DIY New Year's Eve Decorations: 50 Festive Projects for Ringing in the New Year

50 New Year’s Eve Craft Decoration Ideas to Bring in The New Year. |

New Year's Eve is one of the most important (and final) nights of the year. There are some fun and quirky things you should have around you on the special night in addition to friends, family, and lots of cheer.

In order to help you ring in the New Year in style, we have compiled 50 of the most dazzling and delightful DIY New Year's Eve decoration ideas. We're confident that you're going to adore the selection, which includes everything from garlands and cocktail stirrers to party hats, photo props, and edible delights.

What's best All of these are incredibly simple, cheap, and entertaining to make. And so, I ask, why do you linger?

DIY sequin banner

Salud y ao Nuevo! Create this DIY sequin banner from A Beautiful Mess for your next party.

printable New Year’s Eve cards

We hope you enjoy these printable New Year's Eve cards as much as we do, and that you and your guests will have a wonderful time sharing your answers and thinking back on the past year. If you're interested in a free download, be sure to check out Alice and Lois's complete tutorial.

DIY Goals board

Make a DIY Goals board like the one presented on A Little Craft in Your Day to keep track of your progress toward your 2017 objectives. Not only is it incredibly easy to prepare, but

DIY gold fringe party hats

DIY gold fringe party hats by Almost Makes Perfect are so beautiful and fun! This is the sort of New Year's Eve attire that should be mandated by law.

Chinese New Year decorations

This DIY Chinese New Year ornament was made by A Pair and a Spare. Don't you think it's lovely? And the act of production itself is a blast.

DIY New Year’s Eve banner

DIY New Year's Eve banner made by Vicky Barone, who will show you how it's done on her blog. As the clock strikes twelve, this would be a lovely addition to your living room decor.

mini party hat

This adorable little party hat is a special creation by Boxwood Avenue just for tonight's festivities. Gold tinsel is a fantastic finishing touch.

DIY pipe cleaner crowns

For New Year's Eve, Brit Co will instruct you on making not one, but three pipe cleaner crowns. Since we can't choose just one style, we'll have to create them all.

DIY countdown clock

Presenting an enjoyable New Year's Eve-themed activity for the kids to enjoy. Using common household items, Buggy and Buddy will demonstrate two distinct types of timers. Wonderful

New Year’s Eve noisemaker

Making a New Year's Eve noisemaker for the big party? You won't want to miss out on this fun craft from Crafts by Amanda, perfect for the kiddos in your life.

glitter party poppers

For New Year's Eve, a confetti popper is a must-have accessory. Luckily, Danya Banya has a tutorial up that will make it a breeze for you to create your own!

Parisian party hats

This New Year's Eve, we're throwing a party with a Parisian theme. These Parisian-style party hats were designed by Décor to Adore especially for the celebration.

confetti-filled balloon

Get your New Year's Eve celebration started off right with these fun decorations! You can make your own version of this confetti-filled balloon like the one seen on DIY Network.

confetti poppers

In that spirit, check out Erin Spain's fantastic confetti popper DIY. Anyone who consumes one of these will instantly become the center of attention at any gathering.

DIY confetti-filled sachets

You can also do as Evermine has and pass out sachets filled with confetti that you've made yourself. The use of pastels in this project is absolutely stunning.

glitter dipped cups

Using the instructions from Evite's blog, you can transform your glasses into New Year's Eve spectacles. The shimmer of gold glitter is just what's needed.

dipped fortune cookies

These fortune cookies in chocolate dipping look not only delicious but also beautiful. In our opinion, Happiness is Handmade has triumphed with this brilliant do-it-yourself scheme.

printable, color-in party hat

The folks at Happiness is Homemade have done it again with this printable color-in party hat. What ingenuity!

DIY mini party hats

These DIY party hats by Homey Oh My are perfect for ringing in the New Year in style and glitz. The sequined ball on top is the icing on the cake.

balloon backdrop

Champagne is a must at any New Year's Eve party, so why not use a balloon backdrop based on the bubbly stuff to draw attention to the champagne table? The astute blogger duo Honey and Fitz are responsible for this undertaking.

DIY firework inspired artworks

Here's yet another project the kids will enjoy making. These do-it-yourself fireworks paintings were made in the Playroom. They can be made with little effort and are loads of fun to put together.

DIY photo props

How about making some homemade party photo booth props? I Spy DIY has been kind enough to give you access to these - hurrah!

DIY confetti popper

Another DIY confetti popper, this one from the always chic Lauren Conrad They're so lovely that it's a shame to put them to use.

New Year’s Eve pinata

These home made New Year's Eve decorations are amazing. They resemble disco balls, but with a classy makeover. Lia Griffith has a full tutorial, so be sure to check it out.

DIY paper party hats

Finally, here are some paper party hats that Lia Griffith, the talented crafter, has made for you to make yourself. You and your pals can whip these up for the holidays.

DIY sparkly slime

With New Year's Eve as inspiration, Little Bins for Little Hands made some DIY glitter slime. While you enjoy a glass of champagne, this is a great way to keep the kids occupied.

DIY confetti popper

From Little Bins for Little Hands comes this alternative homemade confetti popper. This simplified and straightforward take on the classic party food will be sure to please.

diy party crackers

These glamorous party poppers have been designed by Moms and Munchkins to add a little extra "bang" to any celebration. What could be more fun than fireworks and confetti?

old wine bottles New Year's Eve Decor

Get creative with your empty wine bottles by making this! We adore how No Biggie sprayed hers gold and added holiday numerals.

drink stirrers

Please use these swizzle sticks to mix your New Year's Eve cocktails. Oh Happy Day is where you can find these chic DIY versions.

DIY New Year’s Eve party hats

How fun are Paging Supermom's instructions for making New Year's Eve party hats? The all-black color scheme is stunning, and we agree.

color-blocked bags

Just remember to bring the style. These striped treat bags were made by Paper and Stitch.

Happy New Year umbrella

Do you ever use parasols as part of your party decorations? This lovely "New Year's" card was made by Paper and Stitch.

swizzle sticks

Additional cocktail stirrers, these ones adorned with tassels, are at your disposal for the upcoming party. We're completely smitten with this Paper and Stitch tutorial.

glittery DIY garland

Make your own DIY garlands with Paper and Stitch's glittery designs and hang them on your walls. These glittering additions will be a hit with the partygoers.

colorful party poppers

Get your New Year's Eve celebration started with these bright party poppers from Persia Lou, courtesy of Make and Takes. We also appreciate how simple they are to make.

‘midnight kisses’ bag

Make this New Year's Eve "midnight kisses" bag for your guests or the hostess. The creative team behind Pink Peppermint Design is responsible for this.

DIY New Year’s Eve inspired wreath

This wreath, inspired by the celebration of New Year's Eve, was made by Real House Moms. Wow, this is awesome.

DIY geometric piñatas

How cool are these DIY geometric piatas from Row House Nest? We can't wait to come up with our own version of these because they are currently very fashionable.

disco ball piñata

An essential item for any New Year's Eve celebration is a disco ball piata. The good news is that Studio DIY has made her own and published a fantastic guide to go along with it.

DIY balloons

Time passes quickly; now it is 12 o'clock. These homemade balloons are perfect for a fancy New Year's Eve party, just the way Studio DIY likes to spend Learn how to make your own by consulting the guide.

DIY cocktail stirrers

This posh and handcrafted cocktail stirrer is just one of many DIY cocktail accessories made by Sugar and Cloth.

gold cocktail stirrers

The skilled blogger has also made these gold cocktail stirrers, which are mentioned in a post about sugar and cloth. That's one do-it-yourself project you shouldn't skip.

NYE inspired head attire

This time, the ingenious Darice Craft Blog has some New Year's Eve-themed hair accessories for you to try. You're free to use any hues you like when creating these.

beautiful star-adorned crown

This stunning crown from The House That Lars Built is a show-stopper. And every year, it serves as the perfect New Year's Eve–inspired accessory.


One of the best ideas I've seen for New Year's Eve party favors came from the blog The Crafting Chicks. Get these free printable tags and put them on tiny tubes of gold confetti.

balloon release

Do you want to spice up your New Year's Eve party? If you want to surprise your guests with colorful balloons at midnight, The Daily Meal will show you how to set up a balloon release.

new years eve marshmallows

To commemorate the eve of the New Year, the Decorated Cookie has baked these delicious-looking marshmallows. They're bright and marked with a timer, what a great idea!

New Year’s Eve balloon clock countdown

Children will stay up late on New Year's Eve just to count down the hours by moving the clock hands. From the talented hands of The Suburban Mom comes this adorable and practical DIY.

New Year’s Eve hats

Instead of bringing in 2017 with bad intentions, why not write your resolution on your party hat?

The pom poms on top of these DIY hats from Walk in Love are the cherry on top of the cake.

All right, party-goers: here are fifty do-it-yourself ideas to make New Year's Eve even more spectacular. Which ones were your favorites among the projects you worked on? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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