Advice on Accessorizing with a Beige Couch

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Written by Katie Barton | Starting on Monday, December 1, 2021

Don't let the color beige put you to sleep. Sofas in beige are making a strong comeback.

Thanks to the neutrality of the beige sofa, decorating around it is a breeze.

The following are some specific suggestions for decorating around a beige sofa.

Use Patterned Accent Chairs to Spruce Up Your Living Room

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The beauty of a beige sofa is that it serves as a blank canvas upon which you can boldly place colorful accent chairs. As long as the rest of the room is muted, you can choose a chair with any color or pattern you like.

Choose a buffalo plaid accent chair like the one shown above for a rustic feel in your home. Pick a funky, solid-color chair for a classic or minimal aesthetic.

A great way to decorate your living room is with two large prints hung over the couch.

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The addition of two large prints over the sofa provides visual harmony and establishes a focal point. Use paintings, abstract art, or even oversized family photos to achieve this look.

It's recommended that you hang large-scale works of art over the couch.  

Pile on the decorative pillows for a finished look.

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The placement of decorative pillows can completely transform the look of a room. Add a decorative pillow like the one shown above to your sofa for instant glamour.  

You could also add plaid ones for a country feel, blue ones for a cottage vibe, or swap them out for the seasons to achieve a new look. Decorating with throw pillows is a quick and simple way to spruce up your sofa.

Make a Photo Collage to Hang Over the Sofa

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Make a collage to hang over your sofa if you want to highlight it. You could choose a collage style that complements your furniture or go with a boho theme like this one from Urban Outfitters.

To take it one step further, wallpaper the walls before hanging any artwork.

Make your sofa stand out with some contrasting wallpaper.

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When looking for ways to make a tan sofa stand out in a living room, wallpaper is a great option. Putting your couch in contrast to a wall that is lighter will help it stand out. If you're not a fan of the striking appearance, you can switch to a more subdued paper with a finer pattern.

You have the option of installing permanent high-quality wallpaper like the one shown, or using removable peel-and-stick paper. Both paths will lead to a satisfying conclusion.

Set a sizable rug beneath the couch.

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Putting an area rug under your sofa is a quick and easy way to upgrade the look of your living space. It's easy to mix and match traditional, boho, and transitional decor with a large rug like the one shown.

Area rugs should be chosen so that they are slightly wider than the couch; ideally, you should have about six inches on each side.  

The addition of an Ottoman will instantly increase the level of comfort and functionality in any room.

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You can replace your regular coffee table with a patterned ottoman. Since beige goes with nearly any pattern or color, this is one of the best beige couch living room ideas.

A large ottoman serves multiple purposes in the living room: as a coffee table, footrest, and decorative piece.  

Use light throw pillows to contrast a dark beige sofa.

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Ideas for living rooms with dark beige sofas Place some pillows on your sofa with contrasting colors. This really brings out the couch's color. You can use a design similar to what is shown above, but you should stay away from patterns with too many strong dark colors.

Adding white shelves and bright accessories, as shown above, will take the design to the next level.

Next to the sofa, place a floor lamp.

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Put a floor lamp next to the sofa if the room is dim or you like to read in bed. This kind of curved floor lamp is great for creating a sleek, contemporary, or minimalist ambiance.

Fans of the farmhouse look may prefer a matte black floor lamp, while those partial to the classics may wish to incorporate straight floor lamps topped with fabric shades.  

Replace That Old Coffee Table with a Contemporary Accent Table

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Although beige couches are most often seen in homes with a farmhouse, traditional, or cottage design, they are also suitable for more contemporary settings. If you want to give your beige sofa a more contemporary look, try setting up two matching modern end tables on either side of it.

These Jonathan Adler tables are perfect for any space and are also incredibly cutting-edge.  

For a cozy touch, decorate with bamboo baskets.

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Bamboo baskets hung over a sofa can add a touch of warmth and texture to the room. Boho styles benefit greatly from this look, but traditional and farmhouse styles can also use it successfully.

You can hang baskets singly, in sets of three or five, or as part of a collage on the wall.

Choose a more sombre beige accent chair.

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In a palette of muted tones Me too If you're lucky enough to already own a beige sofa, maintaining a neutral aesthetic won't be a problem. Accent chairs that are still neutral but a shade darker than your sofa can really spice up a room.

Next, finish off the perfect neutral space by adding some plants and pillows.

Use Pink as an Accent Color to Create a Romantic Ambience.

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The dusty rose wall and the light beige couch exude a romantic atmosphere that is heightened by the pink accessories. However, you need not go to the extreme of painting your walls pink to pull off this style. In its place, you can achieve this look simply by layering pink accents over a beige couch and a neutral color scheme.

Let there be Blues

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The classic combination of blue and beige will always look good. So, if you're a fan of the blue and beige color scheme and are trying to furnish a contemporary living room, this massive piece of art can serve as a great starting point.

The living room's sparse decor serves to highlight the artwork while the blue throw pillows unify the space.

You need to bring in another sofa.

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Add a second beige sofa, facing the first one, if your living room is particularly spacious. There's no need to stress over whether or not the couches coordinate with one another. To add visual variety, it's best to use the same or similar sizes and colors but select designs with subtle differences.

A large rug can be used to anchor two sofas and give the room a more deliberate appearance.  

Use a wooden coffee table to evoke a more grounded atmosphere.

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Adding earth tones to an otherwise neutral space, like a beige sofa, is a great way to switch things up. A wooden coffee table like the one shown above would be perfect for this purpose.

Antlers, a variety of wood tones, wicker, pottery, and muted neutrals are all great additions for an earthy vibe.

Integrate Numerous Plants

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Plants are a versatile addition to any space and style. Decorating with at least one plant is recommended when working with a beige sofa.

You can use a tall tree (fake or real), a hanging planter like the one sold at Urban Outfitters, or a combination of the two. One plant is all you need to get the hang of using them as decor.

Considerations Concluding

I hope these suggestions help if you're trying to figure out what to do with your decor given that you have a beige sofa. Sofas in any shade of beige can serve as the foundation for a variety of design schemes.  

Throw pillows, artwork above the sofa, and a plant are easy places to start when you're stuck for decor inspiration. Simply adhering to those instructions will result in a stunning improvement in classic style and beauty.

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