DIY Christmas Stockings: 21 Ideas in 60 Minutes or Less

Since their origins as simple hosiery hung by the fireplace, Christmas stockings have progressed through a variety of decorative stages, including quilting, felting, and hand embellishment. Displaying one's socks in the window to attract the attention of St. Beginning in Europe, children looked forward to St. Nicholas Day because he would fill their shoes with gifts—especially oranges, which were scarce during the winter. Tradition had arrived in the United States by at least 1823, when the poem "A Visit From Saint Nicholas" (a.k.a. k a An anonymous author wrote "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and had it printed in a Troy, New York newspaper. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, as the now-famous poem goes. ”

Care is taken not only when hanging stockings, but also when making them. Like the Christmas tree, these festive socks have become a blank canvas for creative holidaygoers. Consequently, we contacted some of our favorite artisans and compiled their various interpretations of the traditional gift-giving container. You'll find 21 unique stocking ornament suggestions here that draw creativity from the worlds of art, fashion, and nature, and all include easy-to-follow instructions for reproduction.

One, a brightly quilted stocking

Sarah Hearts demonstrates how to sew a pair of ho-ho-hot patchwork stockings.

Caption: Sarah Hearts

This colorful quilted stocking is the work of Sarah Rivero Khandjian of Sarah Hearts and combines an antique technique with a contemporary color palette. If you're just getting started in the world of sewing, then this is the perfect project for you, as Sarah explains on her blog. DIY instructions are available on her website.

Second, a pair of elfin tights

These Cakies creations are too lovely to let the Grinch take. Image of: Cakies

Stockings modeled after St. Nick's elves are a fun way to add whimsy to your fireplace. Some may be reminded of Dr. Seuss shoe due to the rounded toes, pom-pom embellishments, and unusual color combinations. The Grinch's take on Christmas Cakies is a crafting and lifestyle blog where you can learn to make them.

Three, flannel tights

Lia Griffith, the designer, has shown that plaid can be cool.

Picture by: Lia Griffith

These flannel stockings by Lia Griffith are the perfect complement to your favorite pair of holiday pajamas and your fireplace. Then, select the finishing touches you'd like to add to the soft fabric. Satin, faux shearling, fringed leather, and faux fur were among the materials Griffith employed in this example.

Knitted stockings shaped like candy canes

Studio DIY replaces the standard red and white stocking with something far more appetizing

Studio Do It Yourself: A Photograph

Studio DIY! co-founder Kelly Mindell toiled for weeks trying to complete a set of hand-felted, red-and-white striped stockings she had envisioned for her mantel. Obviously, she was successful, and the detailed instructions are available on her website so that you can spend less time fumbling with felt and more time celebrating.

5. Stockings with a pom-pom edging

Sarah Langtry, a fashion designer, proves that pom poms can be sophisticated  

Caption: Sarah Langtry (in a photo)

Elegant stockings by Sarah Langtry, the brains behind the brand Interiors by Sarah Langtry, are both festive and understated. The muted gray and white color scheme of the embellishments complements her current home furnishings beautifully, and the pom poms, stripes, and metallic threading that abound here are perfect examples of the former.

6. a pair of plaid tights

This stylish Kippi at Home stocking decoration idea features buttons covered in fabric.  

Shot by Kippi O'Hern

Kippi O'Hern, the creator of the DIY and lifestyle blog Kippi at Home, has designed a simple stocking pattern suitable for novice sewers. The plaid fabric she used gives the finished product an instant Victorian vibe, so all that's needed to finish it off is a few buttons and a velvet cuff.

Seventh, a stocking with horizontal stripes

Credit for the image goes to Annie Sloan.

Think about the colors of the wall behind the fireplace, the door, or the cabinet you plan on hanging the stockings on. Using complementary colors, says paint and color expert Annie Sloan, "maximizes the character, personality, and pigment in each shade." Here, I paired the warm mustard of Carnaby Yellow satin paint with the earthy Mediterranean green of Annie Sloan Ticking in Olive fabric. She gushes, "I love how chic yet fun the result is."

The steps to recreating Sloan's stocking pattern are as follows:

Step 1 Remove the template from one set of stockings.

Make a stocking out of whatever material you like. To ensure that both stockings are the same size, you can either use a paper template you've made or the first stocking you cut out as a guide. All edges need to have a seam allowance added.

Step 2 Join stocking shapes with stitches.

Join the two stocking halves with right sides together and stitch up the top. Turn the stocking inside out once you're done sewing it so that the stitches aren't visible.

Step 3 The cuff can be made in a few simple steps.

Determine the length of the open end of your stocking and add two inches for seam allowances on both ends. Since you'll be folding the fabric in half lengthwise, the strip you cut should be at least 1.5 times as wide as the finished cuff will be. It's important to always remember to add seam allowances when sewing.

Step 4 Create the ring

Create a loop by joining the two shorter ends of your strip together and sewing them with the right sides facing out. Like rolling up your sleeves, fold the fabric loop in half lengthwise, right sides together. Press flat with an iron.

Step 5 Assemble

Simply stuff the folded fabric loop into the top of your stocking, pin the three raw edges together, and sew. Once the cuff is in place, the stocking can be worn. For the best results, you may want to iron again.

Step 6 Put on the bow and finishing touches.

Complete your stocking by hand stitching a loop of ribbon to hang it from. This can be used year after year to decorate your home and bring joy to the people who receive it on Christmas morning. Each member of Sloan's family owns one, and as the kids get older, they're encouraged to learn how to sew by making their own personalized ones embroidered with symbols like their initials, snowflakes, and Christmas stars.

Eighth, stockings with decorative trimmings

A homemade ornament can transform even the plainest stocking into a work of art.  

Thanks to Michaels for this photo!

Handmade ornaments aren't just for trees; they're also a great way to spruce up plain stockings. Michael's in-house designers crafted these floral-decorated DIY ornaments to showcase the store's dried floral pieces. Just tie a bow out of some pretty ribbon, and you can attach them to any stocking you like.

a stocking made of macramé knots

Isabella Strambio, the creative force behind a bohemian take on the holiday classic,  

Photographer: Isabella Strambio

Artist Isabella Strambio's interpretation of the macramé wall hanging Christmas tradition is sure to be a hit. On her site, you can buy macramé stocking patterns both big and small. Make your own (in a nice way) and add some bohemian flair to your holiday decorations by getting knotty.

10 - A Pop Art Stocking

Brittni Mehlhoff, the studio's art director, adds some blooms.  

Pictured: Brittni Mehlhoff

This stocking and its pastel contents were designed by Brittni Mehlhoff, the founding editor and art director of the do-it-yourself website Paper & Stitch, who was inspired by Andy Warhol's Pop art. Her inspiration came in part from Warhol's Flowers series and its emphasis on flower textures that evoked fuzzy animals. Mehlhoff says, "The winter months (and the holidays) are all about cozy textiles for me." "I couldn't say no to the luxurious feel of this fabric." Irresistible project, in and of itself Paper & Stitch has do-it-yourself tutorials.

11, Repurposed tea towel cuffs

Way too many dish towels You can find a fun and easy craft at Paper & Stitch.

Brittni Mehlhoff (in the photo)

These stockings are another one of Mehlhoff's designs, and the instructions for making them can be found on Paper & Stitch. She says, "For do-it-yourself projects, I frequently repurpose things from around the house." That's why it was only natural to use tea towels when it was time to sew new stockings for the mantle. Small enough to fit in Christmas stockings, they are available in eye-catching designs that would be difficult to find elsewhere. ”

Gifts for the forest dweller

Appliqué is something that Lia Griffith is very fond of.  

Image by: Lia Griffith

This neutral stocking features a forest animal design, perfect for adding a touch of Scandinavian style to your fireplace mantel. Felt and iron-ons were used to create the whimsical plants and animals used in this undertaking. Find out everything you need to know from Lia Griffith.

Stocking with a scalloped punch needle

Katie Stackhouse's contemporary take on the holiday season.

Image by Jillian Logee

Katie Stackhouse, the artist behind this punch needle stocking, says she went for a subtle geometric pattern because she wanted it to go with a more contemporary holiday decor. "Most importantly, I didn't want crafters to have to go out and buy more yarn just so they could use up their scraps." Useful for clearing out hidden supplies Download Stackhouse's punch needle pattern for free from her MidnightCreative shop on Etsy.

Gold leather and fur hosiery, size 14.

For a glamorous and opulent stocking, try A Beautiful Mess.

Picture: A Stunning Confusion

An ornament for the holiday season that would be right at home in Studio 54 Stockings made of genuine or faux gold leather and soft white fur will add a disco vibe to your holiday decorations. The complete project, including detailed instructions for making custom cutouts featuring your name or a custom word, can be found on A Beautiful Mess.

15 sock with a Shibori pattern

Image Provided by Rit

If you're not into the traditional colors, try some indigo instead! These shibori stockings (named after a traditional Japanese dyeing method) were made by Rit Dye, who also offers comprehensive instructions for making your own. Furthermore, they offer a Shibori Tie-Dye Kit that has everything you need to make your own resistance patterns with color and rubber bands. After you've finished your stockings, you can use the leftover dyed scraps to make shibori ornaments by placing them in small embroidery hoops.

Stockings with a classic silhouette, size 16

Beautiful and customized by @myfairalix

Alix Good (in photo)

Her Instagram account (@myfairalix) is a veritable treasure trove of vintage clothing and decor, so it's no surprise that Alix Good's homemade stockings have a similar feel. Using these stunning silhouettes, you can make custom stockings for the whole family, including the pets.

Use this guide as a blueprint for creating your own silhouette stocking.

Step 1 Click a picture.

To get started, photograph your subject in profile against a white background. Keep in mind that the finished silhouette will be a mirror image of the direction your subject is facing in the picture, so try out different hairstyles (a ponytail or bun) and signature accessories (like a baseball cap). Adjust the photo so that it can be sewn onto a plain stocking without stretching.

Step 2 Pass the dividing line

To determine precisely where you'll cut, print the image on regular paper and trace its outline with a pencil. Make sure your scissors are very sharp before you begin cutting the outline of your subject's head. Use the paper template to trace and cut the same shape out of the black felt. Hold the shape in place with glue on a sheet of black felt before cutting it out again. Voilà Now that you know your outline,

Step 3 Fasten onto stocking

Attach the silhouette, paper side down, to a plain stocking with a hot glue gun. Restate for the benefit of the household as a whole.

a pair of leather tassel stockings

The Crafted Sparrow, unrivaled in its tassels.

Source: Rebecca Lopez/The Crafted Sparrow

Make like artist Rebecca Lopez and combine different textures and materials. Using a Cricut or Silhouette, you can make faux leather tassels quickly and easily, she advises. If you make a few extra, you can use them as gift bows or tree ornaments. To learn how to get started, visit the Crafted Sparrow, her online home.

18, Stockings with a Love Heart Pattern

Kojo Designs stockings are a delicious treat.

Image by Kojodesigns.

Specifically, Kirstin and Jordan of Kojodesigns made these heart-shaped stockings for Valentine's Day goodies. But they can be stuffed just as easily at Christmas, and their unusual form will make your mantelpiece stand out. Let your imagination run wild; don't worry about conforming to any

19 - A wooden stocking tag

Use wood beads to give a classic stocking a modern makeover, like this one from Our Crafty Mom.  

Michelle James (in a photo)

This initialed tag with matching wooden beads is a great option for those who don't want to put in the time or effort to sew their own Christmas stockings. Michelle James, a talented crafter, has a website called Our Crafty Mom where she shares all of her tutorials. She explains, "My daughter has a knit stocking, and I was moved to make a tag out of wood beads for it." It's the perfect finishing touch to my holiday farmhouse decor. ”

Twentieth Stocking Made From a Coffee Sack

This stocking, filled with Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor, may even have a faint aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Picture by: Renee Hanlon

Renee Hanlon, a craft expert, suggests using an old coffee sack to sew a stocking because of the enticing combination of modern graphics and typography with the more rustic feel of the sack's natural fibers. Finding a burlap bag with red and green accents, as she has here, is a plus. On her site, Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor, you can find instructions for transforming a coffee keeper into a festive keepsake.

Stockings with a floral pattern, number 21

The fleur-print stockings by Makya Creates are awash in floral abundance.  

Image: Makyla Ata

The tiny flowers on this stocking by Makyla Ata, inspired by Liberty's famous floral print, evoke a pastoral English Christmas. Or let them take you to the famous London department store Liberty, where you can imagine yourself browsing the thousands of ornaments while sipping a warm beverage. You can find the easy sewing tutorial for this stocking on Makyla Creates.

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