Boost Your Holiday Spirit With These 19+ Golf Cart Ornaments

Searching for golf cart holiday decorations. Keep reading for my list of the top 20 golf cart-related holiday gifts that are sure to make this year's celebrations extra special.

Is there a universally adored aspect of the holiday season? The Christmas decorations create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Why not deck out your golf cart for the season?  

Our favorite golf cart ornaments are discussed here. But remember that most of these products weren't intended for golf carts in particular Always refer to and abide by the manufacturer's instructions.

Next, check out our rundown of the top seven holiday light sets for golf carts.

Holiday Party Balloons in the Shape of Candy Canes by Tetor

Tetor Inflatable Candy Cane Balloons for Christmas Decorations

Fun for kids of all ages and a symbol of the spirit of the holiday season, candy canes are a classic Christmas treat. Your golf cart can be made to look more festive by adding two balloons in the shape of candy canes.  

It's a sturdy tinsel material with contrasting red and white patterns. Also, it's available in three sizes, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your golf cart.  

Decorative Wreath for a Golf Cart

golf cart ornament

This golf cart ornament looks like it came straight out of a Christmas card, and it's perfect if that's what you're going for.  

Use the wreath ornament as a lovely finishing touch for your shopping cart. Waterproof and long-lasting resin is used in its construction.  

Furthermore, it is 3–5 inches in length, making it significantly larger than the majority of other ornaments used for hanging. It has a convenient hook on the front of the cart and can be attached there.

Santa Claus Christmas Holiday Season Vehicle Sticker Decal

Christmas Santa Claus Car Window Windshield Sticker

The next item on our list is this groovy Santa Claus bumper sticker. The vinyl material it's made of is both self-adhesive and reusable, so removing it from your cart won't leave any glue residue.  

The sticker can withstand rain, and the Santa image stands out thanks to the fact that it was printed using UV ink.

Christmas Stockings from Sunnyglade

christmas stockings that can be used for golf cart christmas decorations.

The festive feelings you have can be easily expressed with the help of some Sunnyglade Christmas stockings. You can even use these lovely Christmas stockings to decorate your shopping carts for the holiday!  

The non-woven burlap and fluff used in their construction are of superior quality, lending a pleasant tactile experience. In addition, they have traditional Christmas patterns and hanging loops.

Magnets for the Holidays (12 Pack)

Christmas magnet stickers

Refrigerators and other metal appliances can be decorated with magnet stickers. Nonetheless, the roof supports of your golf cart are just the right size for these lovely Christmas magnets.

You can decorate your golf cart however you like with the included Santa-themed magnet sticker set.  

The Sunset Vista Star Sleigh Design

Sunset Vista Designs Star Sleigh

This lovely sleigh was not designed solely for display on golf carts during the holiday season, but it will find many uses after the golf cart parade is over.

Putting that on top of your golf cart would be a bold statement. Be sure to lock it before taking it for a spin.

Wire Ribbons for the Holidays

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ribbon

Wrap your golf carts in this lovely plaid wired Christmas decoration featuring gingerbread men. Christmas ribbons are available in many different colors and designs.  

The width of each ribbon is roughly 2 inches. You can adjust the length of this bungee cord from 5 inches to however long it needs to be for your vehicle.  

The ribbon weighs next to nothing, and it will give your golf cart a stunning, enchanted look for the holidays.

Holiday Window Decals Stickers with Reverse Writing

Double-Sided Christmas Stickers Window Clings

These adorable Christmas Stickers are the perfect option if you're looking for some low-maintenance holiday embellishment for your golf cart.  

They feature a variety of holiday icons, including Santa, a snowman with snowflakes, elves, reindeer, etc.  

These decals are the perfect holiday addition to your golf cart windows.

Outfitting Your Body Like an Elf

Elf Body Props

One more unique Christmas decoration for your golf carts. You can't help but notice these Elf Body Props because of how amusing they are.  

Traditional Christmas aesthetics are evident in this ornament depicting a hard at work by Santa Claus. It's built to last with high-grade materials.  

You can get a complete elf body, or just the arms, legs, or head.

Golf Bag Decorations from the Olden Days

golf bag christmas ornament is a fun addition for golf cart Christmas decorations

Unique as can be is the Old World Golf Bag Christmas Ornament. It's crafted by hand using methods developed in the nineteenth century.

This colorful golf bag is perfect for the top of your golf cart or the rack. There is no way to ruin the stunning originality of its appearance.

Ornament of a Customized Christmas Elf

Personalized Elf Christmas Ornament, golf cart christmas decorations

After that, we have a Personalized Elf Ornament, which is another adorable holiday item. This adorable Elf prop is perfect for decorating golf carts for the holidays. He is holding a sackful of presents for all of his golfing buddies.  

Add a personal touch to this ornament and then attach it to the top of your shopping cart for a unique touch.  

BESPORTBLE Battery Operated LED Holiday Fairy Lights for Golf Cart

besportable battery operated lights

Each set of BESPORTBLE Christmas Fairy Lights includes 40 miniature LED bulbs. These bright, colorful LEDs are sure to grab anyone's attention. Fit for use as holiday ornaments on golf carts

When these fairy lights are knocked over, they won't shatter into a million pieces because the LED bulbs are made of shatterproof plastic.

LEDs powered by three AA batteries (or four C batteries) allow for portability and convenience. 5V) You can easily mount them on your golf cart.

Tree-Hanging Gnome Santa Dolls (Thirty-Pack)

Gnome Santa Doll Wooden Hanging Ornaments (30 Pcs)

Extra rad ornaments for the ceiling This Santa Gnome doll is perfect for the holiday season.  

Put it on top of your golf carts to show off your holiday spirit! It's constructed from long-lasting wood, so it's quite solid.  

In addition to securing it to the cart's ceiling with the rope design on top, you can also use it to suspend cargo. There are 30 pieces, so I'm confident that the whole plane can enjoy it with you.

Wreath of Fake Green Leaves

Gnome Santa Doll Wooden Hanging Ornaments (30 Pcs)

ElaDeco's 10" Faux Boxwood Wreath is a plastic wreath made to resemble real boxwood. This, however, is modifiable and can be attached to either the front or the back of your golf cart.  

Put a boxwood wreath on your golf cart, it'll look great. Nothing could be more in the spirit of Christmas than this.

String Lights for Christmas Garland, Powered by Batteries

Christmas Garland Battery Operated Lights

During the holiday season, when everything else seems to be lit up, your golf cart should, too.

You can easily decorate your golf cart with Christmas cheer by wrapping it in this garland of battery-operated lights. They're 9 ft. 10 in. in height, so there won't be any dark spots.

The best Christmas lights for golf carts are available for your selection.

Deck the Halls with Christmas Elves Decoration Kit

Christmas Elf Kit 

Your golf carts will look great decked out for the holidays with this Christmas Elf Kit. Putting an elf on each of your shopping carts will give them a festive touch.  

Each component of this elf set features a wire hanger, making it ideal for use with the many other Christmas decorations you've already purchased.  

Reprehensible Little Boy Elf on the Shelf

naughty boy christmas doll

The whole plane will be in fits of laughter after this one. This adorable Elf Doll is keeping tabs on your every move and reporting it to Santa.

It's a tiny doll that can be attached to your shopping cart in any way you see fit. Its body is both pliable and soft. It's an adorable Christmas doll that almost anyone would enjoy.  

Sticker of a herd of crimson-faced reinde

Christmas Reindeer Decal

You can spruce up your golf cart for the holidays with these adorable Reindeer Decal Christmas car stickers.  

The adorable Reindeer stickers are available in a variety of sizes, and they are made of high-quality reflective vinyl that is both waterproof and easy to stick and peel off.

Customized ornaments for the holiday tree

Personalized Christmas Ornaments 

Put your company's name on the golf carts everyone rides in with personalized Christmas ornaments. You can personalize your golf cart by writing everyone's names and attaching them.

You can get these Personalized Deer Ornaments in sets containing anywhere from two to eight deer.  

Conclusions Regarding Holiday Golf Cart Décor

Most golf cart Christmas decorations are simple to install. As a result, it's a simple way to get into the holiday mood. Put some sparkle, color, and charisma into it. You can make someone else's day.

In case you haven't started making your Christmas list yet, here are some suggestions for great Christmas golf gifts and custom Christmas golf gifts to consider.

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