Creative and Inspiring Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for a Stunning Living Space

Looking to transform your bedroom walls into a stunning, eye-catching focal point? Look no further! In this article, we've gathered a unique collection of bedroom wall decor ideas that are sure to ignite your creativity and elevate the style of your space. From large-scale art and gallery walls to bold wallpapers and accent walls, we've got you covered. Whether you're a fan of minimalist designs or prefer vibrant patterns, there's something here for everyone. Get ready to be inspired and take your bedroom walls from drab to fab in no time!

Upholster the Walls

upholstered wall ideasPhotography by Aaron Leitz | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

Have you ever desired to immerse yourself in a bed more passionately than in this very moment? The subdued gray velvet walls and accompanying headboard exude a captivating, textured appeal, imparting a sense of intrigue upon the otherwise luminous and airy space masterfully designed by Alison Pickart. The walls in and of themselves require no additional artwork, as they elegantly make their own statement.

To purchase the CB2 Lunar Velvet Headboard featured above, click the link here and buy now for $1499.

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Go for Large-Scale Art

Photography by Max Burkhalter | Source: Unavailable | No Image Link Provided |

In a compact space, an oversized painting or photograph demands attention and establishes the desired atmosphere. Opt for a black-and-white photo in a minimalist area or inject vibrancy with an abstract piece, as exemplified by Taylor Rooks's Manhattan bedroom. For an impressive collection of statement art pieces that won't break the bank, refer to our comprehensive guide on where to buy art online.

Hang up Mirrors

Mirrors effortlessly retouch light, creating the illusion of a larger and brighter space. Embellish your walls by suspending an oversized mirror or artfully arranging multiple smaller mirrors in a salon-style formation.

To purchase the Etsy Fringe Mirror shown above, click the link here.

Showcase a Fabric

A tapestry or wall hanging instantly adds a vibrant burst of color and pattern, imbuing neutral spaces with a touch of softness. Consider framing vintage scarves or other aesthetically pleasing textiles as wall decor. Additionally, the ease of relocation makes these fabric-based accents more convenient compared to framed paintings when it comes time to transition to a new home.

To purchase the West Elm Layered Watercolor Tapestry featured above, click the link here.

Incorporate an Accent Wall

In addition to adorning your walls with decorative objects, consider transforming the walls themselves. Experiment with vibrant and bold paint colors for an accent wall or introduce visual interest through the application of wallpaper, stenciling techniques, or other innovative decorative paint methods. Don't forget to include the ceiling in your design endeavors, as these decorative accents can have an even more pronounced impact in confined spaces.

To purchase the unique wallpaper from Junaglow showcased above, click the link here.

Photography by Simon Watson | Source: Unavailable | No Image Link Provided |

Nothing encapsulates personality and injects color quite like a carefully curated gallery wall. Display an assortment of art pieces or photographs, or incorporate wall hangings and other ephemera to infuse visual intrigue. Opt for streamlined, cohesive frames or mix it up with an assortment of ornate variations. Pro tip: Extend the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling, resulting in the creation of an illusion that enlarges the perceived space.

To purchase the West Elm The Over-The-Sofa Organic Gallery Frames Set highlighted above, click the link here.

Go Bold With Wallpaper

justina blakeney jungalow boho bedroomPhotography by David Tsay | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

If you possess reservations about committing to wallpaper adorned with prints, opt for a neutral color that distinguishes your wall art while creating an overall sense of lightness within the room.

To purchase the Chasing Paper Wild Thing Wallpaper displayed above, click the link here and buy now for $40.

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Create a Trio

bedroom wall art ideasPhotography by Leanne Ford Interiors | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

Public Service Announcement: The new definition of a gallery wall lies in the arrangement of prints along a sleek shelf, showcasing a minimalist and organized approach. Leanne Ford Interiors incorporates earth tones in this white bedroom, striking the ideal balance between warmth and minimalist design. The exposed wood beams, rustic bed frame, and industrial pendant light ground the room, creating a harmonious aesthetic.

To purchase The Arts Capsule Framed Print featured above, click the link here and buy now for $199.

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Install Shelving

Photography by Jessica Antola | Source: Unavailable | No Image Link Provided |

If you find yourself lacking floor space for conventional bookshelves, take advantage of your wall space instead. Install floating shelves that can artfully display hardcover books, small sculptures, and miscellaneous items.

Paint a Pattern

Furniture, Room, Bed, Interior design, Bedroom, Pink, Wall, Couch, Curtain, studio couch,Photography by Toledo Geller | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

Rather than adorning clean, painted walls with typical artwork, dare to paint a striking pattern directly on the wall. You can opt to cover the entire wall for a more impactful design or limit the pattern to a specific section, thereby creating an eye-catching focal point.

To purchase the Urban Outfitters Floral Wall Mural showcased above, click the link here and buy now for $499.

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diy bedroom wall decorPhotography by Fantastic Frank | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

In this Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, the asymmetrical gallery wall infuses a cozy and personalized touch, giving the room a sense of warmth and lived-in charm. Create an affordable display of wall art by mixing framed pieces with vintage finds fixed to the wall with tape or incorporate your own artwork.

To purchase the Set of Vintage Botanical Prints featured above, click the link here and buy now for $55.

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Use Lacquer

Bedroom, Room, Bed, Furniture, Ceiling, Bed sheet, Interior design, Red, Bed frame, Wall,Photography by FRITZ VON DERSCHULENBURG | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

This visually stunning bedroom, impeccably designed by Brian J. McCarthy, epitomizes high energy while exuding a calming aura. By employing a two-color scheme with the use of a captivating super high gloss paint on the walls and a flat white finish on the ceiling, this space achieves a timeless and bold ambiance. McCarthy states, "This finish lends a fresh aesthetic to a guest room, and the unexpected burst of color evokes both warmth and elegance."

To purchase Glidden Red High Gloss Paint shown above, click the link here and buy now for $14.

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DIY a Tarp

Wood, Bed, Room, Floor, Bedding, Interior design, Property, Wall, Bedroom, Textile,Photography by Leanne Ford Interiors | Source: Hearst Apps | Image Link: |

"I had an old canvas laying around forever and couldn't bring myself to throw it away because I always loved the creme color of it. One day I just nailed it to the wall and called one of my favorite artist friends Alexandra Gracik and asked her to come over with her charcoal to draw whatever the heck she wanted," says Leanne Ford.

To purchase the Sigman Canvas Drop Cloth featured above, click the link here and buy now for $12.

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Display Sculptural Sconces

Photography by Unavailable | Source: Unavailable | No Image Link Provided |

Sconces offer an additional light source without occupying precious floor space or cluttering side tables. Opt for visually captivating designs that can double as wall sculptures, emitting both light and style throughout the room.

To purchase the Cb2 Fluted Gold Wall Sconce shown above, click the link here.

Hang Plates

Empower your fine china to serve as a visual spectacle rather than hidden away in cabinets. Utilize wire plate hangers to beautifully display your favorite dishes and serving platters. If you harbor a penchant for collecting design objects, this approach perfectly aligns with your aesthetic vision. It is not uncommon to witness artful arrangements of breadboards gracing the walls of Brooklyn brownstone residences.

To purchase the image shown above, click the link here.

Put Rugs on the Walls

Image source: Minna Goods | Image Link: Unavailable |

Rugs possess an innate charm, especially those adorned with abstract designs. While typically utilized to enhance the floor, they also possess the ability to artfully adorn walls. Smaller two-by-three-foot options make a statement when positioned above a fireplace, but you can also experiment with larger rugs that cover more extensive wall space. The myriad possibilities that arise from this unexpected design choice will infuse your space with endless creativity.

To purchase the rug featured above, click the link here.

Try Removable Wall Art

Both Minted and Etsy offer expansive collections of elegant and sophisticated removable wall art options. These adhesive murals feature a luxurious matte finish and come in a variety of styles. Removable wall art is an ideal choice for renters who wish to avoid any potential damage to the walls.

To purchase the removable wall art image displayed above, click the link here.

Add Shiplap Wall Paneling

Photography by Cody Ulrich | Source: HarperCollins | Image Link: Unavailable |

Shiplap paneling injects any space with a refreshing coastal ambiance, suited for virtually any room in your home. Whether it's your dining room, bedroom, entryway, or even the bathroom, incorporating this exterior siding material can effortlessly refresh and revitalize your walls.

Mount Your Television

Mounting your television on the wall serves a twofold purpose: it enhances the visual appeal of your media cabinet, frees up valuable surface space, and offers a comprehensive makeover to your living room or bedroom. Certain televisions, such as "The Frame" by Samsung, are designed to resemble artwork when not in use. You can even engage the ambient mode to showcase customized images of your choice.

To purchase the image featured above, click the link here.

Create a basket wall

If you're looking for another idea to decorate your walls, consider adding baskets! Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a more neutral palette, you can bring life to any empty space by arranging a variety of baskets in different sizes and textures.

Set the tone with a giant whiteboard or chalkboard

A large board is a perfect and practical addition to any office, playroom, or even a kitchen. A chalkboard adds a rustic touch to any space, while a whiteboard offers a more contemporary alternative. The best part is, you're not limited to just white—whiteboards come in a variety of shades and prints. For a truly unique touch, consider using WriteWallPaint, which transforms any surface into a writable one.

Potterybarn Acrylic Dry Erase Board

Hang an oversized wall calendar

An oversized calendar is a great addition to an office or kitchen wall. Not only can you keep track of your events, but it also adds a striking element to liven up your space. Opt for bright and bold calendars with sans serif fonts to create a modern look and add a pop of color.

Go greener

Don't limit your plants to just the windowsill. Consider hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a touch of greenery and nature to your space. If you're not a fan of watering, you can always opt for high-quality faux plants that look incredibly realistic.

Image may contain: Plant, Leaf, Potted Plant, Pottery, Jar, and Vase

Mount Some Antlers

Antlers can add a rustic, hip, or even glamourous touch to your wall, depending on how you style them. Consider choosing a metallic version and pairing it with jewel-toned accents. Alternatively, opt for antlers with vintage charm, like Heidi Caillier did in this eclectic bedroom.

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Hang a Textile

Add a cozy touch to your bedroom by hanging a textile wall hanging. In this eclectic bedroom designed by Janie Molster, the Suzani wall hanging stands out beautifully against the abstract wall art and traditional carpet and drapes.

BUY NOW Vintage Suzani, $169

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Keep walls clear to highlight original features

When deciding what to hang on your bedroom walls, it's important to consider the architectural features of the space. If your home has beautiful rustic beams or exposed stone walls, you might want to avoid hanging artwork, wallpaper, or shelving that could distract from the character and charm of those original features. Take inspiration from this scheme by Neptune, where the artwork is kept minimal to allow the historic beams to take center stage.

Feature a Favorite Hobby

Skateboard decks can serve as functional and artistic pieces in kids' bedrooms. Whether displayed individually or as a collection, decks come in a variety of colors, styles, and illustrations. You can create a curated and cohesive look by selecting decks with similar shades or patterns, or go for an eclectic mix of bold graphics in various colors.

Petal Power

Floral motifs inspired by nature can add feminine touches or vibrant bursts to your bedroom walls. They also bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Stick with simple shapes for bedroom wall decor that doesn't overwhelm, or opt for a dramatic shape or finish to create a statement piece.

Go with Natural Materials

Sculptural wood pieces can add warmth and visual interest to your bedroom. Horizontal shapes can mimic the lines of a bed, while unique turnings add an extra layer of intrigue. Choose a shade or stain of wood that complements your bedroom's color scheme, whether you prefer a bold and bright look or a more neutral and soothing environment.

Infuse Dramatic Details

Minimal yet impactful, midcentury-inspired wall sculptures in gilt metal can add warmth and openness to your bedroom. Hang them in a sunny spot to maximize their gleaming finish and maintain an airy atmosphere.

Rethink a Hat Rack

Make your hat collection functional and visually appealing by hanging a series of hooks on your wall. This way, your hats can be on display when you're not wearing them, adding texture, warmth, and dimension to your bedroom. Plus, they'll always be within arm's reach.

Draw a Fine Line

For a minimalist look, consider hanging a simple black-and-white drawing on your bedroom wall. It adds a graphic touch to the space and works well with various interior styles. Framing the minimalist artwork in white allows the simple shapes to stand out.

Choose bespoke shelving for storage and display

Create ample storage space in your bedroom with bespoke shelving that is tailored to fit the architecture of the room. These shelves are not only functional but also provide a great opportunity to display decorative objects, artwork, and house plants, brightening up your space. To make them truly stand out, consider painting the joinery a contrasting color to the walls.

'Decorating shelves is an easy way to update your interior with minimal cost,' says Julia Dempster. 'It is important to ensure the scale matches the shelves, although I do think you can never overscale enough. Avoid having all the items on a longer shelf at the same height. You should not only contrast materials but also heights.'

Try a fabric wall hanging

Make a statement in your bedroom by hanging a beautiful fabric panel behind your bed. It serves as an eye-catching alternative to a traditional headboard and can easily be changed if your tastes evolve. Fabric wall hangings work particularly well in rooms with tall ceilings, allowing the fabric to truly shine. Choose patterns with multiple colors to serve as a starting point for your interior palette.

Decorate with a beautiful wallpaper

Add personality and charm to your bedroom by decorating with a stunning wallpaper. From bold and multicolored designs to more calming and tonal patterns, there's a wide range of options to choose from. The Bindi Flower wallpaper by Daydress, for example, combines stripes and florals for a light and fresh feeling. Its multicolored nature makes it versatile for incorporating different tones through fabrics and accessories. Pair it with geometrics, ikat prints, or larger-scale florals for an eclectic feel. Balancing the overall look with plain fabrics and painted finishes creates a cohesive and considered space.

Decorate with antiques and vintage pieces

Adding antique and vintage finds to your bedroom can bring unique character and a sense of history to the space. These pieces often have beautiful patinas and intriguing stories behind them. Showcase special objects that hold meaning to you, such as heirloom pieces or collected items, in a unique display on the wall. This personalized art will bring joy and interest to your bedroom every day.

Display collections

When it comes to wall decor, don't limit yourself to traditional artwork. Art encompasses various media, including textile art, ceramics, glass, and metalwork. Consider displaying collections of decorative objects you've collected during your travels. Grouping these objects together in a gallery wall or arrangement can create a visually striking display in your bedroom.

Fall for Nature's Wonders

Bring the beauty of nature indoors by incorporating botanical leaves and prints into your bedroom decor. Whether framing individual prints or creating a collage, bursts of green inject energy and life into the room. Look for botanical prints at flea markets, within the pages of old books, or create your own pressed botanical artwork.

Have Fun with Florals

Florals don't always have to be bright and colorful. Opt for billowy blooms against a black backdrop for a moody and unique take on botanical art. This look works especially well in bedrooms with dark walls, like black or deep navy.

Hang a large artwork

Make a statement with a large artwork hung above your headboard in a neutral bedroom. Choose a picture or painting that complements the overall color palette and design elements of the space. Landscapes and seascapes often create a serene and relaxing atmosphere, making them perfect choices for a restful bedroom environment.

Scroll Your Phone Photo Albums

Add a personal touch to your bedroom by printing and displaying your favorite photographs. Whether you choose new or vintage prints, black-and-white photography creates a soothing and timeless aesthetic. Hang them as a duo, selecting photos with similar landscapes or themes, and opt for narrow frames that allow the artwork to shine.

Showcase Dark Florals

Not all floral art has to be bright and colorful. Choose dark and moody floral prints against a black backdrop for a dramatic and sophisticated look. This works particularly well in bedrooms with dark walls, creating a sense of depth and intrigue.

Cue Color

If you find joy in vibrant colors, then it's important for your bedroom to reflect that. Tonal spaces, like this cozy pink bedroom, fully embrace a single hue by incorporating different shades of the same color. In this particular bedroom, a floral painting and a modern print seamlessly complement each other in similar hues.

Use a Muted Palette

Watercolors, with their muted colors and natural tones, create an exceptionally tranquil atmosphere in bedrooms. When it comes to soothing colors, options like white, black, gray, blue, and pink are commonly preferred. In this bedroom, several of these shades are showcased side-by-side in the framed artwork and collection of bed pillows.

Add Coastal Elements

There's nothing quite as relaxing as the calming sounds of waves crashing against the shore. Incorporating paintings and illustrations of sea life in soft, neutral hues is a wonderful way to bring serenity to your bedroom. Realistic depictions of coastal elements will provide a soothing touch to the space.

Mount a Sculpture

bedroom with wall decorJohn MerklPatterns and bright colors bring this bedroom designed by Kelly Hohla to life. The metallic accents really pop, and the brutalist sculpture adds dimension, while the layers of textiles create a soft ambiance. And of course, the playful wallcovering itself is a work of art.

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Display Houseplants

If you're a proud plant parent, chances are you've made room for some of your favorite plants in your bedroom. Instead of scattering them randomly throughout the room, consider hanging a shelf above your headboard and neatly organizing the plants in small pots. Opt for a shelf that spans the length of the bed and securely mount it on a stud for stability.

Layer in Woven Wall Decor

Similar to the revival of shag rugs, woven wall hangings have made a comeback since their groovy peak in the 1970s. These modern versions are often crafted from rope and unfinished wood beads, creating a textured and tactile layer that adds a cozy touch to any bedroom.

Emphasize Small Wonders

Making a statement in the bedroom doesn't always require large artworks. A trio of photographs in small, neutral frames can add a touch of color above the bed. To infuse a relaxing vacation vibe, choose photographs from your favorite trip or beloved local destinations. It's important to select backdrops with a similar color palette to achieve a cohesive look.

Think Outside the Frame

Balance the intricate textiles in your bedroom with woven wall decor, such as an oversized basket or a flat mat. These naturally warm pieces, with their soft yet structured appearance, effortlessly become the centerpiece of the bedroom and are easy to install.

Maximize Light

Adding a mirror to your bedroom not only serves a practical purpose but also helps to layer light into the space, creating an illusion of a larger room. The size of the mirror determines how effectively it reflects light throughout the space. For a clean and crisp look, opt for a simple-framed mirror, or choose one with embellished edging to make a statement.

Add Texture

shiplap wall ideas Hecker GuthrieIn this bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, the dark, long, and lean wooden panels bring a touch of grit and polish, while the luxurious red armchair and plush cream carpet create warmth.

BUY NOW Article Beau Walnut Mirror, $299

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Hang Your Hat

A single, wide-brimmed sun hat can serve as a unique piece of bedroom artwork. Opt for a hat that is big and billowy, reminiscent of those bought on vacation. Instead of stashing it away and letting it collect dust, display it proudly as a cherished souvenir.

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Show off your headwear

Nicole Franzen

Running low on closet space? Why not showcase your collection of hats and create a practical display with visual interest? Install hooks or a pegboard and cluster your hats in one area.

The possibilities for transforming your bedroom walls into a personalized and stunning space are endless. From upholstering the walls to hanging up mirrors, incorporating accent walls, and curating a gallery wall, you can truly showcase your creativity and style. Whether you choose bold wallpaper, install shelving, or paint a pattern, there are countless ways to add personality and character to your bedroom. So go ahead and explore these ideas to create a space that is uniquely yours – a space that reflects your passions, interests, and individuality. Let your bedroom walls tell your story and inspire you every day.

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