Front porch design ideas, including entryways, landscaping, and lighting.

Do you need porch decorating ideas?

It's been said that a person's first impression is the most lasting, so it's important to make sure your front porch looks good. After all, it's the very first thing guests will see when they come to your house.  

The first known examples of porches, which were added to Greek buildings to provide shade and a sense of grandeur, date back to antiquity.  

These days, patios are typically elevated decks that wrap around the house or covered patios that are attached to the house. Front porches, of which there are many design options, are great for increasing a home's street appeal and for establishing a welcoming atmosphere upon entering.  

Remember that your front door is a significant space that requires careful thought, careful planning, and careful decoration whether you have a wrap-around version that exudes southern charm or a more simplistic front-door covering.

You can easily and elegantly decorate your front porch by following these steps.

modern front porch

Image by: Rejuvenation (license)

If you live in a city, potted plants can make a bold statement at your front door. The use of potted plants to spruce up a front porch is highly recommended. Karen Rogers, of KR Garden Design, says, "They add color and interest." (New window/tab)  

Put planters of various shapes and sizes on your porch, including those made of stone or terracotta.

Mixing sizes creates a casual atmosphere. For something more stately, try planting a bay tree in a large stone pot to one side of the front door, or two.  

Plan your planting strategies

A porch area with white wood paneling, a white wooden bench and a child's snow sleigh

David Brittain / Getty Images

(Photo by: The Future)

Adding visual interest to your front door is as simple as planting climbers around your porch.

Consult a landscape architect about planting wisteria, jasmine, or pittosporum. Climbing plants such as these are perfect for adding a touch of verdant beauty and framing a doorway.  

"Set up the fundamentals" Install a trellis of taut wires for your climbing plants. Garden designer Tamsin Kelly of London suggests covering them up because "they will soon be hidden as the plant grows." (New window/tab)  

Pick flowers with enticing scents to add an extra dimension to your porch experience.  

Tamsin cautions, however, that one must exercise caution when selecting fragrant plants. "Go for star jasmine instead of traditional jasmine because it is evergreen and very scented. She also suggests clematis as a viable alternative.  

Pay close attention to the door hardware.

A white brick house with a mushroom colored front door with a small wreath on it

(Photo by: The Future)

Don't lose sight of the brass tacks, As Little Greene resident Ruth Mottershead puts it, "It will help set the mood for the color and overall look of the porch area." (New window/tab)  

Traditional brass and iron door hardware is made through casting and forging processes and is easily interchangeable for a new look. The front door isn't the only entry point  

Don't forget about the other fixtures on the porch, like signs and door numbers. Even if they don't coordinate perfectly, they should look nice together.

An example of how to decorate a front porch showing a green front door with a pitched roof porch

(Photo by: The Future)

Think about the house's exterior materials before starting a project or discussing it with a decorator.  

"Green is a great choice for an exterior paint color if your home is made of red brick." Ruth Mottershead, owner of Little Greene, thinks it "echoes the nature outside." She also notes that "dark colors are often seen as more modern," while "lighter hues are more traditional."

5. Contemplate your lighting choices

front porch with curved roof

Illustration by Swan Architecture.

Porch lighting is crucial, especially if your porch is large.  

Arriving home on a dark winter evening or simply wanting to illuminate a seating area on the porch calls for some creative lighting solutions. Garden designer Tamsin Kelly advises against using strip lighting.  

The curved ceiling and expansive front porch are brought together here by a large pendant lantern.  

6. Spend money on chairs.

An example of how to decorate a front porch showing a porch area with a bistro table and chair set and cream wall panels

(Photo by: The Future)

If your home is blessed with a sizable porch, deck it out with the finest outdoor furniture for warm-weather get-togethers and nocturnal parties.  

Overflowing planters and mismatched furniture give a smaller porch a rustic, farm house vibe that may be more appropriate for a farmhouse.

Seventh, remember the procedures

hanging baskets on a front porch

(Photo by: Tested & Proven)

Think about repainting the porch floor or stair treads.

Little Greene resident Ruth Mottershead advises, "You can go for paint effects on the floor of your porch." Tiles are another option, as Ruth points out.  

8. Give some thought to the finishing touches

A front porch with red and green foliage over the doorway and a wreath on the door

(Future used as image source)

Wreaths aren't limited to the holiday season. When the weather changes, why not hang a seasonal wreath to decorate your front door?  

Pumpkins are a great way to add visual interest to your autumn or fall display. Lanterns and blankets are must-haves during the colder months.  

Take into account the rest of the porch's features. Instead of using the same old coir matting on your covered porch, why not try something new and exciting like an outdoor rug?

9. Make it flexible in its uses

An example of how to decorate a front porch showing a porch area with dark paneling and plant pots holding flowers

Illustration by David Brittain

(Photo courtesy of the Future)

Consider the brightness and openness of your porch. Could it serve more than one purpose? Is there a shoe jack and log storage space on your porch that could be put to use? Do you think a BBQ pit and/or other outdoor dining options could be added to this area?  

Think about what you want your front porch to look like and discuss some ideas with an interior designer.

How do I decorate my front porch?  

An example of how to decorate a front porch showing white stone steps leading to a stylish black doorway with glass panels

Credit: Matthew Williams (Photography)

(Future used as image source)

Plants, with their lush foliage and aesthetic appeal, are a great addition to any porch, no matter how big or small. There is a wide variety of porch planters from which to choose, including large pots, wooden planters, metal containers, and stone urns.   

Garden designer Tamsin Kelly advises, "Combine pots with the same aesthetic, and aim for one or two statement plants."

The use of lanterns and other decorative lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  

For larger porches, chairs, seating, and ideally a table, are useful additions that can turn the deck into an outdoor living room.  

Any advice on how to spruce up my itty-bitty front porch?  

Ruth Motterfield, a resident of Little Greene, explains that "painting the roof of your porch is a good option because it can make the space appear larger."   

She also says, "Using the same color throughout will create the impression of more room."  

While a variety of decorative elements can add visual interest, it's important to avoid cluttering the room.   

How can I improve the appeal of my front porch?  

Textures can make a space feel more welcoming and unique. Consider how the color and pattern of your porch furnishings will complement those in the garden, if you have one. Alternately, you can add seasonal variety by rearranging your rugs and pillows.  

A rustic front porch area with a wooden door, a rattan armchair with a blanket, and a basket of vegetables

David Brittain/Getty Images

(Photo by: The Futurist)

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