Here are 25 Different Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom Walls

  • Studio 1215 Design

    Consider going all out with a gallery wall. In this instance, a larger abstract piece is placed next to a collection of smaller pictures, creating an impressive arrangement. Make the most of your vertical real estate by hanging artwork at eye level if you're blessed with high ceilings.

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  • Design by Whittney Parkinson

    Perhaps a picture over your bed is more your speed. Instead of spending too much money on a generic art print that doesn't really speak to you, try framing a special greeting card, family photo, or fabric swatch.

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  • L. Duncan-He

    This mural will bring out the best in your walls. There are a variety of mural-like wallpapers available that can be applied (and removed when you're ready for a new look) if you would prefer not to paint the walls.

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  • Fashioned by Victoria Bell

    Reflections are also a form of visual art. Mirrors are a surefire way to make any room look bigger and brighter, so pick one that goes with your decor.

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  • Taking the Inside View

    I've been at a loss as to what to do with that huge, bare wall. Here's where it's common sense to go with a large piece of abstract art. Don't be afraid to make a statement with your DIY project or art purchase.

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  • Perceptions of the Interior

    Hanging abstract artworks over a bed can be a stunning design element. This one is reminiscent of the sea and has a calming effect that makes it ideal for a bedroom.

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  • Made by Erin Williamson

    The size of a gallery wall is not necessary for its effectiveness. Pick your three favorites and arrange them in a pleasing way on the wall above your dresser, desk, or bed. You don't need a lot of artwork to make a statement; a few well-chosen pieces will make a big difference.

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  • Design by Whittney Parkinson

    Many people like the idea of putting a TV in their bedroom, but they hesitate because they think the bulky black box will look unsightly. Make your TV look less severe by surrounding it with art or photos, as we see here So you can enjoy it even when you're not actively watching TV.

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  • Dr. Louis Duncan-He

    You can hang a gallery wall if you have too much art to choose from. To make the wall look more pulled together, hang the pictures in frames of the same style but different sizes.

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  • Patton, Mary, Designer

    To make an artwork stand out, choose a piece that is a different color than the walls. Again, if you like to keep things relatively simple, just a few works of art will go a long way.

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  • Design by Michelle Boudreau

    Always remember that leaning artwork can look just as good as nailed to the wall. Don't be shy about displaying artwork on your bedroom's open shelving or bookshelf. And you can switch things around and switch them out as often as you like without worrying about nail holes with this method.

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  • Studio KT

    The space above a king or queen bed looks best filled with a trio of complementary artworks.

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  • Studio Twelve15 for Design

    You can put together a gallery wall around your mirror in the same way you would your television. Preparing for the day is more enjoyable when you are surrounded by things you enjoy.

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  • Designs by Erin Williamson

    Feel free to combine different styles and themes in your personal space. In this bedroom, the walls are decorated with a portrait full of character and a serene landscape.

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  • Design Spaces by Kate Marker

    Artwork for a child's room should be bright and fun. For older kids who might have an opinion on what wall art would look best in their room, be sure to ask for their input.

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  • Interior Design by Stephanie Hoey

    Instead of a framed picture over the bed, you could hang some woven baskets. These pieces are a great way to add some visual and textural variety to your bedroom.

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  • Design Spaces by Kate Marker

    As a group, we support having a common thread A blue and white bedroom with nautical artwork. You can't go wrong with classic burlwood for your frames, but think outside the box!

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  • To paraphrase Louis Duncan-He

    The width of the bed is complemented by a long, lean abstract work that pulls together the room's various shades of blue, white, and tan.

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  • Wayne Alvin

    Maybe you've got a lot of white couches and want to add some color to your life with some artwork. Don't hold back; a piece as bright and cheery as this one really stands out in a mostly monochromatic bedroom.

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  • The Works of Erin Williamson

    Definitely not the same tapestry that adorned your college wall Wall-mounted textiles, such as a treasured travel tapestry or quilt, can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom.

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  • Kate Marker Decorations

    Black and white photos can elevate any room's aesthetic. These photographs of classic automobiles complement a young boy's decor perfectly.

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  • Designer Stephanie Hoey's Spaces

    They say that if something isn't moving, it should be monogrammed. By placing a monogram decal over your kid's bed, you can help make the room feel more personalized.

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  • Crafted by Jessica Nelson

    Although triptychs have their place, it's perfectly acceptable to hang a collection of three pieces from different artists. After all, your artwork should be a reflection of your individual taste and style.

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  • Pattern by Mary Patton

    The bed is in a light, airy, and feminine room that is warmed by the framed sketches that hang on the wall on either side. Look for sketches of figures like these at flea markets and secondhand stores.

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  • Patton, Mary, Designer

    An eye-catching contemporary accent elevates this otherwise subdued gray bedroom. And who doesn't enjoy a splash of neon now and then

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