Decorate Your Wedding Cake Table in One of These 31 Unique Ways

You've decided on a concept and finalized your color scheme. The outcome of this will determine a large portion of the decorations for your wedding reception. While planning the centerpieces and table settings for your wedding reception, don't forget to think about the location of the wedding cake!

Your cake display may seem like a minor design choice, but it actually makes a big impact. This is why we enlisted the help of wedding cake decorators Summer Newman and Tamara Stahlheber, who shared their advice and ideas with us.

Here, You Can Confer With A Professional

  • Owner and operator of the Southern California-based wedding planning and event design firm Summer Newman Events.
  • Director of Coordination and Design at TOAST Santa Barbara, Tamara Stahlheber focuses on wedding event and floral design.

Newman believes that "the cake table is very important because it helps to complete the room." It's ornamental; it enhances the atmosphere; and it affects how people feel when they're there. ”

If you're trying to figure out how to best showcase your wedding candy, it's best to go back to basics. If your cake is truly spectacular, Newman recommends serving it on a simple cake stand on a table covered in linen. Rent either a stunning linen or an incredible table that looks great without one if you're going for a more minimal cake. She explains, "Many rental companies have pieces of furniture and unique items that you can place a cake on."

Different cake displays call for different sizes, colors, and styles of cake tables. A vintage table, as Stahlheber sees it, is a fantastically original choice for any setting. She mentions a vintage brass swan head table that was set up next to the picturesque pond at Grassini Family Vineyards as "one of the most unusual cake tables we've used."

You could have the cake suspended from the ceiling in a spectacular fashion by working with vendors.

When it comes to enhancing the dining room table, Really, anything you'd like to include is welcome. Candles and flowers can be used to complement the overall look of the wedding. Newman says, "I love to see florals around a cake table, above a cake table, or on a cake table." If you don't know how to decorate your cake table, most florists will be more than happy to assist you. But don't forget that edible decorations are always welcome when dressing up a cake table. "Cake isn't the only acceptable dessert for a cake table." In addition, Stahlheber suggests providing more of the party's signature sweets and other finger foods so that guests can quickly refuel and return to the dance floor.

If you're looking for wedding cake table ideas, you've come to the right place! Here are 31 of our most popular suggestions.

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Organizing a variety of cake flavors Specify to your company what sweets will be served. Adding a sign to a cake table can make it that much more endearing.

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Credited to: TIM RYAN SMITH (Photography) and BAKED (Cake)

Having an unhealthy fixation on succulents and cacti You can't have a birthday party without these cute plants. The combination of a few potted cacti and a miniature chocolate cake is a sight to behold.

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In the case of the pared-down couple, there's no need to go all out with a lavish cake table centerpiece. Not that there's anything wrong with going back to basics. Keep things simple with a white wedding cake, white table linens, and a white cake-cutting set.

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The cake table doesn't need less floral decor if that's where your focus is. Get in touch with your romantic side by having your florist add lots of lush flowers and greenery.

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This breathtaking confection was made to complement a fairytale wedding in the desert. The cake is impressive on its own, but the addition of the natural grasses and plants makes this centerpiece truly remarkable.

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Cake by Lele Patisserie; Invitations by TOAST Santa Barbara; Photography by Joel Serrato

You may not need a lot of decorations for your cake table if you put effort into the design of your cake. Incredible cakes don't need anything more than a cake stand and maybe some candles to shine.

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To provide a treat for everyone to share Combining a two-tiered cake with individually wrapped cookies is a delicious idea. And with those pretty sprinkles on top, an iced cookie can double as a centerpiece for the cake table.

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Why not complement the gold fleck detailing on your wedding cake with metallic cake table accents? Throw in some metal by putting your cake cutters in a tall candle holder and vice versa.

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Although the citrus drizzle cascading down this wedding cake is undeniably eye-catching, the real stars of the dessert table are the individual portions. You can add a splash of color to your dessert spread by pairing your cake with something else that shares the same color scheme.

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Dressing up a cake table with linens is one of the easiest ways to do so. If you want to add a fun splash of color, select a fabric with a vibrant hue and a striking pattern.

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It's hard to imagine that this setup is actually possible, but with careful preparation, it is. To amaze and delight your guests, think about suspending your wedding cake from a swing and decorating it with a variety of plants.

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The wine barrel is the only piece of furniture that can make as bold a statement as you would like it to. This one-of-a-kind piece can be used as a cake table while still maintaining a rustic, romantic atmosphere.

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A simple linen is lovely, but it may not be enough for your wedding's style. Pretty lace can be used to decorate a cake stand by adding a different dimension of texture.

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May a spring party ever have too many blooms? No, we don't think that's the case. An amazing pressed floral cake deserves an equally impressive floral garnish. Those pretty petals strewn across the cake stand can double as organic confetti.

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Cake by sugar by tracy; photography by jennifer georgette photography

Making preparations for a lavish show Icy nuptials are also an option. Below a cake stand, fur can be a beautiful finishing touch when combined with flowers and foliage.

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A cake table can tell a story with very little decoration, if any at all. We think it's a great idea to have a copy of the sketch your wedding cake designer drew up for you to put in a frame and show off at the reception.

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This towering wedding cake is already a stunning centerpiece, but the cake table takes it to the next level. We think it's brilliant how a mirror-finished platter elevates the presentation.

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There are many alternatives to the traditional cake table. At a small, intimate wedding on Lake Como, this stunning dessert was displayed on a shelf with beautiful linens for a refreshingly out-of-the-ordinary touch.

If you want to avoid using a cake table and instead display your confections somewhere other than the norm, like on a shelf, make sure it's well-guarded. You don't want a guest to ruin their experience by knocking into your beautiful dessert.

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The nuptials on the beach or at the exotic location you've been planning You are blessed with a stunning backdrop that is already integrated. Arrange your cake table so that it overlooks the most impressive scenery, and use some of the natural elements found there as accents.

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Want to give the impression that your cake is floating in the air? This problem can be solved with acrylic. Make it more contemporary with a square acrylic pedestal that is both tall and clear.

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Cake by Sweet Novelette; Photography by Aziz Studios.

The decor for this arrangement centered around flowers. And you can count on us to support it. Use an unadorned table with a single-colored linen and embellish it with flowers.

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It's so sweet to serve a gorgeous cake alongside other sweet treats. And if you add in some coordinating cupcakes, you can't get much cuter than that, either.

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The banner in the background really completes the look of this cake table, which also features elements like a gauzy linen and tall tapers. Before cutting the cake, we think it would be lovely to play some heartfelt music in the background.

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Why not make a bold statement by erecting a structure around the cake table? Using a stunning piece of furniture as the foundation, this display is both eye-catching and unique thanks to the addition of a rose gold frame and numerous flowers.

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A beautiful tablecloth can be draped over a standard round table for any event. Vintage or one-of-a-kind furniture, however, is the way to go if you're going for that sort of atmosphere. Feel free to bring in any favorite dresser, hutch, or other piece of furniture, or to rent something out of the ordinary to add some visual interest.

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