Harvest-inspired Thanksgiving Table Decor: Pumpkins, Pears, and Autumn Accents

Looking to spice up your Thanksgiving table decor this year? Get ready to be inspired by these creative and budget-friendly ideas that will make your table the envy of all your guests. From modern farmhouse to cozy country styles, we've got you covered. Whether you're a fan of pumpkins and pears or prefer a more natural and rustic look, this article has everything you need to create a stunning Thanksgiving table that will leave your guests in awe. So, let's dive in and discover the endless possibilities for your Thanksgiving table decor!


Pumpkins and Pears


thanksgiving centerpieceThe combination of golden pears and leafy branches creates an elegant centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Lauren Shaver from Bless'er House Blog shares her quick and easy method. She gathered leafy branches from her own backyard and arranged them around candlesticks in the center of the table. To add a touch of natural beauty, she included some pears in the mix. As a final touch, she used magnolia leaves from her own tree as place cards, writing each guest's name with silver permanent marker.


Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Colorful Fall Leaves


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DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece with colorful fall leavesCreate a stunning Thanksgiving centerpiece in just 10 minutes using beautiful fall foliage and greenery from your own backyard. Simply arrange them in a wooden crate for an easy and practically free centerpiece. You can find a step-by-step tutorial here, along with a helpful video.


Modern Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decorations


birch pillar candles are so pretty among pastel green and white pumpkinsEnhance your Thanksgiving table with the beauty of birch pillar candles interspersed among pastel green and white pumpkins. Check out the lovely inspiration from 2 Ladies and a Chair here.


Inexpensive & Natural Table Centerpiece for Fall and Thanksgiving


Inexpensive & natural table centerpiece for fall and Thanksgiving using citrus garland with candles and citrus place cardsCelebrate the autumn season with a vibrant and affordable table centerpiece. Utilize citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, along with candles and citrus place cards. Anna Bode provides a detailed tutorial on creating this stunning centerpiece here.


Autumn Harvest Thanksgiving Table Decorations


Some of the most exquisite Thanksgiving table settings feature harvest-themed decor and centerpieces.

Autumn harvest Thanksgiving table decorations with apples, pears, figs, grapes, nuts, vegetables like artichokes, squash, mixed with flowers!Celebrate the abundance of the season with a stunning display of apples, pears, figs, grapes, nuts, and vegetables like artichokes and squash, mixed with beautiful flowers. Find inspiration here.

Thanksgiving table runner style garland made with fruits and flowersArrange a stunning table runner style garland composed of fruits and flowers. Alternatively, display all the edible and floral elements on a tiered stand. Find a helpful tutorial here.


Artistic Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving Table


stunning mix of fall harvest table decor and vintage platesElevate your Thanksgiving table with a stunning mix of fall harvest decor and vintage plates. Take inspiration from this beautiful arrangement featuring bright purple cauliflowers, eggplants, root vegetables, French green pumpkins, wheat stalks, and mushrooms. See the stunning result here.


Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor with Apples and Pine Cones


Simple Thanksgiving table decor with apples and pine conesCreate an easy and beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table using a vintage wooden dough bowl. Incorporate Granny Smith apples, mini pumpkins, and figs in various shades of green. Mix in chartreuse flowers and pine cones for a rustic farmhouse touch. Enhance the setting with green linen napkins. Find more inspiration here.


Make a Thanksgiving Topiary Centerpiece with Apples or Pine Cones


DIY pine cone topiary for farmhouse and modern table decorElevate your Thanksgiving table decor with a DIY pine cone topiary. Gather plenty of pinecones to create this stunning centerpiece, which can complement various styles from farmhouse to modern. Discover a variety of pine cone decor and crafts here.

red apple topiary for Thanksgiving and ChristmasFor a playful touch, create a red apple topiary filled with boxwood sprigs as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. This charming decoration adds a festive vibe without occupying too much space. Find a tutorial here.


Thanksgiving Table Settings with Decorated Pumpkins


Personalize your Thanksgiving table by painting or decoupaging pumpkins to make them extra special.

Thanksgiving table settings with decorated blue and white pumpkinsEmbrace a traditional elegance with table settings featuring decorated blue and white pumpkins along with matching dinnerware. Complete the look with gorgeous gold flatware. Find inspiration here.

Thanksgiving pumpkin decorations painted navy, light blue and goldCreate a striking impact with painted navy, light blue, and gold pumpkin decorations that perfectly complement white and dark navy dinnerware sets. Find inspiration here.


Modern Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


modern Thanksgiving table is decorated with painted gold pumpkinsFor a stylish and modern Thanksgiving table, adorn it with an array of painted gold pumpkins, pine cones, candle holders, and a coordinating table runner. Discover more inspiration here.

metallic painted pumpkins table centerpieceAdd a touch of magic to your metallic painted pumpkins by incorporating string lights. Discover more inspiration here.


How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Table with Candles and Pumpkins


How to decorate a Thanksgiving table with candles and pumpkinsCreate a cozy and inviting ambiance for your Thanksgiving table by incorporating heirloom pumpkins, candles, and a mix of earthy colors. Beautifully styled by Ella Claire.


DIY Natural Thanksgiving Table Decorating Ideas


unique DIY log candle holder with fall leaves, mini pumpkins and gourds on Thanksgiving tableEmbrace nature with a unique DIY log candle holder adorned with fall leaves, mini pumpkins, and gourds. Follow the detailed instructions from Jenna Burger to create stunning natural Thanksgiving table decorations.


Vintage Farmhouse Easy Thanksgiving Table Settings


Vintage farmhouse Thanksgiving table settings with grain sack table linen and rustic wood trayInfuse an elegant vintage farmhouse style into your Thanksgiving table settings with the charm of grain sack table linen and a rustic wood tray. Keep it simple and affordable by incorporating a few white pumpkins with words of celebration. Find a helpful tutorial here.

beautiful no carve pumpkin decorating for fall and ThanksgivingExplore creative and no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas to add unique touches to your Thanksgiving celebrations. Discover a variety of options here.


Mix Patterns and Textures in Table Settings


round table decorated for Thanksgiving with metallic stripe runner, gold glitter placemats, gold pumpkins, candles, and linensCreate an eye-catching Thanksgiving table by incorporating a mix of patterns and textures. Add a metallic stripe runner, gold glitter placemats, gold pumpkins, candles, and linens. Discover more inspiration here.

table setting inspired by autumn colorsEmbrace the warm and inviting hues of autumn with a table setting inspired by the colors of the season. Combine orange and white checker pattern placemats with mini orange and white pumpkins. Find inspiration here.


Modern Glam Thanksgiving Table Decor


Modern glam Thanksgiving table decorAchieve a modern and glamorous Thanksgiving table decor by creating contrast between a dark wood table and soft green pumpkins. Dark green leaf garland and gold chargers serve as elegant accents. Discover more inspiration here.


Coastal Style Thanksgiving Table Decorations


White pumpkins and blue plates Coastal style Thanksgiving table decorationsEmbrace a coastal style for your Thanksgiving table by incorporating white pumpkins and blue plates. This refreshing combination adds a touch of tranquility to your farmhouse table. Discover more inspiration here.


Cozy Country Style Thanksgiving Table Decor


Cozy country style Thanksgiving table decorCreate a cozy country style for your Thanksgiving table by incorporating oak leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and candles. Complete the look with a plaid tablecloth for a touch of rustic charm. Find inspiration here.


Colorful Table Decor with Festive Napkins


Add a vibrant touch to your Thanksgiving table decor with colorful napkins.

Colorful napkins have the power to make a big impact with minimal effort.

simple green garland and orange napkinsCreate a festive table decor by starting with a simple green garland mixed with seasonal blooms. Enhance the look with lovely orange napkins for a pop of color.


Easy Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving table with purple napkins and magnolia centerpieceCreate an elegant Thanksgiving centerpiece using purple napkins and a magnolia garland. Bouquets of flowers add a touch of natural beauty to the table. Don't worry if your plates don't match perfectly. Apartment 34 shows you how to mix and match and play with color to create a stunning Thanksgiving table.


Colorful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


Colorful Thanksgiving table decor ideasIf you have a colorful and exuberant style, embrace it in your Thanksgiving table decor. Create a happy mix of treasures in your life by incorporating mini pumpkins, ribbon bows, and unique collections of plates. Find inspiration from Dimples and Tangles here.


Enhance Your Thanksgiving Table with Artificial Decorations


artificial fall garland and pumpkinsEven with artificial fall garland and pumpkins, you can create a visually stunning table setting by incorporating elements that possess a beautiful variety of shapes and colors. For excellent inspiration, visit Inspired by Charm.


Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Thanksgiving Table Decor


Edible Thanksgiving table decor ideas with citrus garlandEmbrace the beauty of fruits and vegetables from your garden or the grocery store as decorations for your Thanksgiving table. An added bonus is that these natural decorations can be enjoyed as delicious treats after the festivities. Discover a helpful tutorial at Hey Let’s Make Stuff.


Create a Charming Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table


Beautiful farmhouse Thanksgiving table decorations with soft blue and white pumpkinsCraft an elegant yet rustic Thanksgiving table setting using soft blue and white pumpkins, along with olive or eucalyptus branches and rust gold autumn berries. Detailed instructions can be found at House Becomes Home.


Add a Touch of Rustic Modernity to Your Thanksgiving Table


rustic Modern Thanksgiving table settings with flower arrangementsElevate your fall and Thanksgiving table with a stunning combination of cozy earth tones, predominantly white flowers, and a color palette featuring shades of blue, gray, and copper. Explore the captivating design at Sugar and Charm.


Experiment with Patterns for a Unique Tabletop


centerpieceAs demonstrated by Justina Blakeney, you don't need to break the bank to create a visually striking centerpiece. Blakeney ingeniously repurposed leftover wallpaper to fashion an appealing table runner. Complemented by colored glasses, dramatic flowers, and metallic pumpkins, this bohemian-inspired setup is sure to captivate.



Add Personal Touches with Creative DIY Place Cards


salt dough DIY Thanksgiving place cardsInfuse charm into your Thanksgiving table by incorporating small creative details like these salt dough name tags. For inspiration and instructions, visit Driven by Decor.

mini Rosemary wreath place cardsMake your guests feel warmly welcomed with delightful Rosemary wreath place cards. Follow the tutorial at Spoon Fork Bacon.

lush green and white Thanksgiving table settingImmerse yourself in a lush green and white Thanksgiving table setting that incorporates playful details like mini chalkboard place cards and twig place mats. Discover the detailed tutorial at Home Stories A to Z.

beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations & easy DIY centerpiece ideas with colorful fall leaves, pumpkins, flowers, oranges, & candles.To fully embrace the beauty of fall and Thanksgiving, embark on a journey of crafting beautiful and easy decor using autumn leaves. Explore 20 tutorials here!

Harvest-inspired Thanksgiving Table Decor: Pumpkins, Pears, and Autumn AccentsWe hope these ideas have sparked your creativity! Happy creating! 🙂

As you gather around the table with loved ones this Thanksgiving, why not make a statement with your decor? From simple and natural centerpieces made from pumpkins and pears to modern farmhouse arrangements with colorful fall leaves, there are endless possibilities to create a visually stunning display. Whether you're aiming for a vintage farmhouse vibe or a coastal chic style, mix patterns and textures or opt for a rustic modern look, the options are truly endless. Don't forget to add a touch of creativity with DIY place cards and festive napkins. So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild as you design a Thanksgiving table that will leave your guests in awe.

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