Here are 18 of our favorite ways to spruce up your backyard oasis with a pool.

Transitional pool decor and furniture - Houzz

It's almost summer, and we want to make sure you're prepared to make the most of the warm weather by spending time outdoors in your backyard. Even a pool area can be elegantly furnished and decorated. Our poolside decorating ideas can help transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat, regardless of the size of your pool or whether you plan to use it for recreational swimming or competitive swimming.  

Decorations for a Swimming Pool

Tranquil poolside decorating ideas by Amelia R

Designer Amelia R. from Decorilla brings a tropical vibe to a pool area.

Follow nature's lead when making outdoor design choices. When looking around for outdoor pool decorating ideas, you can draw inspiration for color, shape, and lighting. It will serve as a solid foundation and guarantee that the final product is in tune with its environment.  

One Toasty Fire Place

Poolside decorating ideas in a neutral color scheme

Ana C. Design Group's poolside seating area with fireplace is a work of art.

A fire pit does more than just keep you warm and add hours to your day; it also helps you and your guests get in the mood to mingle. It's perfect for hosting a party or spending some quiet time by yourself. These days, you can find them in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making them perfect for decorating. Gas, electricity, or even the old-fashioned wood fire can be used, so there's bound to be a choice that works for you. Chimeneas, fire pits, tables, and bowls are some of the most well-liked types of fire features.    

LOVED THINGS: How the fire's gentle light can set the mood The proximity of the fire feature to the pool means that its warm light will be reflected there, creating an even more alluring ambience.

Need some summer poolside décor inspiration? Then, get more information about your design options by setting up a free consultation with an interior designer.

Tiles So Small They're Hard to See

Mosaic and tiles create colorful pool patio decor

Although it is a more stylized option, mosaic can make any outdoor area more appealing. However, there are other options besides mosaicking to consider. The options for pool tiles are practically endless. The swimming area can be tiled entirely, or a thin border can be installed around the perimeter.   

SUBJECT MATTER: WHAT WE ADORE Look how the desert sky is reflected in the pool's teal mosaic! The adaptability of mosaic and other tiling options allows you to make them as unique and eye-catching as you like.

Three, Cover the Outside and Dress the Inside

Open concept pool, patio and kitchen with white poolside decorating ideas Drew F

Drew F., a designer at Decorilla, merged a kitchen and patio with a pool.

Blending indoor and outdoor areas creates a relaxed vibe reminiscent of a tranquil seaside retreat. Create an outdoor living space that feels like an extension of your living room by furnishing your pool deck with a coffee table, sofa, rugs, and other accessories. Be sure that anything you leave outside can withstand the elements, or bring it inside when the day is done. A patio with sliding glass doors can be a great addition to a home with a larger budget, as can a small kitchenette.

THE BEST PARTS: An open, airy indoor-outdoor layout has many advantages. Mixing open floor plans with symmetrical pool furniture from the 1950s can really make your outdoor space pop.

Designing Outdoor Pool Spaces

Poolside furniture and decor for ample seating outdoors

Wanda P. Decorilla, of Decorilla, has created a set of poolside furnishings for a comfortable outdoor lounge area.

Having poolside furniture won't be necessary to entice guests to relax in the backyard, but it will certainly help. You can show off your personal style and establish the perfect atmosphere for your pool design with some of your favorite decorative elements. It's not just useful; it's fundamental to a chill summer mood.  

Constructed Seating Areas for Lounging

Luxurious pool decor by Amelia R

Amelia R. Decorilla, of Decorilla Interior Design, has created a luxurious pool house.

Put a minimalist seating arrangement together using the building's design. It is less work to keep up and less likely to accumulate junk, plus it has a modern aesthetic that people like. Fill your space with plush pillows and soft fabrics to soften the look of harsh materials.

THE BEST PARTS: The soft, neutral tones that go so well with the illusion of being seated on the water's edge help set the scene for a daydream.

Woven furniture from tropical climates

Wicker poolside furniture double as soothing decorating ideas

There is a lot of leeway in terms of style preference thanks to the wide array of options available in wicker, rattan, and cane furniture. Don't be afraid to experiment with your pool's aesthetic by adding bold pieces like a peacock chair or a hanging sofa, or keeping things simple with strategically placed ottomans.

THE BEST PARTS: These items are often suitable for both subdued and vibrant color schemes, and they pair particularly well with lush greens, making them ideal for use as pool patio decor.

Snacks by the Swimming Pool

Dining room set up for poolside furniture

Wanda P. Decorilla, designer for Decorilla, created this beautiful poolside patio set.

Dining by the swimming pool is a luxurious convenience. The fresh air and warm sun make outdoor dining a delight, and you won't have to worry about guests bringing the rain inside. Ensure that you choose a cushion that is impervious to water.

THE BEST PARTS: Capacity to throw an outdoor party that provides for all guests' needs, including food and entertainment  

Decoration Advice for Your Pool Area

Built-in poolside furniture and minimal pool decor by Amelia R

Amelia R. Decorilla, an interior designer at Decorilla, did the pool area's decorating.

Although a major overhaul may be necessary to bring your outdoor space up to date, even a few well-placed changes can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere you create. Whatever the case may be, a few well-executed decorating ideas for the pool area—perhaps in conjunction with an Create an outdoor haven with a sophisticated look Here are three simple guidelines to follow as you begin.   

7. Decorations Reflecting the Pool

Transitional pool décor under a pergola Picharat

Patio and pool area with a pergola and poolside decor by Decorilla designer Picharat A.

Assessing your resources is the first step in poolside decorating, as it is with any design. And a pool is a great and relaxing water feature to have. All that remains is to emphasize its attractive qualities. The soothing motion of water can be reflected in curved furniture, and a color scheme of white, teal, or dark sea green can draw attention to the water itself. The pool's bottom should be considered as you plan the layout. You have the option of a more dark, light, or boho look. Use the color to your advantage, as it will alter your perception of the color of the water.

NOTE ON DESIGN: In need of some poolside decorating advice? The following are the five best patio design apps to consider using next time you want to take advantage of technology.  

In order to layer textures and soft furnishings, do the following:

Scatter pillows next to a swimming pool as pool decor

A collection of decorative pillows is the ultimate lounge accessory. Throws and pillows in a variety of textures can be used to add color to your patio by the pool. As an added bonus, they are highly customizable to fit your preferences.

FASHIONABLE ADVICE: Consider using colors that complement those already present in your home, or better yet, find ways to recycle and repurpose materials.

Get Your Summer Glow On! 9.

Lighting as poolside decorating

Summer isn't truly summer until dusk, when the temperature drops and the stars come out. Adding festoon lights or a large focal light to your pool's design will keep the party going long after dark. Set the mood with minimal effort by strategically placing floor lanterns of varying sizes. Choose solar-powered lights whenever possible for safety's sake.

NOTE ON DESIGN: Always go for warm white bulbs to create a welcoming, fun atmosphere, and go green by using energy-efficient LEDs or solar-powered alternatives.  

Artistic Methods for Protecting Your Privacy While Swimming

How do you build privacy around a pool

Wanda P. Decorilla, an interior designer for the decor and furnishings retailer, created this pool patio.

Without some level of seclusion, our backyard cannot be considered an oasis. To maximize your tranquility, keep these tips in mind as you search for the perfect pool decorations.

10. Hedges

Lush poolside decor with hedges for privacy

The Decorilla designer, Drew F. Sullivan, created this opulent and private pool area with lush plantings and hedges.

Fortunately, a 5-foot hedge isn't necessary to shield your pool and landscaping plans from prying eyes. Alternately, short alternatives help partition off seating and social areas.  

11. Poolside Pergola

Beautiful swimming pool pergola with dining and lounge poolside furniture

Drew F. Decorilla, of Decorilla, has designed this cutting-edge pergola with poolside seating.

A pergola not only provides shade and seclusion, but also shields your pool house's furnishings from the elements. Maximize airflow by keeping the design simple.

12 - Room Separators & Screens

luxury pool with poolside furniture and screens - houzz

Privacy can be added quickly and elegantly to a pool area with free-standing decorative screens. Your personal taste can be reflected in the design of your personal oasis thanks to the many customizable features available. Glass and wood panels are just as fashionable, but they are more long-lasting; they can be used to instantly modernize the exterior of a building.  

Plants for the Poolside

Lush plants for around the pool

Designer Amelia R. Decorilla's lush plant selection for the pool area.

Lastly, pool deck decorations can be used to bring the space to life. The first step, however, is to complete your research to learn which plants will flourish in your area and how much care they will need before you put them in the ground.

Plants Suspended Near the Pool

Hanging poolside plants as decorating ideas

One of our favorite ways to make the most of a limited amount of outdoor space is by surrounding a small pool with lush plants. Take in some fresh air and greenery with a plant curtain.

Do Cascading succulents are a great option because they don't need a lot of space in the pot or a lot of water.

Don’t Select deciduous plants, which produce a lot of dropping greens.

Exuberant Fruit Trees, No. 14

Fruit plants for around the pool as pool decorating ideas

Fruit trees in pots can be used as both a decorative element and a source of nutritious refreshments by the pool.

Do Do not forget to use a high-quality fertilizer when repotting your fruit trees in the spring.

Don’t plant seeds, then move the pots around

Bamboo's Shadow 15

Plants around the pool - bamboo as pool decorating ideas

Bamboo can reach heights of 20 feet, meaning it can be used to create a soft canopy over your pool even if it is planted in a pot.

Do find a bamboo variety that thrives in your region's weather

Don’t plant that doesn't have enough drainage

Toys for the Pool: Floating Ornaments

Floral floating pool decorations

Floating pool decorations are a great addition to any pool, whether it's for a party or crafts as well as a touch of enchantment to your garden This summer, break out of your comfort zone and give DIY a shot.

Poolside Decorations with Floating Flowers

Floating poolside decorating with flowers

A wreath or bouquet of flowers, floated on water, is a great way to liven up any party. It doesn't take much effort to whip up and greatly enhances the feeling of a special occasion. If you don't feel like getting creative, just put some flowers on a piece of floating board.  

Candle Floating Pool Objects, Number Seventeen

floating pool décor - DIY milk just candles

To make the pool sparkle even more at night, you can add tealight candles to the floats.  

The Water Carries a Message, Number Eighteen

Lettering as floating pool decor

During the summer, they will be hosting a special event. Then, use your pool as a sign to announce the event or congratulate the honoree in an original way.

Go ahead and implement your plans for the pool area's decor.

Neutral poolside furniture for ample lounging and seating

Poolside loungers and chairs in neutral tones by Wanda P. of Decorilla.

Quickly and easily create your ideal summer retreat with these simple decorating ideas for your pool area. Still have no idea how to begin The next step is to set up a Consultation in Interior Design, Free of Charge today for professional help  

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