Best Holiday Tablescape Ideas - 57 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Table Decorations

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Table Arrangement of Shiny Baubles

Stephanie, a blogger from Baltimore, makes novel use of traditional ball ornaments by storing them in bowls, arranging them in striped patterns on her Christmas tree, and perching them precariously atop candlesticks on the dining room table.


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Antique Truck Accessories

Stacie Abdullah, owner of Stacie's Spaces in Atlanta, has three sons, so she decorates her home with "little boy-proof" items like pine boughs hung high on the staircase and sturdy wood star place cards. But she also takes care to incorporate details that they will enjoy. Stacie explains that she makes an effort to decorate with her sons in mind. As soon as I saw that truck, I knew they'd be thrilled with it. "

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A centerpiece of wooden trees

Those trees over there may be more impressive, but these ones here are just too adorable to pass up. Make a winter forest with tinier than life trees, icicles, and jingle bells.

Visit Lemon Thistle for a how-to guide.

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Rosemary Bunch Name Cards

These placards featuring a wreath will complement any tablescape with a simple, rustic, or organic theme. All you need is some rosemary, twine, and scissors to make a beautiful wreath that will fill your home with a pleasant aroma.

Visit Home Made Lovely for the how-to.

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Table Runner with a Floral Design

This is the year to keep things basic and organic. Create a runner out of silver leaf eucalyptus branches and set candles along it. Then, at each setting, arrange a few garland sprigs on top of the napkins.

Find out more at Practice Makes Perfect.

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Adapted Candlesticks for the Holidays

Make a special set of candlesticks for the occasion, rather than using the everyday ones. Paint used bottles green and stencil snowflakes and holiday designs to reuse them. The end result is cute candle holders in the shape of Christmas trees.

Visit Do-It-Yourself-Candy for the instructions.

Buy Handmade Paints from a Store

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Suckers for the Christmas Tree

These "trees" will be a wonderful addition to the kid's place setting. Napkins can be turned into lollipop skirts by wrapping the sticks in green card stock with fringe and tying a bow on top. The kids can help prepare the project by making it in advance.

Visit It's Always Autumn for a how-to guide.

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Scandinavian-inspired felt Christmas trees

The classic Nordic style is cute and whimsical. These trees are perfect for either a forest-themed table centerpiece or individual place settings.

Visit The Craft Patch for the how-to.

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Christmas Table Centerpiece White Tree

White and metallic Christmas trees make a striking centerpiece and are a fun departure from the standard red and green color scheme. The holiday vibe is amplified by the lace table runner and red decorations.

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Card Holders in the Shape of Candy Canes

These candy cane place card holders are easy to make and perfect for the holiday season. Simply join three candy canes with hot glue. Choose candy canes in a variety of colors for some added visual interest, and watch your tablescape come alive.

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Name Tags on Photo ID Cards

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Jingle Bell Wine Glass Charm

These cute jingle bell wine glass charms are the perfect holiday touch for your guests' glasses.

Boxwood Avenue is where you'll find the guide.

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Location Card Template

This is perfect for you if you like quick and easy do-it-yourself projects. This printable can serve as a place card; just add some fake holly for decoration.

Visit Live Laugh Rowe to learn more.

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Decorated Mandarin Pillars

At this time of year, mandarin oranges are at their peak and would make a stunning centerpiece.

Visit A Beautiful Mess for the how-to.

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Runner Rainbow Wrapped Presents

Bring some vibrancy to the holiday dinner table This multicolored gift spread down the center of your table will not be missed.

Visit A Kailo Chic Life for the how-to.

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Decorate a Table

Combine a pre-lit white garland with pink fairy lights, colorful ornaments, and bottle brush trees for a festive yet lighthearted tablescape.

Visit Squirrelly Minds for the guide.


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Plateau de Charger

Charming placemats crafted from plaid fabric are a breeze to make. A plus of this do-it-yourself It's easy on the wallet.

Visit First Day of Home for the breakdown.

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Decorative Tabletop Swans

Remember the line from "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that goes, "Seven swans a' swimming"? Put a personal spin on the classic song with a swimming swan centerpiece this holiday season.

The House That Lars Built is where you can find the guide.

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Felt Runner for a Table

Make this hand-sewn felt table runner for a festive decoration that will last for many years to come.

Visit Life Sew Savory for the how-to.

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Holder for Napkins

Make some of these cute tree-shaped holders if you think the plain white napkins on your Christmas table could use a little sprucing up.

Check out Ohoh Deco for a how-to guide.

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Golden Holiday Dining Set

This is the time of year when you can really go all out with your tablescape by incorporating glittering ornaments and shiny gold gift boxes. The soft light of candlelight will set the mood.

Visit Home Made by Carmona for the guide.

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Magical Winter Scenery

You can make your own winter wonderland by decorating with fresh greenery, pine cones, and some candles.

Visit The Turquoise House for the guide.

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Centerpiece Statue of a Reindeer

Place a bold statue that makes a statement in the center of your Christmas table. You can't help but notice this reindeer.

Visit Home Made Lovely for the how-to.

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A Garlands of Rosemary

An easy way to decorate your appetizer table is with a rosemary garland. There will be a pleasant aroma.

The Merrythought is where you can find the guide.

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Scenery of Live Trees for a Table

This is the perfect Christmas decoration plan for those who like to keep things simple and natural. Use live evergreens as accents to create a stunningly simple tablescape.

Visit Love Grows Wild for the full rundown.

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Blooming Bottlebrush Trees

Bottle brush trees can be made more whimsical by decorating them with tiny, colorful flowers. Embellish with gold for a luxurious finish.

Visit Sugar & Cloth for the guide.

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Decorational Mason-Jar Item

Arrange the Epsom salts, candles, and cranberries in the Mason jars. Instantly, the mood will be set.

Visit Yellow Bliss Road for the guide.

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Happy Garden Pot

Make a planter box centerpiece that will make your dinner guests smile.

Find the guide at Lydi's Out Loud.

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Pomegranate Centerpiece

This DIY pomegranate tablescape is stunning and perfect for the holidays. Enhance the festive atmosphere of your meal by serving it alongside Pomegranate Sparklers.

Visit Julie Blanner for the guide.

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Napkin Embroidery

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