something Michelle Scheibe did herself, and she made sure to leave plenty of wall space for her television. The lack of a console or media stand in this setup saves space while still giving the room a cozy, furniture-like vibe. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for custom built-ins, you can achieve a similar look by placing two bookcases on either side of your television.

In this Australian house, the built-in shelves incorporate a bench space, which can be used to display plants or other small objects. Even if you're just chilling out at home watching Netflix, a few potted plants can make a big difference.

Blogger Marly Dice had a sizable wall above her television that needed filling, so she used a blanket ladder and other decorative items to make the space her own. Even though the TV is still the focal point of the room, the emphasis is less dramatic thanks to the use of calming accessories and a gentle color scheme.

Blogger Dabito styled his Frame TV in a bedroom that couldn't be more vibrant. He, like many others who own this model of television, complemented his background of choice with equally eye-catching works of art that he framed and hung on the wall. Again, you could achieve a similar effect with any flatscreen, as they all essentially look like a black rectangular box most of the time and thus blend in better than if they were alone on a wall.

Fancy some shiplap Create your own DIY shiplap-backed entertainment center like blogger Becky Daly. Limit the amount of artwork and wall decor in a room to really focus on the walls.

When designing a peaceful environment, less is more in terms of wall hangings and paintings. Working with the design service Havenly, Girl Meets Gold blogger Tyler created the ultimate chill-out space by clearing the clutter from around her TV. When working with a limited amount of wall space, such as the bump-out fireplace area pictured above, this is typically your best bet.

Decorating the mantel can be a great alternative to hanging artwork around a TV if you don't have the wall space. Caitlin Covington, a blogger, added some traditional warmth to her living room by hanging two massive lanterns on either side of her television.

Diane Henkler, a blogger, was determined to find a way to conceal the wires for her wall-mounted television, and she found the perfect solution in a sideboard. She drilled a few holes in the buffet and turned it into a storage system, while also hiding some cables that were necessary but aesthetically unpleasing.

Another inventive camouflaging solution was discovered by bloggers Sherry and John Petersik, and it did not involve drilling into furniture at all, but rather rearranging a power strip and setting up an in-wall cord system. The couple's website features a detailed, instructional guide.

Your TV doesn't have to be mounted over the fireplace just because it's in the living room. Writer Shelley Westerman installed her TV on a wall mount next to her hearth and framed it with a beautiful gallery wall. She could not have made such a daring design choice had she mounted the television above the fireplace. Do whatever feels right for you and the space.

Another Cape Town home where it would be impractical to mount a TV above the hearth due to furniture placement considerations (the sofa would block access to the bar). Since there is already a large piece of artwork in the room, leaving the space around the TV frame blank helps to maintain a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

Blogger Jules Acree of Om and the City arranged a slideshow of her favorite family photos to play on the background of her Samsung TV. This is a great way to show off treasured pieces of art without overwhelming the room.

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