Decorating Angled Walls

In this article, we will discuss how to decorate slanted walls in a bedroom, such as with exposed beams, wallpaper, storage and shelving, and more.
Home attic interior with cream white paint slanted wall and sofa wooden floors and tables Attics that have been converted into living space in older homes typically have slanted walls. The engineering necessary to construct a room is only present in attics framed with rafters, as roof trusses cannot support much weight and do not facilitate the modification of the space into a habitable room. Multiple bedrooms, a full bath, or a sizable office or studio could fit in a sizable attic.

Although converting an attic into livable space is a fantastic idea, As a result, you're left with slanted walls and ceilings, which can make planning and decorating a challenge.

Homeowners with slanted walls now have a wide variety of decorating options at their disposal, all thanks to the inventiveness and creative thinking of others.

Homeowners can add to the already distinctive atmosphere created by slanted walls and ceilings by making creative use of design and décor. This article will teach you how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls, including the best wall treatments and the best way to hang artwork or photos.

DIY Decorations for an Angled Wall

Children's room on the attic with wood hemmed ceiling slanted white walls window wood study table drawers coffee tables decors and panel wood floors Attics often have slanted walls that are finished like ceilings with insulation and sheetrock sandwiched in between exposed wood beams or struts in the roof.  

Fragile Beams

Modern home interior with slanted walls and exposed beams showing the living and kitchen area Exposing the beams or replacing the plain wooden struts with chunky wood beams adds visual texture and creates the illusion of greater height.  

The wall's angle and the height at which it straightens out at the base are both determined by the degree of ceiling slope. Beams made of wood can either reach up to the pitch's peak or cascade down to the subfloor. For more inspiration, check out Faux wood beams.


Envy blue stick and peel vinyl wallpaper Check out the [ad] vinyl wallpaper selection at Amazon.

Wallpaper, once thought of as out of style, is making a comeback. Wallpapering only the slanted section of a wall creates visual contrast with the surrounding, solid-color walls.

Choose a wallpaper with a free-form or natural pattern, as symmetrical patterns may be difficult to line up correctly. Pick shades that either stand out against or blend in with the current wall color.

Stick-on labels are labels that can be peeled off and stuck somewhere else.

Perennial blooms floral peel and stick waterproof vinyl wallpaper wallpaper Check out this floral peel-and-stick wallpaper [ad] at Amazon.

Using removable peel-and-stick decals is a simple way to add style to slanted walls. Countless options exist. Decals can be purchased to fit a specific design scheme, such as a seaside motif, a floral pattern, a forest scene, or a mountain panorama.  


Bedroom with wood floors white bed and drawers windows and slanted white walls decorated with stencils Stencils are useful because they let homeowners make their own design on a slanted wall; if they want something simple but still noticeable, a design of stripes or circles might work well.

Wall Paint

If you'd rather have flat walls, you can still give the room a cozy vibe by painting one of the walls at an angle.

To soften the impact of the slanted walls, paint them all the same color and create one continuous line from floor to ceiling. Think about how many corners and slanted walls there are in the room, and pick one color with a darker or lighter shade to avoid a busy, discordant appearance.

Decorating a bedroom with a slanted wall.

Attic room with wood floors white shelves with books and decors indoor plant table and chair fur like carpet and lighting fixtures Having slanted walls in a bedroom opens up a whole new world of possibilities for decoration. A beautiful focal point can be created with a large wall mural depicting your favorite natural landscape, whether it be a river and forest, an ocean at sunrise, or another scene entirely.  


Young children will enjoy a large mural depicting their favorite cartoon characters or scenes from outer space, complete with planets and stars. One of the slanted walls could have windows or skylights installed in it to let in a lot of natural light if the funds are available.

Commuter's Spot

A cozy attic bedroom with carpet lighting fixtures bed shelves table with chair and an armchair by the window A window seat or desk can be a convenient place to read or get some work done in a room with slanted walls and windows.  

Stackable Shelving and Storage

Bedroom with ceiling metal beam built in cabinets bathroom windows office working area and bed with cushions and lampshades on bedside table The bottom of some bedrooms' slanted walls is too low to stand up against. Making efficient use of the area is a row of narrow bookcases, storage cubes, or shelves for displaying collectibles such as figurines or trinkets. To learn more about bookcases, click here.

Place to sleep

A small pull-out sofa is useful for accommodating additional guests when there is extra room at the base of the bed.


A slanted wall in a bedroom can be used to mount a large TV for movie nights and sleepovers, or it can be used to hang shelves where the wall straightens out, creating a visually interesting effect.

You have as many options as you do in a room without sloped walls and ceilings when deciding how to decorate your bedroom. Find out more about what makes a good bedroom TV size here.

How do you decorate an angled wall?

Bright modern bedroom in attic with comfortable double bed under mansard windows brick wall with a hanging painting shelves and wood floors If you're redecorating a teen's room and the bed is up against an angle wall, this is a great way to make it look like a canopy bed. The canopy effect is created by suspending and draping a silky sheer fabric or netting, and then lining it with fairy lights.  

A small floor lamp shining on a mobile of hanging planets and stars can create a soothing environment for a young boy to fall asleep in. To hang anything heavy, though, you'll need the right hardware.

With the right hardware, artwork and framed posters can be hung on an angled wall to give it a finished look and make sure the frames stay in place. Floating shelves or a coat rack mounted on the wall are two other options.

Hanging Artwork on a Slanted Wall

Modern loft kitchen interior with post and beam green couch dining table with chairs pendant light slanted walls with windows and wood floors It would be difficult to appreciate a painting or photograph if it were hung at a sharp angle on a slanted wall. However, you can hang things securely on angled walls even if they aren't flush against the surface.

Needles and thread for fishing

This is a more DIY option, but it can be very effective and allow pictures or artwork to hang correctly "from" the slanted wall instead of against it. Put an eyelet hook on top of each side of the frame to hang it. Use closed eyelets if at all possible.

Consider the desired height of the hanging and the distance between the wall and the eyelet hook when making these calculations. Mark the wall at the exact distance between the eyelets. If there is a beam in the wall, you should try to match its color or use a butterfly anchor.

Two more eyelets should be screwed into the wall at the measured distance, and then a length of strong fish line should be tied off and passed through the eyelets. You can hang it by tying a knot in the fish line and threading it through the frame's eyelets.

To give the illusion that the painting or photos are floating freely, you should use a clear fishing line that is nearly invisible. Do not use this method of mounting above any furniture or sleeping quarters.

Display Rails for Galleries

A chair and a long work desk with drawers books laptop plants and lamps on top in an attic bedroom with lighting fixture and wood floors Gallery Rails are a secure and stable alternative to using eyelets and fishing string for hanging pictures. Kits of these rails, which can be found in materials like aluminum, feature a suspended cord made of clear material that can be used to suspend picture frames and other hanging objects.

The cord is kept in place by special stoppers at the end of each track, which can be moved to create a variety of different layouts. Gallery rails are adaptable and can be mounted on sloped walls, sloped ceilings, or straight walls.

Gallery rails make it simple to update a space by displaying new artwork or photographs, and their weight capacity ranges from a few ounces to 50 pounds or more.

The Use of Keyhole Brackets

If you have pictures or artwork that you'd like to hang horizontally against a slanted wall, keyhole brackets are a safe and reliable option. Each bracket has two screws to secure it to a frame's four corners at the back. If there is no beam available, sturdy wall anchors, like butterfly anchors, must be used to secure the brackets to the drywall.

Use 1-inch drywall screws with a head protruding no more than 1/4 inch from the bracket's keyhole. Securing the frame by sliding the screw post into a notch on the bracket. You can find a variety of picture hangers on this page.

Temblor or Museum Putty?

Art collection in modern loft apartment with wood floors and natural light through a glass window Putty designed for use in museums and galleries, also known as "earthquake" or "museum" putty, can be used to temporarily secure objects to a wall or shelf without damaging them. While this putty is typically reserved for use in earthquake-prone regions, it is equally at home when used to secure pictures and paintings to slanted surfaces.

It's nonabrasive and offers a secure hold without harming surfaces. Quite like clay, it can be rolled into thin strips for use as an adhesive on picture frames. If you're going to hang something heavy, use a test frame without glass to see how the putty holds.

Decors on a glass with adhesive mounting museum putty Check out Amazon [sponsored link] to purchase some of this museum quality putty.

It's possible to find the perfect hardware for hanging frames and other items on slanted walls by trying out a variety of options.

Don't be put off from decorating your home because of its slanted walls. With some creative thinking, you can find the perfect color scheme to implement your interior-design plans.

For more, check out our article on loft bedroom designs.

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