Embrace the Exotic: Unleashing the Best Tropical Decor for a Vibrant Paradise

Step into a lush oasis where palm trees sway, parrots dance, and vibrant coral hues transport you straight to paradise. Get ready to dive into the world of the best tropical decor, where lush greens, natural plants, and rattan furniture create a soothing ambiance that will make you feel like you're on a never-ending vacation. From tropical leaf motifs to sandy shades reminiscent of the beach, this article will take you on a journey through the most captivating elements of tropical design. So sit back, relax, and let the vibrant colours and exotic patterns envelop your senses. Welcome to the world of tropical paradise!

Lush Greens

The defining characteristic of tropical style is the vibrant greenery of jungle-like foliage. In this Palm Beach dining room, the chairs are upholstered in a hazy green ticking stripe to evoke the palm trees outside. For a more literal touch, monstera leaves are placed on the table to create a dramatic effect. Faux palm fronds, which now look more realistic than ever, can also be used.

David Tsay

Natural Plants

If you can include a palm tree in your home, go for it. If not, incorporate plenty of greenery and indoor plants to create a tropical atmosphere.

Natural Plants with Tropical Sideboard Rattan DecorUnknown

Palm Trees

Palm trees are a common feature in tropical decorations and interior designs.

H&M home


Bamboo decor is an essential element of tropical style, such as the bamboo bath tray featured in this exotic tropical bathroom.

Tropical Bamboo Decor in the Bathroom via @biodara@biodara

Tropical Leaf Motifs

There are a wide variety of tropical leaf motifs to choose from, including banana leaves, fan palm leaves, and areca palm leaves. These exotic green leaves can be found in many tropical spaces.

Leaf Motif Tropical Tablescape via H&M homeH&M home

Rattan Furniture

When it comes to tropical furniture, opt for rattan pieces. Cane and bamboo furniture can also be incorporated. If you're on a budget, warm wood furniture is a great alternative for creating a tropical space.

Rattan Furniture Tropical Decor - Bedroom with Rattan Headboard and Palm Leaf Pillows via homestolove.com.auhomestolove.com.au

Jute and Sisal Decor

Woven jute and sisal are commonly used materials in tropical homes, often seen in storage baskets, rugs, and placemats. These natural materials are durable and add a touch of tropical charm.

Woven jute placemats via Emily HendersonEmily Henderson

Bright Tropical Florals

From vibrant green palm trees to hot pink hibiscus flowers, your home should resemble a Hawaiian tropical paradise. If caring for real flowers is a challenge, consider incorporating floral patterns on curtains, pillows, or upholstery.

Vintage Hibiscus Tropical Floral Decor PrintEtsy


Parrots are often associated with tropical climates. Many decorative objects depict these colorful birds.

Parrot Decor on white rattan console table via homestolove.com.auhomestolove.com.au

Vibrant Coral

The vibrant coral color, reminiscent of fiery sunsets and hibiscus flowers, is often used in tropical-inspired spaces. Pair it with cooling lavender for a calming contrast in a guest bedroom. Other tropical-inspired colors include lime, mango, avocado, and papaya, which add color and interest to your home.

Carmel Brantley

Coastal Wildlife

Incorporating wall art featuring the wildlife of tropical locales is an easy way to add tropical flair to your space. Prints of oversized vintage flamingos can be paired with teal dressers and lush greenery for a striking contrast. Look for artwork featuring tropical life, such as toucans, parrots, turtles, or colorful fish, and display it above a mantel, on a bedroom nightstand, or above an entryway table for a unique touch.

Sarah Dorio

Sea Motifs

Display your beach vacation mementos to incorporate sea-themed accents into your space. Barnacle clusters on cocktail tables or shell-encrusted votives on bar carts are unexpected finds that add a touch of tropical style.

Carmel Brantley

Sandy Shades

Recreate the relaxing atmosphere of the beach by combining soothing sea blues with warm sandy beiges in varying textures. Grass-cloth wallpaper and matchstick blinds can be used to add depth and visual interest to a calming bedroom. Delicate curves, such as scallops on window shades, soften the lines of the room. For additional tropical color palette ideas, draw inspiration from the produce section with lime, mango, avocado, and papaya hues.

Kim Cornelison


Barkcloth, a textured and woven cotton fabric from Africa and Asia, is a staple in tropical regions and an ideal choice for furniture upholstery and curtains.

Bark Cloth Tropical Curtains with Bright Flower Design and Rattan Furniture via SFGirlbyBaysfgirlbybay

Tropical color schemes & palettes

Tropical decorating allows for bold and vibrant color schemes. If you're drawn to this style, choose a palette filled with your favorite tropical colors and a few accent colors to create a cohesive and lively space that exudes aloha.

tropical color scheme palette with yellow, teal, and pink

Our Gardens of Versailles print typically embodies French country style, but when combined with iced mango, tropical green, and hot pink, it flourishes with tropical style.

tropical color schemes with teal, white, yellow, and mango

Combining our turquoise Jeweled Peacock with citrus shades of yellow cream, flame orange, and crisp bright white creates a classic tropical color scheme that feels fresh, chic, and youthful.

tropical color schemes with blue, white, and violet

This tropical color scheme takes inspiration from tropical flowers like the African violet and purple hibiscus. The cobalt blue and teal shades of the Midnight Lotus print anchor the color scheme, while sky blue, cloud white, and amethyst orchid serve as delightful accents.

tropical colors with mango, green, yellow, and fruit punch red

Our Indian Summer line of linens features a vivid medley of tropical colors. The mango backdrop serves as the foundation for banana palm, mimosa, and hibiscus accents.

Tropical vibes in the kitchen or dining room

Indulge in tropical taste sensations with mai tais, coladas, ripe mangos, ahi poke, and fresh seafood on the grill. Create a sensory experience that transports you to tropical destinations like Tahiti, Bora Bora, or St. Croix.

Serve your culinary creations on dinnerware and table linens that you would find at a swanky resort or beach bungalow. Incorporate a tropical color scheme with colorful glassware, centerpieces, and cloth napkins. To maintain tropical vibes beyond a special meal, adorn your kitchen window with tropical valances or hang full-length sheers in the dining room.

Tropical decor essentials in the kitchen and dining room

Fitz & Floyd

Trestle Goblets in Indigo

These goblets are perfect for serving mimosas at a sunny brunch or fruity frozen drinks at a summer gathering. They make clean-up easy as they are dishwasher-safe.

Rattan stool with white cushion

Mainly Baskets Home

Chippendale Rattan Counter Stool

Elevate your kitchen decor with island counter stools made from natural woven wicker, creating the ambiance of a tropical bungalow.

Tropical Garden Table Runner

Saffron Marigold

Tropical Garden Table Runner

Add a special touch to your table with this tropical floral table runner that brings a sense of ease and elegance to any dining space.

Saffron Marigold

Pacific Blue Round Tablecloth

Create a sense of tranquility at your dining table with this indigo tablecloth featuring a zen-like wave pattern. It's perfect for intimate dinners filled with wine and good conversation.

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Tropical Bedding

How can you decorate a tropical bedroom in a way that looks stylish and not tacky or excessive? The answer is simple: with tropical colors and natural finishes. It's really that easy! And the simplest way to bring color into a tropical bedroom is with tropical print bedding. Our lightweight Indian bedspreads perfectly embody tropical bedding.

After all, they are designed with the hazy, hot, and humid tropical climates in mind! However, if you prefer the weight of a duvet over a bedspread (and enjoy sleeping with the AC on full blast!), we have reversible duvet covers in tropical prints that can give your room a fresh new look.

Tropical Decor Essentials in the Bedroom

sea glass candle holder as tropical decor

Burke Decor

Matte Frosted Glass Pillar Candle Holder

Candles are essential in the bedroom, and this candle holder resembles sea glass. It's perfect for a tropical bedroom, living room, or any other room!

Tommy Bahama

Cotton Printed Sheets in Pineapple Garland

This nod to the tropics feels sophisticated and smart: instead of a flower garland, it's a pineapple garland! With its gentle pattern and neutral colors, it pairs beautifully with any of our tropical bedspreads or duvet covers.

Saffron Marigold

Tulip Mist White Sheer Curtain Panels

Gossamer and airy, white sheer curtains are perfect for creating tropical vibes in any space. They are especially romantic when hung en masse at the bedroom window. Pair them with blinds or a shade for added privacy.

blue floral pillowcases with tropical pattern

Saffron Marigold

Midnight Lotus Pillow Shams

You can never go wrong when decorating with blue and white. This classic color scheme receives a tropical touch in our Midnight Lotus pattern. Try pairing these pillow shams with solid white bedding for a bold pop of color.

Tropical Curtains

A tropical living room design should be colorful, breezy, and immediately relaxing. To achieve a tropical atmosphere, your window treatments should embody a light and airy appearance in terms of weight and texture. Long and flowing white sheer curtains are a timeless and stylish choice for tropical living room decor.

However, you may prefer to highlight the sultry heat of the tropics by incorporating a bold tropical color scheme. In that case, vibrant curtains will be the perfect fit.

Tropical Decor Essentials in the Living Room

wicker lift top coffee table

Beachcrest Home

Nobles Lift-Top Coffee Table

A lift-top table is incredibly convenient, especially in smaller living spaces. The woven wicker of this particular lift-top coffee table makes it a stunning and essential piece of tropical living room decor.

mini palm tree, tropical decor

Fast Growing Trees

Pygmy Date Palm

No tropical home is complete without a tropical plant or two. This particular palm tree is perfect for those who crave island style but find themselves living on the mainland! A small potted palm tree like this effortlessly combines low maintenance with high tropical style.


This tropical fruit is a fantastic way to infuse your home with a tropical ambiance. Pineapples can be found in various decorative objects, including bookends, table lamps, artwork, and much more.

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With the infusion of lush greens, vibrant florals, and exotic motifs, transforming your space into a tropical paradise is just a few design choices away. Whether it's the soothing presence of natural plants or the bold statement of rattan furniture, incorporating tropical decor elements brings a refreshing and lively ambiance to any room. From the captivating colors of coastal wildlife to the playful allure of parrots and pineapples, the possibilities are endless. So, why not indulge in the beauty of tropical vibes and let the magic of nature transport you to your very own oasis?

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