Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: Inject Personality and Style into Your Space

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Are you looking for the best kitchen wall decor ideas to transform your space into a stunning culinary masterpiece? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a plethora of creative and captivating ways to adorn your kitchen walls, from corner caches to large-scale wall murals. Inject personality, add pops of color, and embrace different textures with these innovative suggestions. Whether you prefer a rustic reclaimed timber look or a bold flamboyant wallpaper, we have curated the ultimate collection of ideas to inspire you. Get ready to transform your kitchen walls into a work of art!

Corner Cache

Transforming an awkward corner of your kitchen into a useful and stylish space is easier than you think. Follow the interior design rule of threes by installing three vertical floating shelves and arrange coordinating crockery using a similar pattern.

Kitchen Wall Ideas

You don't have to break the bank to bring your kitchen to life. We've found some cost-effective options for those on a tight budget. Get inspired by our kitchen wall ideas and create a space that reflects your personal style.

"Kitchens are hardworking spaces, so practicality and durability often lead the conversation during the design process," comments Ben Burbidge, Kitchen Makers. "If you're working with the main wall near the hob or sink, consider using an interesting splashback solution."

"Tiles are a traditional choice with beautiful decorative patterns and plains available, but you can also use materials like stainless steel, copper, brass, or granite for more modern kitchen ideas."

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

If you're wondering what to put on your kitchen walls, we've got you covered. Our super stylish and practical kitchen wall decor ideas, along with inspiring pictures of kitchens, will help you transform your space for the better.

Give a galley kitchen a focal point by wallpapering the end wall with a lively print. This will draw the eye and create a visual resting point that makes the space feel wider and larger. Check out our kitchen wallpaper ideas for inspiration.

"Green is a color that brings a sense of comfort and pairs beautifully with neutral tones and wood finishes," says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene. "Pairing green with an off white is a classic combination and ties fabulously with dark statement green tones."

Inject Personality with Photos

Add a personal touch to your kitchen by displaying family photos. Photos of people and places that hold fond memories can serve as great conversation starters.

This is a great example of DIY kitchen ideas that don't cost a fortune and create a montage of memories.

Serve up a Large-Scale Wall Mural

Make a statement in your kitchen by choosing a large-scale wall mural. A 3D Trompe L'oeil design can add humor and become a talking point in your kitchen-diner.

For a smaller section of wall, a neutral background can help the images pop and bring them to life. Position the mural just above the level of the table to ensure that none of the detail is lost.

Buy now: Dandy Spoons Wallpaper Mural, starting from £40, Surface View.

Introduce Artwork into an Open Plan Space

Decorating an open plan kitchen can be a challenge, but adding artwork can help define different areas and create a cohesive scheme. Consider adding a bold piece of artwork to the walls near the dining area to draw the eye and add color and texture to the space.

Add Wooden Wall Panelling

Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen walls with wooden wall panelling. Tongue and groove planks are easy to install and can be painted to match your kitchen cabinet ideas. Create a stylish display with a peg rail and shelf to showcase crockery and accessories.

Go Rustic with Reclaimed Timber

Create a standout feature wall in your kitchen-diner by cladding a small area with reclaimed timber panelling. The raw and unfinished look of salvaged wood adds character and charm to your space. Use the area as a backdrop for a kitchen hutch or buffet and add open shelving above for displaying pottery, cookware, and kitchenware.

Hang Your Herbs in Style

Looking for a stylish way to hang your herbs from your garden? Blogger Ashley Nicole shares a lovely DIY wall hanging just for herbs. This farmhouse-inspired design adds a touch of natural elements to your kitchen.

Go for Glass

For a sleek and structured look, consider wall-to-wall glass fixtures instead of floating shelves. Nicole Green, owner and founder of Nicole Green Design House, used this design in a California home renovation to reflect the energy and personality of the residents.

Contrast a Neutral Scheme with Bold Color

Don't be afraid to add color and pattern to your kitchen walls. Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene, suggests using vivid hues and lively tones to add impact and surprise to your kitchen. A pop of bright, rich contrasting color can make a muted scheme come to life.

Add Color with Simple Artwork

For a brighter aesthetic, paint your kitchen cabinets in icy hues of colors and keep the brick walls in contrasting bright colors. Add a small piece of artwork to bring depth and interest to the space.

Go Bold with a Feature Wall

Break away from plain, painted walls and embrace color and pattern in your kitchen. Cottagecore-inspired prints can add a feeling of comfort and rural simplicity to your space. Choose a rich palette of colors like yellow ochre or terracotta to inject a sunny dose of color.

Go Halfway with a Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash offers a versatile and visually appealing option for your walls. Consider using a pale marble or marble-look backsplash to compliment white walls and add interest to your kitchen. It's a subtle approach to color that protects your walls and adds a touch of elegance.

Float Shelves to Create a Sleek Display

Make use of wasted wall space by installing narrow floating shelves. These shelves provide storage and display space without jutting out too far or obstructing walkways. Choose timber shelves that complement your kitchen cabinetry and paint the wall behind them in a calm, neutral shade for a cohesive look.

Fill Your Wall with Open Shelving

If you have lots of glassware, crockery, and cookbooks, consider filling an entire wall with open shelving. This provides easy access to everything you need and creates an impressive display. Use a combination of colors to match your flooring or tiles, and consider adding wallpaper to the back of each shelf for extra personality.

Hang Art in Place of Uppers

Instead of covering the wall with cabinets, use a mix of glass-fronted storage cabinets and hang art pieces in the remaining space. This approach allows for both storage and visual appeal. Combine it with a stylish tile backsplash to complete the look.

Mount Plates to Display

Adding mounted plates to your kitchen wall can create a unique and textured look. These artisan woven plates add a beautiful element to the wall and break up plainer elements. Use adhesive discs to securely hang the plates and create a concealed hanging effect.

Create a Beautiful Display

Open shelves are a great place to store plates and glasses, but you can also use them to showcase interesting objects or colorful art pieces. Mix cookbooks, cutting boards, cookware, and decorative items for a practical yet stylish arrangement. You can even create a small gallery wall as a backsplash for a creative kitchen wall decor idea. Whether you have a large or small space, you can customize your kitchen to reflect your personality and needs.

Meg Ryan's kitchen

Cabinets filled with artwork and ceramics are a wonderful way to utilize kitchen walls.

Photo: William Abranowicz

Embrace the Beauty of Bare Brick

kitchen room with brick wall and dining table with chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Veronica Rodriguez)

An exposed brick wall is a cool and stylish decor choice. Whether you have a period home or a modern space, you can either keep the bricks in their original state or use brick slips to create the look of a bare brick wall.

To prevent an exposed brick wall from feeling too cold and bare, you can add some life to it by hanging and displaying a variety of houseplants in colorful pots.

Create a Stunning Brick Wall

Brick isn't just for historical homes - it can also add a warm vibe to a modern kitchen. Valeria Jacobs, based in the Bay Area in California, was inspired by deVOL for her kitchen design. She wanted to recreate the gorgeous exposed brick wall she saw in deVOL's New York showroom. With her husband, she completed the wall in just one afternoon.

Jacobs recommends ensuring your wall is ready for brick installation. She used Old Mill brick in the color Rushmore from Home Depot and tinted her mortar mix to the desired color. You can find more details on her Instagram profile.

Add Warmth and Depth with Color

A modern white kitchen with statement kitchen wall decor ideas in lime green and a marble table with colorful blue chairs.

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

A plain white kitchen can be instantly transformed with a vibrant-colored feature wall. The fresh chartreuse shade used in this galley kitchen adds warmth and depth to the space, especially when the natural light from the window illuminates it.

Coordinating elements like deep green painted door and window frames, as well as pale green blinds, ensure a harmonious color scheme.

Add Accent Color with Wall Art

kitchen area with wall art and sofa with cushions and dog bed

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Bolton)

A single piece of statement artwork can bring bold accent colors to your kitchen walls. If you have a dark grey or navy color scheme, a vibrant piece of wall art can add pops of bright color to liven up the space.

As shown in this example, the expressive wall art becomes a decorative focal point.

Celebrate the Written Word on Walls

kitchen room with metro tiles and shelves with marble worktop and sink

(Image credit: Future PLC/Rachael Smith)

Quoting Winnie the Pooh and friends on your kitchen walls is a timeless way to add a touch of personality. An understated piece of text can be a charming and motivational addition to your kitchen wall decor.

Make a Statement with Marble

Matching your countertops to your kitchen shelves creates a cohesive space. Magdalena Kwoczka, the founder and lead designer at Finch Studio in Wrocław, Poland, wanted her kitchen to have a vintage and European feel. Inspired by deVOL's New York showroom, she added a realistic-looking marble wall to her modern kitchen. This project was completed in just one afternoon.

Add Some Separation

To create a focal point on your kitchen walls, try adding wood paneling to complement your space. Joon Won, a DIY enthusiast based in Toronto, Canada, used a wooden slat wall to subtly separate the kitchen and living room in their open-concept home. This design was achieved by sanding, sealing, and cutting lumber pieces to fit the ceiling and fridge area, spaced evenly and attached with adhesive and nails.

Into Japandi Try adding simple wood slats to your kitchen walls to play up the style.

Into Japandi? Try adding simple wood slats to your kitchen walls to enhance the style.

Photo: Joon Won

Add a Peel and Stick Backsplash

A backsplash can breathe new life into your kitchen. For an easy upgrade, try a peel-and-stick backsplash that is simple to install and looks amazing. Check out the 20 best kitchen backsplash ideas for inspiration.

peel and stick backsplash - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit:

Make the Most of Natural Light

Optimize your kitchen layout to take advantage of the natural light. Use low-height kitchen cabinets for storage, allowing the light to flow throughout the entire space, even in a small kitchen.

remodel cabinets - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit:

Keep it Simple with White Tiles

Neutral white kitchen wall with blue painted cabinets and a patterned tile floor.

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

If you have chosen a bold pattern or color for your kitchen flooring, a simple white tiled half wall backsplash adds texture and interest to the space without clashing with the flooring.

Rodrigo Moreno Masey, Director at Moreno Masey, recommends using tiles in the kitchen because they are durable and resistant to heat. Plus, there are countless tile options available to transform your space at an affordable cost.

Bring Pattern to the Walls

Blue and white patterned wall decor for kitchen with cream painted cabinet beside a window.

(Image credit: Boråstapeter)

Covering all four walls in wallpaper is a great way to infuse pattern and elegance into your kitchen decor. Choose a design that complements your green base kitchen cabinets and coordinates with your overall kitchen styling and accessories.

Create Cubby Displays

If your kitchen walls are lined with windows, you may have less space for traditional wall decor. However, you can still create a unique and functional display with cubbies. These displays won't block the natural light and can be used for storage while adding a bold statement to your kitchen.

cubby displays - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit:

Display Your Spices

Instead of keeping your spices hidden in kitchen cabinets, showcase them like precious gems. Elisha Kelly, owner and designer of Our Aesthetic Abode LLC, wanted a pretty spice rack. By displaying their spices at eye level, they have made cooking more convenient and freed up cabinet space. To create your own spice rack, follow the in-depth tutorial on her blog.

black and neutral wall hanging from Cox & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Add a touch of personality to your kitchen walls with a beautiful wall hanging. It instantly draws the eye and can be easily replaced if you decide to redecorate. You can even create your own wall hanging using fabric glue, a wooden dowel, and some string.

kitchen area with marble worktop and frames on shelf

(Image credit: Future PLC/Davide Lovatti)

A gallery picture wall adds a touch of style and personality to your kitchen. IKEA picture ledges are a budget-friendly option for creating a unique display space for prints and decorative items. The versatility of picture ledges allows you to easily rearrange the displays without making holes in the wall.

Buy now: Mosslanda Picture Ledge, £5, IKEA (opens in new tab)

Add Drama with Wall Murals

Murals and stickers are a popular choice for kitchen wall decor. They offer a cost-effective way to decorate your walls and come in various designs, sizes, and customizable options. Visit Amazon, Wayfair, and Etsy to discover incredible wall mural designs and gain inspiration for your kitchen decor.

set the scene with wall murals for kitchen wall decor

Image Credit:

Explore the Art of Plate Placement

Decorative plates have the power to add elegance to any room, especially when used to decorate kitchen walls. Aryanna Morgan, Director of Campus and Influencer Marketing at Her Campus Media (and an influencer herself), was inspired by Dolores Umbridge's pink plate-wall-lined office in Harry Potter. She decided to create her own plate wall and started collecting beautiful plates on her antiquing trips. With around ten plates, she began building her plate wall.

Hanging plates is a perfect idea for decorating kitchen walls.

Hanging plates is an excellent way to decorate kitchen walls.

Photo: Aryanna Morgan

To create an easy plate wall, Morgan shares her secret: invisible plate hanger discs. She advises adding water to the discs, attaching them to the back of each plate, letting them dry, and then hanging them up. Picture hooks are ideal for hanging plates, so a hammer will be needed. Morgan encourages creativity and personalization, suggesting that the plate gallery reflects your own personality. She also emphasizes that you don't need a vast collection to start – focus on quality and remember that it can grow over time.

Create a Display of Curated Plates

white tiled kitchen with an array of plates on the wall

(Image credit: Future PLC / Fiona Walker)

Take a cue from interiors blogger Lisa Dawson and transform a collection of plates into unique kitchen wall decor ideas. Hunting for plates of different shapes and sizes in charity shops or during your travels adds a touch of color to your kitchen while serving as daily reminders of past vacations in sunny destinations.

botanical print wallpaper in green kitchen

(Image credit: Brand McKenzie)

Make a bold statement in a small kitchen with eye-catching, patterned wallpaper. Kerry McKenzie from wallpaper retailer Brand McKenzie advises that regular wallpaper works fine in the kitchen – just avoid using it behind the hob unless you're planning to protect it with a layer of plexiglass. Kitchen wallpapers will require redecoration every five to six years, depending on factors like the presence of a varnish coating and proper kitchen ventilation.

Add Greenery for a Fresh Look

Treat your kitchen decor like the rest of your home and introduce beautiful and vibrant plants. Not only do they act as decorative items, but they also contribute to a positive atmosphere and wellness. Hanging plants or wall-mounted planters filled with herbs, as seen in a design by John Lewis Of Hungerford, bring life to your kitchen and provide easy access to fresh herbs. Plus, you can change the arrangement without making a permanent change.

Instagram content

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Utilize Woven Baskets for Decor and Storage

Woven baskets are not just functional storage pieces but also great kitchen wall art. Arthty Ragupathy, an interior designer and content creator, used woven baskets to add texture and warmth to their white kitchen while using them to store onions and garlic. Simply hang your favorite woven baskets using hooks for a stylish and practical solution.

Instagram content

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Refresh Your Existing Fixtures

Don't feel the need to start from scratch when it comes to kitchen decor. You can give your current fixtures a makeover. Interiors blogger Chapple Chandler transformed her butler pantry with the help of interior designer Caylee Stefanek and owner of Elex Builders, Jesse Ray. They turned it into an attention-grabbing space by adding a sink and an ice maker. If you're new to DIY projects, Chandler recommends starting small and seeking professional advice before embarking on larger projects.

Instagram content

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Maximize Space with Creative Storage Ideas

Every inch of kitchen space is valuable, especially when considering shared living spaces. Jasmine Gurney, a DIY expert and founder of Oh Abode, had the idea to create a pull-out pantry to optimize her kitchen storage. She realized that much of her kitchen was underutilized dead space. Gurney used plywood, scrap MDF, dowels, wood glue, nails, and paint to create her pull-out pantry. Adding a fun handle completes the project, providing a unique storage solution.

Instagram content

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Incorporate Different Metals for a Bold Look

Embrace bold color schemes in your kitchen design. Louisa Smith, a partner at Grapevine Interiors, recommends choosing a few statement pieces rather than overwhelming the space with excessive decor. In her example, she highlights a copper brass stove as the standout piece against a clean white backdrop.

Instagram content

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Create Dual Purpose Displays

Decorative plates have long been displayed throughout homes. Take this classic tradition to the next level by installing a rack with hooks beneath a set of pretty plates. This allows you to incorporate functional kitchen items like cutting boards or aprons along with decorative elements such as small seasonal wreaths.

Add a Touch of Elegance with Gold Accents

Gold, in its various finishes, has become a popular choice for home design. Incorporate gold accents into your kitchen decor for a timeless look and feel. A brass farmhouse faucet and a modest piece of art framed in a similar tone can elevate the style of an all-white kitchen.

Create Contrast with a Black and White Breakfast Bar

The view from your kitchen island during meals is just as important as the kitchen itself. Enhance this view by adding an enlarged black and white photo to a nearby wall. Frame it with light wood that matches the bar top counters, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Add Personalized Signs to Your Kitchen Wall

Since the kitchen is a space where you spend a significant amount of time, why not let it speak for you? Hang letter monograms or signs that reflect your personality and make the kitchen uniquely yours. You can even order vinyl wall decals with different sayings, fonts, and colors.

For even more customizable kitchen wall art, consider coating a portion of your wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. This allows you to scribble and draw to your heart's content.

Go Rustic with Reclaimed Timber

Kitchen wall with reclaimed timber cladding and blue cabinetry

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Create a standout feature wall in your kitchen-diner by cladding a small area with reclaimed timber paneling. Choose to leave the wood raw and unfinished for a natural, weathered look. Utilize this area as a backdrop for a kitchen hutch or buffet, and add open shelving above to create the perfect display for pottery, cookware, and other kitchen essentials.

Utilizing salvaged wood is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. It adds character and charm that can often be lacking in newer timber. Try repurposing leftover timber or pallets from DIY projects, or source reclaimed wood from local salvage yards or online free-cycling sites.

Make a Bold Statement with Flamboyant Wallpaper

Kitchen wall decor ideas with bold wallpaper and dining table and chairs

(Image credit: Mind the Gap)

If you're looking to make a splash in your kitchen, consider wallpapering one wall with an exuberant print. This adds color and personality to the space and serves as a stunning background for larger, plain pieces of furniture like a painted hutch, display dresser, or kitchen table and chairs.

When using bold wallpaper, embrace pattern full-on and incorporate other splashes of pattern throughout the room to balance the effect. Mix patterns with a colored toile cloth on the table, ticking-striped seat cushions, contrast chintz lamp shades, and a dresser filled with colorfully painted pottery.

Create Fun Food Art Displays

"Donut" take yourself too seriously in the kitchen. Food is meant to be fun, and you can showcase your quirky side by framing food-related prints and posters on your blank kitchen walls. A quirky donut artwork, elegantly framed with a white mat and sleek black frame, adds a playful touch to the kitchen's emerald green color scheme. Your guests will chuckle at your clever designs and wonder where they can get their own fun kitchen wall decor.

Incorporate Large-Scale Wall Murals

dining area with mural wall and wooden dining table with chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Make a statement with an impactful kitchen wall design. A three-dimensional Trompe L'oeil mural adds humor and becomes a conversation starter in a kitchen-diner. This design works best on a smaller section of wall, with a neutral background for the rest to allow the images to pop and come to life. Position the mural just above the level of the table to ensure none of the detail is lost.

Buy now: Dandy Spoons Wallpaper Mural, from £40, Surface View

Stylish Storage Solutions

A kitchen wall can serve as both a beautiful display and functional storage space. Install a DIY plate rack that extends from floor to ceiling in an unused corner, and decorate it with coordinating cutting boards, platters, and other kitchen accessories.

Turn an empty wall space in your kitchen, such as the area above a buffet, into an art display. Curate your favorite framed pieces and arrange them in a gallery wall formation to admire while you prepare meals.

Showcase Dinnerware Collection

Expand beyond the traditional mug tree and opt for a unique water glass display. Mount a rack on the wall to store various colors and sizes of glassware while adding an embellishment to an otherwise empty kitchen wall.

Add Modern Touches to Kitchen Decor

Don't let any walls go bare in your kitchen. Hang a solitary and special piece of art in the center of a statement wall to balance the room and add style. A large print in a modern frame stands out against a brick accent wall.

Create a Neutral Aesthetic

Open shelving added to the end of a kitchen cabinet provides the perfect canvas for a pale pink and green themed aesthetic. Display handblown vases, a stack of books, a tea kettle, and various potted plants, including a cacti succulent, to enhance the appeal of the shelves.

Embrace Minimalism

For a minimalist kitchen design, less is more. Lean a simple, framed art piece under the cabinets against a neutral backsplash tile for a touch of subtle elegance.

Mix and Match Styles

Have fun with your home design, including the kitchen. Use floating shelves to display an eclectic collection of artwork, patterned lidded vases, and muted plates, bowls, and cutting boards to achieve a balanced look.

Decorate a Small Kitchen with Style

A modestly sized kitchen can still make a statement without appearing cluttered. A single framed minimalist art design leaned against the stovetop backsplash is all you need to spice up the space.

Infuse Bright Colors into Your Kitchen

Add pops of color to a white kitchen by displaying cheerful orange mugs, a yellow sign, and copper kitchenware on plain shelves. These vibrant accents effortlessly bring style to the space.

Make a Statement with Bold Backsplash Tiles

Enhance bold green backsplash tiles by incorporating a handful of colorful art sculptures. Display them on the top row of floating shelves to create a stylish and artistic focal point in your kitchen.

Incorporate Abstract Art

Complete your coastal kitchen with various shades of blue. Arrange aquamarine tableware on open shelves and complement the display with a vase of fresh flowers and a pair of ocean-inspired paintings.

Add a Functional Roll of Paper

If you're someone who loves making lists, consider hanging a roll of kraft paper in your kitchen. Leave space below it for writing grocery lists, important dates, and weekly dinner plans. Keep a marker tied to the roll for easy access. Pair this DIY country kitchen wall decor with a distressed wood shelf and a vintage wall clock for a cohesive look.

Show off Your Pots and Pans

Inexpensive kitchen wall decorating ideas can be found within your cabinets. Bring out gorgeous copper pots and pans and hang them on display for a captivating wall decor. This collection of copper cookware can double as art when stylishly hung from metal bars.

Create Vintage Vibes

A sliver of shiplap wall space near a bright window provides the perfect opportunity to show off a set of marble and gold shelves. One shelf can hold antique china while the other displays a stack of books, a pot of fresh herbs, and a vintage framed artwork.

Combine Style with Functionality

In a kitchen, utility items should be pretty, and pretty things should be useful. Embrace this concept with your modern kitchen wall decor. Choose a decorative wall clock or use an organizer system to display your utensils in an orderly fashion. Hang kitschy coffee mugs from a peg rack, and install open shelves to showcase a colorful assortment of pitchers or plates.

Utilize Pegboards for Modern Storage

Pegboards aren't limited to garage use. Install one on an unused kitchen wall and use it to store your best pots, pans, and cutting boards. This creates a unique display while freeing up space in your cabinets.

Eclectic Kitchen Wall Decor

Add a touch of personality to this sleek and minimalistic kitchen with a large antique wall sign. The most noticeable piece is an oversized wooden sign in French, but smaller artworks, including a framed portrait above the sink, contribute to creating a whimsical atmosphere.

Colorful Kitchen Ideas

In a kitchen, cabinets often dominate the visual space with their white or wood-toned appearance. Following them are the stainless-steel faces of appliances in white, black, or gray. If you want to introduce some color to your cooking space, the next option would be kitchen wall decor. Consider filling the backsplash with bright colors, such as a seafoam green subway tile design. Another idea is to hang a collection of festive plates on the wall. Look for artwork or photographs that showcase a bold color palette.

For an original idea, stretch tea towels in vibrant hues across painting canvases' frames and hang them side by side. These wood frames can be found in craft stores; simply wrap and staple the towels, or other fabric scraps, to the back.

Practical Wall Decor

An unexpected combination of kitchen and closet storage, this setup works remarkably well. When decorating a small space, practical decor items should be considered. In the primary cooking area, three floating shelves hold dinnerware, cookbooks, and art. On the far wall, storage shelves are placed adjacent to a hat wall, creating an eye-catching display while also providing additional storage space.

Framed Prints

The kitchen is a perfect place to hang artwork inspired by fruits and vegetables. Pair brightly colored prints with modern frames and a clock on a dazzling gold picture ledge.

Maximalist Kitchen Wall Decor

While white, minimalist kitchens are popular, don't shy away from displaying an abundance of your favorite items if that's more your style. Fill kitchen shelves, without overloading them, with rich-toned dishes, book covers, and various decor pieces. Extend this theme to the countertops for a bold wall display.

Choose a chalkboard to offer flexibility

kitchen area with chalkboard and wooden dining table with chairs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tom Meadows)

Create a fun and interchangeable feature wall by painting a section of the wall with chalkboard paint. Use a chalkboard pen or chalk to create Parisian menu-inspired artwork one day, and fill the space with a motivational quote the next.

A chalkboard wall created from kitchen paint ideas is a lovely way to personalize your space with family names and provides a handy place for writing reminders and to-do lists. Even when wiped clean, a chalkboard adds texture to a pared-back kitchen scheme.

Visually expand with horizontal and vertical lines

blue tongue and groove wall panelling in kitchen space

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Brittain)

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt, suggests combining horizontal and vertical lines to visually expand the height and/or width of your kitchen space. This technique is especially effective in making a small kitchen appear larger or emphasizing architectural features like windows or a bare wall.

Get creative with tiles

pink herringbone tiles in a dark kitchen

(Image credit: Original Style)

Use mismatched tiles to add color and pattern to your kitchen. Arrange them in a herringbone pattern for added interest as a kitchen splashback or purely for decor purposes. According to Hannah Guilbert from Original Style, this technique works well with long and thin "kit-kat" style brick tiles. It's a great way to introduce color, texture, and interest to your kitchen's design.

brass splash back in home bar area

(Image credit: The Metal Store / Jill Brunger @houseno2_)

As an alternative to tiles, consider using metal sheeting to add a metallic element to your kitchen. Copper or brass can add warmth, while steel lends itself to a modern and industrial look. Metal sheeting can be a budget-friendly way to revitalize your kitchen by creating a statement above the sink, stove, or in a home bar area, according to Leigh Start, operations director at The Metal Store. It is cheaper than tiles and offers easy maintenance.

Don't forget something vintage

white tiled kitchen with open shelving and exposed bulbs

(Image credit: Future PLC / Simon Whitmore)

Add some character to your modern kitchen by sourcing second-hand artwork from flea markets, car boot sales, or online. A landscape painting in a gold frame can create a less "kitcheny" and more inviting and homely impression. This is not only stylish and unique but also a budget-friendly option. Vintage or antique pieces, such as prints or photographs, can bring a charming and storied history to your kitchen wall.

Create a command center

Take advantage of a blank wall in your kitchen and turn it into a functional and visually appealing family command center. Use chalkboard paint to create a space for grocery lists, weekend plans, and more. Catherine Elaine, a content creator, transformed a blank wall into a useful area for her family's organization needs. She recommends budgeting and measuring to ensure a smooth process and offers a step-by-step guide on her YouTube channel.

Recreate retro vibes

(Image credit: Future PLC / Katya de Grunwald)

For those who prefer a non-minimalist look, embrace bold patterns to give your kitchen a fresh update. Katherine Plumb-Elg, a textile designer and business owner, renovated her summer home's kitchen and tiled the entire wall with a checkerboard pattern. This pattern perfectly complements the countryside mood she wanted to capture. Plumb-Elg recommends getting extra tiles and seeking professional help for certain steps.

How to enhance the appearance of a spacious, empty kitchen wall?

Decorating a large wall in a kitchen is akin to an artist's pristine canvas. The approach to enhancing the aesthetic of such an untouched wall depends, to some extent, on the existing furniture and fixtures in the kitchen.

If you're uncertain about your preferences or lacking inspiration, consider utilizing your kitchen cabinet colors or styles as a foundation for your design. This can help you seek out a harmonious blend that evokes a sense of delight.

Incorporating the right wall decor in your kitchen can truly transform the entire space. Whether you want to showcase your personal style with photos and artwork, or create a cozy and rustic atmosphere with reclaimed timber or bare brick, the possibilities are endless. From practical storage solutions to adding pops of color and patterns, there are countless ways to make your kitchen walls a visual feast. So go ahead, let your creativity shine and turn that large blank wall into a stunning focal point that reflects your unique taste and personality.

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Author: Katherine Bones Author: Katherine Bones
Posted: 2023-11-23 03:00:57
Flourish Your Home with the Finest: Unveiling Etsy's Best-Selling Home Decor
Flourish Your Home with the Finest: Unveiling Etsy's Best-Selling Home Decor

Discover a treasure trove of exquisite home decor on Etsy! From stunning wall art to unique accents, experience the finest pieces that are guaranteed to elevate your living space. Unveiling Etsy's best-selling home decor, this collection will inspire you to create a truly stylish and personalized home. Explore now and transform your house into a flourishing haven of beauty and sophistication.

Author: Katherine Bones Author: Katherine Bones
Posted: 2023-11-23 02:56:31
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