Here are 19 ways to spruce up your New Year's celebration table decorations.

When compared to your other parties, New Year's Eve certainly is the most extravagant and glamorous. A glittering party is required prior to the New Year before everyone is ready to ring in the new year and start committing to resolutions. Here are some ideas for New Year's table decorations, whether you're hosting a small, intimate gathering at home or a large, extravagant bash. Inject some merriment into your New Year's tablescape preparations with these fun DIYs.

In addition to a wide variety of sparkling wines, our assortment of table decorations features vivid hues, glitter, metallic color schemes, and plenty of celebratory toasting glasses. Our New Year's table settings are the perfect way to set the mood for your holiday meal; in fact, your guests will be so impressed by them, they may forget all about the ball dropping.

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The addition of gold and glitter to your New Year's Eve tablescape is an easy way to add sophistication to the occasion. Dress up the tables at your holiday meal with custom place cards, festive centerpieces, and easy party decorations. A mini bottle of champagne should be prepared for each guest.

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For your New Year's tablescape, you need not go out and buy a ton of fancy new decorations. You can recycle your holiday fir again this year if it still looks healthy. Arrange it in a row down the middle of the table and finish the look with a scattering of sparkling votives.

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There's no time to make a fancy centerpiece before the party. No problem You can't have a proper New Year's Eve celebration without a generous helping of confetti, so be sure to grab a handful and sprinkle it all over the table, then add a tray (or two) of appetizers. and call it a night An extra touch of celebration can be added to the table by placing a New Year's headband and noisemaker at each seat.

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You can jazz up your New Year's celebration with painted burlap wine bags. If you want uniform numbers on yours, use a stencil and spray paint from a craft store to make them. Make the totes in advance of the party so they have time to dry out.

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Prepare a table with a game that will help guests mingle before the party even starts. Get your guests to print out our free champagne tasting cards and then have them try a few different kinds and give their opinions. Just make sure to have a variety of chilled champagne on hand before the festivities begin.

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One of the best party favors is a personalized item that each guest can take with them when the celebration is over. New Year's Eve is a great time to break out the bubbly, so why not help your guests keep track of their glass by setting a decorative wine charm at each setting? Make these charming wine charms by stringing beads or other small ornaments onto jewelry eye pins (four inches long) using only one color per wire.

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New Year's Eve just wouldn't be the same without a little glitz and glam, wouldn't it? Throw a dinner party fit for a new year, complete with taper candles and gold trimmings. These silverware and napkin rings will make your New Year's Eve dinner party look and feel more elegant.

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An effortless New Year's theme can be found in a gold and glitter color scheme, which will also help guests celebrate the new year in dazzling fashion. The casual table setting is complete once you grab the gold-accented plates, napkins, and cups and accent with a few fun poppers.

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Miniature confetti-covered champagne bottles should be placed on each guest's place setting. The bottles are sprayed with adhesive, rolled in confetti, and finished with our free printable gift tag. Put each guest's name on a tag to make it more personalized.

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Place cards made of gold leaf are particularly appropriate for a happy new year because of the belief that gold brings prosperity. Make place cards by hand cutting leaves from cardstock, folding them in half to make a crease, and then having your guest's name written in cursive with a metallic marker. Arrange the leaves on a platter, or make a hole in one corner and string them onto a ribbon to adorn a champagne flute.

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This party table is decorated to look like a winter wonderland, with only a few sparkling star-shaped embellishments adding a splash of color. You can't go wrong with a classic white tablecloth and matching china for your New Year's Eve dinner party. Complete the minimalist look by setting a centerpiece of all-white flowers.

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Ordinary tabletop or shelf displays can be transformed into holiday displays with just a few touches of sparkle. Decorating for a New Year's party doesn't have to break the bank thanks to glass ornaments. Additionally, you can reuse your existing Christmas decorations by following this plan.

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Don't bother waiting for the clock to strike zero Set these blue glass globes out before midnight for a festive touch to your New Year's table decor. Champagne bottles and their matching place settings, in blue and silver, are displayed tastefully.

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Done getting ready but have nowhere to go The traditional bottle bag has been updated with this adorable champagne bottle tuxedo. Dress up your bottle with a pair of cute bow ties and shiny gold brads.

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Put together a themed event. You can hide your beautiful peepers at the New Year's Eve party by dressing up your place settings in beads, masks, and feathers in the style of the Mardi Gras celebration. Alternatively, you could host a mask-decorating party and invite people over beforehand.

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Replace a boring white tablecloth with one made of a sheer fabric or cheap tulle netting. Silver mesh fabric squares are tied to hold confetti as party favors A circle of white feather boa under the plates adds a celebratory touch. Attach it to a circle of foil-covered cardboard, or tuck the boas under the plates' rims.

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Need an excuse to leave the Christmas decor up just a little longer A small silver Christmas tree can look just right on your New Year's table if you dress it up in blue, hot pink, purple, and black In place of traditional Christmas ornaments, New Year's celebrations can use party favor horns, tiny festive hats, miniature champagne bottles, and wired ribbon.

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Pearl and glitter glass paint is a fun way to give your New Year's glasses a unique, celebratory look. Let the pearl paint dry, then cover the underside of the glass base in a radial pattern. You could also try painting the top and stem of the glass with glitter paint.

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Use a wintery snow motif to increase the number of candles and sparkling accents on your table. Inexpensive candles and neutral charms add a festive look, and they combine easily with almost any color of table linens Look for neutral decorating pieces at crafts, party, or floral supply stores

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