Here are 17 lovely ways to spruce up your bedside tables.

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What do you put on your nightstand and why? Is there any attempt at styling at all? Maybe you just use your nightstand as a catchall for whatever you can't decide what to do with? If you're having trouble coming up with a design for your nightstand, you can find plenty of examples online to copy. Here are some of my favorite ways to spruce up a nightstand.

But there are a few considerations to make when accessorizing your nightstand. What do you do right before bed and first thing in the morning? Is it hard for you to fall asleep again if you wake up in the middle of the night? Consider your typical evening and morning routines.

You may want some space on your nightstand if you don't usually fall asleep immediately upon getting into bed. Alternately, a phone cradle, if you sleep with your phone. And it's up to you to decide how prominently to display or conceal those details. It's up to you to figure out if a nightstand with a single drawer is sufficient or if you'd benefit from something larger.

Next, consider how your personal taste in design and aesthetics informs the look of your nightstand. The design of your nightstand should reflect the aesthetic of your bedroom. Assuming you aren't planning a major bedroom overhaul

Ideas for adorning your nightstand are collected here. Different styles of nightstands, from the most conventional to the most cutting-edge That too, for a variety of ways of life

Ideas for Adorning Nightstands

The Traditional Look of a Bedside Table

The combination of a sleek contemporary lamp and a minimalist vase filled with flowers is a timeless choice. Ideal for a bedroom with a more modern or transitional aesthetic. You won't find any unnecessary items on the top of this nightstand. While you can store books and decorative items in the drawers below.

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If you need some interior design help, Studio McGee is your best bet. Larger closed drawers on a nightstand provide more storage space, making it easier to arrange your accessories. Instead of concentrating solely on the surface of the nightstand, you can also decorate the wall. There's a vase of flowers on the nightstand, and there are two prints of plants on the wall.

Items on the nightstand are stacked at various heights. Not to mention the plethora of visual interest the varying shapes and sizes provide. To paraphrase, it's the same as decorating a coffee table!

Acquire The Attire

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If you're the type who has trouble staying awake once they've hit the hay, minimalist nightstand decor might be your best bet. Even just a single flower vase can make a room look more put-together. Make a call on whether or not real flowers are too much trouble to keep alive, or if artificial ones would be better.

To pull off this style of nightstand, the rest of your bedroom must be immaculately tidy and well-organized.

A Nightstand with a Unique Look

The open nightstand on two levels in this design is a smart choice for maximizing storage space. The nightstand is crammed with books, baskets, and other personal items, but it still manages to look put together and stylish.

When compared to the white walls, the sleek design of the nightstand really pops.

Because of the lack of floor space, a wall sconce was used as lighting instead of a table lamp to transform a small bedroom alcove into a fun, quirky art gallery. The ensemble is finished with a small potted green plant perched atop a stack of books.

Simple Decorations for Nightstands

If you're going for a simple, chic look, the Scandinavian style is where you should look. A nightstand with a straightforward form and a pastel hue. To add a contemporary touch, try using contrasting elements, such as black accessories against a light color.

This style may serve as a simple blueprint for building a nightstand. Mounting an open box frame to the wall provides storage for nighttime necessities and a blank canvas for personalization. To complement the spare aesthetic, branches were foraged and left bare for use as decorative accents.

Over the bedside table, there is illumination provided by a cord with a single light bulb wrapped around a pole. Softening the otherwise stark aesthetic is a sculpture of branches with green foliage and yellow buds perched atop a dark wooden nightstand.

Simple and unfussy, this nightstand consists of just two pieces of furniture. A wooden stool and a sleek floor lamp. There's a spot on the top of the stool for your necessities.

Chic Accessories for Nightstands

This contemporary nightstand is an open tray design with a few decorative accents. There's plenty of room for coffee and the newspaper in this modern pitcher designed with lots of lush greenery and a beauty essential.

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It's another nightstand decorated with a framed artwork, this one a miniature version. Which of these is the wall behind the bedside table? In front of the print, a collection of ceramic and glass ornaments, as well as books, adds visual variety. Hotel Magique provided the art print, and Polly Florence did the styling.

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One idea for a contemporary nightstand is to place a large framed print behind a stool. Clamping a desk lamp onto the seat of the stool is a neat space-saving trick. As an added convenience, the double-arm lamp can be turned on and off without getting out of bed.

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To Have a Country Look

An idea for adorning a nightstand in a country style Flower arrangement in a classic ceramic pitcher, with a few books found at a secondhand bookstore tucked into the side. For the purest of cottage styles, a second-hand wooden nightstand is the perfect finishing touch.

Concepts for Additional Nightstands

Achieve That Look:

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There's enough space for a desk lamp and your nighttime beauty essentials on a classic two-drawer nightstand. Besides a jewelry dish for trinkets The decorative items are elevated with the help of a coffee table book. There's a pile of magazines under there for late-night perusal.

Like Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design, layer your artwork on your nightstand. She used her own abstract canvas in addition to some purchased prints. The classical clock and vase on the nightstand provide a fun contrast.

Personalizing your nightstand with a work of art you made yourself is a great way to show off your artistic side. You can always enroll in an art class if you're not a natural artist.

If your bed is located in a corner of the room, you might want to consider placing a larger nightstand on the opposite side of the bed. That way, you can continue to enjoy the same amount of personal space that you did when using both sides of the bed.

Master the Attire

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Ashley Kane does an amazing job of decorating nightstands. The smaller decorative pieces, including a wicker sconce, are displayed on a stack of white magazines and books.

Those are the most interesting ways I've found to adorn a nightstand. Identifying your personal design aesthetic can be challenging; I hope these tips help! Several practical suggestions for bedroom ornamentation. And, of course, design that you find aesthetically pleasing and look forward to seeing each morning.


Nightstand Decorating Ideas

If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links in this post, I may receive a small commission. Consult the terms and conditions and disclosure page for further details.

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