Decorating with decorative pillows is easy if you follow this advice from the pros.

Throw pillows may seem like a minor component of interior design, but that's not the case. There is no better way to transform a house into a home. While they are comfortable and soft, they are not entirely fluffy. The addition of a throw pillow to any piece of furniture in a room, whether it be a sofa, a bench in the hallway, or even a bed, can make a huge visual impact while also highlighting the room's more understated design elements. Here are a few pointers that will simplify the styling process and help you make the most of these decorative helpers.

You'll be able to decorate with throw pillows like a pro with the help of these helpful tips, which cover everything from color schemes to arrangement formulas. In addition, if you're feeling stuck or need some design inspiration, we've included plenty of visual aids to go along with each tip. Read on for the whole story.

— Chris Patey, writing for MyDomaine

Make sure that the rest of the room draws attention to the colorful furniture while not stealing the spotlight. The tufted raspberry ottoman is echoed by the rose-gold accents and linen stripes shown above. The effect is one of greatly improved visual harmony. However, the printed square throw pillows bring a fresh new color to the palette, which helps to keep things interesting. The kitchen's light gray paint is complemented by the steel blue accents that stand out against the anchor color.

Decorating With Throw Pillows

A. Kevin O'Brien Accent Pillow in Silvery Ombre Velvet $358 00


A solid pillow in a beautiful steel gray-meets-silver tone would be a welcome addition to the sofa's existing cast of characters. Despite its subtlety, it possesses a distinct character.

Mrs. Tessa Nuestadt

You can increase the visual interest and keep the eye moving by combining different patterns and colors. To illustrate how to decorate with a variety of throw pillows, consider this scene. One bold pillow in a floral pattern that incorporates the room's primary colors complements the graphic chevron print and the neutrals. Again, it's best to pick out your throw pillows in isolation from the rest of the room. It's easy to see how some of these pillows go well with the clean white walls and how others complement the blue cushion and carpet. They complement one another, and together they highlight the wood floor and stone wall. The artwork above is more subdued in tone because these pillows are also works of art.

Artistic toss cushions are possible. The neutral tones of this pillow make it incredibly chic and adaptable.

As reported by Chris Patey for MyDomaine

That's what you call attention-getting It's difficult to fathom how the room's various components work so well together when you take them apart and examine them in isolation. The mustard-print details on the throw pillow are the key to finding peace, so that is where you should look first. Look how differently sized, shaped, and designed each piece is! The bedroom takes unconventional proportions to a new level with its tiny seat on a angular base, organic stool, disc-shaped lamp, and triangular table.

Try new things, and never discount the importance of a good pillow.

Pink meditation cushion

Alert Contemporaneity Pillow for Zen Reflection, Upholstered in Soft Blush Velvet 00 00


Choose a round cushion to break up the squares, rectangles, and other traditional pillow shapes on your sofa or chair if you want to experiment with proportion and shape. Alternatively, you can use it as a cushion for the floor.

Photos by Roger Davies/Trunk Archive

Despite its more mature aesthetic, this living room retains its youthful energy. How There are no duplicates, keeping the look homey and carefree. It all depends on the mood you're going for, but removing the decorative pillows from this room could make it feel more formal and harsh, which is also aesthetically pleasing. We really like how there's a decorative pillow on every available seat in the room. The chairs' lumbar cushions will provide the necessary back support for your guests without compromising the modern aesthetic you've worked so hard to achieve.

OiseauVoler 3D Sunflower Throw Pillow Case

OiseauVoler Sunflower Pillow Cover with 3D Flowers $21 00


Because it combines both whimsy and refinement, this decorative pillow is a must-have.

According to MyDomaine's Justin Coit

If you want to make the most of your decorative pillows, you should give some thought to their placement after you've acquired them. Asymmetrical arrangements should be more casual and unplanned if that's the style you're going for. This symmetrical method works great for bedding, among other applications. Pile up decorative pillows like in the image above. Put the plain pillowcases you use for sleeping in the background and let the bold decorative pillows take center stage. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns or even go completely against the bedding set if you'd like to add some wilder prints to the mix.

For a truly imperial statement, we must place this crown jewel in the spotlight.

Filming in the Ashby Studio

Try a colorless bedroom for a look that's completely different in tone but still harmonious in terms of balance. It's important to put comfort before aesthetics in the bedroom because that's where you want to spend your time off from work and stress. However, there is no requirement for competition between the two. Making your bedroom a place of peace and tranquility requires creating an atmosphere that serves those purposes. If bold hues are too much for you, or if you just prefer them less, you can still express yourself with things like texture, material, wall art, and shape.

Retail Price Index Plus Cost Plus World Market Vegan Macramé Cushion Cover $17 00 $16 00


Throws like this one are perfect for breaking up a sea of pillows. This pillow, whether used in the bedroom or the living room, has the power to transform an otherwise chaotic space into a serene haven.

Interiors with a Warm Amber Glow

As perfect as this nook is, it shouldn't come as a surprise that interior designer Amber Lewis is responsible for it. We adore how she can transform any nook into a cozy nest. Put a shaggy fur or faux-fur pillow on a chair in a dull room, a corner that doesn't go anywhere, or an empty foyer. Outside of the conventional color, print, and shape elements, its unique texture provides the ideal means to an unconventional end. There is nothing softer, so throw a blanket over it for some added coziness.

Decorating With Throw Pillows

Dr. Aviva Stanoff Pillow Cover Made of Mongolian Lamb Fur That Has Been Dipped Twice in Charcoal and Bronze $250 00


This is a stunning success for the color wheel. It's possible that this set of colors will replace our current favorite neutral-but-powerful color combination.


There's a natural inclination to pause and wonder "now what?" after purchasing bedding. You can achieve a look of effortless elegance by arranging your pillows according to design motif. First, choose an odd number of pillows that all have something in common, like a color scheme or design motif. Not into pattern mixing? Try combining textures in the same color family. This outdoor sofa has a textured white pillow and a mustard yellow pillow on each side and a pillow with an earthy pattern in the middle. The larger pillows are arranged to the side, and the smaller ones are in front.

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