Bookshelf styling: a guide to sprucing up your home theater

No matter the size of your great room or living room, the stylish sectional and the entertainment unit will be the focal points of the room.

Your entertainment center combines a TV cabinet with a bookcase to give you plenty of storage space in a sleek and modern package. The downside to having so many built-in bookcases is that you'll need to start stocking them.

Having a well-organized shelf unit can unify and enhance the aesthetic of your home, but it is important to find the right balance. An empty home feels frigid because of the lack of decorative items. However, a chaotic atmosphere is created by shelves that are too stuffed with items.

However, if you follow some basic guidelines for decorating, you can easily transform your wall unit. Here is some advice on how to spruce up your home theater system.

Some good and bad ways to adorn a media chest

How to decorate an entertainment center: 3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver

rules for decorating a bookcase can be applied to the arrangement of an You can start decorating your shelves right away with things you already have at home if you just follow a few simple rules of practical design. See examples of good and bad entertainment center decor below.

Think about the room size.

The living room or great room is a common place to find an entertainment center, but these units can also serve as servers in the kitchen or as extra storage in the master bedroom. and in the family room or game room, where some extra fun is always appreciated.

The things you choose to keep and show off should, however, be carefully considered in light of the room's intended purposes. Use the dining room as a showcase for your best barware and serveware. You could put your most prized hats and pieces of jewelry on display in your bedroom. You can also display your collection of classic board games or video games in a game room.

Not: Pile items high on the shelves

You shouldn't feel obligated to stock your shelves completely. Instead, make some room around each object so that they can all be appreciated. Keep in mind that you should only need to fill between 50 and 75 percent of each shelf's capacity.

A minimalist aesthetic allows for even more empty space; if you prefer this style, fill only 30–50% of the available shelf space with decorative items of neutral color or tone-on-tone hues (those that are the same hue as the wall behind the shelf). More comfortable on the eyes are neutral hues. They are patiently waiting to be discovered rather than aggressively seeking it. Furthermore, a tone-on-tone design provides visual depth.

To: Vary your content

While a television stand may resemble a bookcase, you shouldn't limit yourself to displaying only books. You can create visual variety by combining books and other decorative objects on the same shelves.

Put a small group of books on a shelf with a favorite figurine, a potted plant, or some dramatic bookends (a necessity for units with open shelves) to create visual interest. Separate your library's books into smaller piles by subject matter or spine color. Some books can be displayed vertically, while others can be displayed horizontally for visual interest.

Never: Strictly enforce symmetrical layouts

A room with too much symmetry may not be as appealing to the eye. Try a combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements instead.

The placement of two identical storage baskets on the lowest shelf of both sides of the unit is one way to achieve symmetry. Then, to create balance's absence, line your books up vertically on the top shelf of the left side of your wall unit. Perhaps some books leaning on their sides and a tall vase would look nice on the right-hand top shelf.

The thing to do is to pick a theme and run with it.

By giving your entertainment center some unifying principle, like a theme, you can make it appear more like a carefully arranged showcase of valuables and less like a disorganized pile of odds and ends. You don't have to use blatant symbolism to convey your message.

A bold theme, like vintage video games, would be fun for a game room, but you could also go with something more understated, like a calming neutral color scheme, or something more general, like an organic modern aesthetic.

Depending on your chosen motif, there are various ways to adorn your home. Displaying books with their covers facing out can add a touch of neutral, natural color to a room with an organic modern theme. Objects found in nature, such as driftwood, river rocks, or a geode, could also be used as ornamentation. Use your topic as a jumping-off point.

Don't: lose sight of what's important

The television and its stand are the centerpiece of your entertainment center. Positioned smack dab in the middle of your entertainment system and thus your living room Having nothing on top of the TV stand aside from the TV can make it seem as though a TV wall was dropped in the middle of your decor.

Keep in mind that you'll probably want to watch TV at some point, so make sure that your decor doesn't get in the way or overpower the on-screen action. (No photo albums here.) You can put them on the standard shelves of your entertainment center. )

Set up some potted plants (or fake ones, if you don't have a green thumb) to flank one side of your television set. A bud vase with some dried flowers or a couple of figurines is another option. A small basket, ideal for holding popcorn or the TV remote, can also serve as a decorative accent during movie night.

Also, remember that you have choices for your television set. When hosting a party, the TV can act as a moving work of art. You shouldn't have to stare into a black abyss, so fill your screen with a screen saver or photos of your loved ones.

Consider the big picture and the details.

The shelves on your entertainment center aren't just a nuisance from a horizontal perspective, but also from a vertical one. Decoration-wise, the same holds true.

Some things need to be moved to the back of the shelf. Without hanging a single photo, a gallery wall effect can be achieved by placing picture frames along the back of your shelves. Then, stack the taller objects on top of the lower ones. In front of your picture frames, you could place tea light candleholders or a small succulent.

Layered designs are compatible with any type of screen. When stocking a bar, a decanter and ice bucket should be stashed in the far back. You should put your rocks glasses just in front, and your jigger, bar spoon, and strainer up front.

Organize your jewelry display with a jewelry stand at the back of the shelf, an accessories tray in the middle, and a ring holder at the front.  

And if you're going for a minimalist look with just two figurines on a shelf, give the illusion of depth by setting one of them back slightly.  

Do not: Emphasize the importance of it

The furnishings and entertainment system in your home should ultimately convey something about your personality. Put on display the things you cherish most, give them a little of your own flair, and enjoy yourself. Get lost in your own home (or your preferred home goods store) and start accumulating all the little trinkets you've always wanted. After that, rearrange them on the shelves of your home theater.

Take a deep breath and step back every time you rearrange shelves. Sit back and take stock of your preferences before continuing to experiment. Discover the perfect screen for your needs.

Central point of fashion

4-drawer TV Console Cappuccino

You need to know how to decorate an entertainment center because it will become the focal point of any room in which it is placed. Take advantage of the dos and don'ts of visual composition to make it shine. Then, personalize it by including touches that are meaningful to you.

Go to a home furnishings retailer and pick out some new decorative accents for your shelves or an entertainment center. As a bonus to your revamped entertainment center, you'll be able to support a local business and get some fun inspiration by perusing styled shelf examples and home decor accessories in person.

2-drawer Media Tower Cappuccino2-drawer Media Tower Cappuccino - Hover

Coffee-colored media chest with two drawers

3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver - Hover

a Black Titanium and Silver Three-Piece Bridge

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