Here are seventy-five easy-to-make paper ornaments for the holiday season.

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The Christmas tree's ornamentation is one of the best holiday customs. Every year, people do this because it's enjoyable and provides an opportunity for the whole family to participate in hanging lovely decorations around the house. Paper Christmas ornaments are one method for doing this.

Diy christmas paper ornaments

The best part of making paper Christmas ornaments for your tree is picking the colors and patterns. These days, craft stores sell a variety of paper ornament kits, but you can also easily make your own using paper you already have around the house.

Here, we'll examine how simple paper-related DIY projects can be. Just select the undertaking that is best for you. Better if your children want to assist you with this activity.

You can skip right to whatever appeals to you the most if you're curious about what's down below:

Ideas for Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are obviously going to be a preference-based business; it's okay that not everyone has the same tastes in these things. What then can you use to decorate your tree? There are lots of choices, but these are some of our favorites:

  • Customized Christmas ornaments
  • Beautiful paper ornaments made at home
  • Dough-made decorations
  • Gleaming store-bought ornaments
  • Gummy bears
  • Christmas candy strings

The list could really go on forever, and we're positive you can come up with a few yourself.

DIY Holiday Decorations

Let's look for some really cool things you can make by yourself or even with the kids if your holiday crafting spirit continues.

Paper Christmas Crafts

Let's see what adorable tasks we can complete over the holidays. Let's get started because we just adore the Christmas paper crafts we discovered.

1. DIY Star Ornaments

Stars diy ornaments

Any Christmas tree can benefit from DIY ornaments, and we all know that simple and elegant is always in style. Consequently, it would be a wise decision to create some paper stars to hang from the tree.

They are easy to make and have a great appearance, especially if you have young children who want to participate. It's a great way to discover how fun crafting can be and how colors work well together. Furthermore, you don't even require any special tools.

A hot glue gun, silver paper, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler are required as materials. To begin, draw lines on a piece of paper so that you can cut and crisscross strips of paper. The strips are then glued together, weaved, and repeated until the ends of the strips and loops can be joined.

Visit our comprehensive tutorial for more details on how to create paper star ornaments for the Christmas tree. A video guide is also available.

2. Kids' Christmas Ornament Crafts: Beaded Angels

Beaded angels christmas ornament crafts for kids

These lovely Christmas ornament crafts for kids feature paper angels with beads. The angels can be used to create a miniature mobile that revolves around a peg in the middle. As an alternative, the beaded angels can be strung together to make a stunning Christmas tree decoration.

The instructions needed for this kid's craft project are simple. Gather your supplies first: paper and decorative pearls. Make sure the paper and pearls are both white if you want your angels to be classically white.

But it's not required because you can use any colors you like and even combine different colors. It would be intriguing, for instance, if the paper had two sides with various colors.

You need a cutting mat, glue, and some scissors for the materials. As a result, you shouldn't let your children make the beaded angels unattended.

To learn how to make beaded angels, watch the Colors Paper tutorial video on YouTube.

3. Paper Christmas ornaments with silhouettes of angels

Angel silhouettes paper christmas ornaments

Very adorable Christmas tree ornaments with an elegant appearance are angel silhouettes. They can be hung on the front door, front porch, back garden gate, or even the basement door of your residence.

The instruction is very helpful for parents who want to show their children how to make paper Christmas ornaments. A paper cutter or pair of scissors, glue, white construction paper or cardstock cut into strips, yarn, twine, or string, and a glue stick are required.

To get all the instructions, including the sizes for each paper strip, go to Buggy and Buddy.

To hang the decorations anywhere in your house, you simply need to glue the ends of the strips in the proper shape before putting the angel together and threading a string through the angel's head.

4. Making Paper Pendant Ornaments at Home

DIY Christmas Ornaments Paper Pendants

We can learn how to create these lovely paper pendants from Design and Form. These can also be covered in glitter.

5. Paper Modern Trees - Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas Ornaments - Paper Modern Trees

These are the paper trees to use if you want to create some with a more contemporary flair. It would be nice to use neutral colors like black, white, or gray. (via)

6. Easy DIY Christmas Decoration: Paper Pieced Balls

Paper Pieced Balls - Easy DIY Christmas Decoration

Some paper balls created by Remodelaholic appear to have been "pieced" together. Just another entertaining twist on a traditional Christmas ornament.

7. Paper Neutral Balls Christmas Ornament, handmade

Handmade Christmas Ornament - Paper Neutral Balls

For those who prefer a more monochromatic or modern approach to the holidays, Nalle's House created some neutral-colored balls. Discover more information and ideas after the jump.

Christmas paper ornaments 8. Paper Multi-Color Balls

Paper Multi-Color Balls - Paper Christmas Ornaments

Hello Yellow Blog created some colorful balls that are also entertaining and festive. Take the plunge and view the instruction

9. Angels Paper Christmas Crafts

Paper Christmas Crafts - Angels

It was difficult not to fall in love with the paper angels that The Craft Train created. They are a traditional Christmas decoration method that is also simple to make.

10. Paper Ballerinas: Simple DIY Holiday Decorations

Paper Ballerinas - Easy DIY Christmas decorations

We fell in love with these adorable paper ballerinas after seeing them on Remodelaholic. The family tree needs to have some balletic, feminine detail.

11. Dictionary Flowers' Paper Christmas Ornaments

Paper Christmas Ornaments - Dictionary Flowers

You can learn how to make more paper flowers at From Dahlias to Doxies. The components—pages from a dictionary—are what make it so unique.

12. Simple DIY Christmas Decorations: Paper 6-Point Stars

Paper 6-Point Stars - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Even these 6-point stars made of paper would make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments. Kate's Creative Space has the guidance and expertise you require.

13. Paper trees: A whimsical Christmas decoration

Whimsical Christmas Decorations - Paper Trees

Parents included this wacky Christmas tree as well. It's just another way to engage the kids and give the season a little more magic.

14. Simple DIY Christmas Decorations: Paper Minecraft Cubes

Paper Minecraft Cubes - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Anyone who enjoys Minecraft, including your children If so, you should check out this exciting paper ornament DIY right away. (via)

15. Christmas paper craft: Paper Polyhedra

Paper Polyhedra - Christmas Paper Craft

These stylish paper polyhedral ornaments by Field Guide 35 are to die for. This is in line with the geo trend that is permeating all pages of fashion and interior design.

16. Christmas ornament idea: paper baubles

Paper Baubles - Christmas Ornament Idea

You can make some additional paper ornaments tonight as well. These adorable items will bring handmade joy to the tree. (via)

Christmas ornaments made by hand

We enjoy creating things, so let's look at some awesome suggestions for homemade ornaments we can hang this year.

17. Making Christmas ornaments from honeycombs

Honeycombs christmas ornament crafts

Your entire family will adore this unique Christmas ornament-making idea using honeycombs. You can string them up as a garland or use them to decorate your Christmas tree. They are easy to make, cute, and versatile.

You will need black cardstock, two different colors of paper (one for each layer), scissors, white double-sided adhesive tape, and a pencil, pen, or marker to trace lines on the paper that will serve as your templates when creating paper honeycombs.

Find something with an intriguing shape that would fit around your roll of paper without using a specific template.

The first step is to cut out the shapes from the two colors of paper so they will fold together perfectly. Then, using the lines from your original paper pattern, make a template out of the cardstock.

Place a toilet paper roll in the center after adhering the two layers together with double-sided adhesive tape. Additionally, you can cut two tiny triangles that will hold the roll in place. The last step is to embellish your honeycombs.

Visit My Craftchens and look at the comprehensive tutorial to find out more about how to make paper honeycombs.

18. Simple DIY Christmas Decorations: Paper Origami Balls

Paper Origami Balls - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

With their paper decorations, Giochi di Carta worked a little bit of origami magic. After the jump, see how to make these balls.

19. German Stars Christmas Paper Crafts

Christmas Paper Crafts - German Stars

Here is another type of star that can also be placed on the tree. For all the exciting details, visit with a grateful prayer and a grateful heart.

20. Easy Christmas Decorations by Paper Geo Trendies

Paper Geo Trendies - Easy Christmas Decorations

Here are some additional geo designs that we also adore. They're very fashionable, and U Create has information on them.

21. Simple DIY Christmas Decorations: Paper Striped Baubles

Paper Striped Baubles - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

You can make these quirky striped ornaments from How About Orange at home. The Christmas tree is always a good place for baubles.

Paper Drops - Simple DIY Christmas Decorations, number 22,

Paper Drops - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Don't you think these dropped designs are also cute? Visit Think.Make.Share to find out all the exciting information.

23. Whimsical Christmas Decorations: Paper Punch Flower Ball

Paper Punch Flower Ball - Whimsical Christmas Decorations

Are there any paper punches in your craft space? If that's the case, you could make something like this. (via)

Paper Geode Christmas Ornament, number 24,

Paper Geode Christmas Ornament

We adore Lia Griffith's latest gorgeous paper ornament DIY. Additionally, while you're at it, cover them in glitter.

Christmas ornaments in the form of paper wreaths

Paper Wreaths Christmas Ornaments

A few miniature paper wreaths are a cute addition to your tree. Do them in vibrant colors or more traditional tones. (via)

26. DIY ornaments made with paper glitter cutouts

Paper Glitter Cutouts - DIY Ornaments

Additionally, Martha Stewart demonstrates how to create some paper cutouts for the tree. With these kinds of projects, there are a ton of different ways to be inspired, from traditional to charming.

Paper Spiral Trees - Do It Yourself Decorations

Paper Spiral Trees - DIY Ornaments

Don't you think these paper spiral trees are entertaining as well? We came across them as features on Parents and adore how they'll bring some whimsy to your tree this year.

Paper scrap balls for DIY paper ornaments (number 28)

Paper Scrap Balls - DIY Paper Ornaments

Here's another excellent use for all of your leftover paper. Go to Mod Podge Rocks and follow the simple instructions.

29. DIY Tree Ornaments Made From Paper Sculptures

Paper Sculptures - DIY Tree Ornaments

These tiny sculptures were also created by All Things Paper. Spread them out throughout the tree and have fun decorating them to fit your personal aesthetic.

30. DIY Christmas ornaments by Paper Geo Designs

Paper Geo Designs - DIY Christmas Ornaments

If modern styles inspire you, you'll want to learn how to create some of these geo designs. They effectively decorate the tree and give it a contemporary feel. (via)

Paper festive Christmas ornaments (number 31)

Paper Festive Christmas Ornaments

The Crafty Sisters create simple, festive ball ornaments that are perfect for your tree. Visit the blog to get all the basic information.

Paper bow Christmas ornaments, number 32

Paper Bows Christmas Ornaments

With assistance from Lia Griffith, top your tree off so it looks like a gift all by itself. We adore all of these sweet bows.

33. Paper Scalloped Balls - Do It Yourself Christmas Ornaments

Paper Scalloped Balls - DIY Tree Ornaments

You can also make some festive scalloped balls from Lia Griffith for your tree. Just pick up some entertaining paper and get going tonight.

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Paper Stacked Starburst, No. 34

Paper Stacked Starburst - DIY Christmas Ornaments

For a more festive look, add some starburst designs that were DIY inspired. Throughout the project, you could even use various types of colored and patterned paper.

Paper Christmas Crafts

See what other paper crafts we can create that will fit in your house for Christmas. We have countless ideas that you will adore. Some are a little trickier to make than others, but even your children can make some of them.

Homemade holiday decorations

Let's see what you can create with your family this year and what new things you can make.

35. Minimalist 3D Christmas tree ornaments

3D Simple Christmas Tree Decorations

The cutest Christmas tree ornaments to make are miniature paper trees. But don't be fooled by their size; they're incredibly easy to construct and have a very classy appearance. Plus, your children can paint, add ribbons or other decorations, and more to make them uniquely their own.

You'll need cardstock in a variety of colors to make one; white, pink, and green work best. Simply adhere to the guidelines in this straightforward YouTube video tutorial, which was posted by Aklima DIY & Crafts. Your kids will enjoy creating these straightforward paper Christmas ornaments.

Construction paper Christmas crafts: Angels

Angels - Construction Paper Christmas Crafts

The cutest paper Christmas ornaments to make with construction paper are angels. They're incredibly simple to make, so your kids can have a good time and express their creativity.

Light pink, white, and red paper, red and black markers, a pair of scissors, a gold pipe cleaner, a glue stick, and white and gold yarn are needed for the project.

The angel's head is first cut out of pink paper, after which the bow and wings are created. The body must then be shaped, and everything must then be adhered with glue. Add the wings, embellish the angel with string, fashion the head out of the gold pipe cleaner, and add the markers for the facial expressions. That's it, then.

Don't hesitate to read our comprehensive tutorial to find out more about creating a paper angel as a Christmas craft idea for kids. Additionally, we have created a video guide with simple instructions.

37. DIY Paper Christmas Decorations: Snowman Head

Snowman head diy paper christmas decorations

Children will enjoy creating a snowman head as a straightforward yet lovely DIY paper Christmas decoration. A minimal amount of supplies are needed for this project, most notably construction or pastel-colored paper, glue, scissors, and markers.

The first step is to use scissors to cut out the snowman's head from white paper. Then, cut out two circles from pink paper for his cheeks, two triangles from red paper for his nose, and two circles from yellow paper for his eyes and mouth.

The next step is to adhere everything to the top of the snowy face with glue. Finally, use markers to create some facial expressions.

That's all there is to it. During the holiday season, a cute little snowman head that looks adorable on any windowsill is ready to be admired.

Follow our directions, which include a video guide, for more ideas on how to make a paper plate snowman head.

38. Christmas paper craft roses

Roses christmas paper crafts

One of the most well-liked Christmas paper crafts is paper roses. Depending on your preferences, you can make them in a variety of shapes and colors.

There are straightforward ones, intricate ones, and even one that uses an origami technique. Additionally, you can combine them all to produce a stunning design for the walls of your living room or bedroom.

You'll need a template that illustrates how to fold individual petals in order to start making paper roses. Next, carefully follow each step until you have mastered all the techniques required for this project.

Create a few paper roses once you understand how to do it, then hang them from a small piece of white ribbon or put them in a vase. You can also put one on your Christmas tree, but be careful not to overload it with ornaments because they are delicate.

Check out our simple-to-follow instructions for creating paper roses. You'll need paper in the desired color, a pencil, a glue stick, a ruler, and a pair of scissors for supplies.

Layered paper Christmas tree, number 39

Layered paper christmas tree

We can't imagine the holiday season without Christmas trees because they are a traditional part of it. These trees appear utterly magical thanks to the lovely glittering lights and all the enjoyable ornaments.

A small paper Christmas tree that cannot in any way replace a real one can be made to spruce up your winter decorations. Try making a layered version. It can be completed in less than an hour and is simple and affordable.

You'll need papers in different colors (one for each layer), glossy photo paper or black cardstock for the trunk, white double-sided adhesive tape for the branches, scissors, glue stick, and brush as supplies.

Cutting out a circle that will serve as the Christmas tree's base is the first step. If you are using a circle template that is 5 inches in diameter, your base should be roughly 2 inches in diameter. a diameter of 5 inches

Cut a few smaller circles that will act as ornaments for this festive decoration next. Cut the center of the 3-inch paper circle off for thickness reasons. To create an ornament cluster, spread glue on its backside and adhere it to the larger circle in various locations. Do this repeatedly until the tree's base is covered with glue from all of your circles.

It's time to decorate right now. By cutting small strips diagonally with scissors and keeping the width narrow (they should only cover half of the ornament circle), you can make strands. Sticking them to the tree's base will allow you to join them together and create a garland.

Cut two 2-inch pieces from your trunk template and glue them together lengthwise in the subsequent steps to make one long piece. For fastening, use double-sided adhesive tape. Don't forget to adorn the sides of the trunk with some Christmas tree tinsel to give this creation some extra sparkle.

Enjoy making this easy paper Christmas craft, which is suitable for kids as well. Find a transparent vase or an ornament box to store your ornaments in if you want to keep them beautiful and safe for a long time.

Visit the SimpleJoys blog to read the instructions for a simpler version that involves adhering curved paper petals to a cone shape.

40. Ideas for Christmas Ornament Snowmen

Snowmen christmas ornament ideas

Since they are simple to make and have a cute appearance, snowmen are a preferred choice for holiday decorations. Additionally, there are numerous uses for these festive Christmas ornament ideas: you can hang them from the Christmas tree or door, use them to make wreaths, or even string them up as an overhead decoration.

A white toilet paper roll, two black toilet paper rolls, some googly eyes, and a black Sharpie or marker are required to create a snowman out of toilet paper rolls. Place half of the second white roll and one of the white rolls on top of each other. To ensure a connection, tuck one end's end into the other.

Now, using glue, place the two black paper rolls where you want them to go (for example, as arms) on the top of your snowman. If you prefer, you can also color these in with a black marker or Sharpie. The last step is to add some googly eyes to your snowman. If you want, you can also add a pom-pom mouth and nose.

Read our simple instructions for making paper snowman ornaments for more ideas.

41. DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids: Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas tree garland diy christmas ornaments for kids

The Christmas tree already appears beautiful. And if you choose this garland, it will look even better. Indeed, these adorable DIY Christmas ornaments for kids can be used to decorate your entire home. But that doesn't imply that making them is difficult or takes a lot of time.

Cardstock in your preferred colors, a paper cutter, glue dots, chipboard stars, twine or string, and a hot glue gun with glue are all necessary materials.

The creative process is fairly simple. To begin, begin cutting the cardstock into a number of strips. Next, make large stars out of chipboard by cutting them there. Don't be afraid to experiment with different sizes and shapes. You can now adhere the stars to the cardstock strips.

When you're finished, glue the ends of two pieces of paper together to form the final product. Clamps can be used to hold the garland together while waiting for the glue to fully dry. After that, tie a twine bow at the top. And your homemade Christmas decorations for children are prepared to be hung on the tree.

Visit Average But Inspired to see the user-friendly tutorial for more inspiration.

42. Paper Christmas decorations featuring a Santa candy holder

Santa candy holder paper christmas decorations

A cute paper Christmas decoration idea, especially for kids, is a Santa candy holder. Additionally, it gives them a chance to conceal the candy their grandparents gave them.

You can easily teach your children how to make a Santa candy holder even if you're not that into crafts. Paper in various colors, googly eyes, a pencil, a popsicle stick, a pair of scissors, a jar, and a glue stick are required for this project.

Once you've gathered everything, you can make Santa's nose out of a tiny piece of dark pink paper. Then, using the jar and red paper, create Santa's body and add the light pink face, yellow belt buckle, and black belt. Making the hat and the white components, then putting everything together, are the last steps.

As you can see, the guidelines are quite simple. Visit our simple tutorial to learn more about creating a Santa candy holder. You can also use a video guide that has been provided.

43. Kids' Paper Ornaments: Toilet Paper Roll Angel

Toilet paper roll angel paper ornaments for kids

One of the best paper ornament crafts for children to make for the Christmas season is an angel out of a toilet paper roll. Even young children could attempt to create such a cute angel because it is so simple.

Of course, you'll need a number of materials to finish this project. Toilet paper roll, white and peach paper, yellow yarn, pipe cleaners, a white ribbon, scissors, a glue stick, and pink, blue, and red markers are all simple materials that you can easily find.

When everything is ready, you can begin by measuring the angel's dimensions and cutting the paper appropriately. Once the body is ready, you can create the hair using yarn and glue it to the toilet paper roll.

The wings are adhered to a heart-shaped piece of paper, a pipe cleaner halo is created, and markers are used to draw the facial expressions.

You can teach your children how to make the cutest paper ornaments in time for Christmas using these straightforward instructions. Visit our tutorial to learn more about creating a toilet paper roll angel. You could also view a video tutorial.

44. Kids' Paper Plate Snowglobe Christmas Crafts

Paper plate snowglobe for kids christmas paper crafts

Here is another method for creating paper snowglobes for children. However, for this Christmas paper craft project, you can use paper plates.

You'll need sturdy white plates with smooth edges, clear glue, glittery confetti (in as many colors as you can), self-adhesive googly eyes, and round stickers for the bases of each ornament for this project.

After adhering the plates collectively, make three circles from cardstock using a hole punch. The most challenging step is next: decorating the paper plates.

Put glue around one edge of the circle, sprinkle glittery confetti on top of the glue, and top with a googly eye. Then you must add more glue, layer a second circle of cardstock on top of the first, and adhere a round sticker at the bottom. That's it, then.

With the help of this simple YouTube video tutorial from Bright Kid Fun, you can now create your very own paper plate snowglobes, a unique alternative to traditional Christmas tree ornaments.

45. Christmas paper crafts: Santa gift tags

Santa gift tags christmas paper crafts

Save those soda can tabs instead of throwing them away because you can use them to create wonderful Christmas paper crafts like these Santa gift tags.

You'll need red and black cardstock, glitter, scissors, twine or string, and about twenty small pieces of silver tinsel for this project. First, cut a circle and a rectangle from the red cardstock.

Make strips of black paper, thread each one through a tab from a soda can, and attach them to Santa's body by punching a hole in the top of each shape. You could also make buttons out of small pieces of silver tinsel by placing two of them vertically. Finally, tie a simple knot to a piece of twine or string to allow you to hang the gift tags.

Instead of discarding soda can tabs, this is a fantastic way to recycle them and create something useful. Additionally, your children will delight in creating these Santa gift tags as much as giving them out as presents on Christmas morning.

46. DIY Christmas decorations using Paper Geo Jewels

Paper Geo Jewels - DIY Christmas Decorations

We Are Scout also created some geo designs. This one resembles jewels, and it might be fun to add some sparkling glitter to it.

47. Christmas decorations made of paper flowers

Paper Flowers Christmas Decorations

You could also add some paper flowers to your tree to complete it. Just visit How About Orange to find out how.

Paper Sphere Ball - Do It Yourself Christmas Decorations

Paper Sphere Ball - DIY Christmas Ornaments

This paper sphere ball might also be entertaining to add. Grab the kids and visit Remodelaholic for some extra help.

49. Whimsical Christmas Decorations Made of Folded Paper Stars

Paper Folded Stars Whimsical Christmas Decorations

These tiny, folded stars were also created by the Crafty Sisters from paper. If you have any extra scrapbook paper, this is a great project to use it for.

50. Christmas Paper Craft: Penguins

Penguins Christmas Paper Craft

There are also some adorable paper penguins by How About Orange. Simply attach a hook and let their charming youth cover the tree.

Paper Book Stars - DIY Ornaments, number 51.

Paper Book Stars - DIY Ornaments

These paper stars from The Cheese Thief are fantastic. The best way to decorate for the holidays is always with stars, especially on the tree.

52. Handmade Christmas decorations: Paper Houses

Paper Houses - Handmade Christmas Decorations

Created by All Things Paper, these adorable miniature houses Before you attach them to the tree, make some of your own and customize them as desired.

Paper Christmas ornaments - miniature gifts, number 53

Paper Christmas Decorations - Mini Gifts

Oh Happy Daymade a few miniature gifts that are sure to enliven your tree. See the specifics after the jump.

Simple DIY Holiday Decorations

The projects that follow are very simple to complete, even with the assistance of children.

White Paper Christmas Tree, number 54

White Paper Christmas Tree

For kids who want to participate in the holiday decorating this year, creating a white paper Christmas tree that is simple yet elegant is a great idea.

Paper cones, scissors, fabric, twine, yarn, and glue are required as supplies. Since you only need to glue the fabrics to the paper cones until they are completely covered, the procedure is simple.

If you want to create different types of paper-based Christmas trees, feel free to experiment with different fabrics. Since you can use any color or combination of colors that complement your overall holiday theme, they don't necessarily have to be white.

Visit the straightforward tutorial we found on HomeTalk to learn more about creating paper Christmas trees.

Folded Christmas tree made of origami paper

Folded origami paper christmas tree

We advise using your origami skills to create a truly elegant paper Christmas tree that will add a special touch of sophistication to your holiday decorations. Actually, you ought to create a lot of origami paper Christmas trees since you can use them as ornaments as well as other types of decorations.

The project is more difficult than the majority of those on this list, but it's worth it because you'll get some amazingly unique and amazing Christmas decorations in the end. Check out Crouton Crafts' YouTube video tutorial if you've always wanted to try out some origami folding techniques.

You must fold small pieces of paper to create layers for each tree. The layers are then stacked on a thin, strong metallic string, which will be used to secure everything. In addition, this will allow the paper Christmas trees to sit upright rather than having to be hung.

56. Christmas paper crafts: cardboard fireplace

Cardboard fireplace christmas paper crafts

We have the ideal project if you're looking for enjoyable and simple paper Christmas craft ideas for children. Children will enjoy working on this do-it-yourself cardboard fireplace from start to finish.

Five cardboard boxes of varying sizes and shapes, white wrapping paper, glue or scotch tape, a pair of scissors, and dark red paper are needed for this project. As you can see, it calls for fundamental crafting abilities and materials that are available to everyone at home or that are inexpensive to purchase at hardware stores.

To begin, cover all boxes with white paper. Then, be sure to put them together exactly as shown in the image above and attach them using glue or scotch tape. The task that comes next will test your patience and attention to detail because you must cut rectangular pieces of dark red paper into the shape of bricks.

The rectangles must then be carefully adhered to the white paper, leaving enough space between each one to allow the white to show through. Even though it's a hassle, your kids will adore the finished cardboard fireplace, especially if they play Minecraft.

Visit Goods Home Design to find additional inspiration.

Wreath with a Candle - Simple DIY Christmas Decorations, item number 57

Wreath with a candle easy diy christmas decorations

A simple DIY Christmas decoration idea for children is a paper plate wreath. Additionally, it is inexpensive and portable indoors. A paper candle can also be added to spruce it up. You only need to spend 20 minutes on the task.

To begin, use a pair of scissors to cut out a sizable circle from the paper plate. The hollies must then be made, the candles must be cut and shaped with flames, and everything must be adhered with glue to create this adorable holiday decoration.

Your kids will have no trouble following the simple instructions for the bright paper plate wreath with a candle. Simply view our comprehensive tutorial, which includes a video guide.

58. Kids' Toilet Paper Christmas Tree

Toilet paper christmas tree for kids

You can be as inventive and ornate with your Christmas-themed toilet paper crafts as your child's imagination will allow. A medium-sized paper Christmas tree for kids is a truly novel concept that we believe you will appreciate.

It is created by stacking numerous rolls of green-painted toilet paper. Even the tree topper, a yellow star, is decorated with colorful pom-pom ornaments.

You'll need a lot of toilet paper rolls, green spray paint, colorful pom-poms, a glue gun with glue sticks, and a 3D paper star for this simple project. Spray-paint the rolls green first, but lay down some newspapers first to protect the surface.

You can construct the three-dimensional paper star while you wait for the paint to dry. Glitter on your golden paper will certainly help. Next, adhere the toilet paper rolls to one another to form the tree, beginning with the base and finishing with the topmost roll.

After that, you can add the stars as the topper and pom-poms as decorations. That's it, then. You should set the tree on a piece of cardboard or another similarly light object to make moving it around the house easier.

Check out Noem Ruiz's Pinterest post for additional inspiration.

Reindeer Advent Calendar - Christmas Paper Crafts, item number 59

Reindeer advent calendar christmas paper crafts

We have the perfect idea if you're looking for a quick and enjoyable Christmas paper craft project that also teaches your children how to count. Your kids will adore the reindeer advent calendar, which is a simple DIY project.

Depending on how much paper you want to use and the materials in your workshop, you can make it in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because it will enhance the rustic feel of this project and look better when combined with dried moss and twigs, we suggest using brown or red paper.

You can attach the paper reindeer heads to any cardboard piece that has been covered in brown felt or fabric. But you could simply attach them to wood if there are none around the house. The body of your reindeer can be painted or colored any color of your choosing.

Visit Mod Podge Rocks and look at the straightforward instructions for detailed instructions on how to make a reindeer advent calendar.

60. Children's Puffy Paint Snowglobe Paper Ornaments

Puffy paint snowglobe paper ornaments for kids

Kids and adults alike love snowglobes because they are a timeless classic. However, you can now make amazingly beautiful snowglobes as paper ornaments for your children to enjoy as much as the ones you made as a child thanks to this fantastic paper crafting idea from Simple Everyday Mom.

You'll need colored cardstock in the following colors: light blue, green, brown, and multicolored. You'll also need Elmer's glue, a paintbrush, shaving cream, and a pair of scissors. A snowglobe template is also required, which you can quickly download from Simple Everyday Mom's website.

You must prepare the puffy paint by combining shaving cream and Elmer's glue, hole-punch the cardstock ornaments for decoration, assemble the snowglobe's components, and use a paintbrush to apply the puffy paint. and paint the snowglobe with puffy paint to create snowflakes.

Before hanging the new Christmas tree ornaments, be sure to allow everything to dry completely. Additionally, bear in mind that since only one snowglobe is included in these instructions, you must repeat these steps for additional items.

61. Children's Santa Claus Origami Christmas Ornaments

Santa claus origami christmas ornaments for kids

The best Christmas ornament to make with origami for children is a group of tiny Santa Clauses. You can hang them on the tree and use them as gift tags. The good news is that making them is very simple.

The small squares of white and red origami paper that you need are described above. Then adhere to the straightforward guidelines we found on this Pinterest post, thanks to RonyesTech.

Once the paper is folded correctly, all that's left to do is make a tiny crease in a tiny styrofoam ball to use it as Santa's hat and then use markers to draw the facial expressions. Nothing is easier than that.

Creative 3D Papercut DIY Ornament Ideas, number 62

Colorful 3d papercut diy ornament ideas

Christmas is a season of color and imagination. Check out this original DIY ornament project for a festive paper ornament if you want to make one this year: retro paper decorations.

You can make this enjoyable DIY project with your kids. However, a cutting machine is required if you want to get the best results possible. A pattern, text-weight paper, glitter, embroidery floss or thread, tacky glue, a flat paintbrush, and a pair of scissors are additional materials required.

The Lia Griffith website offers a free pattern that you can download and use with your cutting tool to quickly assemble the vibrant 3D papercut ornaments. However, you can manually cut the paper with scissors in accordance with the pattern's instructions.

The paper is then folded in half lengthwise, two halves are joined together with glue, the edges are matched up as closely as possible, and two pieces are then adhered to form half of an ornament. Repeat these steps for as many ornaments as you like. But as you can see, it's not difficult at all.

Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar - Ideas for Ornaments

Christmas bulb advent calendar ornament ideas

Advent calendars are a contemporary Christmas trend that people who were raised thinking of the traditional advent calendar filled with chocolate frequently misunderstand. However, you can use these things as inventive ornament suggestions for a homemade Christmas countdown calendar.

You can quickly download the necessary templates from The House that Lars Built for this project, including those for the Christmas bulbs and numbered flags. Additionally, you'll need twine, a ruler, scissors, glue, a craft knife, paper in the colors of your choice, and a hole punch.

Print two templates, score the lines where they are indicated, and glue the sides together to start. Do this for each of the project's bulbs. Then, using a piece of twine that has been cut to size, connect each bulb at the top.

See how simple it is to assemble a Christmas bulb advent calendar by reading the remaining instructions on The House that Lars Built.

Paper Tube Figures - Simple DIY Christmas Decorations, number 64

Paper Tube Characters - Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Paper tubes were used by Hello Wonderful to create some whimsical, holiday characters. The children will enjoy participating in this activity.

Christmas decorations made of paper ying-yang, number 65

Paper Ying-Yang - Christmas Decorations

Paper ying yangs that resemble peppermint candies were created by Instructables.

Paper Diamonds: Simple Christmas Ornaments (#66)

Paper Diamonds - DIY Christmas Ornaments

Make some diamonds for your tree that are made by How About Orange. Enjoy this one with some fun neon colors, glitter paper, and other elements.

67. DIY Paper Garland with Paper Reindeer

Paper Reindeer - DIY Paper Garland

Visit The Proper Blog right away to discover how to create some reindeer garland for the tree. Of course, you could make a small number of Santa's friends and turn them into traditional ornaments.

Paper Nutcrackers: A Simple DIY Christmas Decoration (#68)

Paper Nutcrackers - Easy DIY Christmas Decoration

The holidays wouldn't be complete without nutcrackers. Why not ask Art by Angeli to assist you in creating one for the tree?

69. A paper cupcake liners garland for a holiday decoration

Paper Cupcake Liner Garland - Paper Christmas Decoration

Garland made by 100 Layer Cake could be used to decorate your tree in a distinctive way. These cupcake liners may not be traditional paper, but they can add a fun texture.

Paper Wheels - Paper Christmas Ornaments, number seventy

Paper Wheels - Paper Christmas Ornaments

Finally, follow along at Ruffled to learn how these paper wheels are made. Don't you agree that they are entertaining?

Paper Ball Garland - Holiday Decorations, number 71

Paper Ball Garland - Christmas Decorations

We also adore this garland by How About Orange. The balls can even be used as standalone decorative items and transformed into timeless ornaments.

Paper Santas - Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decorations

Paper Santas - DIY Christmas Decorations

What good is a tree without a few secret Santas? Create some paper Santas and perhaps even give his outfit a little glitter. (via)

73. Simple DIY Christmas Decoration: Paper Poinsettias

Paper Poinsettias - Easy DIY Christmas Decoration

You must go to Lia Griffith to obtain the instructions for making these paper poinsettias. These floral arrangements for the winter are the most Christmassy around.

74. DIY Decorations: Paper Quilled Snowflakes

Paper Quilled Snowflakes - DIY Decorations

Visit Reece Dixon right away to follow the instructions on how to create these lovely paper quilled snowflakes. You should create multiples of these for the tree.

DIY Paper Christmas Garland, number 75

Diy christmas garland

Isn't this Christmas garlands just perfect? It is simple to make at home and hang around the house. If you want, it can even climb a tree.

Conclusions Regarding Paper Christmas Ornaments

You can be sure your children will have something special if you make one of these paper Christmas crafts for them this season. When your kids open beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree, you'll be surprised to see the joy in their eyes.

Making your own Christmas ornaments is the best because you get to choose what to make. But most importantly, even after the holidays are over, they will be treasured. These handmade ornaments can be displayed on your Christmas tree year after year, serving as a lovely reminder of those memorable occasions.

What paper Christmas ornament designs are your favorites? Please feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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Title: Unleash Your Creative Side with These 7 DIY Christmas Balloon Decoration Ideas
Title: Unleash Your Creative Side with These 7 DIY Christmas Balloon Decoration Ideas

Title: Get Festive with 7 Creative DIY Christmas Balloon Decoration Ideas Introduction: The holiday season is upon us, and there's no better time to sprinkle some festive spirit around your home. Balloons are a versatile, budget-friendly, and fun way to add that special touch to your holiday decor. Here we have curated seven easy-to-follow DIY Christmas balloon decoration ideas that will help you get into the festive spirit while getting creative. Benefits of Using Balloons for Decoration: Balloons are an affordable and creative way to make your holiday party or home feel more cheerful. Balloons also have a versatile nature and are easy to coordinate with other decor items. They can help create a perfect ambiance for your holiday visitors. 7 DIY Christmas Balloon Decoration Ideas: 1. Red, White, and Silver Christmas Balloon Garland Kit - This garland adds a touch of elegance to your decor, using command hooks and balloon supplies from Shimmer and Confetti. 2. Red and White Christmas Balloon Garland Kit - This traditional garland compliments any festive home decor at an affordable cost. 3. Nutcracker Balloon Mosaic - This fun idea can bring out the creativity in both kids and adults. It requires a leaf template, red minis balloons, balloon sticks, scissors, and a single hole punch. 4. Balloon Christmas Tree Decorations - This is a fun and unique idea for decorating your home. You'll need green and brown balloons, balloon flower clips, and glue dots to get started. 5. Pink Christmas Tree Mosaic - Create a twist on the traditional tree with this unique decoration idea. This DIY project needs white linking balloons, pink, and blue balloons, and balloon flower clips. 6. Balloon Christmas Lights - This will add the perfect touch of mood lighting in any room. You'll need small hole punchers, 5" balloons, card stock paper, and bakers twine to create these beautiful lights. 7. Holly Balloon Sticks - These adorable stick decorations will add the perfect finishing touch to any holiday decor. Supplies needed include a leaf template, red mini balloons, balloon sticks, scissors, and a single hole punch. Materials Needed for Each Idea: For each DIY idea detailed above, we've provided a list of all the necessary supplies you'll need to make your festive decorations come to life. The popularity of each idea on Pinterest is also included to give you a sense of what other creative minds are concocting. Conclusion: Balloons possess the magic to elevate your holiday decorations, whether it's for a party or just for your home. Utilize these easy-to-follow DIY Christmas balloon decoration ideas to create a special experience this holiday season. Shimmer and Confetti offer all that you require to decorate your home and make your Christmas party unforgettable. Happy decorating and have a joyful holiday season!

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