Easy Do-It-Yourself Craft Projects to Spruce Up Your Home

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We've all been spending a lot of time at home recently, and you may be feeling like a change is in order after staring at the same walls for a year or more. Don't worry; there's no need to completely remodel your space at the expense of your sanity and your bank account. Changing things up is as easy as doing a little do-it-yourself decorating. Many of these suggestions, however, require little more than a visit to a thrift store or antique shop if you're not feeling particularly creative. Get a variety of baskets and Bundt pans in varying sizes and colors, and then hang them on the wall in your kitchen or living room for an instant makeover. Perhaps you need a break from the computer and some time with the hot glue gun. In that regard, too, we've got you covered. You'll want to put on your smock after reading some of these ideas. Create some nature-themed silhouettes to hang over your bed by sponge painting. In search of a more manageable endeavor Then, for your next barbecue, why not try your hand at making some canning covered coasters? You can be sure that your freshly spruced home will benefit greatly from the addition of these handcrafted items. Share a photo of your finished product in the thread! Please share your work with us. Joyful Creating!

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Hillegas, David

Spoons mounted on a painted board become a kitchen centerpiece. Mount them in an ombre arrangement for a truly stunning effect.

Make: Put together by cutting and painting a piece of plywood to size. Spoons are laid out in a progressively darker pattern on the wood, and a spot is marked with a pencil on both sides of each spoon.

below the lip of the bowl Get rid of the spoons and make holes where indicated. Loop fine-gauge wire over the handle and into the holes, then twist the ends of the wire together behind the wood to secure. To finish, do it again and this time hang
Stayner, Becky

A bookshelf with cane webbing accents will make a great addition to that empty wall in your study.

To make, cut a piece of caning slightly bigger than the hole in the
the shelf (Floating Bookcase by Brightmaison, available on Amazon) We used Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, which you can apply to the back of the shelf opening with a foam brush. Binder clips can be used to temporarily secure the caning while it dries. When the shelf is dry, you can take the clips off and mount it.

Hillegas, David

Gus enjoys spending time with the painted quilt square in bright colors. Putting it up is as simple as leaning it against the wall.

Create visual impact with a piece of plywood and some paint. Start by determining the size of the plywood you'll need (ours is four feet square). Create a quilt block (here, a Twin Star) by drawing it in pencil on the wood and then painting it with acrylic paint. Trim the edges with 1/2-inch nail strips to complete. To prop against the wall

Hillegas, David

String art, a craft from the 1970s, is a great way to spruce up a wall in the laundry room. Need to try it out in other areas Write "REST" on the wall of a bedroom or "PLAY" on the wall of a child's room.

To make:

Letters should be cut from construction paper first. Mark nail holes with a pencil on the wall using the letters as a guide Nail copper rods to the wall and then wrap them with strands of thick yarn in a rainbow of colors.
Hillegas, David

Reinvent a plain mirror by wrapping it in ropes of varying thicknesses and hues.

Wrap a half-inch to a three-quarter-inch manila rope around the mirror's frame,
hot-gluing rope in place and braiding a decorative section. Use thin sisal rope to create a decorative band and attach it to the top and sides of the object.

Stayner, Becky

These coasters are great because the base can be painted to match your existing furniture.

Make your own colorful ceramic coasters by painting unglazed ones ($14 for 10) from online retailer Amazon. Slice off bits of caning slightly bigger than the coasters. Apply adhesive spray such as Super 77 to the caning's back, then press it firmly onto the coasters. Cut away any extra caning.

Hillegas, David

Do you have a lamp that you're sick of looking at? If you want to give it a fresh, contemporary look, try wrapping it in rope.

To make, wrap a cylinder lamp base in manila paper that is 3/4 inches thick.
hot-glue the rope so that it stays in place Burlap tassels can be hung from the lamp's neck for only on Amazon.com.

Those words belong to Becky Stayner.

Nothing beats the elegance of a cloth napkin at dinner, and these hand-stamped versions are sure to please.

Make a stamp by slicing a square of caning to four inches. Caning is painted with fabric paint and then pressed onto an off-white linen napkin. Iterate until one side of a napkin is completely covered, aligning the pattern as best as you can.

Hillegas, David

Create your own coiled rope basket to hide those ugly clay planters. You'll only need a few things from the hardware store.

To make, start with a length of sisal rope (about half an inch in diameter) and coil it into a mat, gluing the coils as you go. Once you have a mat, you can begin building the basket by gluing ropes together. Fringe the basket by knotting and pinching raffia lengths together, then adhering them with glue.

Dr. Becky Luigart-Stayner

These adorable DIY baskets are perfect for storing fruits and herbs, and they'll also look great in your kitchen.

A wood round's circumference plus 34 inch is the length of caning you should cut. The sides of the basket can be made by wrapping the strip's bottom edge with hot glue and attaching it to the outside of the wood. Place hot glue along the lengths of caning and secure the twine, making sure to leave enough length to thread through a second basket if necessary. Wrap the outsides of the basket with flat reed pieces and secure them with hot glue. To suspend, tie a loop of twine around the top.

Hillegas, David

This easy DIY hanging lamp is perfect for placing above a workstation or kitchen island to provide soft, ambient lighting.

Created by affixing manila rope with hot glue to the upper three-quarters of a regular-mouth mason jar Using glue, secure cotton rope around the wire of a mason jar pendant light kit. Wrap cord around jar and suspend light fixture

Stayner, Becky

This cherry-colored towel rack is the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom. Color the wood however you like.

Make one by sawing a 27-inch length of 1x5 lumber. Separate a 2-by-1-and-a-quarter-inch board into two 5-by-1-and-a-half-inch pieces, then drill a hole an inch deep into the center of each one. Mallet handles should be 20 inches in length, so cut them to size and glue them in. Stick blocks to the top rack. Fill in the desired hue

Stayner, Becky

A festive wreath crafted from the tips of croquet mallets is a great way to greet guests. The door, painted in Farrow & Ball's Arsenic, only serves to brighten the mood.

To make:

Stick a moss mat that you can peel and stick onto a 14-inch biodegradable craft ring. Disassemble 16 croquet mallets by removing their handles. Using hot glue, attach the heads to the wreath, stagger them slightly. Carefully flip the wreath over and secure the heads with a nail gun.
Hillegas, David

The disarray (carpooling, dinner parties, etc.) that accompanies a return to "normal" life. It's only a matter of time before the normal(ity) Add some flair to your kitchen or foyer with this functional and decorative chalkboard paint wall calendar.

Get everyone on the same page with a wall calendar displayed in the foyer. We used a roll of painter's tape that was half an inch wide to create a grid of 35 squares and two rectangles. We used Behr's Interior Chalk Decorative Paint, but any acrylic chalkboard paint would do. Once everything is dry, take off the tape and smooth out the edges. Wrap some twine around a piece of chalk, knot the end, and use a pushpin to hang it up on the wall.

Stayner, Becky

Make this cute footstool your own by covering the top with fabric in a color scheme that complements the one or two colors you choose for the croquet balls.

A 13 1/2-by-11-inch rectangle should be cut from a sheet of plywood. Create a hole in eight croquet balls, 5/8 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. A ball, hole side down, should be glued 2 1/4 inches from each of the plywood's four corners. Separate a 5/8-inch dowel into four pieces, each measuring four inches in length. Put a length of glue in each unused ball. Glue the balls to the board and insert the dowels into them. Put batting and fabric over the wood. Use a staple gun to keep everything in place.

Becky Luigart-Stoner

Having breakfast in bed (which, by the way, should still be a thing) looks even more elegant when served on a homemade tray adorned with cane webbing.

To make:

The opening of a picture frame (here, a 16-by-20-inch frame by Barnwood-USA, $45; amazon.com) should be covered with a piece of caning. Use glazing points or glue for crafts to keep things in place. Fasten cabinet-style handles measuring three inches in length to the frame's shorter ends. If you'd like to hide the hole entirely, you can fill it with glass.
Those words belong to Becky Stayner.

These DIY frames are bright and cheerful, perfect for a cabin or a kid's room.

Croquet mallet handles can be cut into four pieces, two 10 1/2 inches long and two 12 1/2 inches long to create an 8 1/2 by 11 inch "frame." Near the ends of the long lengths, chisel a small rectangle the width of the mallet into which the short lengths can rest. Put the four parts in a frame with glue. Trim the handles to 7 inches and 9 inches for a 5 by 7 inch frame.


However, frames can add up quickly and prohibitively to the cost of a gallery wall. Clipping prints to old-fashioned clipboards is an easy and inexpensive display option. Wrap a leather jewelry cord around the clip, tie a knot at the top, and suspend from a pushpin. Plus, you can swap out the pictures for something new each season.

Stayner, Becky

These cane webbing–covered votive holders make a lovely centerpiece that runs down the length of the table.

Get the dimensions of a glass votive holder, including its height and width. Remove the holder and trim the caning to fit it. Apply an adhesive spray to the back, such as Super 77, and stick it to the window. Use hot glue to secure flat reed pieces, cut to the diameter of the holder, to the upper and lower edges.


Make a new or old map a keepsake by tracing the route of a memorable vacation, hike, canoe trip, or road trip with ribbon or twine. Use hot glue to keep both choices in place on the map.

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