Here are 27 Modern Wall Decorations to Invigorate Your Home

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Looking for new wall decoration ideas for your room Those blank walls are full of possibilities, and with a few upgrades, a house can truly feel like a home. Continue reading if you want to learn how to make those plain, bare walls into fashionable focal points. We have techniques that can enhance your walls and highlight your personality and taste regardless of your style. You can design your walls to display the things you adore, whether you're an art collector, a nature lover, or a book worm. Find 27 wall decor ideas for your home that will look stylish.

1. Select large-scale artwork.

Burkhalter, Max

In a small space, a large painting or image will draw attention and set the mood. Try adding a black-and-white photograph to a minimalist room or adding color with an eye-catching abstract painting, as seen above in Taylor Rooks's Manhattan bedroom. (See our guide on where to buy art online to find eye-catching and budget-friendly pieces. )

2. Create an exhibition wall

Watson, Simon

Nothing brings more character and color than a gallery wall. Showcase a collection of artwork or photos, or include wall hangings and other memorabilia. Choose frames that are straightforward and cohesive, or add a variety of ornate variations to mix things up. To give the impression that the room is larger, extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling.

West Elm The Over-The-Sofa Organic Gallery Frames Set (Set Of 7)

3. Include a feature wall

Think about decorating the walls in addition to displaying things on them. Try painting a wall with a vivid and striking color as an accent, or introduce pattern using wallpaper, stenciling, or other decorative painting techniques. (While you're at it, consider changing your ceiling. In a compact area, these decorative accents can make a greater statement.

Unique wallpaper from Junaglow, which is one of the best stores for where to buy wallpaper.

Justina Blakeney's Phoenix wallpaper, 1 roll

4. Display a textile

A tapestry or wall hanging can bring softness, color, and pattern to a space that is otherwise neutral. Think about framing old scarves or other lovely textiles. Bonus: When it comes time to move to your next home, these are much simpler to move than framed paintings.

West Elm Layered Watercolor Tapestry

Watercolor Tapestry in Layers

5. Mount mirrors

Reflecting light, mirrors make a small space appear bigger and brighter. Try hanging a large mirror or arranging several small pieces in a salon-style setting.

Etsy Fringe Mirror- Aria Svara Arch Mirror With Brass Accent Bar-Boho Mirror, Half Moon Mirror, Macrame Mirror, Modern Mirror

Arc Mirror by Aria Svar

Image may contain: Oval

Gold Circle Round Mirror Harmati

5. Create a mural

Thanks to VeryGayPaint

Add a mural to your walls to take you somewhere else. The motif will have a significant impact whether you hand-paint it or choose a wall covering.

7. Construct shelves

Jessica Antola in a photo

If you don't have enough room on the floor for bookcases, hang your collection on the wall instead. Install floating shelves where you can show off hardcover books, miniature sculptures, and other knickknacks.

8. Suspend plates

When you can display your fine china, why keep it hidden in the cabinet? Display your favorite plates and serving platters using wire plate hangers. This might be the move for you if you're a design object collector; in one Brooklyn brownstone, breadboards were used as works of art.

Image may contain: Art, Pottery, Porcelain, Food, Dish, and Meal

Gien's Oiseau Bleu French Salad Plate, Inspired by Vintage

9. Show off sculptured wall sconces

Without taking up space on the floor or a side table, sconces provide an additional source of light. To add style and light, pick a striking design that also functions as a wall sculpture.

Cb2 Fluted Gold Wall Sconce

Gold Wall Sconce with Flutes

10. Be more environmentally conscious

There are other places for plants besides the windowsill. To bring some greenery and nature into your space, try hanging or wall-mounted planters. If you're not a fan of watering plants, you can choose a superior faux plant instead (and no one will likely ever know the difference).

Image may contain: Plant, Leaf, Potted Plant, Pottery, Jar, and Vase

Large Brass Circle Planter from Spora

Meet Rose Artificial Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Decor-Fake Eucalyptus Leaves Greenery Farmhouse Rustic Wall Hanging For Wedding,Bedroom,Kitchen,Nursery And Bathroom,Boho Home Decorations(Green)

Eucalyptus Wall Hanging Made of Artificial

11. Create textured wall art with macramé.

The macramé wall hangings from the 1970s are making a strong comeback. The weavings give the cold walls texture and warmth. Purchase them on Etsy or attempt to make your own.

Etsy Medium Lyric With Accent Knob-Macrame Wall Hanging, Textile Fiber Knot Art, Fringe Scandi Style, Bohemian Accent, Macrame Rope Art

Macrame wall hanging with lyrics

Image may contain: Tool, and Brush

Wall hanging with colorful stripes

You could also try beaded wall art.

Utilizing Maasai beading techniques, this wall hanging was created. We adore the simple black and white layout. The magnificent piece was made by hand in Tanzania using Czech glass beads.

54Kibo Rhombus Wall Hanging Small

Small Rhombus Wall Hanging

13. Mount a large wall calendar.

A large calendar looks great on a wall in a kitchen or office. Keep track of your events and add something distinctive to make your room come alive. To create a contemporary look and add a splash of color, use bold, colorful calendars with sans serif fonts.

Planner for Poketo Spectrum Wall

14. A massive whiteboard or chalkboard can be used to set the mood.

A large board is a practical addition to any room, including a kitchen, a playroom, and an office. A whiteboard is the contemporary alternative to a chalkboard, and you don't have to stick with just white (they come in a variety of shades and prints). A chalkboard lends a rustic air to any room. You can go one step further and use WriteWallPaint, which produces a writeable surface, to paint an entire wall.

Potterybarn Acrylic Dry Erase Board

Dry-Erase Acrylic Board

15. Build a wall of baskets

Yamahiro Makino

Another suggestion for wall decor is to hang baskets on it. An assortment of baskets in various sizes and textures can add life to any empty space, whether you want to go colorful or neutral.

16. Keep track of your journeys with a customized map

Feature a sizable word map in your room's design. In almost any color scheme, you can order a customized map of a city, state, country, or the entire world. By adding pins to the locations you've been or intend to go, you can give it a very personalized touch.

Etsy Wall World Map Push Pin Wood Cork Map Personalized Travel Wooden Map Art Office Decor Housewarming Gift For Traveler

17. Attach your TV to the wall

Another option Install your television. A flat screen can be an excellent way to improve your wall, free up space above your media cabinet, and completely transform the appearance of your living room or bedroom. Additionally, some televisions, like the appropriately named "The Frame," are made to look like works of art when turned off. You can use Samsung to put your television in ambient mode so that it displays the images of your choice.  

Image may contain: Furniture, Human, Person, Chair, Table, Footwear, Clothing, Shoe, Apparel, Coffee Table, Room, and Indoors

The Frame 4K Smart TV from Samsung

18. Add wall paneling made of shiplap

Imagination: Licensed under Cody Ulrich/HarperCollins

Shiplap paneling will give your room a light, coastal feel, and it looks great in any room. Consider adding the wooden boards typically used as exterior siding if the walls in your dining room, bedroom, entryway, or even bathroom need to be updated.

19. Hang your bicycle from a wall.

You'll have more floor space and an eye-catching focal point that will transform your bare wall if you create a chic and modern wall-mounting system for your bikes. One of the coolest and most useful wall decoration ideas available is this one.

Etsy The Wc Bike Shelf_Bike Rack_Reclaimed Wood

Toilet Bike Shelf

20. Examine removing wall art

There are numerous options for sophisticated, adult removable wall art on Minted and Etsy. The adhesive murals are available in a variety of styles and have a luxurious matte finish. If you're renting and don't want to damage the walls, removable wall art is ideal.

Holistic Wall Decals

21. Use paper lights to create an ethereal, whimsical look.

Etsy 2 Light Balls Gift Decoration Watcher Suspension Led

Similar to sconces, hanging lights placed against a wall exhibit a lovely fusion of form and purpose. They not only provide lighting but also a surprising design element that gives a room a magical soft-focus feel.  

21. Hang rugs from the ceiling

Grey Mixed Shag Rug from Minna's Moon Photo: Minna's property

We appreciate good rugs, especially those with abstract patterns. And although they look great on the floor, they can also serve a wonderful dual purpose as wall decor. Hanging two-by-three-foot picks over a fireplace makes them stand out. Alternately, you could enlarge and cover more ground. There are countless and unforeseen possibilities, and we're ready for them.  

Image may contain: Rug

4 x 6 Checkers Rug

Beni Rugs Dusk

Dusk Rug by Beni Rugs

23. Vegan taxidermy, please

Purchase a head made of grass and palm stems. The one-of-a-kind creation is made by hand in Morocco and comes in the form of an elephant, a sheep, or (as shown in the image) a goat. All the best This stunning home decor is made without harming any animals.

Your Sustainable Home Moroccan Palm Animal Heads

24. Include planks to add "stripes"

John Woodcock's picture

We adore the playful element that planking brings to this kids' space. Applying reclaimed walnut planks that were 12 inches wide created the stripes. The effect reminds me of summer camp when I was younger, but it's sophisticated enough to grow with the boy.  

Make constellations 25.

John Woodcock's picture

Create a miniature universe to hang over your bed. This appears to be in a child's bedroom, but it would work for any age group. Making a template, taping it to the wall, then weaving white yarn between roofing nails that have been painted white to resemble stars is a simple but effective do-it-yourself project.  

26. Use creative thinking.

Really, anything can be used as wall decor. Consider this amusing group of three skateboards. The vibrant color scheme is ideal for a contemporary aesthetic and will energize any space.  

The Skateroom Keith Haring Untitled, 1984

"Untitled" by Keith Haring

27. Display your hat.

Nancy Franzen

Insufficient closet space Why not create a useful display with eye-catching visuals while flaunting your finery? Install hooks or a pegboard, then group the hats together.

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