Embrace the Magic: 9 Unicorn Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Dreams Come True


    The popularity of unicorns in children's bedrooms has skyrocketed in recent years. The trend is characterized by bold rainbows, pastel colors, glitter, and fairy lights - elements that appeal to kids of all ages. The unicorn bedroom trend is unapologetically girly, and it continues to be one of the most inviting trends in children's bedroom decor.

    Realistic Wall Art:

      A mural is a fantastic way to bring realistic wall art into a child's bedroom. Incorporating a unicorn wallpaper mural is an excellent concept to make your child's bedroom come to life. Utilizing vibrant colors like pink, yellow and blue, you can have a wallpaper mural that combines both unicorns and clouds, from fairytale creatures to dreamlike wallpapers like the Unicorn Mare and Foal wallpaper mural. Your child will feel like they have 'real unicorns' in their room!

      pink unicorn mural in girls bedroom

      Unicorn Minimalist Design:

        If you're looking for a gender-neutral or minimalist approach to unicorn decor, you can incorporate a few nearly-white pastel hues and simple wall shades. Minimalism is an enduring trend, and it can create a canvas for all things magical. Selecting a Polygon Pastel mural will be the perfect backdrop for mythical creatures without overwhelming the rest of the room.

        toddler room with white walls and white and pink accessories

        Unicorn Gallery Wall:

          A gallery wall can bring a stunning feature into your child's bedroom and provide an entertaining way for them to personalize their own corner of the world. You can get started with photos, posters, artwork, Instagrammable quotes, or cute keepsakes, which will reflect your child's personality. The best part is that it can grow with them too, so they can add to the collection as they grow.

          purple bedroom wall with white frames fun, girly prints

          Unicorn Solo Dream:

            To create a magical space that will make your child run around with excitement, you can use an inspirational Unicorn Solo Dream wall mural. It features stunning tones of purple, blue, and pink, making it the perfect backdrop for their room. Whether your child is a fan of pink, lilac, or blue walls and surrounded by fluffy cushions, this wall mural is an unforgettable addition that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

            multicolored digital art of unicorn with butterflies and glitter coming from its mane wallpaper in bedroom with pink sofa

            Unicorn Princess Style:

              Unicorns and princesses go hand in hand, and bed canopies are a fantastic way to make your child feel like royalty. Using sheer fabrics like tulle for a rainbow-colored variety can be a cost-effective way to create a canopy. You could find rectangular canopies that cover the whole bed or a round shape that has a hula hoop-like structure. You can use a princess-themed wallpaper mural or keep the design simple with classic white walls.

              pale pink princess/unicorn child's bedroom with bed canopy

              Unicorn Wall Decor:

                Unicorn wall decor is an excellent way to bring a unique element to your child's bedroom with vast wall spaces. The spectacular Unicorn Bridge wallpaper would look fantastic on walls in rooms with high ceilings, including a child's bedroom or a grown-up bedroom. With a unicorn wall decor, simplicity is key, using simple furniture styles that will create a light, airy and open space.

                digital art of unicorn land with pink and blue hues wallpaper in bedroom with pink and blue decor

                Unicorn and Marble Chic:

                  Marble and unicorns are both enduring trends that, when combined in a unique way, can offer a beautiful design for your daughter's bedroom. Using our eye-catching Pink and Purple Marble mural will give your child's room a touch of glamor and sophistication. White walls will give a dramatic contrast to the unicorn theme effortlessly. Incorporating a textured rug and some plush cushions will make the room cozy and warm.

                  marble effect colorful bedding

                  Rainbows, Rainbows, Rainbows:

                    When you think of unicorns, you think of the colors of the rainbow. Painting techniques and glitter-effect rainbow wallpapers offer a unique way of enjoying these mythical creatures in a creative way. Our Rainbow and Pastel Glitter mural also offers a vibrant way to bring some sparkle to the room. With its bright colors, it's an excellent addition to a playful and fun room that maintains a magical atmosphere.

                    rainbow glitter image wallpaper in child's black and white bedroom

                    Novelty Unicorn Features:

                      Add novelty features like a unicorn-themed fluffy stool, prints, and decorative objects. These could include artificial silk flowers and unicorn horns, which will provide dimension to the overall design. As seen on Pinterest, several DIY projects can get you started, such as creating a dreamy tween unicorn dresser. By adding some drama without stealing the show, you can opt for a watercolor effect wallpaper that will accentuate the design.

                      unicorn white desk with framed unicorn prints on wall and pink furry stool


                        Unicorn bedrooms are not just for kids; they suit all ages and provide a touch of magic and color to any room. These nine unicorn bedroom ideas are not just fun and playful; they're also Instagram-worthy concepts that will make your child's bedroom a dream come true.

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