Here Are 48 Beachy Decor Tips To Bring The Seaside Indoors

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Dishes Served While Gazing at the View

This dreamy dining room has everything pointed at the centerpiece thanks to the wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. To soften the space, homeowner Marsha Ahearn had breezy tie-top curtains made from one hundred year old French sheets she found at the Brimfield antiques shows. A lightweight but hunky lantern, rather than a chandelier, hangs above the spacious dining table, adding to the room's casual look. Throw pillows upholstered in repurposed bark cloth fabric add a touch of femininity to a set of all-natural wicker chairs.

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Distinctive, Timeless Appeal to the Past

The designer Krista Ewart's kitchen in her California beach house can be described in three words: scallops, scallops, and more scallops. A pretty in pink Smeg fridge, too!

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Convenient Harmony Between Vintage and Modern Elements

It's no secret that interior designer Loi Thai (@loithai) is a fan of incorporating one-of-a-kind antiques and carefully curated vintage art into his projects, but he also appreciates the affordability and accessibility of items from big-box stores. Here in the living area of his beach house, he topped an inexpensive jute rug with a stunning blue and white striped dhurrie rug to set the mood. The cozy seating was created by combining a coffee table made from a factory dolly, slipcovered chairs, and a wicker chair that could be used both inside and out.

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Effects of the Sea

You wouldn't think it now, but the knotty pine surround that makes this room so light and airy was once a dark abyss. Painting the entire room a pristine white gave the tiny space a fresh, clean look that was the perfect canvas for homeowner Ted Kennedy Watson's (@watsonkennedy) colorful layers of sea-themed decor, including nautical flags, anchor pillows, and old lockers.

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Relaxed Furnishings

Given its proximity to the shore, it was imperative that the living room's plush furnishings hold up against the rigors of beachgoers' wet swimsuits and sandy feet. It's not a problem because the room is furnished with pieces made from a variety of tough and trouble-free materials: a sisal rug easily stands up to foot traffic, a weathered wood coffee table gladly accepts propped feet and coaster-free drinks, and a vintage bamboo chair with washable cushion covers and a deep slipcovered sofa offer comfortable seating. Seating that is suitable for those wearing swimsuits

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Airy Porch

Bring the outdoors in by decorating your porch with white and natural-colored summer essentials like wicker furniture and baskets. Cover any sand that your guests might track in with a colorful rug.

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Good as New Restroom

An assortment of seascapes, a navy soaking tub, and nautical sconces create a relaxing atmosphere in this master bathroom.

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Modern Updates to an Ageless Classic

In spite of its modest size, this kitchen is bursting with character. The homeowners updated their 1950s kitchen by painting it white, replacing the linoleum countertops with warm butcher block, and removing the upper cabinets in favor of open shelving to showcase their collections of everyday dishes, serving pieces, and colorful vintage finds.

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Calming Place by the Open Window

In the warm months, nothing beats lazing on this pillow-laden window seat hidden from view by panels of pale sea blue fabric.

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The Blues of the Ocean

Blue shutters, reminiscent of the ocean, adorn the windows of this Cape Cod Bay cottage built in the 1800s. The homeowners also furnished the interior with a wide range of aqua tones.

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Salvaged Treasures with a Modern Twist

For example, best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews adorned her quaint 1930s beach house with repurposed vintage items like a framed vintage bathing suit and lamps made from galvanized ice cream containers.

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Artistic Mural of a Beautiful Seascape

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A Vibrant Wall Display

A collection of colorful vintage spools hangs from the ceiling of this oasis in Seaside, Florida, designed by Tammy Connor.

Installing curtains up high, rather than at window height, can help a small room feel more expansive.

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Homemade Headboard with Latticework

Simply by following these instructions, you can transform ordinary garden lattice from a home improvement store into a stunning headboard. This room has a bright, beachy vibe thanks to the mint green lattice headboards, which look great with white sheets and pillows and are complemented beautifully by the small framed prints of waterfowl.

Discover the detailed instructions right here.

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Warning Signs

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Color Scheme That's Pure Imagination

Everything about this whimsical kid's room screams carefree summer fun, from the brightly colored vintage touches like the oversized plastic E and red-and-blue chair to the boldly striped rug. An inexpensive painter's drop cloth, a wooden dowel, and some sturdy manila rope were all that homeowner Vanessa Pleasants of @themarketbeautiful needed to fashion a stylish bed canopy for her son's bedroom.

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It's White Shiplap Time!

Although a room painted white can give off a beachy vibe, it can be difficult to create a warm and inviting space. One word texture With the help of shiplap paneling, the owner of this Tennessee home was able to give the kitchen a more cozy, lived-in vibe. Mandy says, "The wood walls keep things from feeling sterile," and she's added a variety of honey-hued wooden accents to do just that.

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Using Materials That Are Safe Around Water

You should equip your beach house with pieces that can withstand the elements, particularly the wetness of swimsuits and the humidity of the summer. The beachy ambience of this cottage was achieved by the owner's liberal use of rattan, wicker, and bamboo furnishings.

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Light and Airy Breakfast Nook

Braided rug, intentionally mismatched painted chairs, and a leaning pair of oars give this breakfast nook a breezy, barefoot vibe. Assured flower presentation can be achieved with the help of a crate full of glass bottles.

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Decorated with Real Wood

Most beach houses are painted white. All-white rooms can be made more interesting with the addition of natural wood details, like the exposed ceiling beams, vent hood trim, and floor planks in this California bungalow.
ornamental X-brace island hardware that is reminiscent of barns Pendant lighting made from woven baskets is a nice touch.

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Sailor-themed Wallcoverings

With a room like this, your kids won't be able to stop thinking about lazy beach days.

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Turquoise Splashes

Accent with this watery shade in unusual places like the back of shelves and built-in bookcases to bring the soothing atmosphere of the ocean inside.

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Cooking Area Outside

This Newport Beach backyard goes way beyond the standard freestanding grill Its concrete kitchen is ready for any kind of outdoor gathering.

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Raised Footwear for Sand

Painted wood floors are ready for sand-covered feet when they are finished with a layer of durable polyurethane. Colorful and plush, striped throw rugs can be quickly aired out by taking them outside.

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Style "Add-Ons"

On the front porch of this New York cottage, a row of hooks provides a convenient and attractive place to store beach towels, hats, and baskets.

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Water-Blue Hues

All shades of blue fill this airy living room. An assortment of tufted-back sofas and a wingback chair are arranged around a colorful patchwork rug, creating a cozy space perfect for a day of lounging.

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Maritime Resonances

The sink-in chaise lounge in this South Carolina home is bookended by a crab trap side table and a lamp from a local boutique.

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