Effortlessly Eclectic: 42 Chic Boho Bedrooms You'll Love

Discover the unique boho chic bedroom designs created by talented designers around the world through their use of creative elements and playful touches.

Siham Mazouz incorporated vintage items and white walls to create a boho decor with a French twist. Her fresh and inviting style incorporated a 1960s-inspired shaggy rug together with striped linen pillowcases, a silk blush pink pillow, a vintage Kantha throw, and a painting on the wall by her daughter Inès.

Emilie Fournet Interiors designed a serene London bedroom with a neutral palette infused with shades of blue. The boho elements included a woven pendant light, macrame wall hanging, and Edison bulb pendant lights with long cords suspended from simple wood brackets for effortless chic.

Erin Williamson Design created a groovy and vibrant boho bedroom adorned with pink print wallpaper, a kilim pillow, and sheepskin-covered chair. A vintage rattan dresser featured as a practical yet trendy piece.

Fantastic Frank created a vacation retreat in an Ibiza-inspired bedroom en suite, complete with woven pendant lights, rumpled linens, and a decorative ladder leaning against the bathroom wall.

Home Consultant designed a minimalist boho L.A. bedroom with neutral and wood tones. The overall look is enhanced by black accents, including a dark macrame wall hanging.

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Sara Toufali

Sara Toufali, a blogger, has centered on texture in this comfortable boho-designed bedroom with a gentle color scheme of white and blush pink. This style is enhanced with natural woven accents and plants, creating an atmosphere of warmth.

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A Beautiful Mess

This guest bedroom from A Beautiful Mess, with a stunning rattan bed frame and kilim rug in a vintage style, all set against a bright yellow wallpaper with a bold pattern, gives off a contemporary boho vibe with an airy feeling. The look is completed with a trio of hanging plants to give a touch of nature.

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Erin Williamson Design

Erin Williamson Design converted a primary bedroom in a Texas lake house A-frame into a boho oasis by utilizing dark paint and patterned wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. The layered look is completed with a carved wood Moroccan-style room divider, along with a Moroccan handira wedding blanket draped across the foot of the bed, and a vase of tall pampas grass. The result is an impressive display of mixing patterns and colors.

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Michelle Boudreau Design

This midcentury modern bedroom in Palm Springs from Michelle Boudreau Design has white walls and modern lighting accents. The carefree atmosphere that transports you into a state of vacation is achieved through boho-style textiles with beige-toned accents.

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The headboard of this principal bedroom by Leanne Ford Interiors has a built-in home library intended to accommodate favored books, casual bedding, and a sizeable pendant light. An artful arrangement on the walls provides an air of boho-style that is perfect for book and art enthusiasts. The photo for this design was taken by Tessa Neustadt, while the layout was crafted by Leanne Ford Interiors.

Sara Ligorria-Tramp took this photograph for Emily Henderson Design, which presents a bright, sun-kissed bedroom featuring a rattan bed frame with a white tasseled canopy that imbues the space with a boho vibe. Plants in place of one of the nightstands further enhance the look.

Convey Studios photographed this bedroom designed by Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs, which is a boho-style vision of a girl's room. It features a low-slung platform wood bed accessorized with rattan decor, a macrame wall hanging, a cozy reading corner, and accents of pink and blue-gray.

Lindye Galloway Studio Shop adds warm-toned textured fabrics, a tall wooden headboard with upholstery, and industrial bedside lamps to convey subtle boho-style vibes in this sleek, luxuriant bedroom designed with precisely painted white walls and floor-to-ceiling drapes. Photographer Chad Mellon captures the design.

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K Shan Design employed patterned black and white textiles, a vintage chest of drawers, a vintage wicker lamp, colorful art, and a quirky metal arrow positioned on the wall above the bed to create a welcoming and serene guest room with a bohemian touch.

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The reading nook situated in this bedroom corner, as featured on A Beautiful Mess, is anchored by a tall vintage-style rattan chair that sets the tone.

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Blanco Bungalow transformed a vintage camper into a laid-back modern bohemian-style getaway with a sleeping area as chic as any full-size bedroom. Clean white walls and warm mid-tone hardwood floors are layered generously with soft neutral textiles in a mix of navy and white striped linens, a variety of leather, embroidered, and Moroccan pillows, a cozy woolen blanket, a woven basket, and straw hats and woven bags hung up on the wall.

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In this cheerful kids' room styled by the California-based Mindy Gayer Design Co, a vintage rattan chair, colorful wall art, and textiles in a mix of bright colors and patterns add a sweet bohemian style feel.

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This bedroom from Fantastic Frank in Mallorca boasts an indoor-outdoor allure and a relaxed bohemian-style design that suits the Spanish island setting. The bed sans headboard is layered with textiles in natural fabrics and soft tones, and wood and woven accents are present.

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Erin Williamson Design has delivered a bold and gritty bedroom that seamlessly blends industrial lighting, shades of grey, and exposed stone walls with a touch of nature via a potted palm plant. A combination of patterned textiles in red and black adds a boho edge to this refined space.

The charming French Country Cottage created a romantic boho style bedroom using vintage white linens, an ornate chandelier, and a rustic wooden bench. White painted walls and ceiling coupled with gauzy curtains accentuate the sense of lightness and openness in this space. A set of straw hats casually suspended over the bed substitutes the need for a traditional headboard.

This London bedroom by Emilie Fournet Interiors showcases a brick fireplace, adorned with books and woven textures, to exude a Scandi-boho style. Coupled with a casual linen bedding and whitewashed floorboards, this space emanates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

In this office guest room designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design, a moody style reigns with dark paint covering the walls and ceiling. The relaxing and inviting atmosphere is created by an oversized daybed that promises a cozy night's sleep or a comfortable seating option. Art, books, and magazines decorate the room, adding to its boho-style charm.

This kid's bedroom from El Ramla Hamra emanates the essence of boho style with a vintage iron bed frame and Moroccan textiles, such as the handira wedding blanket hanging on the wall and a textural rug in colorful shades.

Dazey Den chose warm orange and yellow tones to craft a mid-century-meets-boho style bedroom that exudes vibrancy.

El Ramla Hamra's all-white bedroom design is a Scandi-Moroccan boho style scheme that features soaring ceilings and airy proportions. The bed is an inviting and comfortable space with layered monochromatic textiles, including a Beni Ourain rug, a makeshift canopy created using natural wood and large ribbons of fabric, and layered Moroccan blankets and pillows.

Bedroom decor from Blanco Bungalow includes white walls and wood floors, with a boho touch from the wall hanging, throw pillows, and a Moroccan leather pouf at the foot of the bed. Similarly, the nursery displays crisp white shades, wood accents, and vibrant patterned textiles, creating a modern boho style.

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Witness A Beautiful Mess's secret master suite with its soft-hued walls in blissful pink, gently saying goodnight to the residents. This chamber features a tasseled, hand-woven wall hanging, pompom-embellished curtains, and a Moroccan blanket resting securely at the foot of the bed, offering its occupants a peaceful bohemian vibe.

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A Beautiful Mess proudly displayed a perfectly designed, whimsical boho-inspired room for girls, brought to life by the creative mind of Elsie Larson. An intricately scrolled vintage-style wicker headboard steals the spotlight, sitting proudly with a Moroccan pouf and wedding blanket as a tall wicker giraffe sculpture gallops in to witness the serene surroundings. The graphic neutral-toned wallpaper on display does an excellent job of complementing the overall aesthetic of the room.

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Witness the fine work of Emilie Fournet Interiors as they give this London Victorian lounge countless reasons to make you fall in love. The centerpiece of this chamber is the carefully painted period fireplace in black, working splendidly with the deep blue wall paint. You will also love the collection of quirky art pieces scattered across the walls in this sumptuous space. The bed steals the attention with a motley assortment of textures and patterns you won't find anywhere else.

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The notorious JL Design demonstrates pure bohemian style as they confound spectators with this airy bedroom design. Suspended from ropes attached to the tall, pitched ceilings, the bed swings like Tarzan in the jungle. The room design is brimming with irreverence and a touch of wildness that's sure to leave an impression.

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Marvel at the ingenuity on display in Living with Lolo's design. The designer transforms the chamber into an oasis of bohemian bliss with carefully curated design elements. Textured walls complement an intricately designed carpet that screams for attention. Beauty reigns supreme in this sumptuous settler's bedroom, echoing in the colors and patterns in plain sight while the lush bed steals the spotlight.

This teenager's bedroom design by Living with Lolo exudes a modern and minimalist look with simple lines and clean finishes that are accentuated by playful elements, such as a hanging rattan chair and a vase of white pampas grass. Lindye Galloway Studio Shop, who designed the room, added layers of textile in soft neutral tones that enhance the off-white walls and wood accents, while also bringing in a touch of effortless boho style.

For a more abstract version of boho style, K Shan Design utilized a color photograph of palm trees while covering the wall behind a wood-and-cane headboard with patterned botanical print wallpaper in various shades of green. Sara Toufali's interpretation of boho design exudes simplicity and minimalism with stark white walls and curtains, which provide contrast against the warm medium-toned furniture and linens. The room is further accessorized with natural greenery and a rattan ceiling light.

Home Consultant combined minimalist aesthetics with woven accents and a pair of rattan chairs to deliver a modern touch in a spacious primary bedroom suite. Meanwhile, Sara Toufali elevated her double dresser corner by combining natural tones, plants, and decorative objects that carry through the light, airy, and boho themes of the entire room.

JL Design completed a spacious and luxurious bedroom decorated with understated neutral tones by adding some casual boho style touches, such as bright throw pillows, patterned wall art, and pendant lights that replaced bedside lamps. Lindye Galloway Studio Shop painted a vintage-style rattan headboard and hanging chair white, yet still maintained a subtle boho style vibe through the use of a textural wall hanging and patterned rug.

Dazey Den placed bold retro colors like orange, yellow, and blue, a mix of textiles, and vintage-style nightstands and lighting, in a kitschy take on boho meets mid-century style. Lastly, a neutral-toned, open en suite bedroom from @houseofharvee exuded a cozy cottage feel with a bathtub located just a few feet from the bed.

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