Among the most frightening Halloween decorations are these 19 skeleton-themed items for your lawn or yard.

If you want your outdoor Halloween skeletons to be truly spine-chilling, you should set up a frightening skeleton display. You can enjoy these Halloween yard decorations during the day, but you'll be scared to death when the sun goes down on Halloween night.

Steven Miller

Someone seems to have gotten disoriented in the woods, but these camping bones know how to party. To create the effect of a campfire, wrap a box fan in red and yellow crepe paper streamers. Create a spooky outdoor skeleton scene for Halloween by setting up a tent, logs, and rocks around the fan.

Expert Editor's Tip: The different types of skeletons you have will dictate how you hang or pose your figures. Remember that plastic skeletons are more malleable, but that anatomical model skeletons are more lifelike. It's important to be flexible.

Donnelly, Jason

Although your neighbor may have a skeleton standing at 12 feet tall, you may want to consider keeping things modest this year, whether due to lack of space or lack of funds. Make a simple, cute skeleton wreath to hang on your front door. Adorn a black wreath with the rest of your holiday trimmings and hang a small plastic skeleton that you've posed in a humorous or frightening way from it.

Miller, Steve

It was said that this ice cream was absolutely delicious. Throw a cookie swap with your skeleton furniture (including a dog skeleton for Halloween) with huge ice cream cones and all the toppings Swap out the frozen treats for candy on Halloween.

David Donnelly Jason

These brave souls can safely swing from the porch to the roof, without risk of breaking a bone. These plastic skeletons are the perfect size for year-round display; they are weatherproof, can be posed in a variety of ways, and are secured with nearly invisible fishing line.

Mr. Steve Miller

One of the skeletons crashed through the Halloween decorations, revealing a massive spider web. While the skeletons and spiders in this scene may seem funny during the day, they will surely give anyone the creeps once night falls.

Albright, Adam

While traditional Halloween colors like eerie greens, rich purples, and bright oranges have always been popular, pink Halloween decorations have recently gained traction. Wreath your front door in orange and pink flowers to show off your favorite colors. Compared to the cheerful roses, the eerie vibes are amped up by the combination of skulls and black leaves.

The Steve Miller Show

These unfortunate construction workers literally killed themselves on the job. Use plywood and spray paint to make skeleton road signs for Halloween. The bones are given something to do by a stack of rocks and a collection of building supplies. Cracks are accentuated with chalk lines.

Jay Wilde

Simply not into the bone structure Put it off until next year and just use the skull as a Halloween decoration. Put together a display of pumpkins, mums, and skulls to greet visitors to your home with a sweet and chilling welcome this Halloween.

Mr. Anthony Masterson

Put a more upbeat spin on this traditionally spooky ornament by A dapper skeleton can be used to greet visitors and trick-or-treaters on Halloween. When this kind soul answers your doorbell on October 31st, nobody will be afraid to knock.

A. S. Miller, Steve

A punk band's skeletons can still rock out, even in death. Set up your skeletons as musicians and dress them in the season's hottest garb so they can rock the neighborhood this Halloween. It's worth keeping an eye out for used musical equipment at thrift stores, and you shouldn't dismiss a piece just because it's damaged. (No one else will be in the know. )

A. S. Miller, Steve

Using this spooky entryway as inspiration, retell Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" in your own terrifying way. Set up a fictitious library complete with a comfy chair, a thick rug, and a bookcase full of books. Place one of your life-size Halloween skeletons on the chair reading a story, while the other skeleton sits nearby and listens.

Rather than lugging around heavy tomes, editors recommend covering lightweight cardboard forms with book jackets or printed images of book covers.

Miller, Steve

In the afterlife, someone is having a good time. As a couple, these skeletons have no fear of whitewater. In order to set the mood, drape a blue dropcloth over the porch steps and use spray foam insulation to make waves. Make sure there's enough weight in the anchors to keep the boats from rolling.

Exemplification: Steve Miller

Put your dirty bones on display and get a good scrub in the tub. If you have younger children celebrating Halloween, these won't frighten them. Bathtubs are replaced by enormous galvanized tubs, and the clear Christmas ornaments serve as "bubbles." For added Halloween fun, turn on a real bubble machine when trick-or-treaters arrive.

Purchase plastic ornaments instead of glass ones, suggests the editor. When they break, the plastic won't pose as much of a threat to your safety.

Stephen M. Miller

The attention to detail in these skeleton Halloween decorations is astounding. Browse secondhand stores for a painting with a skeleton theme, or make one yourself. Place two skeletons side by side, with one playing the role of the artist and the other, that of his muse.

Mr. Jason Donnelly

Just ask the night shift workers: they can't get enough of autumn picnics. These regular picnickers are always dressed to the nines, with hats, scarves, and ties to match their rebar stakes driven into the ground to keep them upright. Spread out a woven hamper, some fake fruit, and a Thermos on the blanket. Place pebbles in the Thermos, and use ground stakes to keep the blanket in place.

We recommend using props that can withstand the elements if you want your outdoor Halloween decorations to last.

Donnelly, Jason

Poor chaps As far as we can tell, their dates never showed up. The eerie group of skeletal squires, attired in the traditional finery of top hats, silky bow ties, and red carnations, leaves guests wondering what could have possibly kept their dates from showing up. Simply drive rebar through their rib cages and into the ground, and our spectral bodyguards will be propped up in no time.

The Editor recommends looking for cheap skeletons in secondhand stores or online. Imperfect anatomical models are often sold at reduced prices at medical supply stores.

Donnelly, Jason

These scurrying Halloween skeletons were caught in the act of playing outside by climbing trees and burying themselves in a pile of autumn leaves. You can rest assured that they will cause joyful mayhem once you have lashed them down with plenty of fishing line.

Editor's Note: There are many different skeletons to choose from on the internet. Pick one that goes with your interior design style.

Donnelly, Jason

Skeleton players for a game of croquet can be made by tying them with fishing line to long stakes buried in the ground for Halloween. Wrap the fishing line around the skeletons and secure the croquet mallets. The old fool in the lawn chair is unwinding with a glass of lemonade and is merely propped up in place.

An editor's suggestion: put your Halloween skeletons in poses that are easy to change and will keep your neighbors guessing. One day your skeleton might be playing a lively game of croquet, and the next he might be raking leaves.

Author: Jason Donnelly

There are hostesses who, even in death, continue to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. Displayed on a stand, this elegant skeleton decoration creates a lively first impression as guests enter. Her flexible arms support a candy-filled tray that has been glued to her hands.

Take the fun of skeletons and do something else with it, suggests the editor. Miniature glow-in-the-dark skeletons can be hung from tree branches, and fake bones can be placed in a wheelbarrow or wagon filled with dirt.

Much obliged for the comments.

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