A Hundred Impressive Ideas for an Industrial Kitchen.

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The industrial style is undoubtedly a celebration of humility, practicality, and affordability. What was once an efficient work environment several decades ago has gradually become a unique style that has made its way from functional loft-style homes to expansive villas and contemporary penthouses. This trend, which spans generations, never seems to lose its allure. Furthermore, the kitchen is one of the few places in the house that reflects the beauty and modest simplicity of the industrial style.

If you haven't already done so, 2015 is an excellent time to switch to an industrial-style kitchen. We have an incredible collection of 100 industrial-style kitchens to inspire you along the way, ranging from those that blend contemporary aesthetics with industrial elements to those that adhere to the classic, loft-inspired design.

1. Flooring and Walls:

Raw textural beauty is at the core of the industrial style's diverse appeal. Think brick, tiles, and even concrete walls while planning your industrial kitchen. While subway tiles have become the go-to option for modern and industrial-style rooms, they can be quite pricey. Peel-and-stick subway tile or faux brick wallpaper, which can transform your kitchen without requiring extensive renovation, are inexpensive alternatives. Macy's offers a subway tile set that includes four 10×10 inch panels, and they also provide a 33-foot roll of brick wallpaper.

Homeowners often opt for brick walls in their kitchens as it remains a popular choice. However, don't underestimate the impact of exposed steel surfaces and the right flooring, as they can take your kitchen to a whole new level of elegance.

Vintage industrial kitchen 1956 from Marchi

One design choice is to combine the kitchen and dining spaces into one, as seen in the work of Egue y seta Architects. They have also incorporated a skylight to bring in natural light, adding to the luxurious atmosphere created by Marchi Kitchens. Meanwhile, Corynne Pless Photography shows us how elegant wood cabinets and islands can add sophistication and space to a kitchen.

For the flooring, possibilities include the intricate designs of chevron and herringbone patterns on wooden floors, or the vintage look of dark, painted flooring. Other design options include adding open shelves and a beautiful subway tiled backsplash to create a captivating kitchen. Ultimately, the choices are endless when it comes to designing an industrial kitchen.


2. Kitchen Islands and Décor

Have you ever gazed in amazement at an industrial-style kitchen, wondering how the homeowner created such an original and enchanting space? The answer is simple: carefully selecting décor and accessories that complement the overall style is key, but there is more to it than that. To truly make your kitchen stand out, it is essential to infuse it with a unique personality that reflects your individual taste, rather than settling for generic design.

When it comes to kitchen islands, the possibilities are endless. For instance, combining concrete and wood, as seen in this Dutch-style kitchen, can create a striking contrast that exudes both warmth and industrial-chic vibes. Alternatively, corrugated metal can add an unexpected dimension to your home, just as it does in this unconventional kitchen and family area. For those in search of a vintage farmhouse aesthetic, eclectic touches like those found in this renovated home can elevate any space. Moreover, incorporating bold colors and intriguing textures can transform even the most bare-bones kitchen into a charmingly eclectic area, as showcased in this industrial setup. Meanwhile, repurposing reclaimed wood adds unique character and personality to a kitchen, as demonstrated by this distinctive and clever immersive environment.

Whether you lean towards the farmhouse aesthetic, modern industrial design, or a mixture of both, there are tons of possibilities for personalizing your kitchen and showcasing your taste. From reclaimed corrugated siding to repurposed décor and salvaged material DIY custom lighting solutions that ground the environment and serve a functional purpose, incorporating these elements into your kitchen can bring it to life and make it feel truly personalized. Ultimately, infusing your industrial-style kitchen with unique, one-of-a-kind elements will allow it to stand out and feel like an extension of your personality.

Modern industrial style combines aesthetics with ergonomics [Design: Muratore Construction   Design]

Enhance the industrial vibe of your kitchen effortlessly by substituting your regular LED lightbulbs with an Edison-style bulb. These bulbs come equipped with a vintage filament that adds a touch of sophistication to any standard light fixture. Opt for a 6-pack of these exceptional Edison bulbs on Amazon that not only look stylish but are also dimmable and highly functional.


Check out these design inspirations for industrial kitchens featuring a loft-style home with a grand kitchen that intensifies the ambience with Reclaimed wood, bar stools, Edison-bulb lighting, and chalkboard paint that creates a beautiful textural contrast. Another stunning example is the eclectic farm home that boasts an antique industrial kitchen, with salvaged items, smart kitchen island, and custom shelves and cabinets crafted from old scrap materials. And lastly, the modern-industrial style known for its unique combination of aesthetics with ergonomics, featuring DIY pendants and chairs, making the overall ambience truly exclusive.

3. Innovative Designs

For a lot of individuals, adopting an industrial kitchen design is all about achieving a harmonious equilibrium between modern elegance and tough edge elements characteristic of the style. This thoughtfully curated combination of both styles results in a stunning, winning aesthetic. By adding or subtracting just a few decorative pieces over time, you can adjust the level of hard-edged industrial beauty in the kitchen according to your preference. Essentially, an industrial-chic kitchen exudes an inviting, soft ambience, accommodating to glossy, luxurious cabinets and countertops while relying heavily on the ceiling, lighting, and surrounding walls to deliver an industrial flavour.

Give your industrial kitchen a softer, modern appeal [Design: Restore818]

Davonport's kitchen design is a stunning fusion of classic and contemporary styles. Meanwhile, Momoko Morton's industrial kitchen showcases the classy use of purple, while PAVONETTI Office of Design's tile and wood combination adds to the beauty of the industrial aesthetics. For those who want a softer, modern look for their industrial kitchen, Restore818's design is perfect.


The color gray is an excellent choice for industrial kitchens as it seamlessly blends the toughness of industrial style with contemporary elegance. If you're hesitant to commit to a full industrial makeover, start by incorporating industrial lighting with Edison bulbs. Later, you can update select pieces of furniture like bar stools or cabinets to achieve a modern-industrial balance.

Adding a set of metal industrial bar stools from Costaway can instantly elevate your kitchen. Their 24-inch stools come in gunmetal and black to fit your preferences, and they even offer optional backrests.

4. Compact Kitchens

Although industrial-style kitchens are often associated with expansive loft spaces featuring double-height ceilings, framed glass windows, and wide-open layouts, the style is by no means limited to larger kitchens. In fact, the industrial aesthetic is rooted in efficiency, practicality, and ergonomics, making it well-suited to smaller kitchens where space-saving solutions are essential. For instance, cleverly designed pot racks, shelves that can be hidden away when not in use, and hard-wearing countertops can all contribute to an industrial-themed small kitchen, which embodies an efficient and minimalist design while looking undeniably stylish.

Gorgeous loft kitchen with industrial style and a large skylight [Design: All & Nxthing]

If you’re feeling stumped on ways to bring an industrial vibe to your petite kitchen, look no further than a sleek bistro set. With a metal and wood table and perfectly paired bar stools, this set offers contrasting textures and industrial elements that effortlessly elevate any kitchen space.

Open-plan living areas are fast becoming the standard, making a small industrial kitchen the perfect addition for adding visual interest while simultaneously segmenting spaces. And with minimal concern for floor coverings or false ceilings, creating a cozy and charming atmosphere is easily achieved by adorning the space with natural greenery and injecting pops of color. So let natural light shine in and bring a touch of cheerful sophistication to your compact cooking area.


Check out these inspiring designs for additional ideas on crafting an industrial kitchen that speaks to your exceptional style and personality. Featuring stunning skylights, chic pendant lighting, and sophisticated tile work, these industrial kitchens elevate the utilization of indoor spaces with unparalleled elegance and poise.

5. Creative Shelving and Storage Solutions

Are you longing to bring a rugged, industrial look to your kitchen while finding more usable space for storage? Open shelving may be the answer. It's a minimalist approach that amplifies the sense of industrial refinement, and it allows you to store essential kitchen items within reach. But don't just settle for ordinary shelving - let your personality shine through by creating unique and creative ways to display your wares.

For a modern kitchen, floating shelves in raw or stainless steel provide a striking contrast to the overall aesthetic while offering practical storage solutions. If you're looking to inject a sense of rustic charm, reclaimed wood shelving adds a warm and inviting touch.

Additionally, consider repurposing industrial elements such as shipping containers, metal pipes, and wooden crates to create one-of-a-kind storage units that reflect your style. With a bit of ingenuity, you can transform even the most limited of spaces into a beautiful, functional kitchen worthy of admiration.

Glass front floating cabinets steal the show in this kitchen [Design: Abby Smith Design]

Utilizing industrial-style kitchen shelving allows one to fully utilize the vertical space on offer. Vintage pot racks and standalone cabinets are also great options for maximizing available room, even in the smallest of kitchens. For those looking to decorate their industrial kitchen with a touch of style, the right accessories can make all the difference. From glass front floating cabinets to chalkboard walls that offer a fun alternative to the boring white backdrop, various design options can be implemented. So, are you ready to join the industrial kitchen revolution and incorporate elements like brick and steel into your kitchen design? The possibilities are endless!"

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