Expert advice on how to achieve a casual yet refined atmosphere when decorating a round coffee table.

Unlike a square coffee table, where you have plenty of room for your favorite styling accessories and area left over for functionality, a round table's decor needs to be planned out a little more carefully.  

Finding Sanctuary by Lisa Kahn Design founder Lisa Kahn says, "The impact of a well-appointed coffee table should not be overlooked." It's typically located in the middle of the room, bringing together those sitting at tables nearby. The things we put out on the table can help us bond with the people we're eating with by sparking conversation, setting a pleasant tone, showcasing our hobbies and collections, and more. ’

When done properly, a round coffee table can serve as a stunning centerpiece that ties the entire design of the room together. Because we want your living room to look its best, we've compiled some tips to help you decorate your coffee table with ease and flair.

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

Here are eight new ideas for adorning a circular coffee table.

Keep in mind that the shape of your coffee table can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your living room. Because the tabletop will impose new constraints, Consider the tabletop from all sides when you're decorating it, especially if it's a round coffee table. So, don't line up the fronts of everything you're wearing.  

One more common mistake when decorating with a round table is to use a lot of other circular objects. When done incorrectly, this can make the table appear too symmetrical and uninteresting. To create a striking appearance—and a major coffee table trend—it's a good idea to incorporate contrasting shapes.  

A table in the living room that has wooden platters on it

This picture was taken by LOAK and used with permission.

The use of layers is a tried-and-true method for enhancing a room's aesthetic appeal and coziness. Layering isn't just about different colors and fabrics; consider different textures as well. Make sure that your coffee table's decor is well put together if it is made of a tactile material like wood or stone.  

When it comes to coffee table accessories, trays are a must. Make a pretty display by placing wooden platters on a wooden table. Contrast the tray's surface with the table's and see if you like the results. It would look classy on a light wood table with a dark wood platter.  

A good idea is always a coffee table book.

A coffee table with books on it

Photograph by James Merell.

Thomas Guy Interiors' chief designer, Lance Thomas, says, "Books, books, and more books." In this new window: "I like to section off my coffee table into eight equal parts and put a stack of books in each one." My rule of thumb for coffee tables is structured maximalism. If I'm going for a minimalist look, it's only when my coffee table is saving the day in outer space. Sometimes I'll put a small table lamp in one of the corners for some ambiance that way. '

It's fine to keep a stack of magazines or thin books on the table, but thick books make for a more interesting display.  

The book's central theme is another nuance that's crucial to remember. Look for engaging books, such as an encyclopedia, a volume on well-known paintings, or a novel. There might be less awkward silences if guests have something to pick up during those times. Sometimes the books will be an indication of your personal preferences and interests.  

Charlotte Sitton, the founder of Organized by Charlotte, says, "Depending on the coffee table size, you can pile three books on top of each other, or spread them out if it's a bigger table into three piles of two." In addition to "having a colorful and interesting appearance,"

Emily Lauren, owner of Emily Lauren Interiors, says, "We think of coffee tables like dining tables, as heritage furniture pieces that get passed down through families and generations." The link opens in a new window. There is usually a group of chairs arranged around a coffee table in the living room, and that's where we have all of our memorable conversations and get-togethers. Books and trinkets we cherish or that have sentimental value from our travels often take pride of place on our coffee tables. ’

Dry grasses should be placed in the center of the arrangement.

A coffee table with pampas grass in the centre

(Photo courtesy of Lolo's House) Created by Life (Photo by:)

Arrange your pieces or objects in a cluster in the middle of a round coffee table. This will serve as a point of emphasis.  

Put some pampas grass in a vase for a warm, brown, autumnal look in the living room. A Square Designs' founder Ajay Arya says, "Even dried twigs and leaves, placed inside beautiful vases will do." (Link opens in a new window) If not, "decorate the table with cut fruits and/or charming cake stands and cookie jars of varying styles." '

4 Interest can be piqued by miniature sculptures.

A living room with a small sculpture on the centre table

(Photo by Chicago Design Group)

Give each of your two round coffee tables a special design feature if you have them in your living room. One can store books and decorative boxes, while the other can show off your sculpture collection. Anna Popov, owner of interior design firm Interiors by Popov, says, "Boxes on a coffee table can store clutter, (think remotes or coasters), or conceal a treasure you want to reveal upon closer inspection." It's a new tab that opens up the full article.  

They resemble miniature bookcases or cube organizers and would look great in a living room. She recommends using containers of various sizes and styles made of materials like wood, crystal, mother of pearl, and raffia.

However, miniature sculptures can serve as excellent conversation pieces. These might be painted on canvas, crafted from paper mache, or carved from wood, and you picked them up on your travels. The table will look less cluttered and more attractive if you stack your books on top of one another or group your figurines together.  

large white living room with curved white sofa and round coffee table

(Photo by: Jessica Lagrange; interior design: Douglas Friedman)

Alison Hughes, the interiors director at Coast Road Furniture, says, "One of the best parts of the upcoming season is the changes it brings to the outside world." Opens in a new window/tab This, however, does not preclude your appreciating the beauty of autumn outside your window. You can spend a lot of time in your living room during the various seasons. Forinstance, as Alison suggests, "you could try making your autumnal bouquet and displaying it in your favorite vase on the coffee table." Chrysanthemums, asters, and poppies are just some of the many vibrant flowers that will be in full bloom the following year. '

Want to give your family room a holiday feel this year? Make your coffee table more festive with a Christmas flower arrangement.

Place some indoor plants in the living room to liven up the space.

A living room with a houseplant on a coffee table

Image by Maestri Studio.) Jenifer McNeil Bake (Image:

Houseplants are in style during this time of year. actually, indoor plants can be grown year-round. Consider plants with sculptural qualities, such as those that have long, leathery leaves or unusual root systems. Succulents and spider plants are both good choices.  

Put them in pretty vases or bowls to add some softness and life to your living room's decor. However, only place pet-friendly houseplants on the coffee table if you have dogs or cats in the house. Keep in mind that you'll need to tend to these, as they have specific care requirements like watering and sun exposure, and may require frequent relocation inside and outside the house.

Seven, save a piece of driftwood for its artistic value.

Driftwood kept on top on a round table

(Photo by: Maestri Studio.) Jennifer McNeil Baker (Image:

Driftwood is an artistic and natural accent for the coffee table. If you're going for a more natural feel in the living room, this will help. This arrangement's main advantage is that it can be displayed indoors or out and lasts much longer than regular flower arrangements.

The coffee table should be crammed with decorative items, but there should also be room for practical items like a mug of coffee and a book. Leaves from plants shouldn't be allowed to fall into your drinks, either. Leave some room between the edge of the coffee table and the items on it.

Idle your mind at the sight of terracotta vases on end tables

Ceramics kept on top of a coffee table

(Photo by Ravi Vazirani)

While not a set, these vases share a common aesthetic and can be used individually or as part of a group to add visual interest to a coffee table or side table in the living room. The terracotta centerpiece and foot sculptures are eye-catching in contrast to the black table.  

Mary Patton, the designer behind Mary Patton Design, says, "Odd numbers win when styling a coffee table." In this new window: As the old adage goes, "three is the magic number." When I'm decorating, I like to experiment with different textures and heights. A large book, a decorative object like a vase, and a candle are three of my go-to elements. '

A round coffee table needs a round tray.

A living room coffee table with a round tray

Photo by Amoeba Design.

Neither a round nor a square or rectangular tray cannot be used on a round coffee table, so there is no hard and fast rule here. It's important to choose a tray that fits the coffee table, but that can be tricky.  

Even if you have a large round coffee table, a rectangular tray set out diagonally will make for a more sophisticated centerpiece in the living room. A round tray is preferable for smaller tables so that the table remains symmetrical.  

Think about the tray's dimensions as well. Selecting a large round tray and using it to cover the entire coffee table is not a good idea unless that is the desired effect. Having a smaller tray will prevent it from being accidentally pushed off the table by curious passers-by or rambunctious pets. The standard coffee table size is 22 inches by 22 inches. You could potentially fit two of these on some exceptionally long coffee tables.  

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