Creating a Stunning Entrance: The Best Hallway Décor Ideas to Make a Lasting Impression

Are you tired of your plain and boring hallway? Do you want to transform it into a space that will leave a lasting impression on your guests? Look no further! In this article, we will be exploring the best hallway decor ideas that will turn your entryway into a show-stopping masterpiece. From Parisian elegance to bold wallpaper and unique artwork, we have all the tips and tricks you need to make your hallway the envy of the neighborhood. So, grab your paintbrush and get ready to unleash your creativity as we take a deep dive into the world of stunning hallway design.

Hallway Ideas: Decoration

When it comes to hallways, especially in city houses, they tend to be narrow, which makes the walls a prominent feature. To add character to the space, consider opting for a warm paint color, elegant wall paneling, or patterned wallpaper. Additionally, adding wall lights instead of overhead lights can create a gentle glow. Hallways are also a great place to display art, whether it's a statement piece that covers the entire wall or a gallery wall showcasing a collection of photographs or prints.

"Traffic is a consideration when you are decorating," notes Rita. "The floor, for example, has to be practical while still matching the style of the house." Flagstone or traditional tiles are great options for a hallway in a Victorian house. However, sisal or jute can also be a durable choice. It's important to take into account the other rooms visible from the hallway and keep the wall colors tonal. Hallway mirrors can be strategically placed to allow unexpected glimpses throughout the house. Pocket or sliding doors can also work well for rooms leading off a hallway, especially if the space is narrow or dark, as they allow light to flood in.

Introduce Parisian Elegance

White hallway with gallery wall and red patterned rug

(Image credit: Maddux Creative)

Hallway mirrors have long been used to make spaces feel larger, but when combined with tall glazed doors, high ceilings, and elegant architecture, they can create a light and chic atmosphere. For an apartment hallway without stairs, like in this example by Maddux Creative, mirrored panels were added to the doors to help carry light and show the original architectural detailing. Warm gold lamps, wall lights, and carefully selected furniture and rugs were also incorporated into the design.

Go Bold with Wallpaper or Paint

Never underestimate the power of paint or wallpaper in a hallway! Hallways provide the perfect opportunity to choose something bolder and more exciting compared to other rooms in your home. Have fun with it!

Embrace Rounded Shapes and Curvaceous Design

Green painted hallway with steel-framed door and wood floor

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Victorian hallways often feature curved archways to soften the repetitive right angles. When these details are missing, or in the case of a new build, using rounded shapes can create a more welcoming entrance. Irene Gunter, founder of Gunter & Co, recommends incorporating softer, rounded silhouettes to prevent a townhouse from feeling like a long tunnel of rooms, especially in a small hallway.

Paint Your Hallway Doors a Color

Be creative when adding color to your space! The use of different shades on hallway doors can create a unique and stylish look. This is particularly effective when paired with a muted rug and floral prints.

hallway with doors painted different colors

source: Threads & Blooms

I also painted my doors and trim the same blue as the boad and batten we used in the upstairs hallway. Yes, I love blue paint colors and use them as a neutral in our homes!

Lay Down an Interesting Floor

Blue painted hall with patterned floor and chandelier

(Image credit: Alex Wilson)

Even the entrance halls and grand staircases can sometimes feel too formal. One way to counter this is by using an unexpected color on the walls and a modern encaustic tile on the floor. This project by Forbes Rix required a total refurbishment of a large historic property in London. The use of patterned encaustic floor tiles and bold hallway paint color on the walls and woodwork retained the elegance while giving it a contemporary twist. Farrow & Ball's Oval Room Blue was chosen for the walls and woodwork, paired with tiles by Bert & May on the floor.

Put Art in Focus

Red hallway with white console and vase of flowers and art on wall

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

When there is space to store the usual hallway clutter out of sight, take the opportunity to showcase a favorite piece of furniture, art, or sculpture as a way of setting the stage for the rest of the decorative scheme in the house. A unique piece of art can draw focus into a space and transform your hallway into a key feature of your house.

Illuminate Your Path

A well-lit hallway with pendant lights and artwork

(Image credit: Kasha Paris/Idha Lindhag)

Living in an apartment often means dealing with long, narrow hallways that can feel dark and gloomy. Betsy Kasha, co-founder of the Paris-based interior design studio Kasha Paris, shares her expert tips for brightening up hallways.

In order to create a welcoming and well-lit hallway, Kasha suggests using soft white paint as it not only brightens the space, but also provides a perfect backdrop for artwork. Depending on the height of the ceiling, recessed lighting or hanging lights can be installed to provide gentle, yet bright illumination in the hallway.

One common design mistake in hallways is having only a single pendant light. Kasha advises having at least three pendant lights for long and narrow hallways, making sure they are of an appropriate size. The showcased lights in the images are well-proportioned and effectively illuminate the artwork in the hallway.

If you're looking for hallway carpet ideas, they can help reduce sound transmission in an apartment. Alternatively, you can lay a runner over hardwood flooring for added style and comfort.

Add a Splash of Color

A hallway with a coral painted bench and colorful cushions

(Image credit: Bees Knees Interior Design Studio)

To instantly brighten up your farmhouse-style hallway, consider adding a pop of color. This hallway features a coral-painted bench and multicolored cushions, showcasing a stylish example of using red hues for hallway decor.

Mary Maloney, owner and designer at Bees Knees Interior Design Studio, emphasizes the importance of making your entryway suit the architectural style of your home while fulfilling its functional needs. The coral bench in this entryway adds both charm and a welcoming feel, complementing the historical reproduction style of the colonial house.

Remember, the details matter. The bright color and fabric of the bench contribute to the overall welcoming atmosphere, greeting all who enter.

Elevate with Pink

A hallway with a mirror and pink stair runner

(Image credit: Samantha Todhunter)

For a sophisticated and elevated look, consider incorporating pink accents into your hallway decor. This hallway features a vibrant pink stair runner, which creates a focal point at the end of the hallway.

Interior designer Samantha Todhunter suggests using mirrors in hallways for an added touch of elegance. However, she believes that nothing beats a vase of flowers on a console to bring life and vibrancy to the space.

Make a Low Ceiling Feel Taller with White

A hallway with white paint, jute rug, artwork, and a mid-century wooden console table

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes, and some may have low ceilings. In such cases, white hallway decor ideas can create the illusion of a taller and brighter space. However, if you prefer a more subtle color, gray hallway ideas can be just as uplifting. The image showcases the use of the gray shade "Dimpse" by Farrow & Ball, which adds elegance without overwhelming the hallway.

To create a cohesive and all-encompassing feel, be consistent with the use of color. Apply it to both the walls and woodwork for a harmonious hallway design.

Introduce Two Shades of a Color

A hallway with light and dark green paneling and a patterned tile floor

(Image credit: Little Greene )

Adding two shades of the same color can add subtle interest and a calming atmosphere to a hallway. Consider incorporating green hallway ideas, as shown in the image, to maximize the peacefulness of the space. The top part of the wall features the shade "Acorn" from Little Greene, while the shade "Hopper" adds depth and visual interest below the dado rail.

The tiles act as the perfect complement to the flat wall color, creating a lighter and more vibrant ambiance in the hallway.

Get Creative with Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper above and below dado rail in a hall with a bench and plant

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Wallpaper can instantly transform a hallway and add personality to the space. While it is common to use a darker wallpaper below the dado rail and a lighter one above, this hallway demonstrates a different approach.

By using the same wallpaper design from Little Greene in different colorways, a sense of cohesion is achieved. Furthermore, the lower wallpaper color matches the stone flags, creating a bright and unified look. The woodwork paint shade also matches the wallpaper and tiles, presenting a beautifully executed combination.

This unique design approach can work well in both period homes and modern hallways.

Create a Warm Rustic Welcome

A country hallway with a dog and bench

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Transform your hallway into a cozy and welcoming space with the use of rustic fittings and furnishings. This hallway features plank paneling and brick flooring, softened with cushions and seasonal flowers.

Add an antique bench and layer soft textures, such as a natural rug, to enhance the warm and inviting atmosphere. Accents of color, such as the Dirty Orange velvet cushion from Oka, can add a touch of vibrancy to the space.

Introduce a Stylish Runner

A long hallway with gray walls and a mustard striped runner

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

To add color and pattern to your hallway, opt for a stylish runner. A runner can also reduce noise and create visual interest in the space.

You can further enhance your hallway by adding books and pictures, even in small hallways. By furnishing your hallway with care and attention to detail, you can create a welcoming and inviting environment.

Showcase Your Artwork

Lisa Romerein

Impress guests and make a statement in your hallway or on your stairway landing by displaying prized pieces of artwork. Consider the size of your space when selecting which artworks to hang, and opt for large canvases in open stairways or a mix of small- to medium-size pieces in narrow and less open spaces.

Create an Accent Wall

Accent walls aren't limited to living rooms or bedrooms. Your hallway can benefit from an accent wall as well. In this particular hallway, one wall is covered in light gray patterned wallpaper to create contrast with the light blue paint in the rest of the corridor. Pairing it with a darker gray runner rug and a photo collage with a gray frame adds a polished and cohesive look to the space.

Decorate with Tapestries

If you want to deviate from traditional framed art, consider hanging a tapestry in your hallway instead. A large tapestry can cover a large expanse of wall, adding unique texture and visual interest to the space.

Elevate Your Ceiling

The wood paneling covering the arched ceiling of this hallway naturally draws the eye towards the end of the corridor. This focal point provides an ideal location to display decorative items, such as a small table adorned with flowers and gold-framed art prints.

Make use of the corners in your hallway by installing shelves and creating a corner gallery wall. Layer art and accessories to create an interesting and visually appealing corner space.

Corner picture ledges in an upstairs hallway

Add a Hallway Rug

If you want to showcase your flooring while still protecting it, consider adding a rug or narrow runner to your hallway. This allows you to add a touch of style while keeping the main walkway visible. Additionally, a hallway rug can further enhance your chosen design style in a small space.

Include a Hallway Side Table

A hallway side table offers a convenient and stylish way to display decorative items. Match the table to the flooring or trim of your staircase for a cohesive look, and use it to showcase framed photos, store extra bags, or display a vase of fresh flowers.

Maximize Storage in Your Hallway

Don't overlook the potential for storage in your hallway. You can easily incorporate storage solutions that make use of the available space. Utilize easy storage options such as cabinets, shelves, or benches to keep your hallway organized and clutter-free.

Furnish Functionally

A small dresser can serve as both functional furniture and a decorative piece in your hallway. This provides extra storage space while offering a surface to display a vase or a plant. Enhance the overall look by hanging a photo collage directly above the dresser.

Decorate with Stylish Shelves

If your hallway has built-in shelves, take advantage of this feature by styling them with decorative items. Cabinets and drawers within the shelves can provide additional storage, while shelves themselves can be used to display vases, pictures, trays, and flowers.

Optimize Hallway Storage

Add a touch of style and practicality to your hallway with storage solutions. White wood panels on the walls and a built-in wood shelf with a bench below create a visually appealing storage area. Use the shelf to store books and display a favorite vase, further enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Store Blankets with a Blanket Ladder

Transform your hallway into a functional and beautiful space by utilizing previously empty areas. Install a blanket ladder to neatly store and display your blankets. This creative use of space allows you to showcase your beautiful textiles while serving as a stylish decor feature.

A neutral hallway with a blanket ladder

Include Bookshelves

Elevate your hallway decor by incorporating bookcases. Bookshelves not only provide storage space but also add visual interest to your hallway. Use the shelves to display books, small art pieces, and other items that reflect your personal style.

Add a Console Table for Storage

A console table is a simple and effective way to add storage space to your hallway. By placing a table in your hallway, you can create a designated area for decorative items. Match the table to the flooring or trim of your staircase to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Display a Unique Find

Make a statement in your hallway by showcasing a unique and eye-catching piece at the end of the corridor. Antique theater seats, as seen in the image, serve as an interesting focal point, while the olive green paint on the bottom of the seats adds a pop of color.

A hallway with shiplap and antique theater chairssource: Domino

Add a Plant

Bring life and freshness to your hallway by adding a plant. Even in small hallways, a well-placed plant can create a sense of vibrancy and connection to nature.

A small hallway with shiplap and a sconcesource: Nesting with Grace

Prioritize Pops of Color

Incorporating color into your hallway design can have a significant impact. Painting the ceiling in a hallway is a unique way to add dimension and elongate the space. Ginny Macdonald, a designer, suggests using multiple hues to create a cool ombré effect. By doing so, your hallway becomes an intriguing space to explore rather than a simple passageway.

By embracing darkness and painting the ceiling and walls in moody colors, you can create a cozy atmosphere in your hallway. Macdonald cautions that painting a white hallway with no natural light can actually make it feel more gloomy, as the white color has nothing to bounce off. Alternatively, playing into the darkness with deeper colors will make the hallway feel cozy and inviting.

In apartments like the one owned by Lori LaMont and Monte Weiss, a deep blue wall color was paired with orange pendant lights and crisp white trim, creating a striking contrast and visually exciting hallway.

Add a Slim Shoe Cabinet

Make the most of your hallway space by incorporating clever storage solutions. A slim shoe cabinet at the end of your hall provides a functional and seamless storage option. It keeps essential items organized while blending seamlessly with the overall decor style.

A white hallway with a shoe dresser at the end and a bright rugsource: Curbly

Transform your small, narrow hallway into an interesting space by adding a contrasting accent wall at the end. Opt for dark hues on the wall to create a cozy atmosphere. Pair it with a curated gallery wall art to complement the boldness of the wall. If you're unsure about how to create a hallway gallery wall, check out my tips and ideas on the best gallery wall arrangements.

Style a Bench

If you have enough floor space, consider adding a bench to your hallway. It not only provides a spot for putting on shoes but also offers extra storage by sliding a few baskets underneath. Adding a bench can instantly make your hallway feel like an additional room.

Create Multiple Focal Points

Some hallways benefit from multiple focal points. In a formerly boring hallway, Lauren successfully created multiple focal points using interesting lighting, plants, and artwork at different spots along the hallway.

Make a Statement With Sconces

Take advantage of a long hallway by creating a colorful gallery wall and adding four sconces above it to make a bold statement. Complete the look with vibrant color-block runners to enhance the space.

Repeat your light fixtures

To add excitement to a slim entryway, carefully choose light fixtures that provide repetition and visual interest. Sconces, in particular, offer ambient lighting and a more inviting atmosphere compared to recessed cans. They can give your hallway a personality boost. In a New York City rental, a stacked geometric sconce adds a touch of old school, Art Deco glamour and gives guests a sneak peek of the home's overall decor.

Keep your console clear

While a slim console table can enhance an entryway, it's essential to avoid cluttering your small space. Instead, opt for a transparent, acrylic table that allows light to pass through, making your hallway feel open and accessible. This Brooklyn Heights home takes the concept to the next level by placing a woven basket underneath the table for additional storage.

Transform your hallway into a museum-worthy masterpiece by creating a gallery wall. This small space can house a collection of art that serves as a passageway for inspiration. Embrace maximalism by displaying art throughout the hallway, setting the tone for your entire home.

Add texture to your hallway

If you've chosen a pale paint color for your hallway, incorporate texture through natural materials or patterned upholstery. Paneling your walls can be aesthetically pleasing, practical, and space-enhancing. Extend the material used in paneling to storage units while incorporating seating, turning a usually overlooked area into a thoughtful space.

Hallway Desk Space

Enhance both the functionality and decoration of your hallway by including a built-in desk and shelves. Showcase your decor items and gain extra storage space, while also providing a designated area for a computer.

Embrace the gallery wall concept in your hallway by displaying multiple framed prints. Combine it with an antique table adorned with a small lamp and flowers to create a sophisticated and museum-like ambiance.

Small Hallway Decor Ideas

Fill an empty space in your hallway with a side table. It serves as a convenient spot for placing keys and sunglasses. Hanging a large round mirror above the table can create an illusion of a larger space.

How do you make a hallway more interesting?

Design your hallway with careful attention to wall and floor treatments, as well as mood and storage. Implement practical and stylish hallway shoe storage solutions to avoid clutter. Your hallway should reflect your taste and personality, whether you opt for flamboyance or a minimalist approach. Just ensure that the design harmonizes with the rest of your home and doesn't compete with other rooms.

When it comes to hallway decor, the possibilities are endless. From introducing Parisian elegance to embracing bold colors and patterns, there are countless ways to transform your hallway into a stunning space. Consider painting your hallway doors a vibrant color, laying down an interesting floor, or hanging oversized and colorful artwork. Create a focal point with antiques, add architectural interest, and enhance the sense of length with horizontal lines. Don't forget to light the way with interesting lighting fixtures and add pops of color for a quick fix. With these unique and creative ideas, your hallway is sure to make a lasting impression on all who enter your home.

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