Here are eight quick and simple ways to dress up a bottle of wine for a holiday gift.

My go-to method for giving a bottle of wine as a holiday present to party hosts, close friends, or particularly inspiring teachers is to grab a bottle and toss it into a slim, store-bought gift bag, or to just stick a bow on top. After seeing so many fun, simple, and holiday-appropriate ways to package a bottle of wine, I'm rethinking my old gift-wrapping methods.

The best part is that I'm going to show you how to wrap presents with things you probably already have or can easily find in many stores.

What's the point if not in how simple it is to give wine as a present? (Also, tasty) Most people would rather not go on a fruitless hunt for wine-wrapping materials.

Bear in mind that these tips apply to other bottled gifts besides wine, such as Prosecco and sparkling wines, Champagne, a bomber of beer, flavored liquors, a non-alcohol cocktail like Curious Elixir, and even olive oil.

If it comes in the shape of a wine bottle and you want to give it as a present, you can count on me.

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First, decoratively encase a bottle of wine in kraft paper.

Christine from Boston Mamas reminds us that even the most utilitarian of materials, kraft paper, can look festive when used to wrap a bottle of wine for the holidays. That Terrain idea I saw on her site is brilliant. For a splash of color around the bottle's opening, use a miniature garland or wreath, as shown, or simply get creative with ribbons. Chalkboard-style writing on black kraft paper allows you to add a personal touch if you have nicer handwriting than mine.

You can use the kraft paper I've been saving from my holiday influx of Amazon boxes, or you can find fancier options at Terrain's online store.

Second, use a fresh tea towel to cover a bottle of wine.

This tutorial on The Everygirl for making a furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping) out of a festive tea towel is fantastic. That way, your gift recipient can use the towel in the kitchen even after the wine is gone. This gift-wrapping novice greatly appreciates that the website provides detailed instructions for two different approaches to wrapping your bottle.

Tissue-paper-wrap a bottle of wine

Martha Stewart's two-minute tutorial on festive wine packaging uses only two sheets of tissue paper. I've tried wrapping bottles before, but my results look like someone did it with one hand, so I love her simple tips for making it look so professional. Without light The polar opposite of that is this

Also see: 7 unique approaches to wine packaging that make for stunning holiday presents.

Put some fringe around a wine bottle.

Make your own fringe-covered wine bottle bags while watching your favorite holiday movies with the kids. I love this idea from Proper, which suggests using something called fringe scissors, which you crafty types may already have lying around the house. Thankfully, regular scissors will also do the trick. An additional film might be all you need.

Use repurposed sweater sleeves to encase a bottle of wine.

Take a look at this ingenious DIY wine sleeve idea before you donate that ugly Christmas sweater or your kid's outgrown sweaters. In order to prevent the dreaded "broken wine," Oh My! The bottom of the sleeve can be sewn up following the directions provided by Creative, and it appears to be a simple process. The fact that you can recycle your old sweater sleeve over and over again to present bottles of wine as gifts makes this a green gesture.

Gift ideas for the foodie hostess (under $50) | Cool Mom Eats

You can print out gift tags and labels for wine and use them to decorate a bottle as a present.

Get out your printer and make some free printable gift tags to affix to a bottle of wine as a present. I really appreciate the detailed instructions that come with Party Delight's set of eight humorous holiday bottle toppers. Actually, your only tool is a pair of scissors. Whoo

Gift wrapping ideas and free printable tags for the holidays

7. Create a unique label for your wine bottle.

Stylish printable wine labels from Berry Berry Sweet are now 50% off on Etsy, and they're a snap to swap out for the original label. You can personalize them by adding your own name and a unique holiday greeting. Be as mean or nice as you like.

Like Chardonnay, Merlot, and even Two-Buck Chuck, you can specify the varietal right on the label's top.

Liz recently found these hilarious Hanukkah wine labels from The Ritzy Rose, just in time for the holiday. Fit for both Manischewitz and grape juice

Another possibility for the eight Hanukkah nights Indulge in the holiday spirit with Better Homes and Gardens' printable Hanukkah wine labels. Simply cut them open and re-label them

8 Put wine in a gift basket and give it as a monthly subscription.

Want to really impress the recipient of your gift? If you're looking for a hostess gift that goes above and beyond the standard bottle of wine, you have to see The Creative Bite's Wine of the Month Gift Basket.

Even though she used a specialized crafting machine to make the tags displayed here, I believe you can get ideas from her website and make similar tags using a computer or even by hand.

For the entire year of 2020, your giftee will be toasting your thoughtfulness and generosity if they follow your instructions and open only one bottle per month. Cheers

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