Elevate Your Coffee Table: Unveiling Expert Tips for Chic Decor

Looking to add a touch of charm to your living room? Wondering how to make your coffee table a stylish focal point? Look no further! This article will show you some quick and practical tips on how to decorate a coffee table like a pro. Whether you're a fan of minimalism or prefer a more eclectic look, we've got you covered. From building around one large item to accessorizing with games, you'll discover clever ways to transform your coffee table into a captivating centerpiece. Get ready to elevate your living space with these simple yet effective techniques!

Quick Tips for Decorating Your Coffee Table

According to Becc Burgmann of Becc Burgmann Interiors, having a well-styled coffee table can make any room look amazing, regardless of the rest of the decor. To help you with that, we've gathered some quick decorating tips specifically for your coffee table.

Start with a focal point

When styling your coffee table, it's best to start with a focal point. This could be an interesting item or design element that catches the eye and draws attention to the table. For example, Katie Simpson of Mackenzie Collier Interiors suggests using serving trays as a focal point. Not only do trays keep your accessories neat and organized, but they also add intentional style to the table. When selecting decorative pieces, mix and match items of different sizes, textures, shapes, and colors to create visual interest.

Focus on function

A well-styled coffee table is not just about looks, but also about functionality. Interior designer Rebekah Correll recommends incorporating items that serve a purpose in your everyday life. For example, you can use a decorative box to hold your remote control, wooden trays to carry drinks and snacks, or a coffee table book to provide reading material for guests.

Lisa Kahn adds that objects on your coffee table can also serve as conversation starters and mood enhancers. They can showcase your personal interests or collections and create connections with the people gathered around the table.

Vary heights and sizes

To add visual interest to your coffee table, experiment with different heights and sizes of decor items. KD Reid suggests playing around with ratios of objects like vases, candlesticks, statues, and books. Andrea Hysmith advises paying attention to the tone of the table and using contrasting decor to create focal points. For example, if your coffee table has a light tone, use darker decor items to create visual contrast.

Build Around One Large Item

Stephanie Parisi Coffee TableCredit: Fred Licht Photography

When in doubt, start your coffee table design by building around one large item. Stephanie Parisi, an interior designer, emphasizes the importance of choosing objects that you love and that reflect your personal style. You can add stacks of books, small family photos on stands, and interesting knick-knacks to transform your coffee table into a stylish statement.

Create a Centerpiece

Coffee Table CenterpieceCredit: Transparent Interiors

Rebekah Correll suggests adding a centerpiece to your coffee table to create an eye-catching space. When styling your coffee table, consider balancing out the horizontal surface space and also pay attention to vertical balance. Combine and stack your pieces to create an interesting visual centerpiece.

While it's exciting to add a centerpiece, Dave Adams, the Merchandising Director at BDI, advises against going overboard with large items. It's important to find a balance in size and number of items used to decorate the table. Vary the scale, size, and height of your items or group similar objects together to create a pleasing and harmonious look.

Try Layering

Coffee Table LayeringCredit: Marisa Vitale

To create dimension on your coffee table, consider layering items. Amy Peltier suggests grouping items in threes and starting with a tray as the base. Layer coffee table books on top of the tray and then add a vase of flowers or other accessories. Including a vase with greenery and flowers can bring life and freshness to your coffee table. If you're not great at taking care of live plants, faux flowers are a great alternative.

Use Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table BooksCredit: Bethany Nauert

Coffee table books are a fantastic way to add style and personality to your coffee table. Amy Peltier always includes books in her coffee table designs. She recommends choosing books that showcase your interests and inspirations. Stack the books artfully, using at least three, and place them within reach to spark conversation.

Lisa Kahn agrees that there's beauty in the visual impact of a stack of oversized, hardcover books. Books not only reveal your interests and inspirations, but they also invite others to share what they love. Artfully stacking coffee table books can create a visually appealing display and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your table.

Add Some Table Games

Coffee Table GamesCredit: State and Season

In addition to decor items, you can also incorporate table games on your coffee table to set a fun and inviting atmosphere. Lucy Small suggests using games and coasters to create a cozy vibe in your living space. By adding games and coasters, you convey that the coffee table is a place to relax, enjoy a drink, and have some fun.

Use a tray to house your favorite tabletop decor

“My big plushy blue couch was a gift from my mom” Claudia Dockery says. “Ive always loved color so whenever Im gifted a...

Using a tray on your coffee table is a classic and practical way to organize and display your favorite small decor items. It's especially useful when you need to clear the table for other purposes, such as turning it into a makeshift dining area. If you have a round coffee table, make sure to pair it with a round tray for a cohesive look.

Accessorize with games

The gallery wall sets the cozy tone in this living room. Pillows by Missoni Royal Jelly Harlem and Takashi Murakami...

If you have limited storage space, consider using your coffee table to store and display games. Opt for well-designed editions that serve as both functional items and attractive centerpieces. This not only adds a playful touch to your living space but also makes it easy to access and enjoy games whenever you want.

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Incorporating these quick tips into the decor of your coffee table will instantly elevate the overall look and feel of your living space. Remember to build around one large item as the focal point, whether it's a statement vase or a unique sculpture. Creating a centerpiece with fresh flowers or a striking candle arrangement is another surefire way to capture attention. Don't be afraid to play with layers, adding depth and dimension with stacked books or small decorative boxes. And of course, no coffee table is complete without a selection of visually pleasing coffee table books, giving your guests something to peruse while they sip their morning brew. Amp up the entertainment factor with the addition of table games, which can double as decorative accents when not in use. Lastly, corral your favorite decorative items on a stylish tray, organizing them in a way that showcases your personal style. With these clever tips, your coffee table will become a conversation starter and a true reflection of your unique taste and style.

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