Here Are 37 Stunning Wall Decoration Ideas

Consider hanging a large piece of wall art in your living room if you have high ceilings. The most important consideration when shopping for oversized artwork is making sure it will fit on your wall.

Artwork large enough to fill an empty wall can be difficult to come by. Create a gallery wall instead of hanging just a few large pieces. Make sure everything has a common denominator, such as all-natural wood frames, neutral-toned artwork, or black-and-white photographs, to avoid a disorganized appearance.

According to the "rule of threes," which is commonly used in the field of interior design, odd numbers (such as the number 3) are more pleasing to the human eye than even ones. You can show your appreciation for this idea by hanging a trio of related canvases in your living room.

Having built-in bookcases is a great way to fill up a blank wall in your living room. Stacking books in only one color or all neutral tones creates a sleek, unified look.

The inside of most books is white, black, or off-white, so removing the covers is the first step. Turning the books so that the pages are exposed rather than the spines adds more white

Hang a surfboard in your house if you love the beach or just the look of a beach house. An unadorned style (one devoid of prints and bold hues) can ace the look without going overboard.

Check out our Summer Home Decor Guide for more advice on how to achieve a carefree, summery vibe in your own abode.

Hanging a collection of mirrors on the wall is a great way to add visual interest to a living space. If you put it opposite a window, you'll get twice as much light and give the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Check out Parachute's Mirror Decor Ideas & Inspiration guide to find out more about enhancing your home with mirrors.

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Ideas for decorating a high wall There may not be anything more elegant than a rolling ladder leading to shelves that reach the ceiling, whether you're going for a bar in the library style or a bar in the built-in style.

For a quick and easy redesign of a boring wall, temporary wallpaper is an excellent option. The peel-and-stick method of application is much less messy than painting, and it can be removed without leaving any marks on the underlying surface.

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Stenciling is a great alternative to wallpaper for those who want to decorate their walls creatively. This is a great way to breathe life into a boring wall, whether you use mosaic "tiles," an intricate pattern, or something more sparse.

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Draping a dried branch or a piece of driftwood from the wall is a cheap and easy way to add visual interest. Wrap it in fairy lights to take it to the next level; for a cordless effect, use a set that runs on batteries.

Lighting isn't the only benefit of an arching floor lamp. It's a great space-eater that will complement your existing artwork in the living room.

Use a map whenever possible. The large world maps are great for decorating walls because they are classic, practical, and often come in neutral colors.

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Shelving that is both minimal in appearance and in function can help you achieve this ideal in your dining room. When you only have one thing on each shelf, built-ins or floating shelves can look elegant and sophisticated.

It's not necessary for wall art to represent a concrete thing. Don't overlook simple designs like monochrome velvet or a pared-down abstract print when searching for large wall decor pieces.

In this Minimalist Bedroom Guide, we'll teach you everything you need to know to get started with minimalism in your own home.

Large dining room walls can benefit from a variety of decorative approaches. A void can be filled with a carefully curated assortment of items such as a credenza, planters, artwork, framed pictures, floating shelves, free-standing shelving units, floor lamps, sconces, mirrors, and stools.

Wall hooks are a great way to add style and practicality to your hallway or foyer. A sophisticated look can be achieved with either a single peg or a cluster of hooks.

Two-tone walls are a simple and inexpensive way to add visual interest to an otherwise bland room in your house. Dual paint colors can render wall art superfluous if they have enough contrast or texture.

Accent colors are fine, but they aren't required any longer because of the prevalence of plants in the modern home. Think about installing a floating shelf and covering it with climbing plants. Vines will quickly cover the area.

Stumped as to which houseplant will thrive in your conditions? Read the Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air Guide to learn more.

A large headboard can eliminate the need for wall decor above the mattress. Beds with a stately appearance can be achieved with vertical wood planks, velvet upholstery, or a tufted design that sets the tone for the rest of the bedroom's furnishings.

There is no headboard. No problem An easy-to-install floating shelf can serve as a decorative accent and help you maintain your bed's centered position in the room.

You can get some wall decoration inspiration while shopping for new bedside lamps if you choose to hang some sconces on your walls. Although exposed cords have their place in industrial design schemes, they may be better wired to reduce their visibility.

For those who prefer a more bohemian aesthetic, macramé wall hangings are a great option for adorning a bedroom wall. The natural off-white hue works well with both pure white and other neutrals, while also adding texture and visual interest to your space.

Check out our post on designing and decorating a white bedroom for more information on using white in your home.

What about installing a sizable dreamcatcher over your bed? You won't find another wall decoration quite like this one anywhere else.

Want additional bedroom wall decoration ideas with a bohemian vibe? Covering a large area of wall with a tapestry is an excellent way to add warmth and character, and it also makes a functional decorative statement. Also, the price is usually much lower compared to that of classic artwork.

Wood paneling may conjure images of a dingy, out-of-date room. Thin vertical strips of bamboo or light oak wood, however, installed on a single wall, create a lighter, brighter, more modern effect.

Consider painted vertical wall paneling in place of a wood finish. Use narrow strips in a dark color, such as charcoal, olive, navy, or black.

Few years ago, colored accent walls were all the rage. Textured paint is a more up-to-date version of this style, which is still quite fashionable. To create the illusion of depth, you can use a sponge or a brush dipped in two contrasting colors.

Check out our Trending Bedroom Colors guide if you're looking for some inspiration for your own home or bedroom paint job.

A more traditional look can be achieved with paneled walls, making them suitable for both bedrooms and living rooms. It's often unnecessary to hang traditional paintings or photographs on the wall because of the extra depth.

There's no denying the sophistication of panels aligned vertically or horizontally, but a geometric pattern will really make an impression.

Hang wallpaper on all four walls of a room instead of using it as an accent. Choose a soft check or dot pattern in neutral colors to avoid looking too busy.

You probably wouldn't think of a hat as bedroom wall decor, but you'd be wrong. The best way to showcase your hat collection is to stick to showcasing just a handful of hats that are all of a similar style or color.

Choose a blanket ladder if you need wall ideas for either side of a window in your bedroom or living room. They are available in a variety of heights and serve as a convenient storage solution for additional blankets.

Our Guide to Quilts, Blankets, and Coverlets goes into greater detail about these bedding options.

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This tile pattern is a beautiful choice for bathroom walls or backsplashes, and it was inspired by the skeletal structures of herring fish.

Horizontal shiplap may be the way to go if you like farmhouse style but want to avoid a kitschy appearance. Subtle, timeless, and adaptable best describe it.

Even fake wood looks better than real wood Laminate or vinyl planks are less expensive and can pass for real wood flooring here.

Vertical planks are an alternative to shiplap that can be used for a more modern look on the walls. This style of interior design is adaptable to a wide variety of spaces.

It's fine to leave some walls unadorned when decorating your home. "Negative space," as it's known in the field of interior design, is an essential component of a well-balanced design scheme.

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