Enchanting Design Ideas for a Girl's Bedroom: From Sensible Storage to Playful Geometry

Are you ready to transform a girl's bedroom into a space that radiates style, personality, and functionality? Look no further! This article is your ultimate guide to creating mesmerizing girl's bedroom decor. From sensible storage solutions to beautiful bunks, from playful geometry to sophisticated baby rooms, we've got it all covered. Get ready to dive into a world filled with captivating color schemes, creative furniture arrangements, and inspiring decorating ideas that will leave you wanting to revamp every room in your house. Let's bring some style and flair to those four walls!


What Should a Girl Have in Her Room?


In every girl's room, it is essential to have the basic essentials: a bed, window treatments, and a dresser or chest. Once these foundational pieces are in place, it's time to incorporate other design elements. This can include rugs, wall art, decorative pillows, and lamps.

How to Decorate a Kid's Bedroom

Children have a lot of growing to do, both in terms of their identity and their understanding of the world. Having the right items at home can make this process easier. From sturdy wood dressers to twin beds and plush mattresses, there are plenty of options available to make organizing your child's room a breeze. You can also foster a love for reading by adding small bookshelves, a cozy rocking chair, and fun wall decals featuring their favorite characters. Whether you choose to paint it yourself or opt for a large wall decal, wall decor will add a burst of color to a girl's bedroom.

How to Style a Tween's Bedroom

Young tweens and teens need bedroom furniture that reflects their older age. To make smart investments when updating a tween's room, focus on selecting colors and patterns instead of themes. A boldly printed accent rug can introduce texture to your teen's bedroom. They might prefer a full-size bed to retreat to after a long day, as opposed to a twin bed. Creating a designated space for homework with a desk, a small lamp, and other essentials is also a good idea. Additionally, a nightstand can serve as the perfect spot to keep cherished belongings within arm's reach until morning.


Little Girl, Big Style


Gordon Beall

In this girl's room idea, vibrant window panels showcase a flower pattern adorned with bright pink hues. The custom coverlet's refined red embroidery can remain a staple in this pre-kindergarten resident's room until she reaches college. A queen-size bed with a custom-designed headboard fills the space between a closet and a dresser on one wall, while built-in bookcases and window seats occupy the opposite wall.


Sensible Storage


Adam Albright

Regardless of your daughter's interests, ample storage space is likely necessary to accommodate her treasured possessions. You can draw inspiration from kitchen organization when planning storage solutions. Kitchen cabinetry can work effectively in designing a girl's bedroom. In this particular design, semicustom cabinets act as built-in storage units around the bed, and drawers beneath the bed maximize unused space.


Beautiful Bunks


Edmund Barr

This girl's room idea is perfect for a shared bedroom or a room designated for sleepovers. The curved design of the white built-in bunks prevents them from appearing bulky, while the addition of carpet tiles adds vibrant and fun colors, and softens the room's flooring. Using carpet tiles is a practical choice for girls who enjoy arts and crafts, as a permanent stain on one tile is easy to replace.


Tucked Away


Werner Straube

Consider utilizing your attic space to create more room, as showcased in this little girl's bedroom design. If a remodel is necessary, tailor the room's basics to complement your home's style. For instance, if you have a farmhouse, opt for warm, rustic wood on the walls and floor. This way, the space will seamlessly blend with the rest of your home if repurposed down the line.


Sophisticated Baby


Robert Brinson

Baby nurseries don't have to be limited to pastels and animal motifs. For a more sophisticated look, start with a foundation of warm and soothing grays, and incorporate geometric or abstract patterns. In this nursery, a single pattern on the window treatments and bed skirt enhances the minimalist style. Take advantage of every nook and cranny in a child's room. In this case, a changing table fits perfectly into a small alcove, freeing up more floor space.


Purple Shared Room


John Granen

In shared bedrooms where the occupants have different color preferences, find a hue that appeals to both parties and allow each person to choose their accent color. To balance multiple hues, include plenty of white to create a harmonious blend, similar to the white furniture used in this adorable girl's bedroom.


Lovely Lavender


Emily Followill

This combination of pink and purple is an ideal choice for bedroom colors that will grow with the child. Add a unique twist to these shades by incorporating soft neutrals and hints of periwinkle for a classic-glam look. Lavender walls, window treatments, and throw pillows work well for both teens and as future guest room decor. The classic furniture can adapt to either purpose, and simple switches can introduce more subtle accent colors.


Playful Geometry


David Patterson

Warm gray walls serve as a blank canvas to accommodate bright furniture and accessories in this sweet little bedroom. A whimsical upholstered kid's headboard mimicking the shape of a house, as well as a yellow footboard and mirror, add pops of color. A hopscotch rug ties the room's colors together and provides a fun game to play.


Simple Sparkle


Anthony Masterson

Elevate a princess-themed room with a starry wallpapered ceiling. The blue ceiling, along with small pops of powder blue, lavender, and bright coral, break up the predominantly pink color scheme. Statement light fixtures above the bed add extra glamour that can carry through the teenage years.


Spice It Up


John Loecke

Infuse a classic color scheme with a splash of citrus to make it more kid-friendly. In this traditional blue and white bedroom, fun orange accents provide pops of color. The major elements in the room—the walls, bed, and side table—are in blue, creating a peaceful ambiance.


Pink and Green Oasis


Robert Brinson

A lively palette of pinks and yellow-based greens adds playfulness to a room while transitioning from a toddler room to teen decor. The mix of patterns is ageless, offering numerous color options for future makeovers. For example, the soft sage or fuchsia in the bedding could easily become a wall color, maintaining a cohesive design.


All Kinds of Color


Dominique Vorillon

When a girl's bedroom features bold colors and prints, it can be beneficial to scale back the wall color to invite serenity into the space. Look for a white shade that includes undertones of a color used in the room. In this design, a white with a pink cast provides a break in the action while blending with the room's playful pink accents. The furniture in the little girl's bedroom creates a striking contrast against the pastel walls.


Get the Blues


William Geddes

Whether opting for vibrant, pastel, or dark shades, use organic or floral prints, billowy window treatments, and layers of bedding to maintain a light-hearted and playful atmosphere in a blue bedroom—perfect for any daydreaming child.


Just Dance


Laurie Black

Many little girl's bedroom themes lean towards loud or trendy elements that may not stand the test of time. If you prefer to avoid these themes, look for subtle ways to incorporate a child's interests or hobbies. For a ballet enthusiast, dress the room in shades of pink, complete with ruffles and nods to her passion, such as a display of tutus and a piece of art, rather than overwhelming the space with a ballet-slipper bedding set and an array of accessories.


Other Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms


Whether dealing with a small or large kids' room, it is crucial to maximize vertical space. In smaller bedrooms, opt for multi-functional pieces. For instance, a large bed may not be feasible, but if you still choose one, consider using bed risers to create additional space underneath. Alternatively, select a bed with built-in storage.

Utilize options like wheeled boxes, drawers, locked boxes, or storage bins to efficiently store items and maintain a clutter-free environment. If a dresser is not an option, a spacious nightstand can serve as a substitute for clothing storage. A storage chest at the foot of the bed is perfect for storing items like blankets, pillows, and even shoes. It is one of the most practical furniture pieces to have in a home.

Another tip is to keep the room layout simple. Placing the bed in the center of the room leaves ample space to walk on either side. Additionally, incorporating plenty of light sources prevents the room from feeling dark and cramped. In some cases, oversized light fixtures can create the illusion of more space. Curtains and drapes can also enhance the room. Sheer curtains are excellent for letting in natural light, while blackout curtains provide privacy. Lastly, complete the room with new bedding coordinates, comforters, and throw pillows to add the finishing touch.


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girls' bedroom ideasLights4Fun/Oliver Perrott

From fairy lights to neon signs, it's often the finishing touches that have the most transformative effect on a bedroom. In this bedroom space with sugary pink walls and gray curtains, it's the lights that bring character to the room.

Pictured: Sundae Children's Collection, Lights4fun


Decorating a girl's bedroom is an exciting endeavor, and with these ideas, you can create a space that is not only stylish but also functional. From sensible storage solutions to beautiful bunks that maximize space, these design tips are sure to make any little girl's room feel like a big style statement. Whether you're going for a sophisticated baby nursery or a playful and vibrant shared space, there are endless possibilities to explore. So let your imagination run wild, embrace the colors and patterns, add some sparkle, and create a room that reflects your little girl's unique personality. After all, her bedroom is her sanctuary, and with the right decor, it can be a place where dreams come true.

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