Guide to Using Candles as Décor in Every Room of Your Home

Candles not only add a pleasant aroma to a room, but they can also serve as lovely accent pieces. Since candles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, they can be used in virtually any decorative context. How to use candles as a decorative element in each and every room of your house is covered in this article.

A Few Quick Pointers on Using Candles as Décor

  • Take extra care around candles if there are children in the house, and never leave a lit candle unattended. LED candles are a safer alternative that can be used instead of traditional candles.
  • It's not a good idea to use a wide variety of scented candles in the same space, as the resulting aroma may be overwhelming.
  • It's fun to experiment with seasonal scents like pumpkin spice in the fall, gingerbread and peppermint at Christmas, and many others, in addition to the suggestions on this list.

Using Candles as Kitchen Décor

How To Decorate With Candles - Pink Candle

Candles with a Pleasant Scent for the Cooking Area

  • Citrus fruits, in general
  • A spice like cinnamon or another
  • Candles that smell like baked goods, like cookies and pies

The Art of Kitchen Candle Decoration

Candles are a lovely addition to a kitchen, but it's important to make sure they go with the rest of the decor. Put candles in lanterns and set them out on the table or island for ambiance if your kitchen is rustic in design.

Fit the hues of your kitchen's decor into the candle holders you choose. Smaller candles can be placed strategically around a room with limited counter space. To keep your kitchen smelling nice without taking up too much room, try using these.

A candle chandelier is another option for kitchen lighting. You can hang this up in the kitchen and it will serve as a beautiful focal point over a table or island.

Candles as a centerpiece in the dining room

How To Decorate With Candles - Dining Room Candle Sticks

Candles with Scents for the Dining Room

How to Use Candles as Table Centerpieces

Candles are a great way to set the mood and complete the look of your table, whether you have a formal or informal dining room. In order to avoid distracting aromas while you and your guests are eating, unscented candles are the best choice for a dining room table.

Add some greenery and tall candlesticks or candleholders for a more elegant and sophisticated feel. You can use a tray or a long, skinny box to turn the candles into a sweeping centerpiece.

Choose the shorter cylinder candles for a more laid-back atmosphere at the table. These can be combined with other elements to create a stunning centerpiece.

Using Candles as a Design Element in the Living Room

How To Decorate With Candles - Candles On Coffee Table

Home fragrance with scented candles

  • Cedar or sandalwood
  • Fragrant flowers
  • Fragrant fruits
  • Cinnamon

What Candles to Use for Home Decor and How to Arrange Them

Living room atmosphere should be at once soothing, sociable, and welcoming. Lighting a candle in the morning can fill the room with fresh, positive energy, and lighting candles in the evening can make the living room feel like a cozy retreat.

Put candles on the coffee table, along with other small decorative items, on a decorative tray or in decorative candle holders. Because of this, lounging on the couch will feel cozy and comforting. One other option for a one-of-a-kind look is to place candles atop bookshelves.

You can use candle wall sconces as an alternative to standard lighting, or you can place a large number of candles in the fireplace to serve as a stunning and attention-grabbing focal point in the room.

Using Candles as Bedroom Décor

How To Decorate With Candles - Candles On Bedside Table

Candles with a pleasant scent, perfect for relaxing in bed.

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Vanilla
  • Is there a particular fragrance you adore?

The Art of Candlelight Décor for the Bedchamber

Even though burning candles in your bedroom requires more care, it is still a pleasant and relaxing way to wind down at the end of the day or to complement your weekend reading.

Put a few candles in a shallow bowl or on a decorative plate at your bedside. These candles can all be the same size, or you can experiment with various sizes to create visual variety. To avoid overwhelming the senses, however, avoid combining an excessive number of fragrances.

Candles are a nice touch that can be displayed atop your dresser. Arrange your jewelry, candles, and other trinkets on a mirrored tray. As a result, the candles won't stand out so much while still providing the desired aroma. Find out how to use candles as part of a more elaborate dresser arrangement.

Candles are a lovely addition to any bathroom's decor.

How To Decorate With Candles - Candles On Bathtub

Candles with Bath-Time Scents

Insights Into Using Candles As A Bathroom Accent

Candles in the bathroom can create the ambience of a spa, adding to the soothing effect of a soak in the tub. Candles are another option for bringing a pleasant aroma into the bathroom.

To create a relaxing spa atmosphere, place a number of candles in varying sizes on top of a bath tray or around the bathtub itself. Fresh scented candles look and smell great when placed on the counter near the sink for a more relaxed vibe.

Use white candles if you're going for a calming atmosphere, or colored ones to liven up a white or gray space. You can make the candles blend in better with the rest of the bathroom decor if you choose colors that complement the shower curtain, rug, and other accessories.

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