Here Are 16 Creative Ways to Adorn the Wall Over Your Couch

Every living room has a focal point, and that wall space above the sofa is prime real estate for creative expression. But how do you decorate a room if you have no idea what would look good there? Start by thinking about what you want, gathering ideas, and collecting pictures of rooms that inspire

Every living room has a focal point, and that wall space above the sofa is prime real estate for creative expression. But how do you decorate a room if you have no idea what would look good there?

Start by thinking about what you want, gathering ideas, and collecting pictures of rooms that inspire you. Then, all that's left to do is pick the one that works best in your home.

"For instance, if your living room already has a lot of artwork on the walls, a floating shelf to display some of your favorite books and plants would be a great way to maximize vertical storage area and add something interesting to that wall." said Mackenzie Collier Interiors' Dai'Jah Wroten. However, if you feel like your living room is lacking in color and texture, hanging some artwork over your couch is a great place to start. "

Helping you figure out what to hang over your couch is our mission. Here are sixteen of our favorite decorating suggestions; one of them is bound to work for you. Are you prepared to be moved?

Oversized mirror
Credit: Kitta Bodmer for the photographs of Allison Smith Design

Living room space can be visually expanded with the help of mirrors by reflecting light and creating an airy appearance. It is recommended to hang mirrors opposite aesthetically pleasing or calming objects so that their reflections can have the desired effect.

Mirrors placed opposite or close to windows will reflect natural light and visually expand the room. However, artwork and other decorative elements are also excellent choices.

In the above oversized mirror, for instance, we can make out artwork and a tiny window. The mirror is propped up against the wall, and the floor lamp in front of it will cast an even brighter light thanks to the reflection. Or, to illuminate your living space, you could place a pair of sconces on either side of your oversize mirror.

A large mirror can be hung above a sofa or leant against a wall, as shown here. Both methods produce a striking appearance that is sure to attract attention.

2 - Art Exhibit Wall

Gallery Wall

Anna Franklin advocated the picture-frame gallery above the couch. Recently, gallery walls have gained a lot of popularity and are now commonly used as a design element in many homes.

Putting a chalkboard or other nontraditional piece next to your framed posters can add visual interest and diversity to your gallery wall. You could combine a mirror with a grouping of framed paintings and a tapestry, or a collection of baskets or wall plates with a smattering of paintings and a lone tapestry.

Choose furniture and accents from the same color family for a unified look. And before you hang anything on the wall, arrange your gallery on the floor to see how it will look.

A pro tip is to consider making a basket gallery wall in a bohemian style.

Thirdly, One Huge Work of Art

Large Art

"I have been really enjoying the use of oversized artwork to decorate the space above a sofa," Dai'Jah Wroten said to Living Cozy. Because it occupies so much of the wall, it both makes a bold statement and gives the impression of more space. "

The entire room can be transformed by hanging one large artwork over the couch. If you're updating an existing living room, choose an accent that harmonizes with the room's color scheme. If you are starting from scratch with a room's decor, you could also take inspiration from the colors in your large painting.

The rule of thumb is that bigger is better, as long as the painting isn't bigger than the sofa. Given the size of a room in relation to the width of a wall and the length of a sofa, you probably want to hang something substantial over it. I agree with Alison Smith that "8x10 photos aren't going to cut it."

4 Stackable Shelving


The addition of a few large shelves above the sofa can give the room more depth, dimension, and potential uses. Even if you don't have room for a console table, you can add useful storage by installing a shelf unit behind your sofa.

You could use them as bookshelves for a traditional library design, or you could go for a sleeker, more contemporary look. Above the couch, you can see a nest of framed artwork, mementos from past trips, books, vases, and a potted plant.

Keep the room's color scheme in mind when selecting items to put on shelves above your sofa, as this will help tie the space together. When you get up from the couch, make sure the back is not against the wall so that you don't hit your head on the shelves.

Feature Wall

Amy Stansfield, writing for Living Cozy, said, "One of my favorite options is creating a feature wall behind the sofa," and we couldn't agree more. Feature walls, also called accent walls, are a great way to inject some vibrancy into an otherwise monochromatic interior.

Pick a shade that complements the rest of the room's decor, and don't be afraid to experiment with dark or bold hues. The living room in this modern home features a gem-toned accent wall and dramatic lighting. All that's needed to finish the look are the white walls, colorful furnishings, and understated accessories.

While renters rarely get the chance to have a "painted" feature wall, occasionally the landlord will throw them a bone. Place your sofa in front of a brick or wood-paneled wall in your living room, and accessorize with colors that complement the brick or wood.

Position a Map in a Frame

Map above sofa

Do you have an insatiable desire to see the world and constantly plot your next trip? Can you think of a location that holds some sort of significance for you, or In that case, you could hang a map over your couch for instant international flair.

You could do what this person did and hang a vintage map over your couch, or you could channel your inner explorer and go with something like a scratch-off map to mark your travels. Also, when selecting a map for your living room, remember to think about the room's existing color scheme.

Lots of Big Artwork

Artwork above sofa
Image by Kitta Bodmer, credit Allison Smith Design

The hanging of several large pieces of wall art above a sofa can give off a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. In addition, sticking to a single group of paintings makes it simple to achieve harmony. This lovely sitting area is proof that the style is at its best when the pieces are arranged symmetrically.

Large paintings can be hung vertically in a row, or you can make a grid of four or six canvases, two rows high. Moreover, in terms of proportions, your arrangement should be no wider than two-thirds the width of your sofa and no narrower than the full width of your sofa.

Choose artwork with similar sizes and colors if you can't find a matching set to create a harmonious display.

You should hang the artwork four to six inches above the back of your sofa for optimal viewing. In addition, it is important to select paintings that complement the color scheme of the living room.

Wall Clock, No. 8

Wall Clock above sofa

Timepieces that hang on the wall are a classic accessory that never go out of style. From the bare minimum to the cutting edge, and everywhere in between, you can find it all online.

To command attention, place your wall clock slightly above eye level. To avoid having the wall clock overpower the room, leave some white space around it when you frame it, as shown here.

9. Specialized or Decorative Lamps

Lamp behind sofa

Living room lighting is a great way to show off your personal style while also serving a practical purpose. There are lights designed to shed light on specific tasks, others that create a general atmosphere, and yet others that serve as decorative highlights for paintings or other wall hangings.

Multiple sources of light give this spacious apartment a range of functional options. Also, take note of how the light furnishings and white walls of this living room create the illusion of more space and warmth.

Place a floor lamp next to your sofa (or even behind it, if there's enough room). To add to the cozy atmosphere of your living space, we suggest using light bulbs with a warm color temperature.

An LED strip installed behind the couch is a great choice if you're looking for a creative lighting solution. If you can get your hands on a flat, flexible strip, you can use your imagination to hang it in any form that makes you happy and swooshy.

Fabrics, or Textiles, Ten.

Photo by Delbarr Moradi Photography for the Maggie Stephens Interiors project

Maggie Stephens: "I love to do something unexpected, like a large textile." It's a cheap method of producing something massive. "

There's been a recent uptick in the popularity of textile wall art, and with good reason. Above your couch, you could hang a handmade macramé wall hanging, rug, or woven tapestry. No matter what you pick, your home will have more dimension, texture, and personality thanks to it.

Large textile wall hangings look great over sofas, especially sectionals and oversized sofas, when you have a lot of wall space. To avoid making a small room look even smaller and more closed in, try hanging two or three smaller textile pieces instead.

As Maggie mentioned before, hanging a large textile or several smaller ones can be done for a reasonable price. Additionally, you can get inspired to make your own macrame artwork, quits, and woven tapestries. If you're looking for a large discounted textile, another option is to peruse thrift stores or go online and look for sales.

Sound insulation between apartment neighbors can be improved by hanging a large textile in the living room. These decorative wall hangings can serve a dual purpose of adding warmth to your home and looking good while doing it.

To emphasize a room, build an accent wall.

Accent Wall behind sofa

Putting in an accent wall in your living room is a great way to add visual interest and dimension to the room without making it feel claustrophobic. This is a great alternative for people who rent but would like to add a feature wall.

With this method, you can add a touch of nature to your space in a variety of ways, from installing a large panel like the one seen here behind the neutral-colored sofa to creating your own moss wall. Find something with a big pattern in neutral or natural colors to create harmony in your room.

Visit a local antique shop to find one-of-a-kind privacy panels and room dividers to use as decorative features on your walls.

12 - Wallcoverings

Wallpaper above sofa
Bobbi Beck is due credit for this.

In case you haven't noticed, wallpaper is currently experiencing something of a renaissance, and its popularity is only expected to grow as more and more interior designers embrace the trend. The wall behind the sofa is often used as an accent wall in contemporary homes, with wallpaper serving as a source of color, pattern, and styling.

James Mellan-Matulewicz says, "Wallpaper can be a great backdrop for a sofa, adding depth and interest to a blank wall." If the wallpaper has a bold pattern, you can probably just leave it as is. Layers of depth can be added with prints or artwork if it's on the understated side. "

This image depicts a wall that is so striking that it doesn't even need any artwork to make a statement.

The Thirteenth Type of Abstract Art

Abstract art above sofa
All photos by Kitta Bodmer, courtesy of Allison Smith Design.

If you're looking to inject some life into your living room, abstract art is a great option that can be found in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. In this instance, we see abstract geometric patterns set against natural color palettes, lending the space a sense of vitality and individuality.

Take note of how the mirror reflects the artwork above the sofa and amplifies its effect from this vantage point. The geometric patterns on the poufs are a direct reference to the artwork hanging over the couch. The pattern continues on the throw pillows and the area rug.

Here, a striking piece of abstract art serves as the focal point of the room's design. Pick your favorite abstract piece first and build the rest of the room around it when redecorating a living room from scratch.

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Plants above sofa

Plants belong in every home because they take up so little space. Decorating the wall above your couch with houseplants is a simple way to inject life, color, texture, and depth into the area. Even if houseplants don't help purify the air, they're still nice to look at every day.

A large olive tree stands to one side of the room, and a shelf of plants sits behind the sofa, making for a nice variety of greenery. Noticing how the plants and artwork work together to add visual interest to the space.

You can put several large houseplants behind your sofa or add a tall plant or tree to a shelf full of smaller plants.

If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry; fake plants will give you the same effect. To keep them looking good, dust them frequently.

Shelves that float on water

Floating shelves above sofa

Floating shelves with neatly arranged objects on top are a personal favorite of mine. Photographs of loved ones, travel mementos, or a decorative candle According to Amy Stansfield, CEO of WallSauce, "these are personal and far from generic, making your home unique."

Floating shelves provide visual stability and additional storage above your sofa. And while paintings and other wall hangings look lovely above a couch, they are not nearly as adaptable.

A set of sturdy floating shelves, like the ones shown here, can do double duty as display space and design accents in your living room. In addition, those who are always switching things up will appreciate how easy it is to rearrange their shelves and experiment with new wall hangings.

Advice: Pull the sofa out from the wall so you don't constantly bump your head on the floating shelves when you get up.

Avoid Using Blanks in Sentences

Blank wall above sofa
Kitta Bodmer's photographs are credited to Allison Smith Design.

Interior designer Alison Smith suggested, "Also think about just leaving the wall blank." "You may not need to style behind the sofa, depending on the room's style and the other things that are going on in there." "

As you can see, sometimes you don't even need a decorative above your sofa to make a room look beautiful; designer Allison Smith is responsible for the above space. Leaving some wall space in your living room empty can help the space feel more open and tranquil.

If you prefer a spare appearance or are limited by a small space, this is a great option for you. Blank space can help to keep all the focus on your statement piece sofa if you have a beautiful sectional like the one in the image above that deserves to be the room's focal point.

An easy way to make your living room seem more spacious is to paint it white and let in as much natural light as possible. You can give it a shot if you have a small space to work with.

In what proportion should a picture over a sofa be hung?

Any decorative pieces you choose to display should be at least two-thirds the width of your sofa. A well-balanced point of interest can then be established.

However, interior design isn't bound by any strict regulations. To make the most of a large wall, some decorators make their creations nearly as wide as a sofa. In addition, some people hang wall hangings that are only a third of the width of their sofa. Thus, the responsibility lies with you.

Here are the opinions of those in the know:

  • One of the most common errors I see is hanging an item that is too small for the room. Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective, suggests that "the piece, whatever it may be, should generally be about two-thirds the width of the sofa," whether it be one large piece or a series of smaller pieces combined.
  • According to interior designer Dai'Jah Wroten, "one mistake many people make when decorating above their sofa is hanging something too small." Whatever you decide to hang over your settee should cover at least two-thirds of the surface area of your couch. Also, if you plan on hanging a shelf, make sure it has a shallow profile and is installed at a height that will prevent you from hitting your noggin on it. "

You can create a gallery wall or a multi-piece grid arrangement with several pieces of art and wall decor if you want to hang something that is significantly smaller than your sofa.

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