A Stylish Way to Make Any Space Feel Bigger

Pure Salt Interiors; Vanessa Lentine, Photographer

One tried-and-true method of interior design for making a space feel more open and airy The use of mirrors can make even the smallest, darkest room seem spacious and bright. In this case, we're talking about huge circular mirrors. Indeed, we're in the midst of a round-mirror moment, and, from our perspective, the bigger, the better.

Any room in the house, from the foyer to the living room to the bathroom to the bedroom, can benefit from the stunning chic factor that a large round mirror can bring. The mirror's circular form elevates it beyond its practical purpose, and a variety of stylish frames—from modern to antique to brass—offer further decorative potential. What's the best room out of these 30? Please scroll down to find out

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Amber Interior Design; Tessa Neustadt Photography

A large mirror in the foyer is a signature feature of modern, minimalist design. A round mirror framed in gold is sure to be a hit with first-time visitors. Mirror's dramatic presence softens otherwise straightforward decor (throw, potted plant)

48" round brass mirror over a wood credenza

Toys R Us Crate and Barrel Polished Brass Frameless Wall Mirror, 48" $499 00


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When you need to add something to a wall but can't decide what, a round mirror is a great solution. The round coffee table is a nice touch, and the large gold mirror serves as a striking focal point against the bold graphic patterns. In addition to providing visual relief by reflecting light and illuminating the space, it also serves as a focal point.

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We are in love with this cheery, bright living room because camel sofas, brass accents, and warm wood finishes appeal to our soft spot for such things. The round mirror with a brass frame in the entryway is a dramatic focal point against the stark white walls.

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Light from the window is softened by the sheer white curtains, and reflected in the mirror for a heavenly effect. Meanwhile, the exposed hardware and aged copper frame give the room an urban edge that contrasts with the soft furnishings.

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Proof that size matters comes in the form of a massive round mirror that serves double duty as wall art and a reflection device in this living room. The circular shape stands out in a room with many different, yet harmonious, design elements, such as a sculptural chair, a minimal marble table, and a flash of hot pink.

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A mirror is set off beautifully by sconces placed on either side. Additional light for the vanity and a dramatic mirror effect are provided by the mid-century styled light fixtures in this bathroom.

round mirror with black frame

Target Mirror for Wall Decoration, Round, 34" 00


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Interior design by Pure Salt and photography by Vanessa Lentine

We're daydreaming of sunny California in this airy living room with its layers of textured furniture and warm lighting. A beautiful round mirror above the fireplace would be a simple yet elegant treatment that would help to balance the room's many textural elements, such as the woven chairs and coffee table, plush throw pillows, earthy plants, and stone fireplace.

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Concept and Photography by Chris Patey (Consort Design)

An impressive mirror complements the striking black and white color scheme of the bathroom. The perfect circle on the wall softens the sharpness of the vanity, the verticality of the sconces, and the geometry of the terrariums.

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You can get your bedroom in shape with the help of a round mirror. We adore how the mirror in this Manhattan bedroom by ASH NYC reflects the bright artwork, giving the dresser area a complete vignette and a clean, contemporary vibe.

For maximum effect, hang a large round mirror above a dresser just a few inches.

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Interior design by Pure Salt and photography by Vanessa Lentine

There should always be a mirror by the front door so that people can check their appearance quickly before leaving. Simple mirror serves as a convenient checkpoint and sets the scene for a show-stopping floral arrangement in this elegant foyer.

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This vintage-inspired vanity in a bathroom of London's Chiltern Firehouse hotel has not one but two enormous mirrors. Large round mirrors like these are a great complement to the bold character of vintage furnishings.

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While an executive-style home office may be ideal for some, it's not necessary for everyone. Simply taking a few minutes to relax in this well-kept office nook can do wonders for your mood and productivity. The mirror's round shape and industrial metal frame contrast subtly with the wooden desk and woven chair, creating a harmonious overall aesthetic.

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Whoever said circles must have symmetry was wrong. This unique round mirror is the perfect accessory for a minimalist hallway. The mirror itself is a perfect pre-exit checkpoint, reflecting even more light while echoing the door's rich wood finish.

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Pure Salt Interiors; Vanessa Lentine, Photographer

Those emerald green tiles in this bathroom are so dramatic. We especially adore how its striking color contrast and understated reflective qualities create a jaw-dropping effect when played off the enormous mirror. Aside from reflecting light around the room, the mirror fills the entire wall.

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Concept and Photography by Daniel Collopy of Consort Design

This main bedroom dresser features a large mirror that is a nice finishing touch. The geometric beauty created by the reflection of the modern lighting and colorful floral arrangement in the round mirror is a testament to the power of careful mirror styling.

These days, most people use the term "Primary Bedroom" to refer to the master bedroom because it more accurately describes the room's function. The Real Estate Standards Association and other professionals in the real estate industry have long been aware of the potentially offensive connotations inherent in the use of the term "Master Suite." Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion by reading our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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It's difficult to imagine a room that wouldn't improve with the addition of some greenery, and mirrors are no exception. This minimal sideboard disappears almost entirely against the wall, giving the accents and mirror all the attention they deserve. The vignette is crowned by a pipe wrapped in vines, which also serves as a frame.

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This wonderfully wild nursery is stolen by the bold, graphic wallpaper. Despite its large size, this round mirror proves that it can play a supporting role thanks to its matte black frame and simple design that allow it to stand out without competing with the wallpaper's attention-grabbing patterns.

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Rather than stress over what color frame to use, why not do without one altogether? The mirror in this stylish dining room is frameless, creating a sleek appearance that doesn't detract from the room's other design elements, like the gold light fixture or the reflected black banister.

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Large circular mirrors are also a fun addition to any family-friendly room. This mirror's gold frame is a beautiful accent piece for the white wall and vibrant green snake plant behind the light wood dresser. Make sure the mirror is securely fastened and out of reach of any inquisitive fingers.

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This spotless and traditional bathroom is more evidence that circular mirrors are at home in these settings. The large circle softens the room's harsh angles and pairs nicely with the spheres of the light fixtures.

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Maite Granda, a designer based in Key Biscayne, accepted the challenge of working with the high ceilings in this modern, Miami-style living room. The room is perfectly proportioned thanks to the use of a wallpaper panel that extends from floor to ceiling, a tall tropical tree, and, of course, a massive mirror.

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Architecture by Steven Harris Architects; Photographer: Scott Frances

This bathroom has a large round mirror and patterned floors that make the eyes want to spin. Who wouldn't feel like a movie star getting ready in this space with its mirrored vanity and black and white chair?

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Imagine coming home to a bar like this! You could even say that the gold mirror provides the ideal setting for an Instagram cheers moment, what with how it adds a touch of glitz and sparkle to the otherwise vibrant arrangement.

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Planning by EM Architecture; Photography by Adrien Williams

To balance out the spare decor, this bathroom features a substantial wall mirror. The rough wood door and the exposed rope on the mirror give the room a charmingly rustic feel.

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This mirror's etched pattern and mercury glass won't take a back seat to the gorgeous mosaic tile it reflects. By working in tandem, they draw attention to the fireplace in this contemporary farm house living room.

Put your best face forward in front of a mirror that will actually talk to you. Stick to clean lines if that's your style, or go wild with a chunky, ornamental frame.

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Auhaus Architecture Interiors; Photographer: Derek Swalwell

Against an urban background, a spherical mirror warms up this otherwise stark lavatory design. We really like the way the large round mirror reflects the small round brass studs in the wall and how the black fixtures are used repeatedly.

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Pure Salt Interiors; Vanessa Lentine, Photographer

This tranquil guestroom view is proof that offering guests a mirror in their room is always a good idea. In this Southern California home, Pure Salt Interiors expertly paired the matte black frame and simple styling with warm colors and woven textures throughout the space.

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The circular mirror is framed by slender, diagonal lines produced by the bright, modern lighting, making this bathroom utterly stylish. Light, airy, and freshness are brought to an otherwise traditional space by the use of a color palette in shades of cream and a mirror with round, soft lines.

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Bringing together the modern with the historic is something we constantly praise. White Sands, an LA beach house specialist, has mastered the technique with this beautiful scene: the weathered teal finish and decorative carvings of the vintage table are set off beautifully by the brassy hue and clean lines of the contemporary mirror.

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We're all about this tiny cloakroom, which packs a big personality punch. The hypnotic wallpaper is reflected in a circular mirror for a carnival-like feel, while the creamy mint vanity and paneling are a welcome sight. It's hard to find the right words to describe this gorgeous place, but "weird and wonderful" comes close.

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