Here are 35 stunning Thanksgiving tablescapes, complete with simple centerpiece suggestions.

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Use these colorful autumn leaves, pumpkins, flowers, pine cones, table linens, dinnerware, and candles to decorate your Thanksgiving table like a pro.  

The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time to spend with loved ones, feast on a bountiful harvest, and reflect on the season's splendor.

best Thanksgiving table decorations & easy DIY centerpiece ideas to create beautiful settings with colorful fall leaves, pumpkins, flowers, pine cones, linens, dinnerware & candles.

A Thanksgiving tablescape, in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving meal, can add a touch of magic to your celebrations. Do not waste hundreds of dollars on elaborate table centerpieces.  

Stunning Thanksgiving table settings and centerpieces can be easily made by combining a few simple items, such as fall leaves and pine cones from nature, fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, colorful napkins, and candles you already have. Check out these 27 stunning ways to decorate your Christmas table after you've gotten inspired by these 35 projects.

DIY fall leaf centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

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DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece with colorful fall leaves 

This simple and inexpensive Thanksgiving centerpiece can be made in just 10 minutes using only items found around the house and arranged in a wooden crate or box. Instructional video and text down below

Contemporary floral centerpieces for a rustic Thanksgiving table

rustic Modern Thanksgiving table settings with flower arrangements 

The warm earth tones, mostly white flowers, and cool blues, grays, and coppers in this Thanksgiving tablescape are beautiful in their simplicity. In a Sugary, Appealing Way

Simple, do-it-yourself centerpiece using found objects from nature

easy DIY centerpiece with foraged natural elements

To decorate your Thanksgiving table with items from nature, take a stroll through the woods or through your garden. Decorate a burlap tablecloth with fresh and dried autumn leaves, succulents, moss, and pine cones for a modern farmhouse vibe. This is a tutorial.

DIY beautiful "bleached pinecones" in 5 minutes without using bleach

Such a fan of those white pine cones! They can be made in under 5 minutes without the use of bleach and serve as lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas ornaments. DIY instructions for "bleached" pine cones in 5 minutes.

Stunning Thanksgiving tablescape based on traditional farmhouse materials

Beautiful farmhouse Thanksgiving table decorations with soft blue and white pumpkins

Pumpkins in muted blues and whites, olive or eucalyptus branches, and rusty gold autumn berries make for a quick and easy Thanksgiving tablescape. Homework Help at the Comfort of Your Own

Decoration of the Thanksgiving table with pumpkins

Simple Thanksgiving table decor with pumpkins, olive & eucalyptus branches, gold autumn berries, pine cones.

The same principle applies to decorating round tables. Set the table with a simple yet stunning pumpkin arrangement this Thanksgiving. Through the Stone Gable

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Settings in a Vintage Farmhouse Style

Vintage farmhouse Thanksgiving table settings with grain sack table linen and rustic wood tray

The inexpensive grain sack tablecloth and wooden serving tray create a sophisticated look from the past. The Thanksgiving feast is complete with just a few white pumpkins emblazoned with words of thanks. Ella Claire's Tutorial

beautiful no carve pumpkin decorating for fall and Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, try one of these unique and fun alternatives to carving pumpkins.

Oranges, a natural element in Thanksgiving table decorations

Edible Thanksgiving table decor ideas with citrus garland

Decorate your Thanksgiving table with fresh produce from your garden or the grocery store. The fact that they can be consumed long after the celebrations have ended is a major plus. DIY Project Guide from Hey Let's Make Stuff

An unpretentious and organic Thanksgiving or autumn table centerpiece

Inexpensive & natural table centerpiece for fall and Thanksgiving using citrus garland with candles and citrus place cards

By late autumn, citrus fruits are at their peak, and their vibrant hues make for stunning centerpieces and place settings. At Anna Bode, you can make this candle-lit citrus garland to decorate your table.

Thanksgiving table settings that celebrate the fall harvest

Thanksgiving centerpieces and decorations with a harvest theme are some of the most eye-catching.

Autumn harvest Thanksgiving table decorations with apples, pears, figs, grapes, nuts, vegetables like artichokes, squash, mixed with flowers!

In honor of the season's bountiful harvest, why not deck your halls with flowers, apples, pears, figs, grapes, nuts, and vegetables like artichokes and squash?

Thanksgiving table runner style garland made with fruits and flowers

You can make a tiered stand for the food and flowers, or you can make a garland to go along the table. Detailed explanation available here.

Thanksgiving table decorations that are works of art

stunning mix of fall harvest table decor and vintage plates

Another eye-popping spread of autumn's bounty, complete with gorgeous blue and white plates, purple cauliflower, eggplant, root vegetables, French green pumpkins, wheat stalks, and mushrooms.

Apples and pine cones make for easy Thanksgiving table centerpieces.

Simple Thanksgiving table decor with apples and pine cones 

What a lovely and simple focal point An old wooden dough bowl is a wonderful piece of dining room furniture. Decorate your table with green Granny Smith apples, mini pumpkins, and figs of varying shades of green, chartreuse flowers, pine cones, and a rustic farmhouse dough bowl. Via HGTV

Decorate a table for Thanksgiving with a topiary made of apples or pine cones.

DIY pine cone topiary for farmhouse and modern table decor

Whether your home is decorated in a farmhouse or modern style, this pine cone topiary will look great. Stock up on pinecones because they can be used in a wide variety of other creative projects.

red apple topiary for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Decorating with apples and other fruits for Thanksgiving is a fantastic idea. This red apple topiary, stuffed with boxwood, is playful, takes up little room, and adds a touch of holiday cheer to any table. DIY Channel Tutorial  

Pumpkins set a festive mood for Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkins can be personalized for the Thanksgiving table by being painted or decoupaged.  

Thanksgiving table settings with decorated blue and white pumpkins 

Traditional elegance abounds in this tablescape, which features blue and white pumpkins, coordinating dinnerware, and stunning gold flatware. Road to the Doghouse

Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations painted navy, light blue and gold,

These pumpkins, painted in shades of navy, light blue, and gold, look beautiful next to the white and dark navy dinnerware. Road to the Doghouse

Ideas for a Contemporary Thanksgiving Table

modern Thanksgiving table is decorated with painted gold pumpkins

All gold pumpkins, pine cones, candlesticks, and a table runner make for a chic and contemporary Thanksgiving tablescape.

metallic painted pumpkins table centerpiece

Add some string lights to your metallically painted pumpkins to make them look even more enchanted. Through the Landyn's Life show

Candles and pumpkins: the perfect complements to your Thanksgiving table.

How to decorate a Thanksgiving table with candles and pumpkins 

The variety of colors found in heirloom pumpkins is astounding. Farmhouse table centerpieces are simple and beautiful when you add candles. Ella Claire's source:

Thanksgiving centerpieces for a contemporary farm house

birch pillar candles are so pretty among pastel green and white pumpkins

Beautiful among the pale green and white pumpkins are these birch pillar candles. by means of "2 Women and a Chair"

DIY Thanksgiving table centerpieces using natural elements

unique DIY log candle holder with fall leaves, mini pumpkins and gourds on Thanksgiving table

Create beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations with just a few inexpensive materials and a DIY log candle holder, like this one by Jenna Burger.

DIY string light centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table

crate Thanksgiving table centerpiece with string lights 

This easy and festive Thanksgiving centerpiece is made by filling a crate with string lights, fake colorful leaves, and white pumpkins.  

Combining different tablecloth patterns and textures

round table decorated for Thanksgiving with Metallic stripe runner, gold glitter placemats , gold pumpkins, candles and linens

Amazing inspiration on this round table with a metallic stripe runner, gold glitter placemats, gold pumpkins, candles, and linens. By Means of Ad Hoc Design

table setting inspired by autumn colors

Mix and match mini orange and white pumpkins on orange and white checkered placemats for a simple and creative table setting inspired by autumn colors. Thanks to Brighton the Day!

Chic and contemporary Thanksgiving tablescape

Modern glam Thanksgiving table decor

The contrast between the dark wood table, the light pumpkins, and the dark green leaf garland, with the gold chargers as accents, is the key to this table's design. Through KelleyNan

Thanksgiving table settings with a coastal vibe

White pumpkins and blue plates Coastal style Thanksgiving table decorations 

Gloribell's happy coastal farmhouse tablescape, featuring white pumpkins and blue plates.

Thanksgiving table decorations in a warm country style

Cozy country style Thanksgiving table decor 

The plaid tablecloth looks great with the oak leaves and acorns, the assortment of pumpkins, and the candles. Through the Door That Leads to the House

Vibrant place settings with party napkins

These bright napkins are a simple way to make a big impression.

simple green garland, and orange napkins. 

A simple green garland dotted with seasonal flowers and some lovely orange napkins are all you need to set the mood at your holiday dinner table.

Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Concepts

Thanksgiving table with purple napkins and magnolia centerpiece

Thanksgiving centerpieces of magnolia garland and a few bouquets look stunning against the royal purple napkins. We don't have enough plates that go together. Apartment 34's Thanksgiving table is a study in complementary colors and unexpected pairings.  

Centerpiece for a contemporary farm

Modern farmhouse white pumpkin vase centerpiece, made with mostly white and a few deep rust orange flowers, and silver green Eucalyptus

This centerpiece in a white pumpkin vase features mostly white and a few deep rust orange Daisy and Chrysanthemum flowers, and silvery green Eucalyptus, and it is a beautiful example of the simplicity and natural elegance of farmhouse decor. The Sanctuary Home Collection  

Thanksgiving tablescapes that burst with color

Colorful Thanksgiving table decor ideas

If you prefer a more vibrant and joyful aesthetic, take inspiration from Dimples and Tangles and adorn your Thanksgiving table with a riot of mini pumpkins, ribbon bows, and mismatched collections of plates.

Thanksgiving tables dressed in fake trimmings

artificial fall garland and pumpkins

When you use a variety of shapes and colors, even fake pumpkins and fall garlands can look stunning. Through the Magic of Charm

Place cards for Thanksgiving that you made yourself

salt dough DIY Thanksgiving place cards

These salt dough place cards are a great example of how even the smallest creative touches can elevate a Thanksgiving meal. Through Inspiring Decoration

mini Rosemary wreath place cards

Your guests will feel right at home with these Rosemary wreath place cards. Spoon Fork and Bacon Offers a How-To

lush green and white Thanksgiving table setting

What a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape in emerald and white, complete with whimsical touches like mini chalkboard place cards and twig place mats. An A to Z Guide to Learning by Story.

beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations & easy DIY centerpiece ideas with colorful fall leaves, pumpkins, flowers, oranges, & candles.

Finally, here are 20 tutorials on how to make beautiful and simple autumn leaf crafts and decor, which are perfect for celebrating the enchantment of fall and Thanksgiving.

I really hope some of these concepts have inspired you. Best of luck with your making 🙂

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