Elevate Your Wardrobe: The Best Walk-In Closet Decor Ideas

Are you ready to indulge in the ultimate luxury of organization and style? Look no further than the best walk-in closet decor ideas to transform your small space into a haven of glamour and functionality. From clever storage solutions to chic design elements, this article will guide you through the steps to create a walk-in closet that is fit for royalty. Get ready to be inspired and make your dreams of a perfectly curated wardrobe come true.

Treat Yourself Like Royalty

walk in closet ideas red vanity

For a glamorous walk-in closet, consider incorporating a built-in vanity with ample storage space for all your essentials. In this example, the use of a bold ruby red paint color adds a dramatic touch to the design.

Design a Small Walk-In Closet with Style

Small walk-in closets can offer plenty of storage options in tight quarters while still maintaining a stylish aesthetic. For instance, a beautiful chandelier can instantly transform a dark closet into a bright and inviting dressing area. You can also enhance the space by using patterned wallpaper on the walls or door, and adding accents like an ornate mirror.

Expand a Small Walk-In Closet

This particular walk-in closet works well as a standalone storage area, but when combined with an adjacent dressing area, it becomes a comprehensive wardrobe warehouse. The homeowners have utilized a secondary shallow closet space by incorporating a custom-built dresser that offers compartments for lingerie, gym clothes, and socks. Accessories are displayed on top of the dresser and an adjacent shelf. The addition of a sliding barn door further enhances the modern farmhouse look of the bedroom.

Divide a Small Walk-In Closet into Zones

Incorporate furniture to create partitions and maximize the utility of a small walk-in closet design. By using a bookcase as a room divider, you can conveniently store shoes while also creating a separate dressing area. Positioning a bench seat with a lift-up top beneath the mirror provides extra storage space and a comfortable spot to put on or take off shoes. Bins on the opposite wall keep purses and totes visible and easily accessible as you leave the house.

Use Furniture Inside a Small Walk-In Closet

Incorporating a dresser or a small wardrobe within a walk-in closet makes practical sense. These pieces offer ample storage space, both in drawers and on top. This small walk-in closet design features a built-in framework with a chest of drawers, glass shelves (which reflect light to brighten up dark closets), and two hanging compartments. The rear compartment is equipped with a single rod for hanging dresses, while the other compartment has double rods for blouses and jackets. The shelves extend to the ceiling, providing storage for various clothing items and less frequently used items. A clear vessel placed on top of the dresser keeps colorful scarves organized.

Use Open Storage for Easy Access

Efficient walk-in closet organization is key to streamlining your routine. It is important to assign a proper and easily accessible place for each item when organizing a small walk-in closet. Shelves are an excellent option for neatly storing folded items and keeping them within view, allowing you to quickly put things away and put together an outfit. In this well-organized closet, double rods, hanging drawers, a floor-set shoe rack, and wall cubbies are used to house a man's wardrobe. Labeled bins on a shelf above the hanging rods store out-of-season clothing and sports gear.

Utilize a Hamper

Where there are clean clothes, dirty ones are usually nearby, often in a mess on the floor. To make laundry day easier, consider adding a hamper to your walk-in closet. There are various options available, such as a portable hamper with handles or wheels, or an over-the-door design that frees up floor space. A divided laundry bag allows for presorting items before washing.

Save Space With a Custom Rotating System

wardrobe a 360 degree rotating closet system by closet works features a hidden full length mirror and ample storage for shoes sourced from the corbel, the french doors that close off the space are from the 1800s

Alison Victoria designed a 360-degree rotating closet system with Closet Works, featuring a hidden full-length mirror and ample shoe storage. The French doors used to close off the space are sourced from the 1800s, adding a touch of history to the modern design.

Hang a Double-Rod Organizer

Maximize the height of your closet by installing a double-rod organizer. This allows you to separate shorter clothes, such as blouses and tank tops, on the upper bar, and pants and skirts below. You can also designate a place for empty hangers at the end of one bar to minimize wasted space. Reserve shelf space for folded garments, like T-shirts and sweaters, that don't necessarily need to be hung.

Add a Runner

Walk-in closet ideasNicole Franzen

If you have a long, narrow, and windowless walk-in closet, you can create a warmer atmosphere by adding a runner with an interesting pattern. Including a built-in bench is also a smart choice, as it provides seating without taking up additional floor space.

Store Large Items

Make use of out-of-the-way spaces in your walk-in closet to store oversized and bulkier items that may not fit elsewhere. For example, dedicate a high shelf or two for a carry-on suitcase or a weekend bag. This way, you won't have to constantly go to the attic or basement whenever you need to grab these items. They will be easily accessible right in your own closet.

Efficiently Store Shoes

Did you know that the average woman owns 40 pairs of shoes? When it comes to storing your shoes, it's important to evaluate your collection and determine the best storage options. There are various alternatives for shoe storage in walk-in closets, ranging from small cubbies to pullout shelves. Keeping your shoes visible, organized, and easily accessible will allow for a more efficient morning routine and easier cleanup. Here are some ideas:

  • Slender shoes like flats and flip-flops can be placed two pairs per cubby.
  • Tall boots can be stored on high shelves when not in season and placed on boot trays on the floor when worn frequently.
  • A tall, glass-front cabinet provides a convenient and visible place to store shoes.
  • Acrylic shoeboxes can be stacked on shelves or on the floor.
  • Over-the-door and hanging shoe organizers are great for maximizing vertical storage and freeing up floor space.

Separate Folded Items

Wire organizers can be used to streamline walk-in closet storage and allow clothes to breathe, reducing the chances of mold or pests. Many wire shelving systems offer snap-on shelf dividers, which allow for a more thorough sorting of clothes. It's important to sort like items together and keep stacks of clothes under 1-foot in height to prevent them from toppling over.

Plan Outfits

Most walk-in closets have multiple sections for hanging clothes, combining short and long lengths. You can use a small section of your closet to prepare your outfits in advance. Create or print labels for each day of the week and attach them to dividers. Select your outfits and hang them behind the respective dividers. This eliminates the stress of deciding what to wear on busy mornings and keeps your clothes organized and ready to go.

Fashion Forward

walkin closet ideas with ottomanLA Closet Design

Create a luxurious and elegant look in your walk-in closet by incorporating faux fur accents, marble countertops, and a plush ottoman. Full-length mirrors throughout the space can also create the illusion of a larger area.

Smart Storage

walk in closet ideas with shoe shelves and dresserGetty Images/ Marcus Lindstrom

Add dressers and shoe racks to your walk-in closet to maximize storage space. Don't forget to utilize high shelves for extra luggage and bags.

Stay Organized

small closet ideasIsaac Mendelson

To keep the focus on the beautiful finishes and materials in your walk-in closet, consider using woven baskets on top shelves to conceal out-of-season or rarely-used items.

Keep It Bottom Heavy

walk in closet ideasSimon Watson

A unique walk-in closet idea is to hang your bottoms, like pants and skirts, higher up in order to create the illusion of a more organized and visually appealing space.

Cue Customization

If you decide to install a closet system, choose one that can adapt and grow with your changing needs. Look for track systems that allow for easy adjustments or additions as your wardrobe or lifestyle evolves. Leave some room between the initial design and the ceiling to accommodate future additions, such as additional shelving for your favorite hangers.

Design a Closet Around Existing Features

Don't let slanted ceilings discourage you from creating a highly functional small walk-in wardrobe. By utilizing the wall space where the ceiling meets the half-wall, you can install two perpendicular rods for storing shorter clothes like shirts, pants, and tunics. Additionally, a high-mounted rod on the taller wall can hold dresses above a multitier shoe rack. Shelves above all hanging rods provide storage for clutches and purses.

Use Various Types of Closet Storage

The key to a successful small walk-in closet is incorporating a variety of storage options. In addition to hanging rods, consider using open cubbies, baskets, plastic bins, and cabinet storage units to accommodate different types of clothing and accessories. Most clothing, shoes, and purses can be stored in open storage to facilitate outfit planning, while smaller folded garments, accessories, and miscellaneous items can be stored in closed storage solutions to maintain a clutter-free appearance.

Choose a Closet System

Upgrade your typical 8x10-foot closet with a custom closet system from local home improvement centers. Installing the system can be done in a weekend and offers various options to maximize your space, including drawers, clothes rods, and shelves. You can also customize your closet with accessories like modular drawer dividers and shoe storage. Don't forget to include a small charging station for your cell phones and tablets.

- Marty Baldwin

Neutral Shelving, Rainbow Shoe Collection

In a Manhattan apartment designed by Michael S. Smith and Peter Pennoyer Architects, the walk-in closet features custom-made shelving.

- Marty Baldwin

Plan for Accessories

To accommodate your accessories, you'll need a personalized storage system. If your closet doubles as your dressing area, consider adding a small vanity with a mirror for a mini grooming station. A jewelry tree or jewelry box can make your morning dressing routine easier. Don't forget drawer organizers for keeping items out of sight. Hang purses neatly on hooks and hangers, and use shoe cubbies for small clutches. Lidded bins are perfect for storing seasonal items like scarves, gloves, and hats. To save time searching, use adhesive storage labels.

- Marty Baldwin

Statement Shelves

Add a personal touch to your shelves by installing wallpaper behind them. Opt for colorful designs to make an impact in an all-white room.

- Unlikely Martha

Accessories on Display

The way you display your accessories can significantly impact the overall look of your closet. Install light strips throughout the shelves to illuminate your collection.

- LA Closet Design

Create a Clothes Care Drawer

If you have extra space in your walk-in closet, reserve a basket or drawer as a fabric care section. Store items like steamers, irons, sweater shavers or stones, lint rollers, stain remover, sewing kits, and shoe polish and brushes in one spot for quick access during outfit emergencies. You can also add an eyeglass repair case, extra shoe laces, or heel caps to the kit.


Makeup Table

Bring a makeup table into your closet for easy and convenient preparation. Store your everyday products on a deep shelf, hang a mirror, and add a cozy stool to create the ultimate setup.

- From Great Beginnings

Functional Island

Including an island in a larger walk-in closet provides additional functionality. Add a marble island to balance out a sleek white design.

- LA Closet Design

Use Vertical Space

When working with limited space, make use of vertical storage options. Install a towering shoe shelf that adds ample storage and keeps the floors clear. Add a whimsical flair by decorating the ceiling with star motifs.

- House Beautiful

Set the Mood

Make your walk-in closet a relaxing and stylish environment. Incorporate plenty of storage with drawers, and add an antique stool for a touch of elegance.

- Leanne Ford Interiors

Build a Three-Paneled Mirror

A three-paneled mirror allows you to view your outfit from every angle. It also creates the illusion of a larger space.

- Heather Hilliard

Opt for Display Cabinets

Consider using display cabinets instead of solid doors in your walk-in closet. This will make the room feel airier and force you to stay organized.

- Castle Home

Warm Up the Room With Carpeting

Choose a carpet with a sand diamond motif for your walk-in closet. This will provide warmth and comfort, especially on cold mornings.

- Simon Watson

Install Task Lighting

Recessed lights are ideal for saving space, but small sconces can also provide additional lighting. Illuminate your walk-in closet with carefully placed lights.

- Les Ensembliers

Let It Flow Into the Bedroom

Create a seamless transition between your walk-in closet and the bedroom by keeping everything hidden behind closed storage. This creates a calm and clutter-free atmosphere.

- Tessa Neustadt

Upholster the Walls in a Matching Fabric

Brighten up your walk-in closet by upholstering the walls with a floral fabric. Use curtains in the same fabric for a cohesive look.

- Julian Wass

Make It Modern

Design a modern walk-in closet with clean lines and neutral colors. Floating shelves and hardware-free drawers provide ample storage while maintaining a fresh and clean appearance. Add eclectic lighting and marble countertops for personality.

- Tamsin Johnson Interiors

Set up a Vanity

Include a small desk or vanity in your walk-in closet for storing jewelry and makeup. Use pretty jars or a tray to keep everything organized. Hang a mirror and complete the statement with mirrored cabinet doors and a coordinating paint color.

- Eric Piasecki

Use Blank Wall Space

Don't waste any available wall space in your walk-in closet. Use decorative hooks to hang hats, bags, and scarves, and place a narrow console below for smaller items like sunglasses and jewelry. Maximize the space with hampers that fit nicely under the console.

- Anthony Masterson

Create an Accent Wall

Make your walk-in closet visually interesting by adding a scenic wallpaper as an accent wall. This will transform the space into a fashion inspiration.

- Architectural Digest

Bright but not Sterile

Incorporate antique French chandeliers and large windows to add charm and warmth to your walk-in closet.

- Architectural Digest

True London Luxury

Complete your walk-in closet with a 1950s chandelier, ’30s overmantel mirror, and custom-made packing table. Choose luxurious materials to achieve a sophisticated look.

- Architectural Digest

Wood Paneled Glamour

Add an Ochre chandelier, Boo Ritson photograph, and Porta Romana sconce to create a glamorous dressing room in your walk-in closet.

- Architectural Digest

Illuminated in Red

Brighten up your walk-in closet by using Farrow & Ball’s Rectory Red paint. Add an antique French apothecary cabinet for an extra touch of elegance.

- Architectural Digest

Full Glitz

Create a glitzy walk-in closet with palladium-leaf doors and a carpet that complements the overall design.

- Architectural Digest

Scenic Standout

Enhance your walk-in closet with scenic wallpaper to make it visually appealing.

- Architectural Digest

Tidy in Tribeca

A dressing area in the Manhattan residence of businessman Michael Hirtenstein and his wife, Christina, is enhanced by a handblown glass chandelier by jGoodDesign. The island is crafted from rosewood and leather, while the shelves and closets are adorned with gold mirrors. Amy Lau curated the furnishings, and Thomas Juul-Hansen oversaw the architectural design of the home.

  • Image may contain Furniture Indoors Room and Staircase

    Sleek and symmetrical

    In the Nashville home of philanthropists Jennifer and Billy Frist, this serene dressing area is filled with bedroom closet ideas. The space, designed by Ray Booth, showcases elegant light fixtures by Charles Edwards.

  • Image may contain Furniture Indoors WalkIn Closet Closet Room and Dressing Room

    A place for everything

    Located in Western Colombia, the walk-in closet design of handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez's apartment includes floor-to-ceiling shelves to accommodate her extensive shoe collection. The design was executed by Jean-Louis Deniot.

  • Image may contain Indoors WalkIn Closet Room Dressing Room Furniture and Person

    Storage galore

    J. Randall Powers created this walk-in closet with hanging rings, providing a simple way to organize dress ties (and scarves). The glass doors of the cabinet allow for an easy peek at the wardrobe, while the smaller built-in drawers offer additional storage options.

  • Image may contain Indoors Dressing Room Room Lamp Bag Accessories Handbag Furniture Book Publication and Chair

    Joyous storage

    For the Napa Valley, California, home of two vintners and their children, Sally Breer and Jake Rodehuth-Harrison of ETC.etera designed a walk-in closet that exudes jubilance. The ceiling is adorned with Missoni wallpaper, while the pale pink closet shelving and convenient countertop complete the whimsical atmosphere.

  • closet with wallpaper

    Jewelry Wall

    walk in closet ideas with jewelry wallElsie Larson Instead of using jewelry boxes, drawers, or shelves for your accessories, try hanging them on an empty wall. This makes it easier to showcase your collection and find the perfect piece to wear.

    See more at A Beautiful Mess »


    Try a Custom Small Closet System

    When your budget allows, consider furnishing small walk-in closets with custom-built pieces. These furnishings maximize the functionality of limited spaces. In this particular case, the homeowner created ample storage along two adjacent walls in a deeper-than-wide closet. The dresser contains drawers of various sizes to accommodate different clothing items, while the shelves above hold accessories and supplies for getting ready. Adjustable shelves on the side of the corner closet provide storage for folded items like sweaters.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    In the world of home decor, few things compare to the luxury and elegance of a well-designed walk-in closet. From treating yourself like royalty to cleverly utilizing space, there are countless ways to make this often overlooked room a true masterpiece. Whether you choose to divide it into zones, use furniture for added functionality, or install a custom rotating system, the possibilities are endless. With statement shelves, a clothes care drawer, and a makeup table, you can truly create your own fashion oasis. So why wait? Get creative, get organized, and transform your small walk-in closet into the stylish haven you deserve.

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