Clever and fun bunk bed concepts that kids will adore

From unique, built-in masterpieces to sleek, contemporary furniture, we've rounded up 17 of the most eye-catching bunk bed designs.  

Bunk beds are fantastic. They are functional, but when done right, they are also entertaining and stylish. Having doubts We have gone through all of our Livingetc we dug through the com archives for some of the most creative bunk bed plans we've seen, Most are designed for children's bedrooms In this new window: These mature specimens can now be found in many hotels and vacation homes.  

In addition to being convenient for everyday use, built-in beds are ideal for vacation homes because they provide a stylish and comfortable alternative to the traditional pull-out sofa. Take a cue from ABD Studio's bunk bed layout and hang a curtain over each bed to ensure each occupant's privacy.

Bunk beds are a great example of how to make the most of a small bedroom by combining a youthful, carefree aesthetic with practical, space-saving furniture. Space is at a premium in urban and city dwellings, so it's beneficial to maximize vertical space.

Some of the lower, built-in bunk beds are suitable for adults, as there is sufficient headroom to prevent accidental knocks.

If you want to make the most of your space, a custom-made bed that stretches from wall to wall (without leaving award pockets of wasted space) and is outfitted with your choice of electrical outlets, lighting, and headboard is the way to go. even custom features like trundle beds and shelving Each bed could use an upholstered headboard to soften the space à la Katharine Pooley.

With fun features like mezzanine balconies and lookout towers, as well as hidden storage and a slide for easy exit, the best bunk bed ideas are both functional and entertaining. Here, in this home in East London (link opens in new window) a mezzanine level was added to a room with bunk beds, and the only way to reach it was via a climbing wall and a fireman's pole.

If the ceiling is high enough, you could replace the top bunk of a triple bunk bed with a fun mezzanine play balcony, freeing up valuable floor space.

Check out these gorgeous examples of bunk beds for some inspiration.

Curtains Up!

This sophisticated bunk bed space for two young ladies was designed by ABD Studio. Having curtains over each bed ensures personal space.

Photograph by Suzanna Scott.

Three, the Play Area on the Mezzanine

If a room is high enough, a mezzanine play balcony can replace the top bunk of a triple bunk bed, allowing for more usable floor space. The built-in bunk beds have been elevated to make way for a loft play area, which frees up a substantial amount of floor space for other uses while maintaining the room's airy, uncluttered feel.  

bunk bed ideas

The lights can be yours for just £174 apiece from Davey Lighting at Lighting Matters; they are oval brass bulkhead fittings.

(Photo courtesy of the Long Term)

The design of these bunk beds ensures that adults won't injure themselves getting in or out of bed.  

bunk bed ideas

DIY custom bunk beds painted in Farrow & Ball's "Lichen" for a similar look. Cast Iron Gareth Handles by Mark Lewis Interior Design for the Home web site Background, "Gilly Flower Blue," by Robert Kime Linen blanket, The Conran Shop Marklewisnteriordesign has a cute little nightstand if you're shopping for home furnishings. com

Photograph by Paul Raeside.

5. Connected

Each of these loft beds was made to order, and it comes with a built-in charging dock for an iPad or Mac, complete with a separate light and headphones.  

bunk bed ideas

The owner had custom beds made by Sutherland Furniture to match his unique aesthetic. The White Company is responsible for the bedding.

Illustration by Paul Massey.

Stowage Space for Stairs, No. 6

To make the most of the vertical space, a set of bunk beds modeled after traditional American homes was designed. The top bunk, which also serves as a fun storage space, is accessible via a staircase.  

bunk bed ideas

Find a carpenter in the UK who can help you achieve the look you want with this design by German company Jäll & Tofta by looking them up on .com - to make this idea a reality

(Future is credited for the image)

7. Observation Post

Instead of sleeping, kids can have a blast playing in this bunk area, which features a desk, a balcony, a slide, and even a separate ladder leading up to a lookout tower. Adding a mattress to the upper level would turn this into a fantastic bunk bed. The addition of the blackboard wall makes the entire second floor into an inspiring work space.  

bunk bed ideas

Raad Studio, based in the United States, designed these chic bedrooms. Rust-oleum sells magnetic chalkboard paint for £13 for 750ml at B&Q, so you can add magnets to the mix.

(Photo by: The Future)

Identical in shape or size; eighth

The placement of the ladder in the middle of the mezzanine makes room for two single beds at either end. The upper level, known as the "mezzanine," is not a bedroom so much as a daybed, where one can read, lounge, and relax. This lovely beach house nursery has a ceiling covered in timber cladding.  

bunk bed ideas

Here's how to get the look: Equateur by Hermès fabric (hanging on the wall) Made in Design Seletti Monkey wall sconces

The picture was taken by Rowland Roques-O'Neil.

The upholstered headboards and delicate woodwork on these bunk beds by Katharine Pooley are to die for.  

bunk bed ideas

The Ladder Rail can be yours with a little help from Tillys Interiors. Colbourns made both the carpet and the rug. Pendant light fixture by Cowshed Interiors.

Photograph by Katharine Pooley

10 - a perfect match

Bunk beds of a typical size wouldn't fit in this room. To make more room for train tracks and tea parties, the owners had them shrunken and fitted with cabinets on either side.  

bunk bed ideas

Evoke is responsible for the chic custom bunk bed and storage unit featured here. This rug was purchased from Heal's. Bobo Kids' Flying Stork was designed by artist Tamar Mogendorff. The Conran Shop is the source for the Eames Elephant.

Featured image by Paul Massey.

11: Seafaring Moods

The bunk bed's white paint job, shiplap wall, blue and white bedding, and brass wall lights give it a decidedly nautical vibe. The end result is very beachy and light, making it ideal for a summer bedroom or a house near the water.

bunk bed ideas

(Photo by: The Future)

Minimalist 12

Bunk beds made of wood and connected by a sleek black ladder create a warm and contemporary space for children.  

bunk bed ideas

The kids' bunk beds, if you like the look, are handmade just for them. Schoolhouse provides the bedding and the black Radar Sconces.

Illustration by Mikola Accuardi.

Thirteenthly, Constructed In

By going the custom route, you can make the most of your space by having a bed that stretches from wall to wall (eliminating dead zones) and by adding features like USB ports, wall lights, and more. built-in trundle beds, shelving, and storage  

bunk bed ideas

Achieve the look with Dulux Denim Drift on the bunk beds.

(Dulux got the kudos for the pic)

14 - A sleeping nook

The kid's room is located on a mezzanine level above the living room, with views of the dining area below. Beds that are built into the wall at different heights continue the multi-tiered theme.

bunk bed ideas

Photo by Rory Gardiner.

15 - Curved Corners

The white bunk bed has a sleek Scandi aesthetic thanks to its rounded corners.  

bunk bed ideas

Outfit your room with an armoire and bunkbed set from Oliver Furniture.

Image by White Arrow.

16 Use a straightforward, all-wood frame to keep things under control.

The Children's Bedroom (link opens in a new window) features a sleek and uncomplicated wooden bunk bed structure that can accommodate a mattress, divan, or even a kids desk beneath it. The link opens in a new window. , or a warm and inviting study It's the kind of framework that can be easily customized to suit one's needs, be it for a child's study area, a play area, or a combination of these. (New window/tab) underneath

bunk bed design

This picture is from the book "Let's Play House: Chic Family Life." It's a new tab that opens up the full article. by Joni Vandewalle (Lannoo Publishers).

(Photo taken from Joni Vandewalle's Let's Play House: Chic Family Life (Lannoo Publishers))

For a throwback feel, try a rounded shape in the design.

The rounded corners of this bunk bed design are reminiscent of bunk beds from the 1970s.

bunk bed design

Photograph from Let's Play House: Chic Family Life The link opens in a new window. Written by Joni Vandewalle and published by Lannoo

(Photo taken from Joni Vandewalle's Let's Play House: Chic Family Living (Lannoo Publishers))

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