Discover 51 Extraordinary DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

Do you feel like your bedroom needs a little extra something? Even after painting and furnishing, it might not quite have the personal touch and style you were hoping for. That's where these exciting DIY bedroom decor ideas come in! With these projects, you can give your bedroom a complete makeover without breaking the bank.

diy bedroom decordiy bedroom decor

Here are just a few of the many possibilities:

  • 1. Crocheted Pillows with Tassels

Crochet Pillow with TasselsCrochet Pillow with Tassels


The key to a cozy and inviting bed is plenty of pillows, and crocheted ones are particularly charming. This project adds even more personality by incorporating tassels into the design. Once you've made the pillow itself, it's simple to add tassels in any pattern you like. And if you need a pillow insert, they're easy to find and affordably priced.

Doily Wall ArtDoily Wall Art

2. Doily Wall Art


Doilies are often associated with a vintage, romantic look. But by piecing them together, you can create a unique and eye-catching piece of wall art. Depending on the color and style of your doilies, the finished product could be delicate and subtle or bold and modern. All you need is a canvas board and some hot glue to get started.

Wooden Mossy LetterWooden Mossy Letter

Those are just two examples of the many, many ways you could spruce up your bedroom with some DIY decor projects. With a little creativity and a willingness to experiment, you can create a space that's truly your own.

3. Craft a Wooden Letter Adorned with Moss

Paper Flower Wall Decor

Looking to add a bit of personality to your bedroom space? Try creating a mossy wooden letter and enjoy the added texture and dimension it provides to your walls. Begin by selecting your preferred colors and types of preserved moss found here. Then, choose a sturdy cardboard sheet to create your letter shape and ensure it is thick enough to allow for stuffing your letter with moss.

Basket WallBasket WallPaper Flower Wall Decor

4. Design Your Own Paper Flower Wall Decoration

Brighten up your room with a simple yet striking paper flower wall decoration made from materials you already have on hand. Gather your favorite sturdy paper and begin creating various types of flowers without the need of pre-made templates. Use easel paper for the base, and explore the limitless possibilities for producing unique and vibrant flower designs.

Aged VaseAged Vase

5. Create a Cozy Basket Wall

Ombre Hexagon Wall

For a warm and inviting bohemian vibe, consider using baskets as wall décor in your bedroom. This simple and affordable basket wall decoration adds dimension and color to a plain wall and gives the space a cottage-style charm. To craft your own basket wall display, choose several unique baskets with different shapes, sizes, and colors, and arrange them in a way that best suits your room’s aesthetic.

Ombre Hexagon Wall

Enhance your wall with a touch of depth and character by using baskets of varying sizes and shapes. This display can be positioned above your headboard or on an empty dresser space to achieve the desired effect. Remember to experiment with different basket options for optimal results!

Monkey FistMonkey Fist

6. Vintage-style Vase

There's something inexplicably trendy and natural about aged decor pieces. Case in point, the vintage-style aged vase – edgy yet earthy. The secret lies in its artistic aging that gives it character instead of merely being an old vase. Luckily, you can also create your own vintage-style vase by repurposing an old glass pitcher or lamp bottom. Start by applying a base coat of white primer onto the vase by using Rust-Oleum's American Accents Primer. Once your vase is painted and ready, it's guaranteed to elevate your style game!

Upcycled furnitureUpcycled furniture

Looking for more summer decor ideas? Check out our other DIY hacks here.

Painted Circle HeadboardPainted Circle Headboard

7. Ombre Hexagon Wall

Who knew a few simple painting techniques could transform a dull bedroom wall into a stunning symmetrical hexagon accent piece? With a little bit of patience and the right tape, you too can achieve this look. Pick up some tape from your local hardware store, and make sure to have several foam rollers and tray liners to aid you with your painting. Plan between 3-5 color variations, and you're good to go!

Trunk StorageTrunk Storage

8. Monkey Punch Knot


Hanging Lights

Are you familiar with the monkey’s fist knot? It’s a knot that resembles a paw. And when you use thick, sturdy rope to form this knot, you can create an elegant decor item.

Hanging Lights

It’s just the kind of simple yet chic touch that can fill up that unflattering empty space on the mantel. Make a few variations of these knotted pieces—vary the sizes to achieve a visually appealing ensemble.

Ladder Shelf StorageLadder Shelf Storage

To create it, you’ll only need a measuring tape, a pair of scissors, and some sisal rope from here.

Framed MirrorFramed Mirror

9. Reused Furniture


Upcycling and repurposing old furniture is a budget-friendly and eco-conscious approach. With a few coats of paint and a little bit of creativity, you can make something new and interesting out of an old and unlovable piece.

Map RosesMap Roses

To begin the reuse process, be sure to scan the furniture piece in question. It may require new hardware, so head over to some flea markets or thrift stores and find unique handles or drawer pulls that can revitalize the furniture’s look.

Are you a fan of upcycling and transforming your furniture? Check out these IKEA bedroom hacks!

Mirror DecalsMirror Decals

10. Circular Headboard Painted


A headboard is an opportunity to add a touch of flare to your bedroom. However, sometimes space constraints can limit the feasibility of a traditional headboard. In this case, it’s time to get creative.

You can use paint to create a simple circle shape above your bed to infuse some color and vitality into your space. You can even install a couple of shelves to hold books, plants, or decor items in the drawn circle.

Driftwood MirrorDriftwood Mirror

All you need is a quart of your favorite paint color, a couple of brushes, and your artistic impulses!

11. Trunk Storage

Have you ever laid eyes on those petite benches positioned at the foot of a bed that also double as a storage space for throw pillows and blankets? This set of trunks is guaranteed to embellish and declutter your bedroom.

For this endeavor, you can repurpose a couple of discarded trunks from your attic. All it requires is a few layers of paint and a hardware and handle update, and you're good to go.

Cement Balloon PlantersCement Balloon Planters

Moreover, who wouldn't appreciate the sensation of being packed and ready for a vacation 24/7?

Are you a fan of increasing storage space around the house? Do browse these IKEA hacks to organize and stylize your home!

12. Pendant Lights

Lighting can establish the tone of an entire room. While most bedrooms opt for conventional bedside table and side lamps over the headboard, you could contemplate utilizing pendant lights.

Crochet Floor PoufCrochet Floor Pouf

These contemporary lighting fixtures will light up a room. A trio of pendant lights per side should bolster your bedside lighting arrangements, wouldn't you say?

However, it works just as gorgeously in one corner of your bedroom. Just set up an armchair, and there you have it, an idyllic reading nook!

13. Ladder Shelf Storage

Have you ever pondered repurposing a step ladder as a storage unit? You can transform the number of steps in your step ladder into shelves to organize your possessions.

Farmhouse Window Frame

You can store books, planters, flower vases, little trinkets, baubles, and much more. If your ladder looks dingy, a coat of paint should jazz it up.

Farmhouse Window Frame

Yet, you can also create ladder shelf storage from scratch by utilizing scrap wood.

14. Framed Mirror

Courtesy of

A mirror above your bedroom dresser is an absolute necessity. But not just an ordinary mirror. It has to be framed so that it has a stunning border to accentuate it.

DIY Coastal Decor

This burlap frame is rustic-chic all the way. You can cut the pieces from a sack, or purchase burlap from this website.

DIY Coastal Decor

However, when you cut burlap, it tends to fray quickly. Cutting evenly may minimize frayed and jagged edges.

Need a thrifty idea? Visit this website for Dollar Store home decor inspirations.

15. Transform Old Maps into Beautiful Roses

Paper Roll Trinket Display


Paper Roll Trinket Display

As the school year draws to a close, you may find yourself with a pile of used textbooks, worksheets, and old maps that you were planning to toss in the recycling bin. But, before you do, consider upcycling those maps to create stunning rose decorations. This craft project is not only an eco-friendly solution to repurpose old materials, but it's also a fantastic way to enhance your home decor. Gather some floristry wire, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and some paint if you'd like to add some color to the tips of your roses.

Hand-Painted Throw PillowHand-Painted Throw Pillow

16. DIY Mirror Decals for a Personalized Touch

Floral Wall Hanging


Floral Wall Hanging

Adding decals to your mirror can bring a unique and personalized touch to your space while also disguising any scratches or imperfections. With the help of a Cricut machine, some vinyl, and transfer tape, you can create custom designs with ease. If you need some inspiration, a downloadable template is available to guide you through the design process.


17. Create a Rustic Driftwood Mirror

your local craft or home decor store, as well as wood glue, a saw, and sandpaper. Once you have your supplies, cut the driftwood into various lengths and sizes, making sure they fit securely around the edge of the mirror.

Arrange the pieces in a cohesive and visually pleasing manner, then glue them onto the mirror frame. After letting the glue dry, sand the edges to create a seamless and natural finish.

Nautical MobileNautical Mobile

This driftwood mirror is not only a beautiful addition to your home decor, but it’s also a great way to upcycle materials and bring a bit of the beach inside.

Looking for a cozy and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe? Look no further than this stunning DIY dip-dyed blanket. With just a few simple materials such as a basic white cotton blanket, liquid dye in your favorite colors, gloves, dish soap, water, and salt, you can create a beautiful and warm accessory that will keep you snug and stylish all season long.

Seaglass Rope LanternSeaglass Rope Lantern

To start the project, lay out plenty of newspapers to avoid any mess. Once you have all your materials ready and prepped, follow the easy steps and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own unique piece.

If you're aiming for a chic and rustic vibe in your bedroom, why not try out this creative farmhouse window frame? With a few canvas frames of different sizes and some imagination, you can easily transform your space with a vintage and charming touch. Simply remove the canvases from the frame, and the possibilities are endless.

Hanging LightHanging Light

And if you're dreaming of a beach getaway, bring a piece of the shore home with this DIY driftwood wall art. With some driftwood and a plywood base, you can create a stunning and textured piece that adds a relaxed and peaceful feel to any room. Customize your piece with painted driftwood in shades of white, grey, and teal for a crisp and coastal vibe.

Add some pizzazz to your home décor with these ingenious IKEA hacks from Craftsy Hacks!

Earthy Paper Feather Wall DecorEarthy Paper Feather Wall Decor

23. A Clever Trinket Display Made of Toilet Paper Rolls

Source: Red Ted Art

Empty toilet paper rolls are surprisingly versatile. Have you ever thought of transforming them into an adorable display unit for your favorite trinkets and collectibles? You can even use it as a toy storage unit for your kids' mini action figures! Simply recycle an old shoebox or cereal box to make the base frame and take crafty pleasure in decorating it with your little ones.

Lava LampLava Lamp

24. Unique Hand-Painted Throw Pillows

Source: Be Brave and Bloom

Arrow Wall ArtArrow Wall Art

Toss pillows are often overlooked in terms of their ornamental value, but that's about to change. Why not express your personality and creativity with hand-painted throw pillows? Imagine decorating a pillow with a striking motif and using it as both a decorative piece and a comfortable place to rest your head.

Greenery Wall Hanging

25. A Sweet Floral Wall Hanging

Greenery Wall Hanging

Source: Paisley and Sparrow

This floral wall hanging is a showstopper! It's so simple to make, yet the results will be breathtaking. You can create a charming combination of faux flowers and leaves, such as those found here, to add greenery to your wall decor. Feel free to paint the faux florals and leaves to match your color scheme. This delightful wall hanging is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest days!

Cardboard LettersCardboard Letters

26. Handmade Rug


You wouldn't believe it, but this magnificent rug is made out of a drop cloth! All you need is some fabric paint and a drop cloth to create your personalized rug. The beauty of this project lies in the ability to tailor the size and color to match your decor seamlessly, for a fraction of the cost of a custom-made rug.


Large rugs can be exorbitantly expensive, but this DIY rug is simply impressive and won't put a dent in your wallet. This is an ideal project for anyone looking to decorate on a budget, especially for a bedroom.

Tire OttomanTire Ottoman

27. Coastal-inspired Mobile


Whenever you take a stroll along the sandy shore of a beach, it's always a calming and refreshing experience. The main attraction, however, is searching for shells and other hidden gems, turning it into an adventure.

Bed CanopyBed Canopy

This project provides an opportunity to create a rustic and earthy wall hanging that is elemental as can be, composed of beautiful stones, bits of driftwood, and sea glass collected from the shore. To ensure you can hang all these collectibles, you will need twine or fishing wire from this site.

Fabric Garland

28. Seaside Rope Lantern

Fabric Garland


The enigmatic appeal of sea glass is undeniable. Its other-worldly, classy, and mysterious vibe makes it an ideal decorative material, perfect for incorporating into your bedroom decor. This project involves upcycling a glass jar and sprucing it up with sea foam glass, available here. After that, use some jute cord to create a macrame-like cover for the glass, and voilà, you have a beautiful sea glass rope lantern that you can put a candle in to create a romantic ambiance.

Gold Leaf ArtGold Leaf Art

29. Rattan Hanging Light


If you loved making the sea glass lantern, then you'll surely enjoy this DIY hanging light. Decorating with lights adds warmth and cosiness to a room. For this one, you'll need a rattan lantern with a candle holder like the one found here. Gather all the lighting hardware components using this light fixture canopy kit, and it's lights on!

Bed SkirtBed Skirt

30. Earthy Paper Feather Wall Decor


Half Moon DreamcatcherHalf Moon Dreamcatcher

Bring some earthiness into your home by showcasing a beautiful feather wall decor piece made with paper! You can use your Cricut to cut out feather templates, or you can create your own. Draw on the natural colour and texture of the paper and arrange the feathers in a visually stunning pattern. It's a beautiful and frugal way to bring some organic warmth and texture to any blank wall.

Wine Bottle LightsWine Bottle Lights

Do you happen to have any remaining driftwood from your last beach gathering? If so, find a sturdy and large one to create a captivating feather wall decoration. While paper feathers are used, you can also incorporate genuine ones for an added touch. Utilize your trusty Cricut machine to start designing and crafting your paper feathers, and don't hesitate to feature other nautical trinkets like shells and rocks.

Have you ever wanted to make a lava lamp? The chemistry behind it is simple. Gather the necessary materials, such as an old Mason jar from your pantry, oil, Alka Seltzer tablets, liquid food coloring, and water. It's important to note that this project may get messy, so keep some paper towels close by.

Eucalyptus Branch Wall DecorEucalyptus Branch Wall Decor

Looking to add some life to your bedroom walls? Why not add some colorful arrows? Choose from a variety of hues to accentuate the dark wooden base. The arrows come with a template, so select your preferred wooden plaques and dowels and use leftover scraps from previous DIY projects to create your arrowheads and fletchings.

Floating ShelvesFloating Shelves

If you liked the floral wall art from before, then you'll adore this greenery wall hanging. It includes lively floral arrangements and vibrant greens that are perfect for accentuating your springtime decor.

For a fun and personalized touch to your room, try using cardboard letters as decoration. It's a classic DIY project that never gets old and can easily be customized to fit any occasion. Whether you want to spell out your name or welcome guests into your home, cardboard letters are a great way to add your own stamp to any space. You can purchase paper mache letters from here or even create your own using a craft cutter and cardboard sheets.

Rainbow Wall HangingRainbow Wall Hanging

If you're looking to create a cozy nook for your kids, consider making a teepee. Although it may not be a true-to-life representation, it's a simple and fun project that your kids are sure to love. Add a plush rug and a couple of comfortable pillows to make it the perfect space for reading or playtime. Just make sure to measure your wall space beforehand to ensure there's enough room for all the florals and leaves to spread out if you're making a floral hanging. You can get the necessary supplies like floral wire, painter's tape, and command hooks from the links provided.

Lace Candle HoldersLace Candle HoldersTree Stump Side TableTree Stump Side Table

Get ready to elevate your home decor game with these DIY projects that are both easy to make and budget-friendly.

First up, create a stylish tire ottoman with just a few materials. Use twisted nylon, manilla, or sisal rope to wrap around an old tire, and attach a circular piece of plywood to cover the opening. For an extra lift, add wooden blocks to the base.

Honeycomb Pom PomsHoneycomb Pom Poms

Transform a boring bed into a dreamy canopy bed with a quilting ring or embroidery hoop, a ceiling hook, some ribbon or string, and curtains of your choice.

Add some texture and color to your room with a DIY fabric garland made from scrap fabric. String it along the mantel or headboard using command hooks and a roll of burlap as backing. Don't forget to use a rotary cutter and mat for precise cuts.

Accent WallAccent Wall

And for the final touch, hang some fairy lights to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These DIY projects are sure to impress and make your home feel like a haven.

Are you looking for some creative DIY ideas to spruce up your home decor? Look no further! From a stunning gold leaf canvas art piece to a beachy-blue painted headboard, these ideas will surely inspire your inner artist.

Wooden Crate ShelfWooden Crate Shelf

If you're feeling crafty, why not try making a bed skirt out of inexpensive bed sheets or a dreamcatcher with a vintage beaded detail? For those who prefer a simpler project, consider making lace candle holders or honeycomb pom poms.

Need some functional decor? Upcycle an old wooden crate into a useful shelf unit, or create a rustic tree stump side table.

Beachy Painted HeadboardBeachy Painted Headboard

And if you really want to make a statement, try an accent wall or a beautiful eucalyptus branch wall hanging. No matter which project you choose, let your creativity flow and create a unique space that truly feels like home.

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