Decorate a Huge Wall in 10 Easy Steps!

Can't figure out how to adorn a big wall Instead of seeing it as a huge, empty space that needs to be filled, picture a blank canvas. A chance Here are ten different ways you can decorate your walls, along with pictures from our home to serve as inspiration and some advice before you get started.

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There are a few things to remember before you start piling stuff against a wall.

  1. Massiveness: Think Big You need a sturdy anchor if the wall is very high. Everyone has seen rooms with enormous walls adorned with miniature works of art, which look disorganized and out of place if the pieces aren't the right size.
  2. But if it's larger, won't it cost more? Large pieces of art and decorative wall pieces can add up in cost, but they are not necessarily out of reach. Get the right size of your favorite piece by setting aside money over time. But I'll be providing some low-cost options throughout the text.
  3. Consistency: Design your walls to blend in with the rest of the house's aesthetic, from one room to the next (or vice versa, if your house is set up with an open floor plan).
  4. You don't want to use the same "trick" over and over, so while you may have a favorite solution for blank walls (I personally favor mirrors), you should keep your solutions varied.
  5. To put it another way, I don't feel it's my job to enforce "special meaning." The next time I'm at HomeGoods, I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for canvases. I love when we are able to incorporate pieces or works that have special meaning or remind us of a special time, but liking it, in itself, is reason enough for me Don't feel obligated to "settle" for a bunch of stuff you didn't really want but "may go" on a whim because you only went shopping once.

Now that we've established some ground rules and discussed some of the things I think about when arranging wall decorations, I'll share 10 ideas for dressing up a sizable wall.

If you're trying to save money, a gallery wall is a great alternative to purchasing a single expensive piece of artwork for a large wall. You can put your own spin on these in countless ways. There is the option of going with a curated, multifarious assortment, or going with a standard, standardized approach. I hung pictures of some of our travels that I took on my iPhone in the breakfast nook using the same Ikea frames.

Beaded Chandelier | Faux Olive Tree | Dining Table | Dining Chairs (or Something Like Them) | Gallery Wall Frames | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Bar Stools | Pendant Light

All these pictures are from my travels across the United States, and each one is a snapshot of a different state's landmark or landscape that I took with my phone. It's a singular, monochrome work of art that captures the essence of 12 separate vacations. Take note of how much wall space it occupies; when framing, think bigger than you initially believe you need to.

Our screened-in porch's wall baskets are another unifying element that serves as a minimalist "gallery." That's right, there are three sizes of the same thing. Put them in an irregular organic shape and called it good ”

You can find the porch reveal and all the sources used HERE.

Our sunburst gallery wall in the living room is out of date and needs an update so that the rest of the house feels more cohesive. However, it serves as an excellent illustration of the benefits of focusing on a single theme even when incorporating a variety of decorative elements and metal finishes.

Evidence from the Ottomans

I have what I'm calling a gallery wall in my office, which features a large piece and three identical foil prints that I simply rotated as I hung. Although the parts are unique, they all share the same basic structure.

Accessories: Magazine Rack; Document Box; Roman Shade; Rug; Drawer Pull; Large Wall Art; Small Wall Art; Desk Tray; Footed Bowls; Rattan Bin; Gray Vase; Large Wall Art; Small Wall Art;

Some of the most beautiful galleries I've ever seen combine black-and-white and color photographs in the same frame with mats of varying sizes, or use entirely unexpected frames, mediums, etc. Those in search of tranquility and ease should lean toward more cohesive options. If you're feeling daring and want to make a bold artistic statement, try blending things up.

When I only want to hang one piece of artwork on the top half of a wall, I love buying a set of complementary pieces. Two smaller pieces framed will cost less than one large one. I'm relieved that the wall basket I ordered didn't come in, because this framed pair of song lyrics looks great above Eliza's crib. It was complete serendipity. I get a lot of inquiries about these, and while the original Etsy shop that printed them has since shut down, you can find a comparable product HERE if you're interested. While the 16x20 option is what I went with, the actual size of the picture once matted is closer to 12x16. Measurements of the actual frame are 23" x 28"

Song Lyrics (or something similar), Frames, a Crib, a Macramé Crib Skirt, a Gingham Crib Sheet, an Antelope Pillow, a Bunny, and a Comfy Tassel Throw

Additionally, I enjoy looking for art series and picking my two favorites to arrange in a group. These were some six-year-old ZGallerie lily pad paintings. One of my favorite places to shop for artwork is the online marketplace Minted. Although it may be difficult to "spot" a set, prints within a series are typically numbered using Roman numerals. In the search bar, I'll type "II," for "2." When I run the results, I filter for "art" specifically so that I only see artwork and not cards, stationary, etc. The majority of art that leaks out of that region is from the second installment of a series. If you find a piece you like, tap on the artist’s name and you can browse their other work If something is labeled with a II, there is almost always a corresponding I (and occasionally III and IV) as well.

Lighting fixture & chairs for the table (same style)

A more laborious (though unquestionably bold) The best (and cheapest) way to "decorate" expansive walls is to make the walls the artwork. We've customized a few rooms in the house by adding trim and moulding, and while they might look better with some art on top, they look great without anything at all. Five individual boxes of picture frame moulding were added to Eliza's nursery, while two rows of boxes were added to our bedroom to create an entire wall. The vaulted ceiling now has a decorative molding that we installed. I hired a contractor to do the work, but I kept costs down by using shoe moulding and by having him build simple boxes that he then drywalled and painted.

Lighting fixture; bed; bench; rug; nightstand; glass lamp; quilt; duvet cover; wall art; Moses basket;

I have a huge wall in the living room where the kitchen cutout looked bare. To make the columns on the other side of the living room flow together, I had a fake half-column installed.

Artwork for the walls, a couch, coffee tables, accent tables, a rug, a wingback chair, and a rattan tray.

and extended this feature all the way around the corner to meet the new column, wrapping under the bar in the process It has also served a practical purpose by making it easier to remove scuff marks from the area where feet frequently kick the wall. Previously, the flat paint would have just looked dirty. Walls with a semi-gloss finish are much easier to clean.

Obtainable From: Barstools; Pendant Lights; Cabinet Knobs

Despite the fact that I tend to use picture frame moulding in my own interiors, the board and batten and horizontal/vertical shiplap styles offer a wealth of attractive design opportunities.

I've only just begun dabbling in wallpaper this year, but already I'm completely hooked. I took my first risks in our tiny powder room, where it's much easier to be more daring and adventurous, and I'm pleased with the results. Additionally, I only papered the top third of the wall and installed molding along the bottom two thirds. I haven't bought any new artwork in ages, and I'm currently trying to decide where I want to wallpaper next.

Paper, vanity fittings, faucet, mirror, wall sconce, rug, rattan wastebasket (or something very similar)

There are also many attractive peel and stick alternatives that are simple to install if you'd rather not make a long-term commitment. Years ago, I painted faux brick on the walls of the toilet room in our master bathroom.

View the complete makeover HERE.

I've already mentioned that whenever I need a quick and dirty check of my own statements, the first thing I do is look in the nearest statement mirror. The size you go with makes a HUGE difference, just like in big paintings. The 48-inch size of this mirror complements the decor of any room.

The following items were used to furnish this room: a beaded chandelier; a dining table; dining chairs; a round mirror; a sideboard; curtains; a curtain rod; a rug.

On the other hand, before I made a few alterations to the breakfast nook, there was a round mirror that, in retrospect, was much too small for the effect I was going for...

Indeed, there is a substantial dissimilarity

I hung a large mirror vertically in our dining room to create the illusion of height. You can read the post I wrote a few years ago about why you should choose vertical mirrors over horizontal ones HERE.

Cherry blossoms come in two lengths, so you can either get the 44-inch stems or the 40-inch stems from the same source: a chandelier, a dining chair, a dining table, a rug, some curtains, a mirror for the foyer, a chest for the foyer, and some stems of cherries.

Our home has several large round mirrors that I've placed above dressers. These can be found in Eliza's room, the guest bedroom, and elsewhere.

The mirror, lamp, dresser, jute rug, bench, duvet cover, teddy bear throw, and faux forsythia stem all came from various locations.

The addition of a full-length mirror is another one of my favorite bedroom upgrades, and I like to do it whenever I can, even in guest rooms.

It's not the easiest to arrange furniture in the downstairs guest room. One wall is empty, another contains a closet and a bathroom door, another features a massive window, and the final wall houses either French doors or a blank wall. Large curtain panels hung from long rods serve a practical purpose while also covering what might otherwise be awkward blank walls. Custom curtain panels are made to order and can be ordered in any width up to the width of the windows they will cover. (Check out the place in all its glory by clicking HERE)

Lighting fixture: lanterns Furniture: X-shaped bench Bedding: duvet cover, quilt, teddy bear throw, blue Belgian pillow cover (or something similar) Window Treatments: rod, rings

While the built-ins in our living room now frame the fireplace and television, they were originally installed in the home's office. Even though this is more of an investment project, I really love all of the little details, from the filing cabinets under the window sill to the roll-out printer drawer. Two units can be placed on either side of a window in place of built-ins, or you can mount identical floating shelves on the wall.

Lighting fixture; rattan bin; white ginger jar; magazine holder; document storage; file box; roman shade; rug; cabinet knobs;

Don't overthink it, shake things up, and keep in mind that size does matter. It's not necessary to spend a fortune to look and feel amazing, but by the same token, if there's a particular impression you're desperate to make, put aside some funds and go for it. I've learned the hard way that a bold wall statement can either make or break a room, and I've made plenty of mistakes I can now laugh off in hindsight. For future posts, room reveals, and tips, subscribe to my emails HERE.

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