Here Are 4 Simple Methods to Beautify Your Home with Posters.

H Have you ever bought a painting or other piece of artwork with great enthusiasm, only to be disappointed by how it looks once hung on your wall? Remember that you have company. Decorating and redesigning one's home's interior can be a very daunting prospect. If you already own a print of art that you find meaningful or that makes you happy, you can rest easy knowing that the most difficult part of the design process is behind you. The time has come for you to hang that piece of art as a focal point and build the rest of the wall's decor around it. If you're looking for some vintage-inspired artwork and retro poster-based room decorating ideas, check out WindowShopGal's 4 easy styling tips and mood boards below.

Poster Sizes: 18x24

Piece of art: Stars Hollow Heritage Poster; Mat: Architect Frame in Walnut; Area rug: Target; Plants: Pier 1
TJ Maxx Homegoods for the vase, Pier 1 for the table, Amazon for the pillowcase, and Pier 1 for the pillow filling.

1) Consider the size of the print when making your selection.

The most common oversight people make when buying artwork is failing to consider the size of the poster or print they'll need to make a statement on their walls. Most of the time, Whatever size you think you need for a blank wall, it's usually best to get the next size up unless you're decorating a small wall space or need to fill an area in an existing gallery (see below photo).

Decorating with Posters on a Gallery Wall

Stars Hollow Poster, 18x24"

Decorating with Posters, Southwestern Style

New Mexico Poster, 24" x 36" Albuquerque

After taking careful measurements of your space, the size you think you need may seem "big," but keep in mind that most people won't be able to get right up close to your walls to appreciate your artwork the way you can. Art is often admired by passers-by from a distance of several feet, at which point even your most treasured piece may appear no bigger than a postage stamp. The simplest solution is to increase the size, as this will improve the aesthetic value.

Throw pillows and blankets in colors that complement your wall art will add visual interest and help pull the room together.

Room Decor Tips & Ideas: Decorating with Posters - Match Pillows with Color Palette

Posters: In Omnia Paratus, Scranton, and Pawnee; Black Architect Frame to Display Artwork

Second, create a color scheme using no more than three hues from your wall decor.

If you want to finish off the design of your living space (or snug, reading nook, etc.), Before beginning any design project (, for example, you should first imagine and write down your ideal color scheme. You should start with an established preference for color. however, many individuals have no idea what hue(s) they would like to see in their bedroom. Selecting two or three colors from an artwork (or multiple artworks) that you plan to showcase in the area is a simple way to get started on your color palette. If you don't have a preexisting color scheme in your room (it's okay, most people don't), this method will help you create one. In fact, An easy interior design trick is to choose a single piece of art as the inspiration for the room's color scheme, and then to fill the space with accessories in contrasting hues.

Yellow & Blue Decorating Living Room Ideas
Decorating with Posters, Southwestern Style

To Everything We Paratus

Inspiration drawn from Michael Crichton's The Life and Death Brigade. The 'Gilmore Girls'


Conceptualization: "In Omnia Paratus Poster"

In the beginning stages of a room's design, most opt for brown, gray, and ivory pieces of furniture because they are the most versatile and least likely to date. After settling on a primary color scheme, all you'll need to do is add a few accent pieces (pillows, throw blankets, etc.) to complete the look. enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home  

Pro tip: Be sure to pick up some extra blankets and pillows when you're out shopping. To achieve a more interesting result, experiment with combining different textures. (i e (Think: plush upholstery, rustic blankets, and cozy wool.) any recurring forms (stripes, checkers, florals, and geometrics) to avoid making everything look too "matchy-matchy" by using the same solid color across the board.

The above mood board was created using the colors found in the artwork ("In Omnia Paratus" Poster), specifically the yellows, blues, and rusts. Yellow accents are a great place to start when trying to give a room a sense of style and cohesion. Since yellow is such a prominent color in the artwork, it's best to play it safe with the rest of your yellow decor, especially since that shade of yellow is already a daring color choice. It's sufficient to complement the artwork with a spray of yellow flowers, a somber/cream-yellow throw blanket, and a subdued, jewel-toned pillow, without looking too "Happy Meal"

Next In place of a boring, neutral sofa, let's have some fun and pick one whose color scheme is similar to that of the blue dress in the artwork, which will instantly elevate the entire room. Remember that a sky blue sofa is unusual and eye-catching, but that a few blue throw pillows on a neutral-colored couch can achieve the same effect. The finishing touch would be to add a rust-colored throw pillow with interesting texture and tassels to complement the vintage red-orange lettering in the artwork.

Harry Potter & Hogsmeade Village Rustic Decorating Ideas
Decorating with Posters, Southwestern Style

High Quality Postera href="!#tab-desc" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">br>

The only visitors are witches and wizards.


Hogsmde Trip Ad as Creative Prompt

Third, color is essential, but you also need to think about design, atmosphere, and overarching story.

While it's simple to find colors that go well together, defining your personal style and the mood you hope to create in a space can be more of a challenge. Take the example of the Högsmde tourist poster from the inspiration board above as an example. In this case, not only would it make a huge difference to pick out decorative items in the ideal color scheme, but it would also have a remarkable effect if you were to create a concept based on the piece of art To do this, consider some of the first words that come to mind when you think of Hogsmeade village (for the "muggles" among you, this artwork is based on the fictional universe from the Harry Potter book series). Wizard of the Ring: Harry Potter series of books) Key elements include a throw blanket and iron candle holders for warmth, a wooden deer head and antler lamp for rustic charm, and a coffee table fashioned from an oak barrel for a tavern-like atmosphere (think "The Three Broomsticks").

Wide Frame vs Slim Frame

Optional Hint: Picking the Perfect Picture Frame

When I take a piece of art to a frame shop, they almost always recommend a frame with extra-wide borders. Many people make this mistake when framing artwork because they assume that the wider the frame, the more attention will be drawn to the piece. Wrong Borders wider than 1 inch (for artwork 24x36 inches or smaller) are unnecessary unless you're going for a very specific Rococo / Baroque style. Too much frame width can detract from the value of your art print and make it look sloppy when displayed on the wall. Does an Exception Exist? And, yes, of course Even more so if you're having your artwork matted and it has a lot of white space around it. But if you want things to be straightforward, just stick to this rule.

New York Travel Poster inspired by Friends

The Piece of Artwork Is A Poster Of New York And Its Black Architectural Frame

Simple and universal, a black wooden frame with a matte finish, flat/clean lines, and a border width of 1" inch or less is your best bet for recreating the look of the vintage-inspired poster prints on WindowShopGal. Easy-going, classic, and elegant, this style works wonderfully with vintage posters.

To achieve a "farmhouse style" or even "boho" look, stray from a modern aesthetic by selecting a rustic finish or stained wood frame. Examples in the images below.   

Cream Boho Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Photographs taken by @SageHillCottage: Hogsmeade Travel Poster, @thelafleurhouse: In Omnia Paratus Heritage Poster, @SageHillCottage: Yule Ball Poster, @thelafleurhouse: Calenzana Frame

Prepare Proposals

Specifically, we need some recommendations for frames. Most of the pictures on are framed in black or one of many different wood finishes using the inexpensive Architect Frame from Frame USA. I have no vested interest in promoting their frame; I simply find it to be of high quality and a good value. My favorite black frame (with real glass) is the Black Tyler Frame from Michael's.

Calenzana Frame, available on Amazon and featured in the aforementioned dreamy Instagram photos, is a rustic wood option with a slightly thicker frame border.

Frame borders should be 1/2 inch wide for 11x17-inch or smaller prints, 3/4 inch wide for 18x24-inch art, and 1 to 2 inches wide for 24x36-inch art.

Best wishes for a festive holiday season of decorating!

Do not hesitate to ask me anything or request further styling advice for your WindowShopGal prints in the comments section below. You can also show me some love on Instagram by tagging me (@WindowShopGal) when you've finished dressing up your posters.

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