Discover the Best Nautical Decor: From Vintage Treasures to Undersea Accents

Are you yearning for the salt-kissed breeze to sweep through your home? Look no further than the best nautical decor to transform any space into a coastal haven. From vintage treasures and antique finds to seashell collections and marine fixtures, we invite you to embark on a design journey that embraces seaside charm and timeless elegance. Whether you're a landlubber or a seasoned sailor, this article is your compass to navigating the world of nautical-inspired interiors. So hoist the anchor, set your course, and let your imagination sail away on the waves of inspiration.

Discover Unique Pieces

Design: Latham Interiors, Photo: Mike Schirf

A single standout piece can completely transform your space without overpowering it with a specific theme. In this modern bathroom, a vintage steam gauge adds a nautical touch, and the combination of brass and silver creates a beautiful contrast.


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Create a Nautical Vintage Vibe

By incorporating vintage elements into your home decor, you can achieve a nautical theme. Whether it's through vintage showpieces, sofa cushions, or a vintage wall clock, adding old-style items and giving them a fresh new look will create a unique atmosphere in your home. Consider adding a vintage life ring for an authentic touch.

nautical vintage

Explore Vintage Treasures

Design: Michelle Gage Design, Photo: Rebecca McAlpin

Using vintage imagery in your decor can bring a worldly charm to any space. Visit flea markets and antique stores to find paintings of boats and textiles with coastal-inspired embroidery. By incorporating these vintage treasures into your existing decor, you can create a classic nautical look that exudes elegance.


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Discover Antique Finds

coastal decor ideasAndrew FraszCorey Damen Jenkins artfully combines old-world furnishings with modern design elements in this Massachusetts home. An antique secretary in the mudroom serves a dual purpose, hiding mail and displaying beloved vases.


Showcase Your Seashell Collection

coastal decor ideasDouglas FriedmanThis stunning powder room, designed by Doniphan Moore, features a mirror from Oly Studio that embodies elegance and grace. The exquisite shell art achieves a perfect balance between femininity and sophistication, anchoring the overall aesthetic of the space.

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Embrace Natural Stone

coastal decor ideasCourtesy of Hilary MattIn this contemporary coastal dining room, Hilary Matt lets the beauty of marble take center stage. From the sideboard to the walls, the cool-to-the-touch essence of marble is perfectly balanced by the warmth of a rope chandelier and lush plants.

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Add Layers of Texture

coastal living roomJen SamsonTo create an engaging neutral interior, focus on incorporating various textures. This living room, designed by Jen Samson, achieves visual interest through a combination of rich wood finishes, metal accents, glass elements, and linen fabrics.


Add Sunwashed Textures

shabby chic bedroom with framed mapDitte IsagerReclaimed wood walls and weathered furniture give this beach home a charmingly worn appearance. The sage green dresser with its lovely patina adds character to the space.

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Incorporate Marine Fixtures

boat house kitchenChristopher BaKerGleaming sconces made from brass marine fixtures subtly enhance the nautical theme in this room, which is filled with ship models, paintings, and flags.


Add a Nautical Mirror

Choose a nautical mirror in the shape of a ship's steering wheel. Opt for a finish in almond nut color or white. This attractive mirror, crafted from premium solid hardwood with a matte finish, is the perfect addition to your hallway or entryway.

10 Lake Geneva

Create a Coastal Atmosphere with Hanging Ropes and Knots

If you're a fan of coastal home decor, consider using nautical ropes to create a unique atmosphere. Hang them from the ceiling, use them as doorstops, or tie them around chairs. Incorporating these ropes and knots into your space adds an authentic touch to your nautical-themed living room. Let your creativity flow and explore various possibilities.

Hanging Ropes and Knots

Enhance Your Decor with Nautical Tripod Stands

Add a vintage-style nautical tripod stand to your living room. Made from aluminum, wood, and steel with a chrome finish spotlight, these stands create a striking visual impact that complements your nautical theme.

nautical tripod stands

Infuse Surf Style

coastal banquetteMatt AlbianiWhile colorful surfboards typically belong to the shed, this wooden surfboard makes a perfect addition to the dining room. Its warm, weathered surface complements the ceiling and woven wood shades, creating a cohesive coastal aesthetic.

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Choose Coastal Flooring Rugs

Elevate your space with a coastal flooring rug. These lightweight and low-maintenance rugs serve as decorative floor coverings, enhancing the overall look of your floor. Choose a variety that is easy to clean, such as polypropylene material, to ensure versatility and functionality.

Coastal Floorings Rugs

Enjoy a Grand View

coastal decor ideasKate LesterIndulge in the panoramic view from this room designed by Kate Lester. The statement-making chandelier and soft drapery panels draw attention to the breathtaking scenery, creating a serene and inviting space.


Where Can You Find Nautical Homes?

Nautical homes are typically found in coastal holiday towns, guesthouses, and holiday homes. However, this interior decor style is not limited to beach towns. Many people incorporate nautical elements into their city apartments, townhouses, and lake houses. Esteemed locations such as the Hamptons, Cape Cod, and New England are known for embracing this style.

Add Creature Comforts

coastal decor ideasMackenzie & Co.A cozy cloud couch is the centerpiece of any living room. To make a pristine white sofa more inviting, Mackenzie & Co. added a textured rug, striped throw pillows, and low wooden tables for a lived-in feel.


Embrace Simple Pleasures

coastal decor ideasErin Sander DesignCreate a dreamy atmosphere in your bathroom by keeping the decor simple and serene. Flowy blue curtains and a rattan stool evoke a sense of floating on the waves. Embrace a minimalist approach to daily routines and make self-care a lifestyle in this spa-like space designed by Erin Sander.


Elevate Your Bunk Beds

white, furniture, room, interior design, automotive design, couch, bedroom, floor, living room, house,Courtesy of Lark & LinenGive your guestroom a playful touch with elevated bunk beds. The rope ties add a modern twist to traditional nautical decor, creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

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Discover Salvaged Furniture

fish pillowAlec HemerThis coffee table is a prime example of innovative upcycling. It is made from an old nautical chain, adding a rustic touch to the room's shiplap walls.


Add Undersea Accents

coastal family roomAlec HemerTransform worn metal baskets into unique coffee tables for an industrial take on the coastal decor trend. Add seaglass-colored vases and decorative stones to create a fresh and vibrant contrast.


Create a Tropical Oasis with Fern Wallpaper

tropical white bathroomNgoc Minh NgoElevate your bathroom with a glamorous and tranquil ambiance. Ornate mirrors and coral-style sconces create a scene fit for royalty, with a touch of tropical paradise.


Embrace Nautical Prints

You can confidently embrace a combination of anchor motifs and nautical stripes without sacrificing elegance. This coastal chic child's bedroom showcases a maximalist approach to nautical decor that feels sophisticated and refined.

By starting with a clean white canvas and adding themed elements strategically, you can maintain an airy and light atmosphere while conveying your vision.


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Add Blue and White Drapes

Choose blue and white drapes with sheers to enhance your nautical-themed living room. Opt for elegant lightweight fabrics such as muslin cotton in these colors. A wide range of options is available, including striped and solid designs, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your space.

blue and white drapes

Create a Bold Color Palette

blue map wallJames MerrellMake a statement with a cadet-blue wall adorned with a map design. This visually striking feature adds personality to the space, with pops of darker blues preventing it from feeling too monotonous.

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Create Sharp Contrasts

coastal decor ideasMeghan Beierle-O'BrienIn this coastal kitchen designed by Caren Rideau, sharp contrasts take center stage. The metal-and-glass shelving stands out boldly against the soft white walls and light cabinetry, creating a dynamic visual effect.


Accessorize with Traditional Elements

traditional coastal accentsMatt AlbianiClassic touches like sailboat artwork and woven baskets beautifully complement woven wood shades. Open shelves allow you to display additional collectibles that add personal charm to the space.


Add Tropical Punch

furniture, white, room, interior design, table, property, dining room, living room, coffee table, floor,Courtesy of Tessa NeustadtCreate a modern island vibe in your dining nook by incorporating simple colors. In this kitchen designed by Amber Interiors, the tight color palette allows the palm print and woven textures to shine without overwhelming the space.


Invest in Embroidered Pieces

Design: Latham Interiors, Photo: Mike Schirf

Custom embroidered pieces add a touch of luxury to any space with a naval motif. These maritime-inspired pillowcases, found in this guest bedroom, strike a perfect balance between Navy aesthetics and high-end elegance. Your guests will feel like they're staying in a luxurious private suite.


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Decorate with a Sailboat Painting

If you dream of incorporating nautical decor into your home, consider showcasing a beautiful painting of a sailboat. Paintings have the ability to create a magical atmosphere and add a touch of glamour to your space. Choose a high-quality stretched canvas with a minimum of 1.5 inches of wooden frame for hanging. Opt for modern, contemporary, or traditional designs to complement your nautical-themed living room perfectly.

painting of sailboat

Strike the Right Balance

Design: Kate Marker Interiors, Photo: Margaret Rajic

When designing a timeless space, it's important to find pieces that align with your theme without being too literal. Incorporating materials like woodgrain and rope, as well as a white and blue color scheme, and mixing in metallic accessories, creates a nautical ambiance in a subtle and sophisticated way. This kitchen is a perfect example of how to make a lasting statement.


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Define Your Color Palette

Design: Latham Interiors, Photo: Mike Schirf

There's something inherently nautical about cherry wood. Pair it with blue textiles, and you'll instantly create a nautical-inspired space, whether it's a man cave or a cozy cigar room. Let the warmth of cherry wood and the coolness of blue combine to bring out the essence of a true nautical vibe.


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Oh Shiplap

There is no other wall treatment that evokes a nautical feel quite like shiplap. The name itself tells the story, with its association to the horizontal panels commonly used on ships. Incorporating shiplap into your home adds texture to a plain wall while maintaining a clean and minimal look.

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Rope in Your Design

Rope details always bring a strong nautical touch to any interior. Simply adding a decorative sphere woven out of rope can elevate the maritime atmosphere in your space. Pair it with a jute rug, a statement bedside pendant light, and a collection of curated books to tie your room together with a seaside feel.

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Make It All in the Details

Nautical décor can be as grand or as subtle as you desire. Even with just a few thoughtfully placed details, you can achieve a maritime ambiance without feeling like you're on Gilligan's Island. Take a look at this super modern bathroom, which incorporates a subtle nautical twist through the use of three stunning vanity sconces.

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Try a Playful Color Palette

While navy and white are the classic colors associated with maritime themes, don't hesitate to introduce unexpected shades into your design. In this children's bedroom, a brighter color palette is featured, but the inclusion of stripes, an abstract wave pattern on the rug, and rope and metal pipe details on the bunk beds still give off a traditional nautical vibe.

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Make Subtle Swaps

Courtesy of Julia Adele Design

One of the best ways to experiment with a theme while ensuring it fits seamlessly into your space is to replace basic items with ones that have a touch of pizzazz. For example, if you have a mirror in your foyer or over a bar, consider swapping it out for a dome mirror with gold details. This change will give off a nautical feel without overwhelming the room.

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Incorporate Thrifted Art

Design: Alexandra Angle, Photo: Lucas Allen

If you gravitate towards an old-world sailing aesthetic, a gallery wall featuring vintage and vintage-inspired skiff art is the perfect addition to any room. You can find these types of art pieces in thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets from various regions, often at affordable prices. By displaying them together in an interesting composition, you achieve a cultured and upscale look that exudes a nautical vibe rather than appearing kitschy.

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Create Your Own Design Style

Design: Alexandra Angle, Photo: Lucas Allen

Just because traditional nautical décor includes specific design elements doesn't mean you can't blend your personal interests to create a unique design style. This living room showcases pieces from around the world, incorporating traditional prints to cultivate a warm, inviting, and lived-in space. The model sailboat on display solidifies the theme and adds a charming touch to the overall design.

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Incorporating nautical decor into your home is the perfect way to create a unique and captivating space. From standout vintage finds to undersea accents, there are endless possibilities to transform your home into a coastal haven. Embrace the layered textures and sunwashed tones, while incorporating marine fixtures and hanging ropes to truly capture the essence of the sea. Don't be afraid to nail down your color palette and play with bold contrasts, creating a timeless and elevated look. Whether it's through salvaged furniture, embroidered pieces, or playful color palettes, let your imagination run wild and make every detail count. So dive in and create your own personal sanctuary with these captivating nautical decor ideas.

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