Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor: Essential Ideas and Budget-Friendly Inspiration

Are you ready to transform your mantel into a cozy and festive focal point for the holiday season? Look no further than farmhouse Christmas mantel decor! Whether you're drawn to rustic charm or a more neutral aesthetic, there are endless possibilities to bring warmth and cheer to your home. In this article, we'll explore the essentials needed to create a farmhouse Christmas mantel, where to find budget-friendly decor, various types of farmhouse Christmas decorations, and a plethora of creative ideas to inspire your own seasonal masterpiece. Get ready to deck the halls and make your mantel the star of your holiday decor!

Essentials Needed to Decorate Your Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

christmas-mantel To begin decorating your farmhouse-style Christmas mantel, you'll want to choose a focal point that captures attention. The focal point doesn't need to be overly intricate.

A decorative focal point for your Christmas mantel could be a mirror, a sign, or a wreath. As long as it's unique enough to catch your eye, it's perfect for use.

Here are some excellent focal points you can explore. (Please note: this article may contain affiliate links. Full disclosure can be found at the end of the post.)

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Large Mirror

A large mirror positioned against the wall or hung on the mantel wall serves as the perfect focal point. The mirror provides a base for your decorative items. Although the mirror itself doesn't need decoration, it can reflect light throughout the room.

large-mirrorA stunning classic Christmas mantel by If you'd like to decorate the mirror, you can hang a wreath on it, just like the vintage mirror below from French Country Cottage.



A large wreath is an ideal decoration for your mantel and can serve as the focal point. You can hang the wreath or lean it against the fireplace wall. If you have a mirror above the mantel, you can attach the wreath to the mirror using a suction cup or hang it from a decorative ribbon.

wreath-on-mirror-2Photo by Confessions of a Plate Addict. Here are some beautiful wreaths for the Christmas season. The gallery includes an artificial green boxwood wreath, a preserved boxwood wreath, a magnolia wreath, lit spruce wreaths, a pinecone wreath, and more. Click each wreath photo for more details.

preserved-boxwood-wreath-24I purchased this red berry wreath from Hobby Lobby last year, and I really like it, so I decided to use it as the centerpiece of the mantel.


It was a bit too short, so I placed it on a glass cake plate to give it some height. I positioned the cake plate at the back of the mantel so that I could decorate around it.

Wood Signs

Signs are one of my favorite elements for a farmhouse-style Christmas mantel. They serve as a great focal point for the fireplace.

A Wood Canvas Sign - Click Rustically Inspired for Information. As you can see, a large sign makes a bold statement on its own.

Vintage Signs

What's Christmas without Santa Claus? These vintage Santa Claus signs bring a nostalgic feel to the holiday season and are a perfect size to hang over your farmhouse mantel. (Click Image for Details)


Christmas Signs

These wood signs come in various shapes and sizes and are the perfect complement to the farmhouse look.

no-place-like-home-signChristmas Sign - Click Craft Me Up Decor for Details. Any of these decorative wood signs will give your living room a cozy feel for the holiday season.

may-the-joy-and-fullness-signGreenery can make all the difference when decorating your Christmas mantel, but don't stress about it. You have options.

natural-garlandPhoto credit: unknown. Whether you prefer a white rustic Christmas mantel or a modern farmhouse mantel, garland will enhance the beauty of your fireplace.

If you enjoy having a real Christmas tree each year, be sure to gather some greenery when you purchase your tree. Most tree lots offer greenery at a minimal cost or even for free if you don't mind collecting clippings from the ground.

Christmas-mantel-candles-hymns-and-versesClassic Christmas Mantel by Hymns and Verses. I like to reuse my greenery, so I purchase artificial garland.

The trick is to incorporate real pieces of greenery into your artificial garland to create a realistic look.

Faux Garland

Faux garland is an excellent option when real garland or greenery isn't available or isn't your preference. Take a look at these beautiful garlands decorated with pine cones, red berries, and lights. It's nearly impossible to tell they're not real. Click each photo for details about the garlands.

garland-berries-pine-conesIf you're in a rush or don't feel confident about decorating, here's an easy solution. Lay a faux garland across your mantel and add some candles, and you're all set.

By the way, the backside of any decorated mantel usually appears messy, but don't worry about that as long as the front looks good. It's similar to looking at the back of a Christmas tree - it's usually not the most attractive view.

Natural Elements

One way to bring your faux garland and decorations to life is by incorporating natural elements. As you can see, sliced oranges and pine cones have been added to this garland, providing a unique touch.

natural-elements-mantel-with-orangesFireplace Mantel by Clean and Scentsible. This simple mantel from Super Sweet Party features a clean, minimalist look that's refreshing. Sometimes, less is truly best.


Hanging Garland and Banners

A cute idea for your Christmas mantel decor is to add a whimsical garland. Counting down the days until Christmas was always a big deal in our house. This countdown garland is a great way to continue that tradition.

decorative-christmas-countdownClick for Christmas Banner. Other festive decorations include a Merry Christmas banner, a red ornaments garland, a pine cone garland, and a red berry garland. Click each photo for more details.

Where Can I Find Affordable Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor?

I completely understand the need to stick to a budget! In fact, I've written a whole post on how to decorate your home for Christmas without breaking the bank.

Farmhouse decor is incredibly popular right now, and you can find some really beautiful pieces at discount stores. My go-to stores for Christmas decor are Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target (especially the Dollar Section), Big Lots, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. You can even find great options at Dollar General. And of course, the ultimate convenience of online shopping - Amazon.

Thrift stores and yard sales are also fantastic places to find Christmas decor. You might even be able to upcycle and repurpose some amazing bargain items!

What Are the Different Styles of Farmhouse Christmas Decor?

As I mentioned earlier, there is a range of farmhouse decor styles. I'll briefly describe each one, although it's important to note that there is often overlap and you can mix and match to your liking. Find what you love!

In general, farmhouse decor (which is different from country decor) can be categorized into rustic, farmhouse neutral, and modern farmhouse. Each style has its own unique characteristics, so you can choose what resonates with you.

The list of farmhouse Christmas mantel decor ideas follows this spectrum: rustic, farmhouse neutral, and modern.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor

When you think of rustic Christmas decor, you envision a vintage and nostalgic style. It evokes a cozy feeling and brings back memories of simpler times. It has an old-fashioned charm, using natural elements like greens, wood, and even dried oranges and berries during the Christmas season.

Rustic decor embraces imperfections and flaws to create an authentic and genuine atmosphere. You'll find decor items made from reclaimed wood, with unfinished surfaces and natural textures.

For your mantel, you might include vintage stockings, dried orange garland, vintage candlesticks, and distressed Christmas signs.

Farmhouse and Neutral Christmas Mantel Decor

Neutral farmhouse decor has a cleaner and more contemporary feel compared to rustic decor. It's less old-fashioned and vintage but still captures an updated version of nostalgia. This style is slightly less imperfect and more polished. The color palette tends to be more muted, sticking to neutral tones like grays, whites, browns, and blacks. It strikes a middle ground between rustic and modern farmhouse.

For your mantel, you might opt for a large farmhouse mantel sign, knit stockings with wood tags, plenty of greenery, beaded garland, wooden snowflakes, or reindeer.

Modern Farmhouse Christmas Mantel Decor

Modern farmhouse decor features clean lines and a more minimalist aesthetic. It exudes sleekness and classiness, giving off a slightly colder vibe compared to rustic farmhouse decor. Everything appears polished and perfect, with a sense of staging rather than a lived-in feeling. Sometimes, modern farmhouse designs incorporate elements of boho style to add warmth and texture instead of rustic elements.

For your mantel, you might consider a statement centerpiece like a mirror, fur-lined stockings, a mix of garland and shiny steel-colored ornaments, tall black candlesticks, and sparkly gold evergreen trees.

Ideas for Christmas Mantel Decorations

Find inspiration for decorating your Christmas mantel with these beautiful ideas. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern style, there are ideas to suit every decor preference.

Christmas mantel with green and ivory stockings and satin bowsPhoto Credit: This is our Bliss

Create an elegant Christmas mantel with beautiful green stockings and oversized satin bows. The addition of bottle brush trees adds a charming touch to this snowy scene.

Christmas fireplace mantel in living room with tall mirror, candle holders, and angel statues with sweater stockings underneath

After trying a real cedar garland, I decided on a pre-lit faux garland for a traditional Christmas mantel. The addition of cable knit stockings and a vintage bell swag created a cozy finish.

Woodsy Christmas mantel with neutral candlesticks and Christmas trees with mirror in centerPhoto credit: Stonegable Blog

Decorate a warm and welcoming woodsy Christmas mantel with a soft color palette of warm white. This classic and timeless style adds a touch of elegance to any home.

Winter mantel decorating ideas with farmhouse accents

If you're looking for a subtle transition from Christmas to the new year, consider winter farmhouse mantel decor. You can even create a customized DIY farmhouse sign to personalize your mantel.

Boho style Christmas mantel with fur-trimmed ivory knit stockings, eucalyptus garland and bottle brush Christmas treesPhoto Credit: The DIY Mommy

For a rustic boho Christmas mantel, add a playful tassel garland and textured elements like eucalyptus garland and fur-trimmed stockings.

Christmas mantel ideas with hoop wreaths and black, white, and green stockingsPhoto credit: Lemon Thistle

Hang a collection of embroidery hoop wreaths for a unique and fun Christmas mantel decor idea. Complete the look with a fresh pine garland and stockings in black, white, and green.

Closeup of Christmas mantel decor using frosted pine garland and DIY trees with wooden legs and bell swagPhoto Credit: Salvaged Living

You don't need to spend a fortune to create a beautiful Christmas mantel. This budget-friendly decor includes easy DIY elements like cardboard trees.

Farmhouse Christmas mantel with DIY wooden sign that reads "Peace on Earth"

Decorate a farmhouse Christmas mantel with a traditional color scheme of red, white, and green. Add a DIY wooden sign and rustic elements like real cedar garland and wooden houses.

Christmas mantel with evergreen garland decorated with a blue and white color schemePhoto Credit: From House to Home

Create a blue and white Christmas mantel with a DIY garland for a colorful pop. Incorporate chinoiserie ginger jars to complement the color scheme.

Scandinavian style minimalist Christmas mantel decor ideas with wooden trees, plaid stockings, and a basket hung abovePhoto Credit: Cherished Bliss

Add warmth and texture to your minimalist Christmas mantel with warm wood tones, wrought iron, and bottlebrush trees. Keep the design simple and elegant.

Christmas tree in living room during daylight

For those who prefer a traditional color scheme, consider classic red and gold Christmas mantel decor. Use checkered ribbon and glittered picks for a whimsical touch.

Winter white Christmas mantel decor ideas with a window pane wreath, white stockings, and evergreen garlandPhoto Credit: Sondra Lyn at Home

Create a cozy winter white Christmas mantel that can be enjoyed all season long. Simply remove the stockings and Merry Christmas sign after the holidays for a timeless display.

Christmas mantel decor with blue and green plaid color scheme, including matching wreath and garlandPhoto Credit: Sand and Sisal

Embrace a blue and green plaid Christmas mantel with fur-trimmed white stockings and a stunning magnolia wreath. This color scheme complements the beautiful blue velvet chairs and accessories.

Rustic style Christmas mantel with wooden trees, white knit stockings and Christmas wreathPhoto Credit: Place of My Taste

Create a rustic Christmas mantel with a mix of wood decor and greenery. The symmetrical design adds balance and dimension to the display.

Let it Snow themed Christmas mantel decor with red and white stockings and garlandPhoto Credit: In My Own Style

Create a whimsical Christmas mantel with a playful "let it snow" sign and cozy red and white stockings.

Boho Christmas mantel with colorful pom-pom stockingsPhoto Credit: Jessica Welling Interiors

Add a touch of color to your Christmas mantel with vibrant pom-pom stockings. You can even customize your own monogram stockings for a personal touch.

Christmas mantel with chalkboard sign and colorful stockingsPhoto Credit: The Handmade Home

Create a merry and bright holiday mantel with an oversized chalkboard sign that can be easily changed for every season. The tassel stockings add a cute touch.

Blue and green Christmas mantel decor with large cone trees and white pom-pom garlandPhoto Credit: 2 Bees in a Pod

Create a modern blue and green Christmas mantel with oversized cone trees and pops of bright blue. The color combination makes a bold statement.

Classic Christmas mantel decor with pillar candles and cedar garland with mirror above fireplacePhoto Credit: Hymns and Verses

Create a classic Christmas mantel with fresh pine greenery and simple pillar candles. The festive touch of bells adds an extra holiday flair.

Neutral Christmas mantel decor with white stockings and wooden candleholdersPhoto Credit: Lovely Etc

Embrace neutral Christmas mantel decor with small flocked trees and textured elements like white stockings and faux garland.

Christmas mantel with DIY wood sign and window pane decorPhoto Credit: Worthing Court Blog

Fans of Fixer Upper will love this farmhouse mantel decorated with upcycled shutters and grapevine wreaths. The oversized arch window adds a stunning focal point.

Farmhouse style Christmas mantel with DIY tobacco basketPhoto Credit: Twelve on Main

Create a cozy farmhouse Christmas mantel with a DIY tobacco basket, classic pine wreath, and natural elements. The drop cloth stockings add a touch of French Country charm.

Christmas mantel with mixed knit white stockings, lighted garland, and gold framesPhoto Credit: DIY Beautify

Create a classic Christmas mantel using winter white stockings, lighted garland, and a collection of candles. The gold frames add an extra touch of texture.

Neutral greige and green Christmas mantel with metallic ornament garland, rustic farmhouse sign, and green topiary trees in urnsPhoto Credit: Southern Hospitality

Learn how to decorate a neutral Christmas mantel using cloches and gold baubles. The farmhouse-style sign adds texture with a whitewash finish.

Asymmetrical Christmas garland with round mirror above and knit white stockingsPhoto Caption: Hello Central Avenue

Try a unique approach with an asymmetrical Christmas mantel by decorating only one side of the fireplace. Balance the opposite side with bottle brush trees and candlesticks.

How to Decorate a Mantel?

Decorating a mantel requires a certain level of finesse. In fact, I dedicated an entire post to the subject of decorating a mantel for every season, particularly in a rustic style. You can find the post here for more detailed ideas. However, in summary, the key is to have a prominent centerpiece in the middle, add height on both ends, and incorporate a mix of different sizes, textures, and depths along the length of the mantel.

Of course, it's your home and you can establish your own decor rules. If you love a certain style, go for it! But if you're seeking some professional tips, the basic approach I described earlier should be what you aim for.

To further illustrate this concept, take a look at this image from Joanna Gaines which perfectly captures the idea.

Image Source: Magnolia Blog

Mantel Decorations

When it comes to decorating your mantel for Christmas, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular Christmas decorations available right now. From red lanterns to Christmas gnomes to pine cone candles, there's something for everyone. Click on each photo for more details.

Christmas Trees

Adding a Christmas tree to your mantel can enhance the overall look and provide some height. Check out these two flocked mini Christmas trees by Janelle Trinette, which are perfect for creating a rustic vibe.

Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees have made a big comeback in recent years. They are fun, whimsical, and ideal for farmhouse-style mantels. You can use one or several to spruce up your fireplace and add a touch of charm. Click on the photos for more information.


Candles are a staple for farmhouse mantels, and you can never have too many. For visual appeal, try using an odd number of candles when decorating. Whether it's one, three, five, or even fifteen, they will create a beautiful ambiance.

Table Runner

A table runner can serve as a foundation for your mantel decor. They are the perfect size and shape, and you can drape them from end to end or let the ends hang off the mantel for a dramatic effect. Consider using a gold sequin table runner for a touch of glamour.


Candle lanterns are a classic choice for mantel decorations. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be filled with white candles, holly, faux greenery, or other fireplace decor. Click on each photo to learn more about the lanterns and their details.

Farmhouse & Neutral Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

Natural & Simple Christmas MantelExplore ideas for natural and simple Christmas mantel decorations from Plum Pretty Decor & Design.

Rustic Elegance Christmas MantleDiscover the beauty of rustic elegance in Christmas mantel decorations from French Country Cottage.

Magnolia Wreath Christmas Mantel DecorGet inspired by the charm of magnolia wreath Christmas mantel decorations from The Turquoise Home.

Farmhouse Christmas MantelEmbrace the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from Stone Gable.

Country Farmhouse MantelFind inspiration in the rustic charm of country farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from Confessions of a Plate Addict.

Rustic Holiday MantelCreate a cozy and rustic holiday atmosphere with rustic holiday mantel decorations from TomKat Studio.

Nordic Farmhouse Christmas Mantel DecorGet inspired by the charm of Nordic farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from From My Front Porch to Yours.

Pine Cone and Fresh Evergreen Mantel with Verse SignExperience the natural beauty of pine cone and fresh evergreen mantel decorations with a verse sign from Hymns and Verses.

DIY Snowflake Wood Clock over mantelAdd a touch of rustic charm with a DIY wood clock in your rustic Christmas mantel decorations from Thrifty and Chic.

Noel Marquee sign with burlap and greenery MantelCreate a festive atmosphere with a Noel marquee sign and burlap and greenery mantel decorations from Whimsical Girl.

White Winter MantelExperience the magic of a white winter with enchanting white winter Christmas mantel decorations from French Country Cottage.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Mantel DecorBring the charm of rustic farmhouse style into your Christmas mantel decorations from Oriental Trading.

Farmhouse Christmas MantelCreate a warm and cozy farmhouse Christmas atmosphere with farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from Worthing Court.

Buffalo Check Farmhouse MantelEmbrace the charm of buffalo check patterns in your farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from Our Faux Farmhouse (via Instagram).

Oh Holy Night MantelCelebrate the season with an "Oh Holy Night" themed mantel decorations from The Bungalow Blog.

Vintage French Farmhouse MantelExperience the charm of vintage French farmhouse Christmas mantel decorations from From My Front Porch to Yours.

Neutral and Natural Christmas MantelCreate a relaxed and natural atmosphere with neutral and natural Christmas mantel decorations from Place of My Taste.

Brown and Green Natural Christmas Mantel

Celebrate the beauty of nature with brown and green natural Christmas mantel decorations.

Neutral Woodlands Christmas Mantel

Immerse yourself in the peacefulness of neutral woodlands Christmas mantel decorations.

Greenery Christmas MantelAdd a touch of natural beauty with greenery Christmas mantel decorations from The Butlers.

Fresh Greenery Mantel

Celebrate the freshness of nature with fresh greenery mantel decorations.

Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

Natural Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

Experience the beauty of Natural Rustic Christmas Mantel from The Lily Pad Cottage.

Discover the charm of the Rustic Woodland Mantel from Cherished Bliss.

White Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor

Embrace the elegance of the White Rustic Christmas Mantel from The Lily Cottage.

Rustic Elegance Christmas Mantel

Indulge in the charm of the Rustic Elegance Mantel from All Things Beautiful.

O Come Let Us Adore Him Rustic Mantel Decor Ideas

Witness the beauty of the O Come Let Us Adore Him Rustic Mantel from The Kim Six Fix.

Cozy Rustic Christmas Mantel

Experience the coziness of the Cozy Rustic Christmas Mantel from Love Create Celebrate.

Brown and Red Rustic Reindeer Mantel

Experience the charm of the Brown and Red Rustic Reindeer Mantel from The Kim Six Fix.

Lush Christmas Mantle

Experience the beauty of the Lush Christmas Mantel from HGTV (via Pinterest Video).

Rustic Glam Mantel

Experience the elegance of the Rustic Glam Mantel from Yellow Bliss Road.

Snowy Woodland Christmas Mantel

Experience the charm of the Snowy Woodland Christmas Mantel from 2 Ladies and a Chair.

Woodsy Mantel for Christmas

Experience the charm of the Woodsy Mantel from Creative Ambitions.

Antler Rustic MantelExperience the charm of the Antler Rustic Mantel from Everyday Home.

Experience the beauty of the Reindeer Christmas Mantel from Brandi Sawyer.

Vintage Christmas Mantle

Experience the charm of the Vintage Christmas Mantle from My Blessed Life.

Rustic Christmas Mantel

Experience the beauty of the Rustic Christmas Mantel from Chic on a Shoestring.

Traditional & Rustic Christmas Mantel

Experience the elegance of the Traditional & Rustic Christmas Mantel from Lilacs and Longhorns.

Rustic SIgns Christmas Mantel

Experience the charm of the Rustic Signs Christmas Mantel (source unknown).

Merry Christmas Rustic Mantel With Light Up Garland

Experience the merry charm of the Merry Christmas Rustic Mantel With Light Up Garland (source unknown).

Rustic Sign Christmas Mantel

Experience the charm of the Rustic Sign Christmas Mantel (source unknown).

Metallic Christmas Mantel

David A. Land

This fireplace mantel Christmas decor goes for the gold. On top of the mantel, small flowerpots are painted gold and filled with holiday blooms for a fun and easy project. Below, a spectacular display of wrapped presents and gold lanterns draws the eye in.

Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

Adam Albright

Draw attention to your mantel display with a big sign. To complete the look, a collection of small houses peek out above a lush Christmas mantel garland with eucalyptus, pinecones, and small berries.

Editor's Tip: Use wooden tags decorated with each person's name to label similar stockings.

Vintage Christmas Mantel

Jay Wilde

Dress your Christmas mantel with a garland and cozy knit accessories. On top, create a still life of vintage wares: a mirror, salvaged window, and an old frame with an interesting shape. Then, add mini bottle-brush trees and ball ornaments in shades of green and gold.

Red and Green Mantel

Jay Wilde

Nothing looks more festive than a holiday mantel decorated in crimson red and crisp white. Add the deep green of a flocked pine wreath and garland for a traditional farmhouse-style palette. Finish the look with mini tree decorations and tiny white ceramic houses.

Editor's Tip: Make your own twine-wrapped trees. Simply wrap papier-mache cones with red and white baker's twine.

Gingerbread House Mantel

Jacob Fox

A light dusting of sugar "snow" coats a mantel adorned with homemade gingerbread houses, animals, and cut out sugar cookie trees. Attach a small cookie scrap with icing to the back of each cutout to create a "kickstand" to prop it up.

Editor's Tip: Complete the Christmas mantel decor with a faux greenery garland and mini twinkle lights.

Cottagecore Christmas Mantel

Kim Cornelison

Give your mantel some whimsy with Christmas accents inspired by nature. The cottagecore decorating trend centers around colors and textures found in nature. Create a woodland-inspired landscape on your mantel with mini mushrooms, pinecones, and faux furry creatures. Vases filled with greenery and flowers add height to the Christmas mantel display, while monogrammed stockings continue the classic color scheme.

Penguin Parade Mantel

Greg Scheidemann

Transform your living room into a polar oasis with a black, white, and gold scheme brimming with upscale wintry accents. A flock of stoic penguins huddled in front of the hearth adds whimsy to the otherwise elegant mantel.

Wrapped Gifts Mantel

Adam Albright

Get creative this Christmas. Decorating ideas don't get more wow-worthy than this rosy red display. Bold wrapped boxes top the mantel, while a stunning poinsettia garland wraps around the edge. This eye catching display is fun and elegant.

Christmas Village Mantel

Jay Wilde

Make your own farmhouse Christmas village using inexpensive paper chipboard! Display your finished village with cut pine branches, pinecones, and a classic evergreen wreath. Add holiday glow with mini twinkle lights.

Coastal Christmas Mantel Ideas

Skip your typical traditional Christmas decorations for a coastal theme. Take a deep dive into the ocean with this nautical mantel that makes a splash. A garland features subtle aquatic accents like starfish and anchors in glimmering greens, teals, blues, and aqua. The soothing color palette repeats on surrounding living room accessories.

Plaid Christmas Mantel

Jason Donnelly

If you're searching for a country chic Christmas mantel look no further. This rustic scene takes the cake. To get the look, use tons of plaid! From stockings to snowflakes - it can be used anywhere. A some whimsy with antique elements like pair of small skis next to the fireplace or vintage ornaments.

Pinecone Christmas Mantel

Bruce Buck

Create your very own winter wonderland. This mantel features an oil painting, wall sconces, garland, and tree toppers to emulate a classic winter scene. Incorporate color like using bright blue ornaments add a jolt of energy.

Pretty Peppermint Mantel

Adam Albright

You don't need a garland to create a festive mantel. This farmhouse Christmas mantel starts with simple bottle brush trees and star figurines. Plaid stockings and a wreath over the fireplace complete the look.

Simple Christmas Mantel

Gordon Beall

Dress your mantel in a flash with a statement-making wreath. Although unadorned, this handsome green wreath is eye-catching because its size is perfectly scaled to the beautiful fireplace.

Editor's Tip: Hang the wreath over a mirror for a reflective element. Mercury glass candle holders and votives finish this modern Christmas mantel idea.

Woodland Christmas Mantel

King Au

Have a wide assortment of pieces to display? Arrange them in a symmetrical pattern for an organized—not cluttered—look. A hurricane and bottle-brush tree ensemble and two stockings dress each side. The symmetry extends to the surrounding built-ins, outfitted with more Christmas collectibles and matching wreaths.

Editor's Tip: The objects used to decorate the Christmas mantel are carefully chosen for size, so they don't interfere with the television screen.

Eucalyptus Garland

eucalyptus garland christmas mantelCourtesy of French Country CottageDress up your mantel with an elegant combination of eucalyptus and metallic accents, like gold candles sticks, silver signage, and silver mercury glass ornaments.

Get the tutorial at French Country Cottage.

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All the More Christmas Inspo

This year, I created a post with ALL of my Christmas content in one place! It’s the ultimate guide that is updated as soon as I create a new post, so feel free to check it out! It has home decor ideas, crafts, DIY, gift guides and homemade gift ideas, Christmas cookie and treat recipes, kid activities… everything for Christmas!

Since we are about home decor in this post, I’ll share a few highlights here:

30 Farmhouse Christmas DIY Projects for the Home: This post is my #1 Christmas post every year!

30 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for the Coziest Christmas Ever!: Ideas for the entire home!

30 Best Farmhouse Christmas Porches on Instagram ( Pro-Decorating Tips!): Don’t forget about the outdoors! First impressions are everything!

30 Creative Ways to Display Christmas Cards: Even Christmas cards can count as decor!

35 Cozy and Classy Christmas Tablescapes

30 Ideas for Farmhouse Style Christmas Fireplaces & Mantels

Let's dive into the main event! As you go through these inspiring pictures, there's a simple order. I've started with the more rustic photos first, then moved on to neutral farmhouse (more or less), and ended with modern farmhouse. There may be some overlap, but you'll easily catch onto the progressions!

Let's begin!

There's so much inspiration, right?! It's hard to choose just one favorite, but luckily, you have many more years ahead to decorate your mantel for Christmas in all kinds of farmhouse styles!

Decorating the Hearth

After decking out your mantel, don't forget about the hearth. Having a full mantel and an empty hearth can make your fireplace feel unbalanced.

Try using some of the decorative items below to fill up the hearth space:

- A large bucket to hold wood or a cozy blanket

- A large candle lantern

- A hurricane lamp

- Large candlestick holders and candles

- Christmas sacks

Click on the images for more information on birch logs and Christmas sacks.

Decorating your farmhouse Christmas mantel is all about having basic décor staples. Once you have those items, start arranging and rearranging them until it looks and feels just right. Take a step back and assess. It may take some trial and error, but you'll eventually achieve the look you love. I promise, just give it a try, You Can Do It!

If you have any questions or want to connect, feel free to drop me a note, an email, or reach out to me on any social platform. I love hearing from you, and I promise to reply.

Until next time,


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Please note that some links in this post are affiliate links. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission on any purchases made.

Peachy Palette

white neutral christmas mantel

Courtesy of Jacquelyn Clark

Tired of the same old red-and-green color palette? This pretty display, featuring whites, ivories, and peachy hues, beautifully complements fresh greenery and neutral decor.

Get the tutorial at Jacquelyn Clark.

Charlyne Mattox

Food and Crafts Director

Charlyne Mattox is the Food and Crafts Director for Country Living.

What Can I Put on My Mantel for Christmas?

This post contains affiliate links. See Disclosures for details.

Since we're talking about farmhouse Christmas mantels – which span the whole farmhouse spectrum from rustic to neutral to modern farmhouse – I'll give you some suggestions. Some may be pretty obvious, but it's okay to think outside the box.

My first suggestion is always to include sentimental or personal objects that are meaningful to you. These truly make your decor unique and give your home a personal touch. It means so much more than just grabbing something off the shelf at Hobby Lobby.

Here are some suggestions for your mantel:

- Stockings

- Tags for stockings

- Garland

- Beaded garland

- Jingle bells

- Bell garland

- Stocking holders

- Christmas signs

- Mirrors

- Candlesticks

- Chunky candle holders

- Wooden reindeer

- Mini houses

- Vases & bottles with Christmas stems

- Faux winter greens (cypress, pine, juniper, cedar branches)

- Mini signs

- Wooden snowflakes

- Round ball ornaments

- Mini pine trees

- Bottlebrush trees

- Christmas nativity scene

As you can see, you have so many options when it comes to farmhouse Christmas decor for your mantel and fireplace area.

In conclusion, decorating your farmhouse Christmas mantel is the perfect way to infuse festive cheer into your home this holiday season. With an array of budget-friendly options available, you don't have to break the bank to create a stunning display. Whether you prefer rustic, metallic, vintage, or cottagecore themes, there's a farmhouse Christmas mantel idea for every style. From gingerbread houses to penguin parades, wrapped gifts to coastal-inspired decor, the possibilities are endless. So gather your favorite ornaments, garlands, and stockings, and let your creativity shine as you transform your mantel into a winter wonderland. Get inspired by these farmhouse style ideas and make this Christmas truly magical.

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