Helpful Advice for Decorating with an Ottoman Tray

Do you want to draw more attention to the ottoman, footstool, or coffee table that serves as the focal point of your living room? Learn how to make your ottoman tray the conversation piece of your living room with the simple advice provided in this post. That which is beautiful to the eye and serves a practical purpose Let's get this show on the road, shall we...

Living room try with accessories on with title overlay

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The ottoman in my living room is one of my favorite things.

True Love

So, you see, I was having a hard time filling the enormous void in the middle of the room with anything suitable.

I didn't want a hard, cold surface, so a glass or metal coffee table was out.

I also wanted something that could be pulled up to the couch and used as a footstool while watching movies and the like, so it had to be plush and big enough to accommodate both of our feet without provoking any arguments.

Ways to Pick the Perfect Ottoman

  • Find a shape that complements the room's layout (round tables are more casual, while rectangular tables work well in longer rooms and square tables work well in square rooms or as the focal point of a seating area).
  • Choose a color that will unify the space (you don't want something that will clash, and a neutral will serve you well through any future changes in decor).
  • Choose a topic that piques your curiosity (a pattern, a texture, an intricate detail, etc.).
  • Choosing a larger ottoman than you think you need is a good idea (for some reason, the bigger the ottoman, the better it looks in a living room). Consider how the homes depicted in glossy magazines typically feature a sizable coffee table or ottoman in the center of the room.

With this in mind, I did a lot of research. ), here are a few examples of the lovely ones available: -

3 footstools

1. Two Grey Maddox Geo Poufs Linen Round Pouf, Extra Large: 3 Available in the Hampton Collection Branagh Ottoman, side note: I also have a small chair from the Bouji collection, and it's just as lovely. }

...and after much thought, I've settled on the perfect one for us. Here comes the Branagh stool...

Living room in neutral colours


I've had this for a long time, and several of my friends have bought it after seeing me wear it and falling in love with it. because it's an integral part of the room's overall aesthetic and helps tie everything together

So, naturally, I was elated. Extremely elated... Maybe a little too engrossed to have looked away for too long... yet I stray

My next move was to enhance its already considerable utility. I'm all for things having to earn their keep in my house, so I have no problem forcing them to And that was the point: to make it multipurpose enough to serve as a coffee table as well

Putting a tray on top seemed like the next logical step since I didn't want to bring in any more furniture (clutter warning).

Putting a Tray in There Isn't Necessary

  • It's very convenient for a living room because a tray can be removed easily when not in use and carried to and from the kitchen when guests are present and there are many drinks, snacks, etc.
  • This coffee table provides a stable and level surface for setting down your drinks in the living room.
  • It's a spot to keep the things you cherish and regularly enjoy viewing or using.
  • It's a nice addition to the space and can house everything you need.

Numerous Arguments

Methods for Ordering a Tray

  • For maximum effect, mimic the ottoman's form. If you want a round ottoman, etc., you should dress the part.
  • Either invest in a single sizable tray, or a number of smaller ones that can be joined together to create the illusion of a much larger one (this is helpful if you need both a removable accessory tray and a removable tray for drinks).
  • Put handles on it so it can be carried around easily.
  • Combine different shades and materials Since an ottoman is plush, you can add visual interest by pairing it with a hard material like wood, metal, mirror** glass, etc. Use the things already there as a jumping off point for your design.

After considering all of this, I was able to locate the ideal square tray while shopping online...

When I bought it, it was just a plain pine tray, but after following the steps in this post, I painted it a gorgeous black color and gave it a slightly aged look (with some elbow grease and sandpaper). )

Living room with ottoman and tray
Ottoman with tray. Chair and plant - all in a living room of neutral colours

Everything was starting to click into place.

I thought I'd throw in a few extra ideas by showing you some other trays I have around the house that could be used as well, each with their own unique look and feel. …

3 pictures of an ottoman with different trays on top to give options

First, I use this tray. Black is great because it acts as a blank canvas that draws attention to the elements I choose to highlight. Because of its square form, it is reminiscent of an ottoman.

Normally displayed in my kitchen, this chalkboard sign's colors and materials make them ideal for this space; I may switch it out seasonally.

Three, demonstrating how a variety of smaller trays can be arranged to make a bigger one

Ottoman Tray Presentation

Now comes the exciting part—the styling, which will ultimately determine how successful this central element will be.

Several factors make this a great time: -

  • Alter your appearance to suit the changing of the seasons.
  • Compatible with a wide range of interior design styles
  • Since it's cheap and simple to change, the room always looks and feels new.
  • Consider incorporating a motif into the room.

There are literally countless ways to dress up a tray like this, so I decided to experiment with mine to give you some inspiration.

tray on ottoman with daffodils and orchid on top

A look like this is perfect for the springtime. It has a lighter tray, which helps illuminate the space, and some fresh flowers for spring. What I like most about it is the box itself, which is a beautiful container originally intended for a candle and now housing my remote controls. The most ideal method of stowing them away while still having easy access

A vase with color and/or texture can be used to amplify the visual appeal of your arrangement.

living room with ottoman and tray on top with daffodils and remotes in a basket

Another beautiful springtime arrangement, this time using even more books as a touch of greenery to complement the daffodils. Now that I have everything neatly organized in a small basket, it doesn't look nearly as cluttered as it did before. The following image is a variation in the same style, but taken from above...

living room tray from overhead

COFFEE TABLE BOOKS have been added to this ensemble. Books like these are perfect for passing the time or sharing with guests. I like to switch these up with the seasons, as you can see by my current focus on walking books and travel destinations.

the top of an ottoman with trays on top containing flowers, books and candles.

Here we are in Summertime at last! The use of a few trays creates a relaxed atmosphere. This is a great concept because it allows me to use a variety of smaller trays from around the house to make a beautiful arrangement. The fact that the books are displayed on the ottoman adds a nice touch to the overall style. From above, as shown in the following images: -

overhead shot of an ottoman with trays and accessories on it

This next style is perfect for the fall season. The plant is fake, but it's a great way to keep some greenery in the room even though the autumn months don't provide ideal lighting conditions. As before, I've used the box to stow away the remote controls, but this time I opted to use mirrored glass as coasters to reflect light around the room.

Living room with greenery and tray on ottoman

One final thing: my take on a winter outfit

If I had a huge collection of candles, I could light them on cold winter evenings and feel instantly more at ease. Still, the candles are the main attraction; I have added some greenery and a small cactus for texture, as well as a small textured tray atop the larger textured tray, etc.

Living room tray on ottoman filled with candles

A great way to add height and texture to your candlescape is to use a wide variety of candleholders. There's nothing more frustrating than settling into an ottoman only to realize you're staring at the back of an item.

These small trays are ideal for effortlessly incorporating the trendy copper finish into your decor.

Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Ottoman Tray

I really hope you've been inspired to give these styles a shot.

These are some additional tips to keep in mind as you work to develop a personal, effective style: -

  • Bring in some plant life for a breath of fresh air (fake is fine if there's not enough light for real plants).
  • Including objects of varying heights in the room's design will help to create visual interest while also ensuring that everyone in the room can see each other and the television. ) I Build up in height by stacking objects digital books embellished with a physical item
  • Do not forget to make a spot for drinks to rest
  • Make use of storage to keep items like remote controls organized and within easy reach.
  • Include some eye-catching features to make it more appealing to the eye.
  • Consider the use of different colors, materials, and designs.
  • Put some thought into illumination and coziness by using candles.
  • Don't cram too much in there; less is more.
  • In order to put your feet up on the ottoman and still have room for the tray, you can offset it.
  • The ottoman's tray could serve as a surface for some of your belongings, while the rest of the ottoman could hold larger books or other items.
  • If you don't want it to attract unnecessary clutter, keep it clear!
Ottoman tray styled with accessories - with post title wording overlay

Having something so versatile and aesthetically pleasing in our home is a blessing. It has countless practical applications and is a lot of fun to decorate; you'll never run out of creative styling possibilities.

Why not experiment with it in the comfort of your own home and see what you can come up with? Please share a photo of the finished product in the Facebook group so I can admire your hard work...

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