Here Are 5 Imaginative Ways To Use Baskets As Accent Pieces

Decorating with baskets is like magic. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they also add a lot of visual interest to their surroundings thanks to the variety of textures and colors in which they come They help us keep our house neat and tidy by collecting and stowing away clutter. Here are five simple approaches to enhancing your home with baskets.

Using baskets as part of your decor is a lovely way to bring warmth and character to any space. Moreover, one of my go-to methods of sprucing up a room in a flash Do you share my enthusiasm for baskets? Then you're going to absolutely adore these 5 simple ways to use baskets as home decor.

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Stylish storage containers are one of my obsessions. Weaving, wirework, lucite, wood, tortoiseshell, and other materials No basket has ever made it into my house that I didn't want to use.

When they are not being used, a large stockpile that was amassed over many years can be found patiently waiting in the basement. However, I use baskets, crates, and trays (abbreviated BCT) frequently in my home decor.

Where do you stand? Are you a huge fan of storage containers like baskets, crates, and trays? They form the basis of all aesthetics.

So, let's talk specifically about baskets and the kinds of baskets that would be ideal for your house.

To Vary Your Look, Pick Several

You can find a basket to suit your taste and organize your home in a way that works for you. Variety of baskets is limitless.

Obtain baskets and put them in storage immediately. They pack a significant visual impact for their low cost and have a wide range of potential applications in interior design.

Listed below are the varieties of baskets I find most useful, as well as the situations in which I employ them.

For vignettes, I always reach for these baskets. They are effective organizers and their see-through construction makes it easy to see what's inside.

They are perfect for setting the mood and constructing scenes. Not to mention the central role that baskets play in these design juggernauts.

Consider utilizing strong, low-sided baskets The addition of handles is highly desirable. To complete your vignettes, start a collection of both round and rectangular baskets.

These low, sturdy baskets can be used for more than just holding magazines, books, and papers. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide a tidy place for items that are prone to clutter.

When I see a basket with high, sturdy sides, I can hardly resist buying it. There is an infinite number of ways you can find to conceal your belongings. The ability to sort through my belongings, which I keep in baskets, is a huge time saver.

These baskets are my go-to because they serve multiple purposes in my home's decor without sacrificing style or versatility.

As a collection, these baskets are breathtaking. Put tall, sturdy baskets on a bookshelf or use them as extra storage under coffee and end tables.

I use a lot of square baskets to keep my things in order. We place these wicker bins, stuffed with cookbooks, coloring books, crayons, markers, and arts and crafts, under the table at our feast. My grandchildren love to visit, and when they do, they can quickly and easily find whatever they need by searching through these baskets.

Lidded Baskets

Whenever I need to store or conceal an item while still having quick access to it, I use a basket with a lid. In my bedroom and linen closet, I have tall baskets with lids for storing sheets and towels. On my nightstand, I keep a small rectangular basket in which to store lotion and the television remote. Many different sizes of these practical baskets are available.

Various Other Baskets You Might Find Interesting

You could also start a collection of wire baskets. They can transform the look of a room entirely.

You should collect baskets that you enjoy.

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Every competent decorator ought to be able to create a vignette. Simply put, they become the center of attention in any room they are placed in.

And a basket is my go-to for making them.

With a basket, they have a designated area with lots of lovely textural contrast. Oh, the delight that is seen in a carefully arranged tableau!

I've accumulated a wide variety of beautiful baskets over the years, including round, square, and mostly flat-sided varieties.


The art of weaving baskets is a thing of beauty. They add depth and variety to interior design, while also serving practical purposes like storing, concealing, and concealing clutter. Consider baskets if you need to make use of vertical or horizontal space.

When it comes to home decor, baskets have my full endorsement.

They're aesthetically pleasing, and you can stow a lot of stuff inside of them. I'm not referring to "junk," but rather "organizing." In plain sight, you can store a wide variety of household items.

Use baskets for all your storage and organization needs. Also, using baskets for decoration is a plus.

Some items that would look lovely in a basket are listed below.

  • magazines
  • projects
  • papers
  • books
  • towels
  • toiletries
  • blankets
  • pillows
  • shoes


To lay flat would be to ruin the aesthetic of many baskets.

Take advantage of vertical space. Hanging an interesting and maybe even a little bit unusual open-faced basket on the wall can be a real treat.

Isn't it great how you used baskets in that way to adorn the room?


Hanging baskets and vegetation are a match made in gardening paradise. Get yourself a big, open basket, and set a plant in it. Put the plant in a good, solid pot.

Make do with baskets in place of tables.

Lidded baskets are my go-to for stowing away odds and ends. They keep their contents, whatever they may be, looking tidy.

And the ultimate multipurpose storage basket is one that also serves as a table.

This is where I keep my spare bedding, including blankets and pillows.

Here are 5 different ways to style your basket; grab one, set a timer, and get to work!

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